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My, My What a Difference a Month Makes

Flip flopBy Anne Dachel

I recently wrote this about the IACC meeting on July 10, 2012. HERE

I included the comments from Chief Science Officer at Autism Speaks, Dr. Geraldine Dawson. She gave a very critical report on the state of autism in American.

If you look over the last several years, things have gotten worse. The prevalence has increased. In terms of treatments, we still don't have effective treatments. There's two FDA approved medical treatments, and they're not for core autism symptoms. The age of diagnosis, the median age in the last CDC report was four years for autism and six years for Asperger's Syndrome, and yet know that the age in which kids can be reliably diagnosed is 18-24 months. Kids don't have access to early intervention. We have seen the costs of autism increase from $35 billion annually to $137 billion annually and we know that the adults, who are moving from adolescence to adulthood are unemployed and socially isolated and they're facing tremendous health problems-heart disease, obesity, and other health problems. So I think that the frustration here is that we've all earnestly worked together to identify the priorities, but there is this real sense that things are not changing and that the government is not recognizing autism as a true public health crisis and emergency that needs some kind of national plan and top-down coordinated strategy, people working everyday to address what has become this true public health crisis. We hope that we can change this culture from one of an academic exercise to one where we can start seeing these real issues that I've just outlined, changed over the next course of our work together. So I hope that you can hear that and many of us express that.

I was impressed. Maybe this national figure was waking up to the autism nightmare. Maybe she was going to start to demand answers and work to honestly and resolutely to stop the epidemic and recover our disabled children. Maybe..

Well, forget that possibility. I found this interview from Tuesday, August 7, 2012.


It was on the Autism Speaks website and this was the text next to the video:

"Geraldine Dawson, CSO of Autism Speaks, sits down with Kate to discuss her relationship with the organization and how they are helping to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders."

This was the gist of it.

DAWSON: "Many many years ago, one of my first cases was a child with autism. At that point we knew almost nothing about the causes. We had no treatments. I decided to devote my entire career to autism. I had no idea at that point that autism would become such a public health crisis. It was very rare at that time. So really everything has changed. .

"It is staggering. It is a major health crisis and honestly, we're not prepared to deal with it."

INTERVIEWER: "Are we getting any closer?"

DAWSON:" We actually are. In the last five years, there have been a number of breakthroughs, in fact, I'd say I've never been more excited in terms of where we are in autism science.

"For one thing, we're now able to diagnose autism very early in life. We can pick up on the signs of autism in a young baby and this allows us to begin intervention very early.."

"We're now learning more about the actual brain pathways that are involved in autism and we're trying to develop medicines that would restore those pathways, so this is very exciting. This is not going to happen overnight. ."

INTERVIEWER: "Let's talk a little about genetics, environmental, inoculations---because there's a lot of stuff swirling around those issues."

DAWSON: "We know that genes are involved. There is most likely some type of genetic susceptibility. Those genetic factors then interact with environmental factors."

What happened to the Geraldine Dawson who spoke at IACC a month ago? Although she used the term, "public health crisis," she didn't talk about an emergency like she did on July 10th. She didn't go on about the need for a national plan. She went from "things are not changing" to "I've never been more excited in terms of where we are in autism science."

And why did Dawson acknowledge the role of the environment but completely ignore the question she was asked about inoculations?

Geraldine Dawson is like an officer on the Titanic who knows the ship is sinking because they hit an ice berg, but who is unwilling to sound an alarm because she also knows there aren't enough life boats for all the passengers.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism. You can subscribe to her news site at AnneDachel.com.



I drove past Autism Speaks this weekend by chance. There was one car in the driveway of the very large building. Granted this was the weekend and August, but I couldn't help thinking that these people always seem to have plenty of time, no big rush. Certainly, no urgency. Just a sleepy little national emergency. It didn't seem like this with AIDS.


right on ray gallup! your words are true!


