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My Conversation with IACC Chair Dr. Tom Insel

Thomas inselBy Jake Crosby

The following is my videotaped public comment in front of Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC), drastically cut down due to a time limit given to me the day before the meeting. Shortly before I testified, IACC Chair Tom Insel asked me to be “respectful” of committee members, saying he read my original submission. “I know you don’t like some of the committee members,” he told me. I asked him multiple times to clarify.  He just kept repeating to me to be respectful until he finally replied, “I don’t think I am getting through, here.” So I asked for some examples of disrespectful comments, and he responded, “physical threats.” I was completely floored by his example. I replied that my written testimony did not contain any physical threats and that the final version in my pocket is just scaled down. When I asked him for some examples of disrespectful comments in what I had written, he dodged with, “I don’t know, because I’ve only read your comments submitted to the committee, not the comments in your pocket.” I could tell he was not looking forward to what I had to say.


When the meeting ended, no public comments had been discussed even though a half hour had been set-aside for committee members to respond. Many of us sat there all day, hoping the comments would be discussed, but they weren’t. I was, however, curious what Dr. Insel thought of them.

When I asked Dr. Insel if my commentary was respectful enough, he replied, “I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.” I found it interesting that he was asking me to be respectful given his poor track record of respect for the autism community. So I brought up the story of him getting on an elevator with a woman and her son with autism. I relayed to him that when her son started to stim, Dr. Insel hit the “open door” button and stepped off, saying, “ I'm not riding up with them.

When he heard this, Dr. Insel made an exaggerated goofy face and claimed he could not remember. “I’ve gotten on a lot of elevators with people,” he told me. I said, “It was a story that ran on Age of Autism.” He replied, “There are a lot of stories going around.”

“Well, I just wanted to get your side of the story. You don’t strike me as someone who reads blogs,” I responded.

“I don’t,” he replied, “but I think you need to work on getting your facts right; I remember this one article by Dan and Mark on Age of Autism titled ‘When Vaccine Development Is Family Business: Tom Insel’s Conflicted Role on Vaccines and Autism,’ talking about my brother’s role in developing a vaccine. That was all the way back in 1978. How is that a conflict?”

I replied that vaccines, particularly thimerosal, are suspected of causing autism and that the vaccine his brother helped develop contained thimerosal. The IACC chair replied with the same goofy look, “I don’t even know if it contained thimerosal. His involvement was all the way back in 1978, before you were born.”

I replied, “It does not matter when it was made, it’s still a routinely given vaccine. HibTITER made by Wyeth, right?”

He denied even knowing the brand name. “My brother is not involved in that anymore, he heads a group devoted to fighting juvenile diabetes.” The Hib vaccine is also suspected of causing juvenile diabetes.

Dr. Insel then brought up Mark Blaxill’s testimony. “If there is anybody’s public comment to emulate, it would be Mark’s. He did not attack anybody in particular; he just made his point about how the committee was not doing a good job. I respect Mark, I don’t agree with him, but I respect him.”

Bringing up Dr. Insel's brother, I told him, “You know, you say your brother’s involvement in vaccine developing is not a conflict of interest, but a conflict of interest is still a conflict even if the person possessing that conflict does not perceive it as such. You must know that. Arguably, one can say that since you don’t perceive your brother’s connection as a conflict, that you will be less vigilant in making sure it does not alter your decision making.”

As I was telling him this, I saw a huge grin forming on his face. “So then couldn’t you have some subconscious bias that could influence you?”

I replied, “Of course, we are all human! We all have biases!” Unlike him, however, I am not related to anyone who took part in creating a disputed cause of the autism epidemic while chairing a federal advisory committee officially charged with “combating” autism.

He replied, “Well then, I think we just found something we agree on!” Of course, agreeing on something that obvious was hardly an epiphany. What he really seemed happy about was ending our conversation, but we parted ways cordially.

“It was good meeting you,” he told me. “It was good meeting you, too,” I said.

