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Media Tricks and Old Sperm

Old sperm and eggBy Anne Dachel

I read news stories on autism everyday. I see the never-ending attempts to calm the fear over vaccines. I see the media trivializing autism and the impact it’s having on America with trite phrases like “better diagnosing” and “greater awareness.” Most of all, under no condition, is anyone sounding an alarm about the numbers. And officials are working hard to make those numbers go away.

In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association will publish a new edition of their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders called the DSM 5. (Remember the DSM IV in 1994? Ever since then, for the last 18 years, every time the autism rate went up, it was attributed on “broadening the definition” back in 1994.) The DSM 5 has a lot of people worried because they’re about to tighten the definition of autism and remove Asperger’s.

On August 18, 2012, the Jerusalem Post had a story about a non-profit organization called ICare4Autism that recently held an international conference there. HERE

One of the keynote speakers, Dr. Stephen Shore, talked about the DSM 5 changes and the state of autism in America. There was some surprising information.

“The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) will soon appear in a fifth edition and include new definitions for autism. “It will be autism spectrum, a continuum with a rating of one to three based on behavior. There will no longer be Asperger’s or pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) in the fifth edition. That’s unfortunate, as it’s a nice category to have. Now there will be no subcategories, which I regret.

“Some people with Asperger’s are opposed to this, because they think they will lose their identity and be classified with having a faulty communications disorder.

“’When I speak,’ he continued, ‘I ask my audience how many would hire someone with Asperger’s. Most people would. But if I say the person has problems with social communications, they say no, because it would ‘alienate customers.’ In any case, the DSM never was and is not meant to be a diagnostic tool for psychiatric conditions; it is a method for reimbursement for the health maintenance organizations,” insisted Shore, who delivered a keynote lecture at the conference.

“Some health insurance firms are behind the restructuring of the DSM V definitions, he maintained.”

Insurance companies are putting pressure on health officials? It’s not surprising to read this as more and more states are mandating insurance coverage for autism therapies. If kids suddenly WEREN’T AUTISTIC ANYMORE, they wouldn’t qualify for services.

And I’m sure everyone has heard the latest autism research—it’s now older dads that are to blame. As a man ages, there are more genetic mutations in his sperm—and voila—older dads equals defective kids. The recent study out of Iceland confirmed it. (It was kind of predictable that the blame would now go to the dads, since the refrigerator mom theory demonized the maternal side for years. Regardless if it’s the dads or the moms—it’s the parents fault! And now society will have to deal with the result.)

I saw the older dads study first hit the news sites in the UK and I predicted that it would quickly show up across the U.S., and it did. All the networks and major newspapers ran the story. Examples:

August 22, 2012, the Wall Street Journal, Autism Risk Rises With Fathers’ Age HERE

The WSJ even had a little video in which autism was referred to as a “mental illness” and a “mental malady.” We were told that “now there is absolute genetic proof” that “older fathers are probably more guilty than older mothers of passing on this mutation.”

August 22, 2012, the New York Times, Father’s Age Is Linked to Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia HERE

This piece was by Benedict Carey, a name familiar to me since he’s spent years downplaying the impact of autism and trashing the claim that vaccines cause autism. It came as no surprise that he used this opportunity to once again deny any link. Here’s how he described the research:

“Dr. Stefansson and other experts said that an increase in the average age of fathers had most likely led to more cases of autism. Unlike other theories proposed to explain the increase, like vaccinations, it is backed by evidence that scientists agree is solid.”

So this new research is “backed by evidence” and of course, the vaccines and autism theory isn’t.

Actually none of this is really new and few in the general public will pay any attention. “Older dads” couldn’t possibly explain the worldwide epidemic of autism and I can’t believe member of the press don’t know it too. How many wild claims have we had in the past few years—all backed by research? There’s been the older dads theory before, along with older moms, having siblings too close together, too much TV watching, antidepressants during pregnancy, and living too close to a freeway—to name only a few.

All of these studies are just a splash in the pan in the news. The story quickly dies. There is no follow-up because none of it makes any sense.

I posted comments on a number of the stories covering the older dads study. I noted that it’s just one more in a long line to studies, but what’s missing is the research that the late Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of the National Institutes of Health, talked about on CBS News HERE in 2008. She said that the vaccine-autism question is still open. She said we need to look at the children who got sick—the ones who were born healthy and were developing normally until they suddenly and dramatically regressed into autism following routine vaccinations.

THE PROBLEM IS, NO ONE IS WILLING TO DO THAT. Instead, experts are happy to go to Iceland, look at a few dozen dads and blame mutating sperm.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism. Subscribe to her news feed at




they are trying to get everybody sooner or later.All autism and Alzheimers are connected.They brain washed the elderly
with their "we will protect you" theory,meanwhile they left
the mercury and the polysorbates (detergent emulsifier)in
the vaccines.Yes talk to your parents and open their eyes to
our toxic world.On the positive note,thanks for the art work.It is the blame the father game now.Before that it was the cold mother.When will they point the fingers to their toxic brew? 36-40+ vaccines plus flu vaccines yearly, this is going to be an autism/alzheimer country if people do not smarten up and change their ways.

