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Institute of Medicine Plans Vax Safety Review: Comments Due Today

Speak_out_for_safety_osha_caution_signFrom our friends at Autism Action Network. Comments due today - use the link below.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has begun a purported review of the alleged safety of different vaccination schedules and has invited the public to comment on the scope of the study. The public comment period ends on July 31 so click on the link HERE and register your thoughts on the vaccine schedule and vaccine policy. 

It is important to note that your survey answers and comments, as well as all other personal information you enter as part of the survey, will be published in a Public Access File in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA).

The Institute of Medicine is a consulting group run by the National Academies of Science that has shown itself to be a reliable defender of the status quo far more concerned with justifying current policies (and the careers of current policy makers) than functioning as the independent watchdog it pretends to be. Nonetheless, the IOM is required to include public comments and therefore provides a vehicle for criticizing the vaccine schedule and the way vaccine policy is made in the US.

This is a great opportunity for health-conscious individuals everywhere, including those who have experienced first-hand the devastating effects of vaccines, or who know a family member or friend who has, to share their concerns about vaccines with a group that is well-respected among many in America and around the world. But it is important that you submit your comments by July 31 to ensure that the IOM receives them and includes them as part of its assessment considerations.
The IOM has issued a preliminary report where they layout some of the issues that the IOM may consider as this process goes forward: HERE

Please share this message with family and friends and please post to Facebook and other social networks.



Did anyone read and opine on the part of the paper making mention that any reactions experienced within 24 hours of the vaccine should NOT be included in the studies? Am I misinterpreting that? Isn't that when the high-pitched screaming and/ fevers/febrile seizures (encephalitis) begins that ends up in brain damage? Maybe I am reading it wrong?

It was around page 11.

Brian Warner

30 years ago the rate of Autism was 1 in 20000 and now the figures I saw puts it a one in 20 and the Vaccine makers have known this from the start.But waht is some one elses child and billions of dollars profit????.How is it that no one has been goaled for the maiming and killing of 111 girls with the vaccine Gardasil and 20000 adverse effects and now they want to kill boys as well.Overall this proves the governments are morons and should be treated for a deeply rooted psychological problem.
Gadasil chart for 2012

Brian Warner

30 years of secret, official transcripts prove vaccine schedules in US and UK are based on government lies

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036652_vaccines_government_lies.html#ixzz22GuUsWsY
So don't trust the BS the gov feeds you..


No immunization under age one.Everybody should be advised to breast-feed their baby to allow the transfer of maternal antibodies.We have to start fresh and new with individual and safe vaccines.All aluminum adjuvants and questionable
toxic ingredients need to be removed from the vaccines.All
vaccines need to be checked by independent agencies for safety.All ingredients must be listed and given to parents
BEFORE the immunization including full list if side effects and adverse effects.The blanket immunity needs to be REMOVED
fom manufacturers.You are responsible what you put out to the market.Keep it safe and the highest quality,or else we do not want your products.You have damaged my son for life.
So I have the right to say make the right changes and provide the highest and best care for our children.


- Vaccines can not claim to have eliminated all the diseases. When you look at all the graphs, they were all on a natural decline and vaccines came in at the end and in some cases once there were no deaths at all.
- The body is not designed to be injected with toxins/poisonous substances. It struggles to process it, that is why we have a digestive system, liver, kidneys, pancreas filter out all the bad stuff
- Vaccines cause Autism. Come on. All those people can't be lying and autism is going to be worse for the country than any of those diseases, if not right now, in 20 years time.
- The only research is done by companies with invested interest in the outcome, hello!
- Politicians are in bed with Big Pharma, it is corrupt.
- Safety information sheets are not shared all the time, risks are not explained and discussed enough.
- The testing is not rigorous enough, look it produced antibodies it works, release it.
- It is outrageous that vaccine companies have no liability for damage - this changes everything, cha ching, money maker! And now we are over-vaccinating kids we need to move to the adult population to increase our business. Well, we have all been doing just fine thanks very much.
- Vaccines are causing all kinds of permanent injuries, $2B been paid out to date.
- US has highest vaccination rate and highest death rate. Look at the graphs, the deaths peek at vaccine time!
- Vaccines can be available but should be a personal choice, I'll take my chances with the measles any day and that is my choice!

Brian Warner

Well if they did wake up,which I doubt,as far as I can see natural immunity is the best way to go but with all the damage vaccs do and the fact that it is a fraud perpetutated by the pharmceutical companies and supported by the medical profession as a money making scheme for all concerned.
With all the corrupt findings and fudged data and the killing and maiming thet vaccines do,we would be better off withhout them..

Jenny Allan

From above:-
"It is important to note that your survey answers and comments, as well as all other personal information you enter as part of the survey, will be published in a Public Access File in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)."

Be VERY careful about sharing your own and your families' personal information, which will inevitably include your e-mail and home addresses, along with medical and other personal details which you may wish to remain confidential.

no vac

The first and only study, which makes sense now is to compare the health of vac-unvac children. All other studies are secondary and can wait.


Fight it with science... these idiots who think they are conducting science never look at interobserver agreement from varying researchers or agencies. without interobserver agreement, their science is not valid.

Melvin Smith

I suggest that all manufacturing Companies that produce Vaccines should, before they release their product to the public, Have all Management and all lobbyist of their Pharmaceutical co.be injected with their own Vaccines to show the public how safe their product is.
If they survive, then the FDA makes the decision to release it for public use.

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