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Only Bad Mommies Want their Kids to Have Chicken Pox.

Red white blue vaccineAs the back to school vaccination push continues, we'd like to remind readers that common childhood diseases that you can now delay and/or make worse later in life courtesy of pediatric vaccination were considered benign even as far back as the dark ages of the 1990s.  Fear and self-doubt sells.  It sells mouthwash: "Do YOU have halitosis?"  Feminine hygiene spray: "Do you sometimes feel less than 'fresh?'" And hair coloring: "Dad, it's time to start dating again, don't you think you should color your hair?"   You still have the right as your child's parent to delay or eschew individual vaccines.  Learn more at the NVIC State by State Vaccination Exemption List.

Here's a video clip taken from that government funded TV channel we all know and love(d) called PBS... before PBS became a mouthpiece to endorse government mandated medicine.

5:50 seconds into this clip Arthur's Dad says, "It's chicken pox." and reassures his son - "No it's just a normal childhood illness. I had it. Mom had it." Then Mom decides to call Grandma Thora to come take care of Arthur. DW is terribly jealous of the attention and TLC her big brother recieies while sick. There's no panic, no Defcon 99 germ bomb, no shame, no calling child services for lack of proper medical care.  So what has changed in the last decade where American parents have been taught to fear and loathe chicken pox - and now adults face shingles regularly because tots are not shedding "varicalla boosters" via routine chicken pox?  Meantime, the rate of chronic, lifelong, debilitating sickness has skyrocketed with nary a care in the mainstream media and doctor's offices around the nation. "Just get the damn shot!" to paraphrase a certain TV doc.



I was a kid once, before the loads of vaccines they pump into kids today. I had chicken pox, mumps, shingles, measles, and guess what? I survived(!!) to be a healthy adult today. Healthy, even despite that I never get a flu shot. Perhaps, because (!!) I never get a flu shot? Healthy because mom taught my brother and I to cook for ourselves, and we don't poison our bodies with loads of toxic, processed foods that are making many North Americans unhealthy and fat.

The last time I was really sick,(sick for six weeks...) was just after I'd gotten shots just before traveling internationally. Sick for six week from travel vax. Some vacation. Wait...but the vaccines are supposed to PREVENT sickness...I thought...(big sigh) I was wrong again.

At the grocery store, I sometimes see the propaganda for the new and wonderful shots, at the pharmacy. Just a couple of days ago, I nearly choked, laughing at the big, scary sign telling me that older adults need to get the vax for big, scary shingles. Come on. When does it end?

We don't have kids, but if or when we do, they won't get the shots. And they'll have to handcuff me to get any shots into me again.


I WISH I'd have been a 'bad' mommy and taken my son to a friend's home when their kid had the chicken pox. Ryan still hasn't had the 'pox,' and he's now 19 years old. I'm still hoping that maybe he DID have them and the case was so mild, that it went virtually unnoticed.


I must be a very bad mommy. My eldest caught it from school aged 5. My little one had it over a year later, aged 16 months.

I am delighted.

We live in the UK, where vaccination is not mandatory.... yet.

cia parker


I got the information about the studies showing that the varicella vaccine can cause shingles and the information about the FDA study on the devastating rate of serious vaccine reactions to it from Dr. Mayer Eisenstein's book Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for the Health of Your Child, $14.95, available on Amazon. There are many other wonderful books on the dangers of vaccines, but Dr. Eisenstein's book is stuffed with citations of scientific studies and specific VAERS reports of horrible reactions of specific children listed by report number. In the forty years he has been in practice, he has not had one case of autism in over 20,000 unvaccinated or minimally vaccinated patients, many of them Amish.

My daughter has autism because she reacted to the hep-B vaccine at birth with vaccine-induced encephalitis, even though I had said I didn't want her to get that vaccine. I permitted her to get three Hibs, three polios, and four DTaPs, even though I knew vaccines could cause severe damage. I told myself the diseases posed more of a threat to her than the vaccines, without knowing the facts which would have persuaded me otherwise if I had known them. My daughter reacted to the DTaP booster at 18 months by losing the only two words she had started to say, and didn't say another word until she was 34 months old. Her autism may have been less severe if I had not permitted her to get any of those vaccines, especially that last DTaP. So I was stupid too, I admit it, but there was not nearly as much information available on this topic ten or twelve years ago as there is now.