Raymond Gallup

One only has to walk around outside the grounds of a residential center and/or the administration building and see the effect on children/adults with severe autism and aggressions and their families. Everytime we visit our son we see another son/daughter and their families which is heart-breaking.

no vac

To understand why the medical-pharma mafia so aggressively protects vaccines, which kill and cripple millions of innocent children, it is worth watching this movie about the terror imposed by the federal medical establishment on an independent doctor, who discovered an effective, nontoxic cancer treatment. It is all to protect billion $ profits of pharmaceutical cartels and their agents in the government. Human life is only a commodity.

barbara j

Angus, I have a very similar situation, the little unvaccinated one is my ONLY healthy child, one of six.
Why can't we find a "rachel carson" type to put this all into understandable language for us. Because if we understood what they are really saying we would understand it makes no sense. The processes in the body, the genes are affected by every virus and toxin, with shutting down at one end to overstimulating at another. We are quite aware of mutations, we know many of these mutations occur over our life spans without association to our parents. We know ,as well, that certain metals are dangerous lead and mercury leading the way for neurotoxicity with aluminum not far behind. We know that retroviruses such as vaccine contaminant sv40 transcends the generations showing up in the grandchildren of polio vaccine recipients. No matter what the science speak is on this issue, the bottom line is "vaccines cause autism". This de novo garbage is just that, far too much credit is given to these studies , in the end they are epidemiological and should bear no more weight than the vinyl floor or the highway. Are vaccine particles, foreign dna, viral, and chemical crossing the brain barrier in infants, yes, and that's where they need to put their money and research.


...there will no longer be Asperger's or Pervasive Developmental Disorder in the fifth edition..

Does that mean I need my severely autistic,pervasive developmental disorder, global development delay, non-verbal 10 year old son reassessed?

Then how do they [so-called experts] explain my son reaching his milestones (before 2 years of age)then regressed?

Elizabeth Gillespie


"The "real Autism rate" if you include ADD and ADHD (autism light) is about one in six."

The autism rate is even higher if you include Alzheimer's, which turns out to autism for people born too early to get autism from childhood "vaccinations".

"We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years later have an incidence of Alzheimer's disease 10-fold greater than age-matched individuals who did not receive it." Doctor H. Hugh Fudenburg, MD, Note and CDC cannot figure out where Alzheimer's is coming from. Right! 90% of our seniors are getting the "flu vaccine" toxin.

Old folks if you do NOTHING else but reject this USELESS TOXIC Alzheimer's producing "Flu Shot" you will have eliminated 90% of your Alzheimer's risk. Think your loving CDC wants to give you Alzheimer's? It sure looks that way to me.

It only takes a few hours to understand the rather obvious "flu shot" deadly scam, please take the time to do it and explain it to your fathers and mothers.

Angus Files

I have my own study ....

all kids born same location...

oldest given all vaccines came out ok..

second oldest MMR at 13 months ,now aged 15 mental age school assessed of around 2 years..

boy aged 7 no vaccines!! reads for gold in the next Olympics

girl aged 6 no vaccines ! same both never been to a doctors surgery ever ..oldest of other two has at least half an inch of medical files ,second oldest goes into feet worth of medical notes...

Same mother,same father yet youngest are healthiest ?? difference of 7 years from the youngest of the oldest two the oldest of the younger two kids..

Couldn't be vaccines could it! na !

Its just old sperm,(well)to much TV (we haven't had TV for years also Murdoch aint telling me what to watch)..could go on...



Autism like heart and kidney disease probably have multiple causations. Still, one of the causes for all of these learning disabilities is vaccines--sometimes just one and sometimes just one too many. If this were not true then how else can we explain such things as lack of autism in certain communities where vaccination is either absent or infrequent. I'm thinking of American Indian communities where health care is sporatic, kids still get measles, and have less autism. We'll see what happens when the "educated/bad suburban parents" either stop vaccinating or pick-n-choose to vaccinate less. Then, suddenly the autism epidemic will be caused by lack of education, which in a sense is true. Finally.


Corruption in often a "team effort" as it is a bit difficult to be corrupt all by oneself.

There is nothing more important to AAP medicine (if you call it that) than the "Liability free" 36-40 dose vaccine schedule which provides about 80% of their AAP revenues from age 0 to 5.

The "real Autism rate" if you include ADD and ADHD (autism light) is about one in six.

That is why new DSM 5 will move the goalposts big time...

From there the "Gardasil People" take over....


It seems every day I read things that could directly affect how a body copes with a vaccination - "pre-disposing" factors, genetic or environmental, that affect the body's environment and make vaccines a danger to the body. There are so many predisposing factors that I fail to see how using vaccines can be considered safe for the majority of people to begin with. Once you start eliminating people with predisposing factors from being able to safely use vaccines, who is left? NOBODY!

