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Judge in Wakefield Case Amy Clark Meachum's Husband Lobbies for Sponsor of Alison Singer

Justice not blindBy Jake Crosby Meacham

Amy Clark Meachum, the judge who threw Dr. Andrew Wakefield's case out of district court by essentially saying that BMJ, Fiona Godlee and Brian Deer can libel him all they want since they are from the UK, is married to a lobbyist named Kurt Meachum of Philips & Meachum Public Affairs.

According to Texas Tribune Lobbyist's directory, Kurt Meachum's client, the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, earned him $10,000-$25,000 in 2011 alone. What is the significance of this? Family physicians give many vaccinations as a considerable part of their practice. But that's hardly the beginning of the story.

In 2010, the Texas Academy of Physicians sponsored a talk given by none other than Pharma Front Group President and Founder Alison Singer at a vaccine industry conference no less. Her group, “Autism Science Foundation,” was founded for the expressed purpose of discouraging vaccine-autism research. Despite telling parents to vaccinate recklessly at the 2010 Texas Immunization Summit, Singer split the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine in three separate shots for her second daughter, who does not have autism, unlike her first who received the combined shot.

Meanwhile, Dr. Andrew Wakefield's lawsuit is not over; he is appealing. A successful appeal by Professor John Walker-Smith already discredited all the charges of serious professional misconduct against Dr. Wakefield concerning the Lancet paper he coauthored. Brian Deer, Fiona Godlee and the BMJ had better hope the influence of the vaccine industry is strong enough to ensure Dr. Wakefield's case never makes its way to an unbiased judge. Otherwise, they will be back in court before they know it.

Jake Crosby has Asperger Syndrome and is a contributing editor to Age of Autism. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He currently attends The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services where he is studying for an MPH in epidemiology.




Another case took place in Austin , as Tim Bolen is reporting :


Waiting for the memorendum of judge meachum, here is a wikipedia page titled Personal jurisdiction in Internet cases in the United States cf and here is another one on Personal jurisdiction cf

hope it will help


"Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet: Can the Traditional Principles and Landmark Cases Guide the Legal System into the 21st Century?"by Mark C. Dearing : usefull ? cf


If you do not want to visit B.D.'s site, the order of Judge Meachum can be read here :

Dr Mark Struthers

@Liora Pearlman

I was not so much 'amazed' by that video as appalled, frightened and very angry. The injustice was heart-breaking and as a doctor I can only feel fury at the appalling abuse of power by fellow professionals. Kudos to Waney Squier of Oxford for standing up to the abusers.

Liora Pearlman

Sharing this amazing and eye opening Canadian Documentary on Shaken Baby Syndrome -

View the movie online here http://vimeo. com/35041114
enter the password

there will be justice for all the families, MSBP and vaccine-injured, Vitamin C and D deficient and other conditions babies who died and their loved ones unjustly persecuted.




Texas in Fielding v. Hubert Burda Media

I just read a little it sounds like some model from Texas married a German big shot and lived in Europe and was sueing a magazine company in New York.

Where as Dr. Wakefield a political refuge settled in Texas, even working at Thoughtful House on sick children's GI tracks same political stuff he had to leave Britian for. Children that no one would look at; when the BMJ attacked him - in his home state.

I am sure that if they look around enough there will be magazines written/published up by local doctors as is the case at University of Kentucky - using local big shot docs head of the pediatric department -- on the issues of vaccines - saying how safe they are and how Dr. Wakefield is a fraudster and it has been proven and quoting the British Medical Journal.

All these sitting on tables of people waiting to see some medical, doctor's, and medical lab persons.

Propoganda and lies sitting under their noses published falsehoods by the very society that these patients are suppose to put thier trust in and submit their bodies to them.

Seems a little more personal and close up and much more local than some model in Germany sueing some magazine in New York.


Don't mess with Texas, you got it !

Ari Brown was not only an Austin paedtiatrician but also "an official spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics." cf [but perhaps he had BMJ for free ;) ]

Don't Mess With Texas

Jake must have hit a very large nerve. The vaccine industry’s friends and minions are now retaliating online, targeting his family. A Saltzman & Johnson attorney has taken to disparaging Jake's mother’s Austin-based business as well as his recently deceased grandfather – a long-time Austin resident. Neither his mother's business nor his grandfather have any remote connection to the controversy. This attorney levels her personal attacks at a deceased man and a small business owner with the obvious intent of attempting to silence Jake.

