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Michelle Wandrack

Thank you Teresa and I hope you and your beautiful Meg have a peaceful 4th. At least I and My youngest son can go out to our driveway and see the fireworks from the high school down the block. I want to see an Independence Day where we are free of any more autism. I hope and pray that will be in my lifetime but I'm not holding my breath.

From Teresa To Michelle

Hi Michelle,

So sorry to hear about Noah! I know what you mean about the immune system. We are home all day in the air as it is 102+ degrees, humid, buggy, LOUD and so not good for Megan. Best of luck to us all and glad AoA can help! You are so right -- we DO get it!

Michelle Wandrack

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Well, Noah is back in the hospital for the sixth year in a row with what looks like cellulitis but is climbing all over his body this time and the IV antibiotics aren't working. So no fireworks for him this year. The Dr.'s think it could be MRSA this time so they swabbed for that this time. We should know in 48 hours. And stupid people still think it's just neurological! I want to throttle the doctors and say fix my son's immune system that you broke. I mean literaly one little infected bug bite and he's in the hospital AGAIN!I keep asking the doctors why don't they want to get to the root of the problem so we don't have to keep coming back to the hospital but never have any answers. And will never ever try to find out what's causing this to keep happening. The really sick part is they are not even the slighest bit interested in fixing the problem or even asking why they keep seeing him year after year for the same damn thing. Just keep him in the hosptal for a week and pump him full of antibiotics till it goes away then send him home. Don't ask the inconvenient questions ever. Maintain the status quo and they keep getting our insurance money his yearly visits. I HATE the allopathic system but our insurance doesn't cover any alternative medicine practices and certainly not DAN. Sorry for the rant but I needed to get that out and AOA is the place where folks get it. I HATE autism!!!I want my sons immune system back damnit.


Not haveing a school nurse call and recall your house.
Of guilt, for giving in to the school nurse persistence.
Never have to be a school nurse!

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