Obsequious vaccinators in our corporatocracies are certainly pampered: knighthood for one MMR vaccine pusher. See orbituary on page 17 of the WHO retiree quarterly newsletter (July 2012) http://www.who.int/formerstaff/publications/qnt88.pdf

“Facing strong and unfounded opposition, his last victory was to require that school children be immunized against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) prior to schooling.
He received many honorary doctorates and awards for services to medicine and public health and was knighted by the Queen in 1998.”


"DAWSON: "Many many years ago, one of my first cases was a child with autism. At that point we knew almost nothing about the causes."

Really? "We" knew almost nothing?

Material Girl Official Video

For John Stone


Anne McElroy Dachel

John Stone: 1 in 38: Autism Speaks’ New Normal is the Biggest Business Bonanza Ever

John, you are absolutely. I see it everyday in the news. There are lots of people are making a living off of the epidemic of sick kids. The media reports on autism as a curiosity or neglected kids whose needs are now being met. Doctors congratulate themselves for their "better diagnosing."

I can imagine top scientists and health officials getting together to discuss the nightmare created by an out-of-control vaccine program. First of all, admit nothing. Spend millions doing dead-end research that couldn't possibly tell us why this is happening to our children. Have a lot of well-credentialed experts proclaiming the safety of vaccines. Pressure the media to only cover one side of the issue. Come up with a flashy, very public organization that pretends to care about autism....and AUTISM SPEAKS is the perfect front group for covering up the epidemic. Create a special month for awareness and lots of walks. Let the supply and demand principle take over and the market is endless.
Poor unsuspecting parents trust that everything that can be done is being done. Try as they might, experts can't figure out why this is happening. The best and the brightest are working on it.

The only problem is that the disabled generation currently being cared for and supported by their parents is aging out of school. These people will never be contributing members of society. They'll be living off the taxpayers for the rest of their long lives. Their numbers will hit SSI as more and more of the post WWII generation is retiring. I can't wait to see how the powers that be explain this disaster away or how they will deal with it. I can't wait for the public to ask why no one warned them this nightmare was coming. And I can't wait to see how they'll pay for it. Maybe the people like Dr. Dawson who watched all this happen will donate some of their massive incomes to alleviating the pain.

Anne Dachel, Media

John Stone


Yes, it's BS. You could talk about genetic susceptibility for any medical condition, but it's just a slippery way of not addressing environmental challenges. It's like putting the blame for a murder on the victim because they were in the wrong place. We could avoid all murders providing people didn't got to the wrong places. We should call this piece of disgusting dishonesty every time we see it.


INTERVIEWER: "Let's talk a little about genetics, environmental, inoculations---because there's a lot of stuff swirling around those issues."

DAWSON: "We know that genes are involved. There is most likely some type of genetic susceptibility. Those genetic factors then interact with environmental factors."


She isn't lying, but of course she is being deceptive. If she was straightforward when you asked about genetic susceptibility and inoculations she would admit that everyone has genetic susceptibility to inoculations containing toxins.
How many are genetically susceptible to toxins?.....100%.
What are the possible mutations caused by the toxins?...Random mutations take place so it is impossible to predict.
How does ABA treatment work to resolve the damage toxins cause?....It doesn't.
If you imagine Geri answering these questions honestly you can imagine how embarrassing her life works become.

John Stone


Different times again - the Dawson letter JB quotes was written 10 days after Alison Singer's forced resignation, and 3 months after Bob and Suzanne Wright succeeded in speaking up about the vaccine connection to the British press (but never apparently repeated in the US?).

But perhaps the word for Geri is an "opportunist".


Is Geraldine Dawson a flip-flopper, or just a fence sitter? Pick your metaphor.

For a truly mind-bending flip-flop, check this out, from a couple of years ago. (Scroll down to the list of her 17 quotes.)


Raymond Gallup

Autism Speaks is a waste. Geri Dawson is a waste. She and others are making six figure salaries and the administrative costs which include salaries and benefita are over 20% of what Autism Speaks spends.