I will continue to denounce both the IACC at large as well as the specific committee members who deserve criticism the most. If Dr. Thomas Insel sees that as not being “respectful,” then so be it.

Jake Crosby has Asperger Syndrome and is a contributing editor to Age of Autism. Jake is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He currently attends The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services where he is studying for an MPH in epidemiology.



I have always said it was after the HIB when my bright, curious, talking, neurotypical little boy (my fourth child), changed and slowly drifted into autism. My other children did not have this vaccine or the exposure to thimerosal. ICAA will continue to refuse to do the research...and we know why.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

A long-ago comment on Age of Autism comes to mind: " At the top of all these big health organisations (such as Heart/Diabetes) is someone who does not want the problem to go away." I have thought a lot about that statement over the years, and it seems that now we have one of the examples.

organic mama

He isn't "losing any sleep" over anything is he? He's not the parent of a vaccine injured child! He is despicable and it sounds like he's been talking to Offit. It's too bad they get to abuse the people who are exposing their ineptitude.

Thanks Jake, for another very well done article!

Stop Big Harma

Dr. Levatin,

Perhaps Dr. Insel's brother should head up a charity for the many children now at risk of peanut anaphylaxis, so he can redirect research dollars to areas that won't implicate his HIB vaccine, just like he did for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation when the HIB was found to be implicated in diabetes.

There seems to be a formula that these giant charities (including Autism Speaks) follow:

Direct research as far away from vaccines as possible, and keep the pharma donations rolling in.


Glad we underrstand each other Jenny.

The roots and reciprocal dysfunctions are complex, and sometimes I forget the old principles involved. This piece is still helpful though dated and consolidates the a lot of knowledge and ideas leading up to it's writing.

Jenny Allan

Please keep visiting!! Yes, you are absolutely correct. As even Matthew Carey pointed out, all these autism 'gastro' projects are effectively a tacit admission that bowel disorders can affect the brain. As Andrew Wakefield calls it in his new book, 'the bowel-brain bone'!

Both Carey and myself highlighted the study which examines infant diets as a possible cause of 'leaky gut syndrome'in ASD children, another syndrome which the pro vax so called 'experts' were previously telling us did not exist!!
This study examines formula milk, early solid foods and even breast milk as causation factors-how ridiculous!! But the pharma and goverments sponsored research emphasis has now switched to attempting to 'prove' ASD is present 'in utero', even although the $billions spent on gene research has effectively disproven a wholly genetic cause of ASD. (The Wakefield et al original 1998 Lancet paper DID postulate a genetic tendency for some childrens' immune systems failing to cope with the three live MMR viruses administered simultaneously)

Dietary interventions to ameliorate ASD conditions have been in use for more than 15 years, in particular the Gluten/Casein free diet which was an absolute lifesaver for my poor autistic grandson, now an adult who still 'suffers with his guts'. Thousands of other parents have stated the benefits of this diet, but WHERE is the research?? Instead there has been public vilification of parents adopting this this dietery regime for 'depriving' their children of calcium, also quite ridiculous, since calcium is a very common element found in meat and vegetables and present in hard water areas. Milk substitutes for children are always fortified with calcium. Vitamin D is far more important for bone development, yet parents have been discouraged in recent years from giving their children vitamin supplements. (In the UK this policy has changed after a resurgence of child rickets!)

Food additives which are known 'brain exciters', such as monosodium glutamate and aspartame are ubiquitous in childrens' food and drinks, and yet once again very little research is carried out into the possible harmful effects of what amounts to unnatural chemicals on the developing brains of children.


Yes, that is the mast cell abstract I was referring to.
You wrote:
"Not sure what you mean about 'reputations',"
What I was trying to communicate is that some of the things in the ongoing studies you cited are things we have been saying are involved in causing Autism before it was considered reasonable and now seem to be gaining legitimacy. I figured you may be like me and that we you originally tried to tell others about these things and why you were doing diets and other related approaches and telling them what the processes were you were labeled "out there". Maybe you were not, but I feel my reputations as a non-loon was gone and I was asking where to go to get a reputation as a sensible person back. I should not have been cryptic.