This reflects very poorly on Saltzman & Johnson Law Corporation which should become more aware of its attorneys' extra-curricular internet activities.

Don't Mess With Texas

How could there be more of a Texas connection then that UT and the Texas Medical Association both subscribe to BMJ? The Texas Medical Association has created its own brand of anti-Wakefield propaganda with the help of Deer's article in the BMJ:


Lisa Blakemore-Brown and all who have been falsely accused of 'cot death or MMSB P', I just want to say how sorry I am for what those so called medical professionals did to your families- it's absolutely horrific and shameful on their part. I saw a program about it awhile ago (W-5) and thankfully some of the cases were re-opened with very different conclusions. Thank you for your strength and keep talking!

John Stone

Hi Godfrey

Doesn't look very similar to me:

German language magazine, plaintiffs not resident in Texas etc.

Jenny Allan

Thank you Godfrey Wyl
Benedetta - Mr Wyl was referring to what is known in legal terms as a 'precedent'. In this case how to interpret Rule 120a of The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

Apparently the plaintiff has to show a 'Texas' connection in his/her legal writ against the defendants. It is not enough to prove the defendants may have business interests within the state.


Godfrey what do you mean Texas in Fielding v. Hubert Burda Media

Thankyou Jenny, Spooky and Fever for the education of who is who of Munchausen and Shaken Baby syndrome.

Godfrey Wyl

"Judge Amy Meacham's decisions are published here. She does not give any specific reasons for her verdicts"

That would not normally be part of an order. Perhaps a memorandum decision will follow. The mere existence of subscribers isn't enough to establish personal jurisdiction, though; this was settled for good with respect to Texas in Fielding v. Hubert Burda Media.

Jenny Allan

Judge Amy Meacham's decisions are published here. She does not give any specific reasons for her verdicts but the decision to dismiss the case was after rule 120a of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

Rule 120a
"Texas courts may assert personal jurisdiction over a nonresident defendant only if the Texas long-arm statute authorizes jurisdiction and the exercise of jurisdiction is consistent with federal and state due process standards." (Texas long-arm statute).
The long-arm statute allows Texas courts to exercise jurisdiction over a nonresident defendant that "does business" in the state.

Presumably Deer and Godlee pleaded that they were not Texas residents and did not do business in the State of Texas, so were outside the jurisdiction of Texas courts of law.

Since the British Medical Journal is available online by subscription to Texans, and presumably published copies are for sale and distributed to medical personnel and healthcare facilities in the State of Texas, then surely this WAS the BMJ doing business in Texas. Judge Meacham needs to explain exactly how she came to the conclusion that the BMJ and its Editor in chief and the author of the offending articles involved in the litigation, were not involved in selling the BMJ to Texans, and therefore 'doing business in Texas', regardless of wherever they and their business was based.


To Mark Struthers : the link you mention refers to a page that was primarily published in vactruth ( cf - I do add this just because I don't like the photo displaid by the gaïa site ;) ) Christina England also write on this site : [ don't understand if it is her own site or not !?]

That A. Wakefield authored a book on MSBP ( Publication Date: May 1, 2012 ) could explain why Brian Morgan did pay a visit to AoA .

Mark Struthers

'Askjustonequestion' innocently asked,

... "isn't it slowly coming to light that shaken baby syndrome might sometimes instead actually be undiagnosed rickets, a D3 deficiency?"

Yes, but darkness still very much surrounds us.

Rickets and maternal vitamin D deficiency were diagnosed after the death of baby Jayden Wray at Great Ormond Street Hospital in July 2009. This didn't stop a psychopathic medical profession procuring a murder trial at the Old Bailey more than two years later.


Simply scandalous!


To Beth - and others- : in 2010, a leo wrote "Amy Clark Meachum is a partner in a politically connected Austin law firm." see : [ I guess you should read "democrat connected" since her husband is very influencial among the democrats in that state ]. PolitiFactTexas has dedicated a page on Amy Clark Meachum ...that has not been feeded yet had Judgepedia :

To Jake : what about the written decision of the judge - can't finf it yet ; or am I ....?-

Diane W Farr

Brian, where are you? We are breathlessly waiting for those twitchy fingers.