Talking about Autism Speaks is like talking about the CDC, NIH, IOM, IACC, etc. It is a waste of time. Neither Autism Speaks nor the Federal health agencies will do anything about autism and lots of parents/families/organizations can complain till they are blue in the face and now to doomsday,nothing will change. Believe me. Been there, done that. But people/organizations are welcome to keep trying, but I know it isn't realistic that there will be change. They are effective in stonewalling people and organizations. I saw it in the years I tried with other parents and organizations.

Giving money to these Federal agencies is a big mistake. They look after their own interests which include the pharmaceutical industry. Autism Speaks will not change either because the people in charge likewise are selfish and are friendly with the pharmaceutical industry (Geri Dawson included with the rest of the six figure people).

I'm saying this because I see the reality of the situation. If people want to say I'm bitter for saying it, so be it. I'm looking at the reality of the situation while others have wishful thinking about changing the direction of Autism Speaks and the Federal agencies. Can't happen, not at the Federal level. Could happen at Autism Speaks if the Wrights could come in and toss people out and replace them with people that wanted to look into the immunological/gastro and vaccine link to autism. Maybe they can no longer do it since it is no longer their organization to control? I don't know. But Geri Dawson and the other six figure people working there should be tossed out on their asses from Autism Speaks and replaced with people that will do the right thing (and not pay them six figure salaries, should be based on what they produce, not rewarded for just being there).


The dream for AS is to someday find the "Autism gene," develop a test for it, and provide termination procedures for the "defective parents" who are trying to bring these children into the world.

It might be nice simply to add the Thimerosal back into the American vaccines to prove it is not a problem. The "wacky anti-vaccine / 9 vaccines in one day / what the hell happened" parents need to be silenced.

The CDC vaccine court could at least release the Hannah Poling vaccine documents as we all know there is nothing there to look at.

Most of Autism Speaks effort has been to go around the nation and create the laws which allow only ABA therapy to be used as an insured treatment for Autism. Parents have to pay for the "vaccine injury" treatments themselves, and are looked at as being far out in the medical fringe.

Geri Dawson needs to set up an "AS home" for the first 50 of the 700,000 children who are on the way...


Geraldine Dawson is like an officer on the Titanic who knows the ship is sinking because they hit an ice berg, but who is unwilling to sound an alarm because she also knows there aren't enough life boats for all the passengers.


Geraldine Dawson is more like the commander of a fleet of Titanics, who's like minded captains are piloting their ships into icebergs every day...but who are all unwilling to sound any form of alarm for fear of having to their incompetence exposed

Angus Files

Geri the chameleon..no offense meant to chameleons..

What a day and the NAS here in the UK have found all the missing autistic adults can they name them ..can they thump!!..

I know my local Council are meant to have a list of all the disabled kids and is the only Council in the UK that does not(never mind adults)...dream on the NAS just take the money and shut up!!thats why its called bungs..



Geri sounds like a puppet stooge to me , just like all the rest of those protecting the vaccine cull .

The National Autistic Society in the UK is the best of the lot . They actually have sponsored a paper declaring they have found all the missing autistic adults .....and they say there is no increase . http://www.ic.nhs.uk/pubs/autism11

The NAS of the UK is a front for the protection of the reputation of vaccines . And we are subject to total state censorship with regard to all claims of vaccine damage .
And they regularly claim this to be the home of democracy.
Dont make me laugh . The home of slavery and injustice more like .

John Stone

Hi Anne

Perhaps Geri is excited because of the money:


she is however not very good at giving a consistent message. Last year she was telling people that 1 in 38 was great news, which isn't surprising given her pre-competitive consortium (with half a dozen major pharmaceutical companies) for developing psychotropic drugs for autistic people. But, of course, she can't afford for people to be too complacent either, or they'll lose interest in her schemes (her IACC pitch). Altogether a very complicated story to deliver.

I don't know how you deal with Geri, but expect the story to keep changing according to the context.


PS Perhaps Kim could add the link to 'Material Girl'

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