Here is another you may like

Mast cell activation and autism.


I noticed this YouTube video attached after Jake's video.

Get the Kleenex out:

10-Year-Old Blind Autistic Boy Sings
"Open the Eyes of my Heart"

Born premature, blind, and autistic, Christopher was adopted by his parents before they realized God has gifted this young fellow with the gift of music!


Jake, this was GREAT!!!

I haven't been able to keep up with Age of Autism like I used to, but I just HAD to hear what you said to the IACC. I listened to your statement twice and wrote down your concluding statement:

"The IACC was not formed to find the CAUSE of the autism epidemic....but it was formed overall, generally it was formed, to COVER UP the cause of the Autism Epidemic."

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Jake, in your writing, you always tell it like it is, and back up everything you state with your excellent research facts. We all know that you know what you are talking about, and the IACC members all know that you know what you are talking about...that's WHY they cut down your time to deliver your statement. However, in spite of you being forced into some fast talking to make your major points within the shortened time period, YOU DID IT. (Much to the dismay of those members who do NOT want the CAUSE of the autism epidemic to be recognized.)

Regarding Tom Insel's totally unfounded accusation of "physical threats", this is a carefully constructed statement by him, with the purpose of making you "look bad", so that whatever else you say will hopefully be disregarded. But it is not disregarded by those of us who know the truth about what is really going on.

Jake, could you please post your statement to the IACC on AoA? So that we can have this excellent summary of facts for a reference. And would you consider also posting the original version that the IACC prevented you from delivering by cutting back your time. PLEASE:)

Someday you and all of the other major contributors to Age of Autism will be SPEAKING IN FRONT OF CONGRESS.

Jenny Allan

Thanks for the info on ASD, mercury and human mast cells. I found this fascinating. I assume this is the abstract you referred to:-
"The prevalence of ASD in patients with mastocytosis, characterized by numerous hyperactive mast cells in most tissues, is 10-fold higher than the general population suggesting mast cell involvement. We, therefore, investigated the effect of mercuric chloride (HgCl2) on human mast cell activation.
HgCl2 stimulates VEGF and IL-6 release from human mast cells. This phenomenon could disrupt the blood-brain-barrier and permit brain inflammation. As a result, the findings of the present study provide a biological mechanism for how low levels of mercury may contribute to ASD pathogenesis."

Not sure what you mean about 'reputations', but most folks around here have no wish to denigrate genuine medical and scientific research personnel. We DO have issues and concerns about the value and appropriateness of vaccine and autism research currently receiving government and charitable funding.

Janet Levatin

Thanks for continuing to bring the truth to light. This is an uphill battle, but sooner or later (hopefully sooner) the truth will be understood by so many people that it will no longer be deniable.
Regarding HiB vaccine, it also ushered in the peanut allergy epidemic, which, like the autism epidemic, has been raging out of control since about 1990. For anyone interested in exploring this topic, please read Heather Fraser's book, "The Peanut Allergy Epidemic." How many children have we lost to peanut anaphylaxis, and how many medical and education system costs have accrued because of this? Add peanut allergy/anaphylaxis into juvenile diabetes and whatever contribution HiB has made to the autism epidemic and the costs begin to spiral out of control.


Jenny Allan,

I really appreciated your post and links. I have come across an abstract recently on mercury and mast cells, but did not know they were actually looking at the other issues this seriously. It is encouraging to know that they are studying these things. By the way, do you know where we go to get our reputations back?