To benedetta ,Spooky

"hate posts began to be posted on the Internet site Mothers against Munchausen Allegations (MAMA). This was highly unusual as the site was aimed at supporting mothers who found themselves falsely accused of MSBP. These posts referred to Ms Blakemore-Brown as being unprofessional and a danger to children, some even indicating that she was mad using phrasing such as ‘barking mad’ or ‘paranoid’. At around this time Ms Blakemore-Brown also began to get abusive emails, Ms Blakemore-Brown says that one in particular she remembers was from a Ms Penny Mellor, a campaigner and one of the main contributors to the MAMA board, according to Ms Blakemore-Brown this email was extremely hurtful stating in capitols ‘ UNDERSTAND THIS – YOU ARE IRRELEVANT’ then about Ms Blakemore-Brown’s book she had added ‘Tapestry? Weaving? More like basket case!!!!‘ . Shortly after losing her home due to legal costs from the first hearing, Ms Blakemore-Brown managed at last to set up her dream unit, ‘The Tapestry Life Centre’, at the Brunel University in London to support and aid children with autism. This was to be one of the first of its kind but within days of the news of the Centre being made public, the MAMA website, became littered with posts containing the most dreadful slander and libel, sneering at her efforts and asking where the money came from." cf

to Spooky : I have no access to ; scientology or not she does not appear to be a sympathetic person according to the above written testimony

To Lisa Blakemore-Brown : when struggling with/against Dr Southall, did you encouter Brian Morgan ? Would you say a word on your feeling concerning him ( I could understand you may not wish to express your mind publicly on such a subject )

Mark Struthers

Exploring the lives of Meadow & Southall was truly a journey into the heart of darkness ...

... as Lisa Blakemore-Brown discovered to her enormous cost.


Interesting coincidence: isn't it slowly coming to light that shaken baby syndrome might sometimes instead actually be undiagnosed rickets, a D3 deficiency? And hasn't the introduction of vitamin C in the vaccinated aboriginal population been claimed to take the rate of SIDS from 50% to pretty much "0?"
These are two of the most attacked supplements, makes me wonder why big pharma is so keen to denigrate them. Yet if they are helpful in preventing those illnesses and deaths, and those illnesses and deaths were increased due to vaccinations, wouldn't it be logical for someone trying to make vaccines safer and more trusted, for instance a pediatrician, to recommend a D3 and vitamin C test prior to giving vaccines?

Mark Struthers

@Brian Morgan

"Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent"

Brian has lately been associating with some yappy little hounds over at 'Bad Science' ...

... rather than honestly providing an explanation for his hostility towards Andrew Wakefield.

PS. Have you yet read AW's new book on MSBP?

The book gives some chilling insights into the mind of the medical psychopath ... and the damage such powerful individuals can do to innocent people.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown

David Southall did the vaccine trials using various sources including siblings of children who died after a vaccine. Sally Clarks second child was in such a scheme. Called CONI - Care of the next infant - children whose siblings had died would be monitored and to my certain knowledge some were taken in for more vaccines. Sallys Harry had his five hours before he died yet he was on a CONI scheme. Karen Brenchleys Simon was vaccinated 24 hours before he died and had been placed on a CONI scheme after his brother Michael had died after a vaccine. Suzanne Wilsons identical twin girls were taken straight from her at 26 weeks gestation to be in a Southall study. Years later when she couldnt cope with their brain damaged behavioue she threatened to sue. They all found themselves accused of MSBP and caught in the Meadow Southall web.

Jenny Allan

Where do I start? This is a terrible story. Basically, Prof Meadow 'invented' The Munchausen by proxy theory, and Dr David Southall 'invented' shaken baby syndrome. A large number of innocent parents were jailed or had their children taken away from them as a result of testimonies from these two men. This link leads to other links which should help any interested persons to unravel much of this horrific web of deceit and injustice.

I have no particular knowledge of Brian Morgan, but have formed my own conclusions based on the information supplied by others on this thread.


Why did judge Meachum not recuse herself from the case? Does she have a history of conduct that is unbecoming of a judge, or is this her first misstep?

With such a glaring conflict of interest, it's hard to imagine why she would remain the presiding judge on the case.



It was known at an early stage - had been proposed by Lisa Blakemore-Brown - that vaccines could be implicated in infant deaths where charges were subsequently brought against parents. Mellor and Morgan were always keen to take vaccine damage off the agenda, but it was already there before they appeared on the scene.



So Jenny
Brian Morgan was involved in trying to help these parents accused of killing their kids, untill - the reason for the babies' death started pointing to vaccinations; and then he less than helpful?
Southall, was what in this case? How was he involved if at all?

What is a cot death?

