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Meet The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs: MAPS

ListenMapping the way forward, with Dr. Dan Rossignol and Shannon Kenitz

On the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel
AutismOne: A Conversation of Hope<
Tuesday, August 7, 12 noon Eastern/9 am Pacific
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MAPS:  Mapping the way forward, with Dr. Dan Rossignol and Dan_rossignol Shannon Kenitz

The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) has been developing an ASD Fellowship for physicians and other medical professionals. Under the guidance of Daniel Rossignol, MD, FAAFP, and David Berger, MD, FAAP, this evidence-based course of study has been uniquely designed by clinicians for clinicians. The MAPS Spectrum Standard of Care Conference is coming up September 27-29 in Orlando, FL, with CME units available.  Dr. Dan Rossignol, MAPS president and head of the Rossignol Medical Center, and Shannon Kenitz, executive director of the International Hyperbarics Association (IHA), join Teri to talk about MAPS and the road forward for kids on the autism spectrum.  Visit

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Mother of a vaccine injured child

I've been waiting for this. I can hear it now:

Moms (should be) calling Ped offices everywhere to QUALIFY Pediatricians, convo going like this:

Mom: Hello, I am looking for a MAPS trained Pediatrician, has Dr. So and So taken this training? No,you say? Ok, thanks, have a nice day. NEXT....

And the only "bilking" that I know FROM EXPERIENCE was 1) early intervention (early detour) 2) Peds missing every red flag only to 3) pass me/my very sick child to all of their specialist buddies.

Look here... I will GLADLY pay for Dr. Rossingnals (and his very very fine colleagues) for their time and expertise any day of the week. In fact, I'd get a second job if need be because what insurance pays for is NOTHING or as pp called "bilking".

Done that been there, and have the T shirt to prove it.


@paul S.

How are they "bilking" parents if the parents are CHOOSING to come to them? Are they outside of early intervention centers and mainstream peds offices selling themselves? Surely the “victims” of these horrible men had other medical options? no? These parents want answers and they don't want to wait their child’s whole life for the AAP to get off their rear ends and stop continuously babbling on like a bunch of drooling idiots that we all need to “learn the signs”. The fact is that these doctors exist because there is a need. If by “bilking” you mean not accepting insurance then that is a whole other argument entirely. If anything the "bilking" is happening while parents are wheedled and cajoled at peds offices to get vaxed unquestionably under the guise of outrageously flawed taxpayer/ big pharma funded science, and while states and taxpayers are fleeced out of money for useless services that are not really effective on treating the true underlying causes of Autism-only controlling the behaviors that make it inconvenient for everyone.
Sooner or later Paul, these treatments will creep sloooowly into mainstream medicine and docs will act as if they have always known these things. I guess it won’t be “milking and bilking” when the AAP says it’s OK to look at the gut, or the immune system as they relate to Autism.

Julie Leonardo

I hope this Paul S. is not a person I know (it could be)....if so, gonna have to give the smackdown. Anyway, I agree with Annd Dachel. It's inflammation, it's an immune system that is messed up, and it's also pathogenic in nature. All combined to make one heap of a mess in a child's body.

Paul S

Daniel Rossignol, MD, FAAFP, and David Berger, MD, FAAP,
two guys want to get onto the Gravey train of the cottage industries built up at warp speed to financially milk and bilk the parents of the children they damage. A POX on them!!!!

Anne McElroy Dachel

Excuse me? Doctors promoting biomedical treatment for autism? It's incredible to think about. After years and years of doctors being clueless about autism--and proud of it, it's hard to imagine that ever changing. WAKE UP WORLD! Children with autism are sick. It's not just a lack of communication skills and an inability at social interaction. It's brain inflammation and gut problems. It's chronic infections and allergies and seizures. Most of the time doctors don't see that treating the whole child will help the symptoms of autism too. It would be wonderful if that's really changing.

I see Dr. David Berger's name here. That rings a bell. I wrote this about him in May, 2012.

Dr. David Berger on Minimizing Autism Incidence - AGE OF AUTISM

This sounds like a major step forward.

Anne Dachel, Media

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