Angus Files

Great exposing the mobsters Jake.. although they make me feel sick when I read about them they just do not have care about fellow mankind..just the bank balance



Jenny Allan

Eileen Nicole Smith, also made her language development points in response to a recent Left Brain Right Brain blog by Matthew Carey entitled:-
“What projects are being funded in autism research? Part 1: vaccines and GI issues : 23Jul 2012”

Mr Carey extolled the recent Autism research carried out, including those projects funded by Autism Speaks and US Federal sources. With regard to the IACC Mr Carey states:-

“It has also been discussed here that the IACC does not control the research budgets and have no direct control over what projects actually get funded. The IACC is an advisory committee. The fact that most research project items in the Strategic Plan do get funded suggests that the IACC is an effective advisory group.”

Using the search engine provided by Mr Carey, I had a closer look at some of these projects. This one researching Autism/Gastrointestinal issues, was specifically quoted by Mr Carey as being of particular interest to those of us who are critical of the kind of research being carried out into the causes of autism:-

“Are autism spectrum disorders associated with leaky-gut at an early critical period in development?”
Extract:-“Investigators hypothesize that ASD may be associated with Leaky-Gut early in development, which combines, or interacts, with diet (breast-milk, formula, solid foods) leading to intestinal wall damage and inflammation in: 1) the intestine, which could explain the GI distress, and 2) in the bloodstream, which could reach and damage the developing brain, thus contributing to the onset of ASD itself.” (US Federal funded)

In other words these researchers are investigating infant DIETS as a possible autism cause. The purpose of this research is to identify early signs and biomarkers

Other Gastro projects include:-
Identifying gastrointestinal (GI) conditions in children with autism spectrum disorders –Funding -Autism Speaks
“ASD (Identify behavioral and biological markers that separately, or in combination, accurately identify, before age 2, one or more subtypes of children at risk for developing ASD, and evaluate whether these risk markers or profiles can improve early identification through heightened developmental monitoring and screening by 2014. IACC Recommended Budget: $33,300,000 over 5 years.)(Diagnostic and screening tools)”

Molecular pathways involved in oxidative stress and leaky gut impairment in autism spectrum disorders(Immune/Metabolic pathways)Funding -Autism Research Institute

A further look at those Vaccine Research projects mentioned by Mr Carey showed that only those projects funded by Safeminds came anywhere near looking at possible vaccine damage. In fairness to Mr Carey he DID mention the four projects funded by Safeminds, although he was dismissive about the Safeminds mercury-autism hypothesis:-

An investigation on the potential harmful effects of mercury in the nonhuman primate environmental
Investigating the effect of mercury on ASD, AD and ASD regression
The effect of mercury and neuropeptide triggers on human mast cell release of neurotoxic molecules
Does mercury and neurotension induce mitochondrial DNA release from human mast
cells and contribute to auto-immunity in ASD? (all Safeminds funded)

The other mercury research projects were described as “Gene-environmental” –the ‘environmental’ element appeared to be about general pollution rather than anything injected into the child!!

Analysis of developmental interactions between reelin haploinsufficiency, male sex, and mercury exposure
Etiology of autism risk involving MET gene and the environment (both Autism Speaks funded)”


Way to call a spade a spade Jake!

Victor Pavlovic

Jake, what Dr.Insel probably meant by physical threats is that he was ready to pass out and hurt himself from the tough questions and statements you threw at him.They obviously are threatened by the truth, so that makes them paranoid, and for good reason.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Jake, did you (or did anyone) listen to the conference call meeting on July 27? According to the agenda, they planned to discuss the July 10 public comments during the last hour. I was at work that day, but hoped a video cast or transcript would be posted.

What exactly does the tax funding of this committee go for? Since 2003, I thought listening to and discussion of public comments was supposed to be a major focus, and it should be. Some of us have been dealing with autistic children since before members of the IACC ever heard about the disorder.

Since 2003 I have been trying to emphasize (1) that language development should be promoted as the #1 focus of research, (2) that all of the myriad medical conditions associated with autism are likely to affect the auditory system, thus impede language development. (3) The evidence of auditory system vulnerability has been available for decades, which is why I have said, and will continue to say, that the major handicap (language) should have been understood decades ago.