First do no harm

The amount of money that creates the conflict is actually as high as $35,000 ANNUALLY (which could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over time). The sum of $0-25,000/yr. (from the Texas Academy of Family Physicians) plus $0-10,000 (American College of Physicians, Texas Chapter) - both clients of Amy Clark Meachum's husband. The TAFP sponsored Alison Singer at the Immunization Summit, and the ACP posts Brian Deer's defamatory BMJ article on its website, making the conflicts crystal clear.

Jenny Allan

Lisa Blakemore-Brown - Bless you, and all the others who have taken on cruel 'establishments' in David v Goliath conflicts. Attempting to stand up for truth and justice was at considerable cost to yourself, but you have survived with your honour and integrity intact and you are a hero. Poor Sally Clark died broken hearted, of alcohol poisoning; drink was her only comfort. Roy Meadows picked his Munchausen by proxy statistics 'out of thin air' to get her convicted of killing her babies. It reminds me of Paul Offit's ridiculous assertion that newborns could cope with 100,000 vaccines administered simultaneously. Incidently, both Clark babies died shortly after receiving vaccines.

From Wikipedia:-

"Clark's first son died suddenly within a few weeks of his birth in 1996. After her second son died in a similar manner, she was arrested in 1998 and tried for the murder of both sons. Her prosecution was controversial due to statistical evidence presented by pediatrician Professor Sir Roy Meadow, who testified that the chance of two children from an affluent family suffering sudden infant death syndrome was 1 in 73 million, which was arrived at by squaring 1 in 8500 for likelihood of a cot death in similar circumstance. The Royal Statistical Society later issued a public statement expressing its concern at the "misuse of statistics in the courts" and arguing that there was "no statistical basis" for Meadow's claim."



Here, for example:

"In an email to one such parent, Ms Mellor said, “I don't know how you feel about the scientologists, they don't believe in drugging children, and get some bad press, however they are very keen to help any parent with autistic children who has been labelled, no strings attached, they have helped me get loads of MSbP psychs struck off... something to think about it can be done at your discretion but they do have a lot of resources, doctors etc who help falsely accused parents.” And, on the 5th June 2005, she said, “"Here's the scientologists email address [email protected] you want to talk to Brian Daniels and he'll do whatever he can to help you". It is therefore clear that Penny Mellor encourages individuals to become involved with Scientology – described in the Anderson Report as “a fabric of falsehood, fraud and fantasy [page 48]” - and that this happened through the website The number of individuals recruited by Scientology in this way is unknown"…."

Although we may doubt her claim that she has succeeded -with or without their help - in getting loads of MSbP psychiatrists struck off.


To Spooky : I am of opinion that caution would be utmost welcome before circulating such unchecked information as the one you wrote about P. Mellor . You are not without knowing that the accusation of belonging to a sect is an argument often used by Offit&Co against those opposing - some or all - vaccinations .

Lisa Blakemore-Brown

Like Mark Struthers, I am intrigued about Brian Morgan's antipathy toward AW. Just as I was about his antipathy toward me when I thought we had the same aims. Things became a little clearer when his associates did their best to get me struck off and prevent those who had been wrongly accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy from bringing vaccine damage into the equation. I think I finally got it when Brian and Co sabotaged the Consensus group work and tried to minimise the importance of the discovery that Sir Roy Meadow of MSbP fame had been on the ARVI (committee on adverse reactions to vaccines and immunisations) as the MMR was brought in. That committee, just like the one Jake mentions in Texas existed to spin out reasons for adverse reactions. Strange that this 'massive breakthrough' as one leading journalist called it at the time was of so little interest to Brian Morgan.


"Texas has a whorehouse in it! Lord have mercy on our souls!"

Jenny Allan

The following is extracted from a poem written by Judge Roy Moore from Alabama. Judge Moore was sued by the ACLU for displaying the Ten Commandments his courtroom.

From "America the Beautiful"

"We've kept God in our temples, how callous we have grown.
When earth is but His footstool, and Heaven is His throne.

We've voted in a government that's rotting at the core,
Appointing Godless Judges who throw reason out the door,

Too soft to place a killer in a well deserved tomb,
But brave enough to kill a baby before he leaves the womb.

You think that God's not angry, that our land's a moral slum?
How much longer will He wait before His judgment comes?

How are we to face our God, from Whom we cannot hide?
What then is left for us to do, but stem this evil tide?


“You cannot hope to bribe or twist
(Thank God!) the British journalist.
But when you see what he will do
Unbribed, there’s no occasion to."

