The Feds Fail Autism: Watch the IACC Meeting Online Today
When Science and Health Policy Trumps Inconvenient Evidence



Loved the "turn your back" idea. Well done!


The fact Sebelius was present at the IACC meeting at all... is a small step forward.

Not sure if she could ...suddenly replace Dr. Insel or not... which would be a large step forward.

The link to vaccines and Autism has long been "far beyond" clear. At some point they will have to slow down the "vaccine machine" medical AAP / pharma industrial complex /

which is billing the present generation as they destroy the next generation.


Now that it is over--- what do you all think of Sebelius's face after the "V" word and the applause?

Was she mad, aggravated, a spike of indignation that there might be people in the room that were pretty upset?
Did I imagine it or was there a side ways - almost eye roll?

There was some kind of emotion that crossed her face, but what was it?

kathy blanco

snoooozzz...snore....listen, as an advocate in autism for nearly thirties years, I can say one thing...this hullaballoo of better diagnosis child restraints and all are all coverups and time fillers...they don't want to fund independent research pointing to ALL environmental factors, including the number one and two known causes of this epidemic, the vaccines/schedule and the polluted GMO/caca food supply. Until then, we won't address autism, we won't stop it, what we will do is be collectors of after the storm aftermaths, such as insurance and long term life care. So if they really wanted parents input, what is on my list as the most important topic? It's what we are doing to our children to cause this epidemic in the first place and the non medical science coming out to deflect known causes such as the medical industrial and agricultural complex-aka the economy stupid. Until then, how can you stop this epidemic? All the other things they talk about involve money grubbing blood suckers and industries on our children. And oh, if we haven't got this one straight yet, refusing vaccines IN TOTAL and eating a non man made food once in a while actually does stop autism, or reverse it or lessen it's affects. Stop calling it autism. Now there's a proposal that would stick. A Medical DISEASE, process, and neurodegeneration if not addressed biomedically. I don't need an education on IACC, I already went to kindergarten. Now time to go take my nap and eat my non gmo.non wheat graham crackers and rice milk, WINK.


Okay it is almost 3:30 Epilepsy was suppose to be at 2:30 -- all we are getting is ABA are not being covered in each state by insurance and how Autism Speaks are so wonderful in pushing this.

THey need to get onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn with the Epilespy --- come on - I can't stay here all day --- I got to pick up my daughter's meds.


IACC member Idil Abdull pointed out that states have long waiting lists for waivered services. She said that people needing services are told, "There are a thousand ahead of you, so get in line..." She said that the speaker's words about autism services amount to "a promise that we can't keep." The speaker's reply basically reinforced Abdull's statement.

John Stone

Just to re-post my prediction about this meeting 5 days ago:

'But it is a huge success: money and time wasted looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Just what he was put there to do. Time for lots of jokes, back slapping, congratulations...

'I just saw the report on Fukushima: "a disaster made in Japan".

'"Its fundamental causes were to be found, Mr Kurokawa wrote, in “our reflexive obedience; our reluctance to question authority; our devotion to ‘sticking with program’; our groupism; and our insularity”."

'Well, this one was made in America, with a little help from elsewhere.'





BRAVO! Thank you to everyone who attended the IACC meeting, representing countless parents who could not be there.


What is that last picture about?
Oh it is about trying to educate us what IACC is and is not!

Then Tom Insel Advise advise Francis Collins, the big bad scientist that he is that the policy of vaccinating and boostering is the cause of the increase of all endocrine diseases in this country!

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