John Stone

Perhaps the fact that Insel projects physical menace on to Jake where there is none is an indicator how deeply disturbed he and his cronies are by all this exposure. Of course, supposing improbably there was a palpable threat of violence you can be sure the police would be notified (and rightly so), however this just exists on the plain of paranoid fantasy.


Physical threats? Why in the world would Insel think you would make a physical threat? You never have threaten anyone.

That pisses me off that he said that to you Jake. Just because you have the guts to speak to them and question them and remind them of their words and deeds.... they can't handle you Jake!

These people make me sick. They have accomplished nothing and all they do is compliment each other for their lack of action.

Our kids need you! I have more respect for you than ever. Keep
exposing them Jake.

Christine Thompson


Respectful enough? I'm so glad to hear that Dr. Insel (Insult!) won't be spending any sleepless nights over your excellent comments at the IACC. His words and actions speak volumes. Why would he lose any sleep over autism? Never has and never will. Yet he keeps his position. How many children does it take for him to lose sleep over autism? 500, 1,000, 2,500, 50,000, 500,000 a MILLION?! Glad he can sleep at night - not many of us do.


The Insel brothers story is one of the most amazing one, stuff you cannot make up:

In 2003 John Classen publishes a paper linking the Hib vaccine, co-developed by Richard Insel, to type 1 diabetes. The same year Richard Insel becomes the chief scientific officer of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) with no track record in diabetes research.
He promptly stops funding for all promising research.
Who benefits? Big pharma, particularly Eli Lilly inventor of Thimerosal and also a large insulin maker. The JDRF is nothing more than a pharma front organization similar to Autism Speaks.
Of course, Tom Insel does not need an intro here.


...When he heard this, Dr. Insel made an exaggerated goofy face and claimed he could not remember. “I’ve gotten on a lot of elevators with people,” he told me. I said, “It was a story that ran on Age of Autism.” He replied, “There are a lot of stories going around.”...

Hey Insel thanks for verifying the validity of this story yourself with your bizarre response.

This is not going to end well for you how about just resigning now?


Throw the bum out.

"A yearlong effort by the National Institutes of Health to toughen its policies against financial conflicts of interest was led by an administrator who quietly helped one of the most prominent transgressors get hired by the University of Miami after a decade of undisclosed corporate payments led to his departure from Emory University, a Chronicle investigation has found.

The administrator, Thomas R. Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, also encouraged the researcher, Charles B. Nemeroff, to apply for new NIH grants, even though Emory had agreed on its own to restrict Dr. Nemeroff from NIH grant eligibility for two years. The NIH also allowed Dr. Nemeroff uninterrupted eligibility to serve on NIH advisory panels that help decide who receives NIH grant money.

Dr. Insel 'confirmed to me that Charlie was absolutely in fine standing' with the NIH, Pascal J. Goldschmidt, dean of the University of Miami's medical school, said of a July 2009 phone call he made to Dr. Insel just before hiring Dr. Nemeroff.

The actions by Dr. Insel, during a period of heavy Congressional pressure on the NIH to institute reforms, raise new questions about the NIH's stated commitment to attacking the problem of financial conflicts of interest in taxpayer-financed medical research.

'It leaves everybody scratching their heads as to what Insel's posture and NIH's posture about ethics is,' said Bernard J. Carroll, who served as chairman of the psychiatry department at Duke University from 1983 to 1990, while Dr. Nemeroff was a professor there.

Dr. Insel has declined months of requests from The Chronicle for an interview to discuss the matter, including his relationship with Dr. Nemeroff. The NIH's director, Francis S. Collins, was not available for comment, his spokesman said late last week. Dr. Nemeroff also declined to be interviewed, a University of Miami spokeswoman said."

Anne McElroy Dachel

Brilliant job Jake!


The clock is ticking. Every year thousands of more autistic kids are aging out of the school system with nowhere to go.