Humbert Wolfe (poet, and senior Britsh civil servant

John Stone

Of course, we must not forget the conflicts of BMJ in this matter, the admission of which was only partial and had to be dragged kicking and screaming from them:


The last two post of yours, makes it sound even worse than Jake Crosby reported it.

12,000 dollars is not a small amount but -- not enough to sell the safty of children down the road.

But it sounds more like the man is a idealist when it comes to eradicating infectious diseases.

Which is how come we are all in this mess to begin with.
We have idealist where we should have had pure science.


The "Cardiff Giant" was one of America's greatest hoaxes.

That association sprang to mind when I read about Brian Morgan.


[sorry again ] "TAFP is a member of the Texas Immunization Stakeholder Working Group, a coalition of public sector, private sector, and community groups. TISWG was formulated as a recommendation of various studies and legislation passed by the 78th Legislature to increase partnerships across the state to raise vaccine coverage levels and improve immunization practices for all Texans."


"Finally, three members of TAFP’s lobbying team—Dan Hinkle, Marshall Kenderdine, and Kurt Meachum—spoke frankly about what attendees can expect during the next legislative session. The session will center on three major issues, they said: the budget, redrawing the state’s district map, and the impact of federal health care reform." from the "Report from the 2010 TAFP Leadership and Legislative Conference"

He who pays the piper

Amy Meachum pitching to become a judge in Travis County on youtube:



According to John Batt in his book 'Stolen Innocence' Mellor's dad was in British military intelligence, but she is also widely rumored to have connections with Scientology.

She has also been in prison for abducting a child.


"Kurt Meachum has spent the past decade working at the highest levels of state government for
some of the best and brightest Democrats in Texas. In 1998, Meachum moved to Austin from
Dallas to work the 76th Legislative Session for then State Representative Steve Wolens (D-Dallas),
Chairman of the powerful House Committee on State Affairs. Meachum spent the 77th, 78th and 79th
Legislative Sessions leading the office of State Rep. Pete P. Gallego (D-Alpine).

Under the Chairmanship of House Democratic Leader, Jim Dunnam, (D-Waco), Meachum became
the first Executive Director of the House Democratic Campaign Committee. In addition to
consulting for the Texas Progress Council, Meachum has also advised the Mexican American
Legislative Caucus.

Meachum graduated from Southern Methodist University, where he earned a full-tuition Presidential
Scholarship. More recently, he earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin McCombs
School of Business. He lives in Austin with his wife, Amy Clark Meachum, their twin daughters,
Allie and Kendall, and son Benjamin. In 2010, Amy was elected to serve a four year term as
District Judge for the 201st Civil District Court in Travis County." see :

Mark Struthers

@Brian Morgan

Your hostility to AW appears to be well known. However, AW is cut from very different cloth to Professor David Southall and other perverted child protectors like Professor Sir Roy Meadow (both also struck from the medical register by the GMC). Why the antipathy to AW? I want to understand. Please reveal your bias ... and please, please be honest.

PS. And why is revealing Cardiff as your home city an 'ad hominem' slur? I believe your fellow writer, John Stone, lives in the English capital, currently host to the Olympic Games. So what?


Mellor and Morgan seem to have been very assiduous at trashing connections between alleged SBS and vaccine damage.


Seems we will have to get through some of the fraud and corruption in the court system

before we can get to the fraud and corruption of Deer, Godlee, and the BMJ.

These SAME people were so happy to use their "witch-hunt" legal process to trash Dr. W. now they don't seem to want to talk about the same issues again in a "real court"... should we be able to locate a "real court" in the USA.


To Benedetta : You wrote "Brian Morgan was after this one doctor Southall, and he was able to get someone hired or that was hired to sneak out children's medical records ". This is not exactly what I understood from where you can read "In 1996, a campaigner working undercover for David Southall copied and circulated secret medical files she had found and Brian Morgan was sent copies. "

B. Morgan 's work could have something in common with AoA - since Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy ,which B. Morgan is contesting the too wide use of, has often been used against innocent parents whose Child may have died a consequence of a vaccination [ a fact I am not sure B.Morgan would recognise - but he will perhaps speak his mind on this page ]. But considering what Penny Mellor wrote on A. Wakefield on his blog... I can understand John Stone reaction .


John if this link works I have found it very informative and it gives the situation re AW and the reason why he couldn't get insurance funding to appeal the GMC.


Brian Deer,
Brian Morgan
are going to wear out the good name of Brian,
my husband and my 6 foot 5 inch red neck cousin.

Thanks Fever for the information.