Here's one from today - who will give their child a vaccine knowing they could have a "hereditary" B-12 deficiency?

Isn't B-12 necessary to clearing toxins from a body? And vaccines contain toxins.
And since they are finding these B-12 def. markers in the skin, could a skin test for this deficiency be used to screen for a person's ability to tolerate a vaccine?

Also, if B-12 deficiency is detectable from markers in the skin, does that mean those B-12 deficiency markers in their skin would have a harder time with the skin patch vaccines being talked about?

I've always wondered if the particular sub-group of people who had problems with the oral polio vaccine might have been folks with IgA deficiency. (the type of IgA in tears/saliva/breast milk) - if some children were IgA deficient ( shows what selective IgA deficiency looks like and is eerily similar to certain characteristics seen on the autism spectrum and giving vaccines to these people is actually noted as being contra-indicated) and didn't get any from their mom's breast milk because they weren't breastfed, what would happen to them if given an oral vaccine? Which begs the question what environmental factors affect IgA levels in a person? What if the AAP told everyone that formula is as good as breast milk at one point in time? And if a person is deficient in IgA and was never breast fed, but the family drinks raw milk, would that supply the same level of protection as human breast milk?

The list of predisposing factors causing people to not tolerate vaccines is growing every day. Finding new ways to administer vaccines will probably add an entirely new level of vaccine injuries to the 1 in 88 crowd, but may, inadvertantly, lead to new revelations about why they don't work.

Tina Mahoney

What about the young fathers who have fathered children ( yes, some families have more than one ASD child) with autism? Where is the study on young fathers of children with ASD? Where are the comparison studies, young fathers- older fathers? Was total amount of ASD children born to each (young/older) factored into this equation? I.e. 25 year old father has 3 children with ASD and 45 year old father has one child with ASD ( even though he may fathered 3 children total). You have to question the validity of studies that use one isolated area/ geographic region, where's the comparison study of countries where ASD is at epidemic level ( maybe epidemic will be declared when one in five children have autism aka delayed developmental disorder) such as USA? I bet my last dollar, that if one conducted a thorough history ( birth records, age of father at birth, population age for study area) search of this you would find that this geographical area has an aged population. Definitely author bias here folks.


Carefully orchestrated media coverup. Autism risk studies like this are nothing new. We've seen many. Stories like this, while mildly interesting, serve to only cloud the issue in the public's mind and keep people from seeing the truth. There have been many recent studies that clearly show an immune dysfunction. Overactive microglia releasing inflammatory cytokines in the brain leading to neurodegeneration. Why do we not see those reports on the major networks? The DSM change is just another attempt to muddy the waters. Emphasis on genetics vs environment is another example. They are desperately trying to control the flow of information but social media is undermining those attempts as is the fact that people are seeing more of our kids in their communities. The impact of this crisis is being felt on a local level in the community, neighborhoods, families and schools and they cannot control that. People are waking up.


The band played on while the Titanic sank.
Someone on the intercom at the World Trade Centers said all was well, stay put in Tower II.

And so silly scientific studies make the headlines, it is all okay; keep vaccinating but you older Dads don't make no babies.

This time is isn't going to end with a few thousand in a frozen ocean.
It is not going to end with a few thousand not making it out of the burning/collapsing building alive.

This time it will be the whole of society collasping and burning.

IT is not just about autism.
It is about so much more.
The whole midwest is on fire with drug abuse.
How long can we substain our way of life, our culture?


These are the two last paragraphs in the article in Nature News, but which were largely ignored by the media:

'However, Mark Daly, a geneticist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston who studies autism, says that increasing paternal age is unlikely to account for all of the rise in autism prevalence. He notes that autism is highly heritable, but that most cases are not caused by a single new mutation — so there must be predisposing factors that are inherited from parents but are distinct from the new mutations occurring in sperm.

'Historical evidence suggests that older fathers are unlikely to augur a genetic meltdown. Throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Icelandic men fathered children at much higher ages than they do today, averaging between 34 and 38.'

Adam M

All of these studies are just a splash in the pan in the news. The story quickly dies. There is no follow-up because none of it makes any sense.

Exactly Anne. Great story. This is precisely the point. Nothing has to add up. It just has to keep the public confused or for those who are uninterested it creates the sense that some experts some where are doing some thing. And then there are those who will listen to anything as long as its not the truth. Its just too upsetting to fathom how badly we've been deceived - to the point of damaging our children. Sort of like a dependent wife who ignores all the signs that her husband is cheating because she doesn't want to think what her life will be like after that confrontation. She'll have to learn to take care of herself. And thats what so many will have to do with their health. Stop being so dependent on drugs and doctors and government health officials that you can't trust. Start a new relationship with food. Become knowledgeable about nutrition. Let go of bad habits. Most of us don't want to do this until we are brought face to face with the consequences of having not done it and there's no way out of the mess we're in until we do.
Again, thanks Anne for a great article.

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