For years now the IACC has covered up the epidemic of children with autism. Both Geraldine Dawson and Lyn Redwood talked about the coming disaster of adults with autism at the July IACC too.

I hope Insel was listening because this mess is going to be dumped on the taxpayers. They will demand to know why all his top experts spent years wasting millions in dead-end studies while the epidemic raged on. Ignoring the cause will cost this country dearly. It seems that Insel’s main contribution to stopping autism has been professed ignorance.

Anne Dachel, Media


Good grief. You "don't like" some of the committee members? WTH is this, middle school? Tom Insel needs to pick up the clue phone, it's not about the members' likeability (or unlikeability) it's about their complete incompetence, lack of credentials, and (as stated in your public comment) their conflicts of interest. I don't care if the committee members are the biggest jackasses on the planet if they are competent, qualified and making headway into "combating autism"

Josh Day

Jake, haven't they crossed the line into clear defamation and libel? These sociopaths have done this numerous times, AND on the public record.

Follow the Money



Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International ("JDRF"), acting through its Board of Directors, volunteers, officers, employees, committees, and scientific research and other advisory boards, develops and implements research goals, objectives, strategies, policies and procedures; collects, aggregates, and synthesizes information to generate an overview of ongoing Type 1 diabetes research; and evaluates applications for, and makes decisions with respect to, research grants, fellowships, career development awards, contracts and active projects (collectively "Research Investments"). JDRF wishes to ensure that its advisory and evaluation processes are as objective and unbiased as possible and free from conflicts of interest. JDRF recognizes that individuals involved in the research planning process (including the allocation of research investments and the evaluation of research strategy effectiveness), the Research Investment evaluation and selection process, and other research related activities are involved in a variety of organizations and projects, and may hold financial investments, which might create actual or potential conflicts of interest or the appearance of a conflict.

JDRF is committed to assuring that these important, nonpublic information and decisions regarding research planning and development, as well as decisions regarding individual Research Investments, are made by those who are free of actual or potential conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts (each a "conflict" or "conflict of interest"). To achieve that result, the following policy is adopted:

1. Applicability. This Policy applies to JDRF's Board of Directors, officers, employees, committee members, advisory board members, all lay and scientific members of any committee or advisory board, and other volunteers, including researchers, who have volunteered to evaluate Research Investment proposals (collectively, "Covered Persons").

2. Determining the Existence of a Conflict. Each Covered Person bears the personal responsibility for initially determining if a conflict of interest exists with respect to such Covered Person. The guidelines set forth below shall be utilized to determine the existence of a conflict. The guidelines are meant to be illustrative and not exclusive; a conflict may exist even though the situation in question is not included below. If a Covered Person has any questions regarding the existence of a conflict, such Covered Person should promptly contact the Chairman of the Board or the chairman of the committee on which he/she serves, as the case may be.

3. Guidelines for Determining Existence of Conflict.

A. Research Investments.

A conflict may exist if the Covered Person, or his/her spouse, parent, child,
or other individual with whom such Covered Person has a close personal,
business professional relationship (including persons with whom such
Covered Person is a partner, shareholder, co-author or other close profes-
sional co-worker or colleague) have one or more of the following relationships
with an Applicant.

As used herein, "Applicant" means any person, firm, corporation (nonprofit
or for profit), partnership, trust, incorporated or unincorporated association,
joint venture, joint stock company, governmental authority, educational insti-
tution or any other entity of any kind, which is under consideration by JDRF
for Research Investment or other consideration which may inure to the
benefit of such entity or person.