But I am a little confused.
Brian Morgan was after this one doctor Southall, and he was able to get someone hired or that was hired to sneak out children's medical records - and Brian Morgans' own two children's names were said to be on a list that was in a hospital - and so Brian Morgan said Southall had falsified records???
I am not even close to understaning am I?

Mark Struthers

@John Stone

“If the GMC were an honourable body”….

Ha, ha, ha … that idea’s a larf …


to Brian: Sorry I missed this : "This journalist does investigations into medico-legal situations, especially those involving child protection and social work issues. He has been a freelance journalist since the mid eighties, has always been independent of publishing groups and in 2006 was awarded a Gold Medal by the National Union of Journalists in the UK."



Thanks for answering . Since Brian Morgan does not present himself on his blog [ or does he ? ] some could be interested in reading this :

By the way : no news about Simon Murch ?

Mark Struthers

They play dirty: it was always going to be difficult fighting the drug cartels. Kudos to AW for standing up to them.

John Stone


It would have cost Wakefield a great deal of money to appeal. But of course it has nothing to do with the issue of Judge Meachum's conflicts, which I suspect Brian Morgan is trying to distract from.


I do not appreciate the way the comments of Brian Morgan are... being commented . [ or I missed something : has B. Morgan written on the subject before ?]. You may find that his comment does not tackle the main point of Jacke Crosby's article - which raises a very important question - . So what ? It is true that A. Wakefield did not communicate much about his not appealing the decision of the GMC . As J. Stone puts it, I have no reason to put the reasons given for this decision into question . Nevertheless it is a fact that nothing much was said or written about it . I would be very interested to know how much money it costs to appeal a decision of the GMC : B. Morgan could be of some help ? Concerning the facts unearthed by Jake : how is it that the attorney(s) of A. Wakefield did not raise this ? Was he not aware of this conflict of interest ? Did he consider inappropriate to use that point ? Could someone ask him ?( B. Morgan ....? ) Sincerly yours ( from France - Europe -)


I am dismayed that those who are protecting the vaccine policy have forgotten to protect the children that the vaccines damage. One in two children have chronic diseases now in the U.S. It is taking down our children's potential. This judge should have recused. Brian Deer and Fiona Godlee represent corporatism at its worst. Alison Singer is irresponsible in her promotion of political science labeled evidence based, and in the end does a dis-service to the management of infectious disease by mis representing the science that shows good evidence for vaccines causing harm. Andy is right in that the story won't go away because too many families witness their children's health being taken away.he was right when he said we're messing with the immune system. He was right when he said let's figure out through more research what is going on with our kid's health. Its gotten to be unjustifiable to continue along the path of breaking our children, our families, our economies, our doctors. The word is out - I hear it on playgrounds, internet, camp sites, beaches, families are being affected... They are asking questions. The greatest criminals are the ones who know and allow it to continue anyway. And you know what? It doesn't have to be this way! We are smart enough to figure out how to manage infectious disease without causing chronic, multi system diseases! So let's get on with it. Distrust and disgust already exist towards a failed public policy of vaccination for the greater good. The greater good has become the 1 in 2 who are now ill for life due to damage to the immune system from vaccines. So its time to get after this corrupt view and take a stand to get the integrity put back into the equation.


Mr. Morgan,

I second that your hometown is of little significance. Besides your on twitter and you have your hometown listed for everyone to see.
Those of us that read Jake Crosby's work are not a threat to you. It is just nice to see some real investigative work being done.


Amen brother!
Jake Crosby; WOW! Impressed beyond impressed - this is what investigating reporting is suppose to be like!
John Stone: thanks for the chuckle I got from reading the Cardiff comment.
Thanks Brian Morgan for stepping on your typing fingers in your reply and
who ever is behind the post name of:

"I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed"

Oh thanks for a very good, long laugh that called the attention to the whole household, tonight; and I had to explain it to all of them. We all had a good belly laugh tonight!


As we know all-to-well, the bad guys are everywhere and deeply entrenched. It just reinforces the notion that the systems and institutions are fundamentally, systemically broken, corrupted and undeserving of any trust, or respect.

I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed.

Brian Morgan,

Here in the U.S., learning that someone is from Cardiff doesn't mean much of anything except that there's a nice castle nearby. It was obviously John Stone's colorful way of letting us know you're a UK journalist and not just a random commenter - which actually does matter.