But everyone now sees autistic kids everywhere, and despite what the pharma shills try to say now, autism did not use to exist. Read the book The Age of Autism for several hundred pages of extremely well-researched evidence on the causes and first cases of autism. Moms who do not want to reproach themselves for the rest of their lives for having caused their child's death or disability must understand at the very least that their pediatrician is the last one to tell them everything they need to know before they vaccinate their child.

cia parker

You don't have to homeschool if you don't meet the school district's vaccination requirements, unless you live in Mississippi or West Virginia (and soon you won't have to there either, as so many parents are lobbying lawmakers to allow them to have the religious exemption all other Americans can claim to avoid the shot requirement). When my daughter entered kindergarten I asked in the school office, and they had a sheaf of vaccination exemption forms under the front counter. I filled one out, thought at first I'd have to do it again every year, but no one has ever asked me to either get her a shot or fill out the form again.

I was assuming that all parents now are on red alert now that the vaccines are said by hundreds of thousands of parents to have caused their child's autism, asthma, etc., and that they would all look for sources of truthful information on the vaccine question. I've read that 90% of parents say that vaccine safety is their number one concern about raising children. They could use the computer for free at the public library if they don't have one at home. But every parent at this time has an absolute responsibility to take a proactive stance on this issue, and must have the courage to refuse vaccines for their children.


When your child has the chickenpox do a POX party with your
your friends and neighbours kids.They will have a life time
of immunity without the toxic load and the immune system will easily and naturally will recover.Why pay good money
for the needle,the possible contaminants and adverse effects,when you can get chickenpox free???


for such a smart mommy you do make many assumptions which is foolish and judgemental on your part! For instance, you assume everyone has a computer in their home (which is not true)and that they have the intellectual horsepower and time to research all vaccines and their side effects, and the capablility to home school their children if they do not comply with all vaccination regulations for the school district they send their child or children to in the state in which they reside. While I do agree that your opinion and reasoning is worthy and valid, rather than judge mothers, you should have shared your wealth of knowledge on this issue in a more positive manner and or tone, it would have helped out many people if you had written your thoughts this way. Helping people and moms rather than placing and passing judgement is a much more effective way of getting one's point across!!! So..... thanks for all your advice and wealth of information cia parker, next time just think a little bit more before passing sooooo much judgement on other mothers please!!!

moon batchelder

my mom made sure all seven of her kids were 'exposed', the natural way, to this simple childhood disease. i never got chicken pox as a child, not as an adult even when my middle daughter caught them, and my eldest daughter, and her children seem likewise immune. i got the mumps once, twice and then once more for good measure. the flu once and strep throat whenever it came along. (i have a condition whereby my body's immune system can't fight this particular bacterium).
as an adult, i only got flu one time, when in the 1970's people working or living in prison were compelled (forced) to get one. i have never been so sick in my life! and since then haven't gotten flu, or any other sickness except lupus later on(i'm nearly 60) which seems to run in our family.
my adopted child only received the first in the series of recommended childhood vaxes, suffered a reaction, severe seizures which 12 months later subsided and was subsequently diagnosed with autism.
so, this child, who has had no whooping cough vax, no measles vax, no mumps or flu or chicken pox vax, is healthier than almost every other child her age that we know.
go figure!


Those were the good ol' days, when we all passed chickenpox to each other one sibling after the other. The same with the measles, and mumps.
We rarely went to the DR's, we were too busy playing outside, our mom could barely get us in to eat dinner. There was too much to explore outside, so many games with friends, bike rides, and catching fireflies at night. Drinking water from the garden hose, because we were to busy to go inside the house, fear we may have to take a nap!
I hope new parents are investigating the risks of vaccines, I try to share the wealth of information to new Mom's. Its hard when they are being bombarded by DR's office, hospitals, TV commericals, school, and uninformed.

cia parker

Only stupid mommies let their kids get the chickenpox vaccine. Kids who get the vax have an extremely high rate of serious adverse reactions, including death, much higher than the very small number who die from the natural disease. People who get the vaccine can later (or sooner) get shingles just the way people who get the natural disease can. I had shingles when my daughter was nearly two, and she caught chickenpox from me, had a high fever and vomiting for one day, hundreds of lesions for about two weeks, and then got well, the way I did when I got it when I was seven.

Getting the natural diseases like chickenpox and measles is an essential part in the maturation of the immune system. Don't mommies want their children to have a strong and competent immune system? Shots are designed to cause inflammation to force the production of specific antibodies, but the inflammation often gets out of hand (encephalitis, autism, ADHD, seizure disorders) and it skews the immune response from a Th-1 kill the intruder one to an inappropriately predominant Th-2 autoimmune response, causing all the autoimmune diseases we see now, asthma, allergies, bowel disease, eczema, diabetes, PANDAS, and more. With a computer in every home now available to provide or verify this information, parents have to be completely brainwashed to allow their children to be damaged by vaccines.

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