(i) owns, directly or indirectly, any equity interest in the Applicant including
the ownership of over 1% of the outstanding shares of publicly traded

(ii) is an officer, director, employee, consultant, trustee of, or has a signif-
icant ownership, governance, or management relationship with the Applicant;

(iii) owns, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any tangible or intangible
property that the Applicant uses in the conduct of its business;

(iv) is owed any amount by the Applicant, owes any amount to the Applicant,
or is philanthropically associated with the Applicant;

(v) is a party to any agreement for future employment or other agreements or
arrangements with Applicant;

(vi) has received any gifts with a value, or payments in excess of, $100 from
an Applicant;

(vii) has any cause of action against, any dispute with, any long-standing
scientific or personal differences with, or any claim whatsoever against, the

(viii) is or was (within the last 1 year) a student or teacher of the Applicant
or involved in a scientific collaboration with the Applicant;

(ix) is under the health care or supervision of the Applicant or has a physician
/patient relationship with the Applicant;

(x) is a close personal friend of Applicant or any person in senior manage-
ment of Applicant;

(xi) has a significant ownership, governance, or management relationship with
a direct competitor of an Applicant, such that a conflict of interest could be
alleged should the Applicant's grant request be rejected; or

(xii) has such other direct or indirect relationship with an Applicant (other
than solely as a result of being a member of the JDRF Board of Directors or
a committee thereof or a person involved in evaluating Research Investment
proposals) that in the Covered Person's reasonable view could be regarded
as potentially presenting a conflict of interest.

B. Research Planning/Evaluation.

A conflict may also exist with respect JDRF's activities with respect to the
research planning process (including the allocation and prioritization of Research
Investments and the evaluation of research strategy effectiveness). Covered
Persons need to be aware of potential conflicts that could arise through owner-
ship interests or governance or management relationships with one or more
firms involved in diabetes research when serving in any capacity for JDRF in
connection with recommending or approving research priorities, including
serving on the JDRF Board of Directors or one or more research advisory
committees, including the Research Portfolio Committee, Research Program
Advisory Committee, Research Development Committee, Lay Review Com-
mittee, and successor committees.

4. Disclosure of Conflict; Recusal. If a Covered Person determines that a conflict described in paragraph 3A or 3B exists, then such Covered Person shall notify immediately the Chairman of the Board or the chairman of the applicable Committee, as the case may be. The Chairman of the Board or of the applicable Committee, with input from the Board or Committee, as appropriate, shall determine whether a conflict exists (except that in cases of conflicts involving the Chairman, the Executive Committee shall decide). All disclosures of conflicts shall be maintained in confidence. The decision on any conflict shall be recorded in the minutes. Unless otherwise determined by the Chairman (or, as appropriate, the Executive Committee) in individual cases, if a conflict is found to exist, the affected person may make a presentation on the issue under discussion, but after such presentation, shall leave the meeting during the discussion of and vote on the matter that results in the conflict of interest (such recusal from the meeting to also be recorded in the minutes). Following such discussion and vote, the Covered Person may re-join the meeting.

5. Implementation. Each Covered Person, other than an employee, shall execute a written statement provided by JDRF stating that such Covered Person has read this Policy on Research Conflicts of Interest, understands its terms and agrees to comply with the provisions hereof so long as he/she is a Covered Person. With respect to employees, each employee shall execute a written statement provided by JDRF stating that such employee has read the Employee Handbook, understands its terms and agrees to comply with the provisions thereof. Such written statements shall be signed by an individual upon his/her appointment or other act resulting in him/her being a Covered Person, and periodically thereafter at such times as the Chairman of the Board of Directors determines.

Last revised 7/1/2010

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EDxDelMar 2011 - Richard Insel, MD_ Is There a Vaccine?
TEDx Del Mar Oct 2011 Richard Insel, MD_ Is There a Vaccine? Our theme for TEDxDelMar 2011 was "A Search For A Cure". In this talk, Dr. Richard Insel gives us his presentation entitled "Is There a Vaccine?" Richard Insel, MD is Chief Scientific Officer for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Dr. Insel oversees the research strategy at the JDRF, the worlds' largest funder of type 1 diabetes research and that is focused on curing, treating, and preventing type 1 diabetes

Follow the Money

T1 Diabetes TrialNet ‏@T1D_TrialNet

@JDRF's Dr.Insel speaks about the possibility of a type 1 #diabetes vaccine and TrialNet's role in prevention on TED.
2:36 PM - 25 Apr 12 via web

Fire Tom Insel Now

Insel takes a page from the Offit playbook - two pages, actually.