You could have stated up front that you're a UK journalist and not left it to someone else to do so - and then criticized the manner in which they introduced you, threatening to complain to the Editor-In-Chief no less! (FTR, it's now evident you're from the UK. The Shakespearean theatrics come through loud and clear. Great distraction from the main point. What's your next act?)


Again, brilliant work! Nothing like a Pharma lawyer in a robe!


Brian Morgan

Anyone who posts a comment on any website is "fair game," there are no exceptions.

Also, anyone is entitled to appeal (and I cannot "get my head around this,") a decision made by a judge who has so many conflicts of interest!

Is this what the world has become, BIG PHARMA paying off doctors, judges, media, paediatricians ..etc...?

Our children's,children's children are inheriting a
"mixed-up"(euphemism) world.

Elizabeth Gillespie

John Stone


No, we don't often get the open attention of British journalists here, so it is worth remarking on - but perhaps you also deserve credit for commenting under your own name. Obviously, we have often encountered one another in cyberspace, so I pointed it out as context (not in itself an attack).

Also, you have ignored the main (disturbing) substance of the article and focussed on a red-herring: I don't suppose I do have any documentary evidence that AW was denied insurance cover but it has often been said, and I don't have any serious reason to doubt it.

Brian Morgan

Why is what I have sent to AoA distracting? The author of the substantive article, Jake Crosby himself mentioned the appeal in the UK by Prof Walker-Smith. That puts appeals in the UK back on the agenda in my opinion. John Stone reports that "AW was denied funding by the insurers - this is well known." It's not that well known but more to the point what is the source or evidence for this.

And, why my home town has to come into it I wonder, does this alter the significance or otherwise of what I have to say? I'm not happy with that. Yes I'm a journalist, no problem with that. John Stone is an editor so that puts him in the same camp as me. Does where he lives have any significance? I don't think so.

The person who should be responding to what I have said is Jake Crosby.

It is a feature of AoA that it's not what people say that matters but for example where they live and other totally inconsequential 'ad hominem' attacking items.

I will be dropping a line to the editor-in chief to object to references to my home town.

First do no harm

I neglected to mention in my previous comment that the American College of Physicians (Texas Chapter) is also listed on the Texas Tribune Lobbyists Directory as one of Judge Meachum's husband's clients. This client puts up to $10,000 in her and her husband's bank account.

So that makes TWO of his clients that contribute to their joint income who actively promote the current vaccine schedule, with ACP spreading the false accusations about Wakefield that originated with Brian Deer - one of the defendants in the case she just threw out!

ACP EVEN PROMOTES THE BMJ ARTICLE BY BRIAN DEER "How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed" in the very first sentence of its article posted earlier:

If Wakefield wins his appeal, these facts demand Judge Meachum's recusal.

Section 455, captioned "Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate judge," provides that a federal judge "shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned." The same section also provides that a judge is disqualified "where he has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party, or personal knowledge of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the proceeding"; when the judge has previously served as a lawyer or witness concerning the same case or has expressed an opinion concerning its outcome; OR WHEN THE JUDGE OR A MEMBER OF HIS OR HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY HAS A FINANCIAL INTEREST IN THE OUTCOME OF THE PROCEEDING.

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John Stone

Another interesting question is why Brian Morgan - the well-known Cardiff based journalist - chose this moment to appear, raising distracting issues.

Jenny Allan

Jake,you are a bloodhound!!
More on Alison Singer:-
(Autism's fight for facts: A voice for science)

Singer resigned from the charity ‘Autism Speaks’ in a huff, because at that time the charity was still sponsoring research into possible vaccine autism links. Singer devoted herself to promoting immunisations, setting up the ‘Autism Science Foundation’ charity. From above:-

“Convinced by the evidence that vaccines do not cause autism, Alison Singer started a research foundation that pledges to put science first……..Singer had followed the growing number of studies that debunked any link between autism and the once-suspect measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, or between autism and thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative that was used in some early-childhood vaccines until 2001. For the past several years, she says, the data have been very clear. "There were no studies indicating a link between autism and vaccines."
On ASF funding:-
“(A significant amount has also come from large donors, including Offit, who has donated all the royalties from the sales of his books challenging the anti-vaccine movement to ASF — an amount he estimates in tens of thousands of dollars.) Singer does not think that her opposition to vaccine research limits the group's ability to raise funds —far from it. She says the organization has mobilized the thousands of families who were sick of the autism story being hijacked by the vaccine hypothesis. "ASF is their voice."


I'd be interested in hearing Judge Meachum's reasons for not recusing herself.

