Meet The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs: MAPS
Training Everyone to Deal With Autism

Become a Champion for Safeminds

SafemindsSafeminds was founded to raise awareness, support research, change policy and focus national attention on the growing evidence of a link between mercury and neurological disorders like autism, attention deficit disorder, language delay and learning difficulties.

We need your help!  Become a Safeminds champion and spearhead outreach efforts in your area that will directly contribute to our mission of educating the community through targeted outreach, and fundraising.   

Awareness Isn’t Enough, We Need Action!   The prevalence of autism is rising at about 12% a year.

SafeMinds believes that most cases of autism are preventable and treatable. We demand action to protect our children.

Please contact Elizabeth Kilpatrick today at




Is this the right math? If there are one in fifty four boys born in 2000 ,in this country diagnosed autistic, and twelve years have passed with an expected increase of 12 percent, does this suggest that those born in 2012 have a rate of one in 27 boys across this county...and one in 12 caucasian boys in Utah ?Looks like we're getting close to the point of a NT boy being extinct. Maybe we should contact the Sierra club or Greenpeace to protect this endangered species.

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