Offit told the audience at NIH , "Jake doesn't like me" when asked questions he couldn't answer. Like Offit, Insel claims you "don't like some of the committee members." Two of the biggest liars in public health try to dismiss what you say by claiming you just "don't like" people. (Your problem, not theirs. So they can carry on with their crimes against humanity.)

Then there was Offit's quote from that same lecture:

“I’m sorry. I have no financial conflicts of interest. This is my only real conflict is that I am a Philadelphia Eagles season ticket holder, which gives me an inability to actually effectively assess that team.”

Sound familiar? Tom Insel doesn't have any financial conflicts of interest either. Helping his brother continue to make royalties on his hib vaccine isn't a conflict! And even if he no longer earns royalties, keeping his brother out of jail for helping cause the autism epidemic isn't a conflict either!

Hello! The autism czar blocked all vaccine/autism research! Are our legislators, sleeping? Or just drunk on pharma bucks?)

Jenny Allan

It's disgraceful the way these persons seek to defend themselves, by making completely false allegations against those concerned citizens, who dare to challenge them in public. Falsely accusing Jake of making 'physical threats' against IACC committee members was utterly appalling, although I doubt if it is actionable. No doubt Insel will strenuously deny ever saying this, the public implication being that Jake is the lier. However, at least Insel admitted to having read Jake's pre submission which was as always, politely expressed, even if the points he made were plainly unwelcome.

Paul Offit also attempted to deflect Jake's unwelcome questions legitimately posed at a public meeting by accusing Jake, falsely, of stalking him and having Jake forcefully evicted from the meeting.

Matt Carey, as the then ubuiqitous 'Sullivan' once accused me of making personal derogatory remarks about him on an internet comment thread-laughable in view of his then anonymous personna. This was on an autism 'friendly' site and not the LB RB website, which I keep clear of. Unfortunately 'Sullivan' using his RB LB credentials often 'infects' other websites, and he used this thread to make some very vicious comments about Carmel Wakefield, who was in hospital at the time seriously injured after a car accident. Carey never did respond to my reasonably expressed arguments on that thread, but then these persons invariably deflect the arguments by making spurious attacks.

This is the 'calibre' of some of these IACC persons with responsibility for recommending essential research into autism causes and treatments. Jake you are doing a wonderful job of exposing these hypocrites. Just make sure you always have a few 'minders' handy when you confront them!!

RESPECTFUL in your approach?

Clustering of cases of type 1 diabetes mellitus occurring 2-4 years after vaccination is consistent with clustering after infections and progression to type 1 diabetes mellitus in autoantibody positive individuals.

"The identification of clusters of cases of T1DM [ type 1 diabetes mellitus] occurring in consistent temporal time periods allowed a link between the hemophilus vaccine and T1DM to be established...."


I had to catch my breath when Tom Insel told you what his brother was doing now.

Good Gosh!

Then you have to think are that stupid or that evil????

La Playa

Why does Insel still have this position? His behavior is NASTY.

John Stone


This is shocking: the man is supposed to be a scientist and a public official but he simply engages in innuendo. It is a not question either about not liking people, it is a question about their suitability and their conflicts. You are being criticised for posing just the questions relating to the accountability in public appointments that upstanding citizens are supposed to ask.

You never cease to amaze me, and unfortunately neither do they. What a pair of articles!



The Insel brothers made millions from the hib vaccine given at 2, 4, 6 and 12 months of age.

At introduction ( 1990 ?) this vaccine provided every American infant with a NEW 100 micrograms of mercury.

With all due respect, the Insel vaccine matches the timing of the explosion in Autism.

They now seem to be fighting juvenile diabetes... which they may have caused.

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