John Stone


It is amazing isn't it? First of all we had Mr Justice Davis with his unnoticed family connections sitting on the Appeal against Legal Service Commission's decision to withdraw funding from the UK MMR case (simultaneous with Deer's original allegations:

Then we had Prof McDevitt who sat on the UK committee examining adverse reactions to vaccines (ARVI) in 1988 when MMR was introduced who was forced to withdraw from presiding over the GMC hearing against Wakefield and colleagues when his conflict was exposed, who was then, of course, replaced by Surendra Kumar who after the hearing started disclosed he was on the UK Committee on Safety of Medicines from 1996-9, but also failed to disclosed his ownership of GSK shares, as well as leading a debate afterwards at the British Medical Council calling for MMR to be made compulsory.

Then, of course, there was Lord Justice Leveson and Robert Jay QC (who were also embroiled in the MMR litigation) refusing to investigate complaints about Deer and the Sunday Times at the leve3son Inquiry:

And now we have this.

There's famous anecdote from a British legal history. An witness(expert?) was asked by the attorney:

Q If you were walking down a street and a brick fell on your head what would you think of it?

A I would think it unfortunate?

Q And if you were walking down the same street and a brick landed on your head again, what would you say?

A I would call it a coincidence.

Q And if it happened a third time?

A I should call it a habit.

I think this was always considered to be a masterpiece of British understatement.

This has now happened, of course, somewhat more than three times.


First do no harm

Judge Meachum should have recused herself. How could this conflict possibly be MORE direct? American College of Physicians is putting money directly into her and her husband's bank account.

The American College of Physicians makes their stand on Andrew Wakefield very clear in their official online rag:

The people of Texas need to vote this corrupt judge OUT. (Unless they're okay with being defamed by foreign publications and having no recourse and unless they're okay with Meachum's husband's lobbying efforts influencing her decisions.)

John Stone

Brian Morgan

AW was denied funding by the insurers - this is wellknown. My own view is, at least retrospectively, is that the defence was conducted in too gentlemanly a fashion and this damaged the prospect for an appeal. It is evident from the High Court ruling by Mr Justice Mitting - and evident to many of us before - that many of the GMC's findings were completely erroneous, and that what wasn't true about Prof Walker-Smith the lead clinician in the Wakefield Lancet paper could not be true about Wakefield either. If the GMC were an honourable body, they would at least endeavour to correct those findings against AW and Simon Murch where the evidence was invalidated by the Walker-Smith appeal.

But the basic point that AW was denied funding is no mystery.


Texas Chapter of the American College of Phyisicans

ACP search on Vaccines - go to [acp] December Webcast on Vaccine Safety

Making the CASE for Vaccine Safety:
A New Model for Communicating with Parents

Alison Singer, MBA
Founder and President of Autism Science Foundation (ASF)

NEW! Additional comments from Dr. Paul Offit, MD, Division of Infectious Diseases, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Autism was first described by Dr. Leo Kanner in 1943. Despite years of scientific study the cause of autism is still unknown. One theory popular in the late 1900s and early 2000s, that vaccines cause autism, has since been disproven by numerous studies conducted in multiple labs around the world.

Nurses, doctors and other health care workers face significant barriers when communicating with parents regarding the facts about vaccine safety. Singer proposes a new framework for communicating with parents.

This program will focus on the science of autism and the latest research regarding autism. It will also address barriers to communication, the top parental concerns regarding vaccines and how to address these concerns using the CASE method.

After watching this broadcast participants will be able to:

Identify the four elements of the CASE method of communication
Apply the CASE model to effectively respond to frequently asked questions about vaccine safety and autism awareness
Describe the latest scientific research on the causes of autism

Originally broadcast December 9, 2010

Brian Morgan

Despite repeated requests, to AW personally by myself and more generally to people who might have inside information, no reason has ever been given for not AW not appealing the GMC findings. He does not have to offer any explanation. But those who repeatedly say he would win if he did appeal (out of time is not impossible) should really give some substantive reasons. A successful appeal by another litigant does not really stand up (but IANAL of course so I defer to better qualified commentators).


It appears that pharma/government/vaccines
is the wide spread-- everywhere-- touching everyone huge influence ----- anti - christ
And is going to mark us all on the forehead and hand-- and if not we cannot buy or sale or receive an education.


Jake could you, please, clarify your statement that Dr. Wakefield is appealing? Is he appealing the General Medical Counsel's findings in the UK,as John-Walker Smith did, or the libel case in TX....or both?


I am reminded of this:

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