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Freedom? Illinois Takes Public out of Public Health With More Vaccine Mandates

Mrs TrunchbullOn Wednesday, July 18th , the Illinois Department of Public Health will be meeting and your attendance is IMPORTANT:

July 18, 2012
Immunization Advisory Committee
Meeting Agenda – TBA
Michael A. Bilandic Bldg.
160 N. LaSalle St.
Chicago, IL
Room N-502
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

It seems that during the Spring months, the IDPH  has "required' and the Illinois State Superintendent of Education has "endorsed" a new booster shot for entry into 6th and 9th grades starting Fall, 2012.  There has been NO public input and NO local or state government meetings with public commenting.  It appears that we are at the mercy of the public schools, who have no medical degrees, and who will not allow your child to enter the building.  Is this coming to other states soon? No voting or public comments but instead a decision by state public health?

"Although we are approaching the end of the school year for many students, now is the time for parents to start scheduling appointments for next year’s school immunization requirements,” said Illinois Department of Public Health Acting Director Dr. Arthur F. Kohrman. “While the Department has recommended for several years that children entering the 6th grade receive the Tdap vaccine during their physical exam, it will be required this year for students entering both the 6th and 9th grades."

That's right. Blink your eyes and recommended becomes required with no Illinois public input, including the parents of these children.  It is important to see that exemptions are being stressed as an opt out ----  " Students must have an appointment to get the vaccine or have an approved medical or religious exemption"  ---- but be aware that there is activity behind the scenes to stop exemptions from happening ---  "Paul Offit, Chief of Infectious diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia believes that mandatory vaccination is needed to protect vulnerable people from infection.   He argues that, when parents choose not to vaccinate, not only are they making a choice for their own children, they are also making a choice for those with whom their children come into contact. This includes children who are too young to receive vaccines and those who can’t be vaccinated and depend on those around them to be protected.  Which is paramount: the freedom to make bad health decisions or the right of the community to protect itself from those decisions, he asks?

If you value EXEMPTIONS in Illinois, your attendance at this meeting is valuable so you can SPEAK OUT.  Exemptions, according to Dr. Offit, are "bad health decisions" but please know the source - a man who profits from a vaccine patent, vaccine endorsements, vaccine manufacturing, vaccine books and vaccine false promises.



When 'recommended' becomes 'required' I'm guessing there is someone/some agency in IL govt who took money from someone else with an agenda. Follow the money. I live in Chicago and our IL state govt must be the most corrupt in the country.

What sort of "free" society do we live in when the government can mandate INJECTING citizens against their will??? Doesn't sound very free to me. America needs to wake up.


This is total BULLSHIT! You can bet your ass that I will be there! The revolution has just begun.



The pertussis vaccine DOES NOT prevent transmission of the pertussis bacteria. It cannot provide "herd immunity" and only offers protection to the vaccine recipient, and the level of protection provided is quite poor considering the number of whooping cough cases that occur in vaccinated individuals. Either these public health officials are aware of this fact and choosing to deliberately deceive the public, or they are ignorant of how the vaccine actually works. In either case, they are not fit to be issuing this mandate. Dr. Larry Palevsky's newsletter from last fall addresses this issue quite well. Share this far and wide:



How can we stop this? Our doctors are first in line for the brainwashing, starting with the exposure to lies from the drug companies concerning safety and efficacy . Many of their journals have become no more than page after page of advertisement. The drug company reps, re-iterate the lies, and are backed by 15 billion dollars annually to promote their poison, often offering lavish weekend getaways and thousands of dollars in goodies . If a doctor, after being on the receiving end has any ethics , at this point they are displaced by a feeling of beholdin..it interferes with their judgement. This "could" become illegal as a first step to protecting our families?


"... BUT...among parents, there is growing fear about all the bad things vaccines can do to kids. Doctors are having a harder and harder time foisting additional shots on kids. This situation is will only get worse...."


You are absolutely correct.

As a society, we've been conditioned for decades to believe EVERYTHING doctors tell us. That was a powerful form of brainwashing, and it didn't just happen by accident. Its incredibly encouraging that's parents are now starting to trust their own instincts, instead of looking the other way because some stranger in a lab coat says they should .

Credibility is a funny thing. When you have it, people will follow you to ends of the earth. But if those same people realize that your credibility is based on lies, they might still follow you, but this time for the chance to toss you off the edge.

There're are millions of parents who's children are now disabled, because they put their faith in a corrupt medical system. One that has always been designed to reap untold profit from the sickness it intentionally creates.

It's the Rockefeller business plan. It starts with vaccines designed to corrupt our immune system, and ends with an ever-increasing list of poisonous drugs that only ever treat symptoms. They are always incredibly expensive, they are toxic without exception, and they're always created by brilliant scientists who invariably know NOTHING about what might be causing all the immune system failures.

Unfortunately, the biggest cancer in our society, IS our pharma based health care system.


While the USA avoids studies, it appears worldwide the studied and reported risk of death is 200 to 300 percent higher among vaccinated children vs the unvaccinated. Among the children in the USA it seems to be accepted that autistic children die at twice the rate of neurotypical children . They gave us VAERS to report, yet glean no knowledge from these reports, clearly the numbers are and have been in . I don't believe if made common knowledge these uneducated bureaucrats would be so quick as to push vaccine into the political arena. Hiding the morbidity and mortality caused by vaccines has become a well funded propaganda campaign which only serves to fatten the wallets of those such as Offit. As with our political campaigns the dollars buy the WIN, and with this the dollars buy presumed safety at the expense of our children and their lives.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Officials seem oblivious to the growing concerns over vaccine safety, just as oblivious as they are to all the chronically ill and disabled kids out there. Requiring additional vaccines without any public input reinforces the mindset that "vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives." What's to discuss? Reactions are labeled coincidences. They have all the official studies showing there's no chance of side effects. No one's liable anyway.

BUT...among parents, there is growing fear about all the bad things vaccines can do to kids. Doctors are having a harder and harder time foisting additional shots on kids. This situation is will only get worse.

Anne Dachel, Media


The medical establishment has lost its mind. While claiming that spanking kids causes mental distress as an adult, they think nothing of forcing parents to take their kids into the doctors office (for "well" visits) from birth to adulthood with shots every time they see the doctors face. What kind of mental torture does that congure in a child' s mind? Hmm. Wonder if they will like nurses and physicians? Going in healthy and coming out mentally ill.

Bob Moffitt

It is positively frightening to learn that Illinois Department of Public health officials . and .. Illinois State Superintendent of Education .. REQUIRE children receive a "booster shot" as a condition for attending public schools in Illinois.

It is a sad day in our country when .. on July 4th .. INDEPENDENCE DAY .. we learn that U.S. Government officials .. once again .. have DECIDED to usurp the CONSTITUTIONAL AND HUMANITARIAN RIGHTS OF PARENTS TO DECIDE WHAT VACCINES THEIR CHILD WILL .. OR .. WILL NOT .. RECEIVE.

It think it very possible our Founding Fathers may have responded to this latest usurpation of parental rights with the following declaration: "Let the revolution begin".

John Stone

This is fundamental - I posted under an article by Aaby et al in BMJ last month entitled 'Vaccine programmes must consider their effect on general resistance'.


This is one of many articles by Aaby and colleagues which show that you cannot just add on to vaccine programmes and only expect benefit. Aaby conducts his research in the developing world but it clearly begs the same question of all vaccine programmes. In my letter I pointed that this research falsifies the public health dogma of Paul Offit and David Salisbury. So far there has been no response either from them or any surrogate. The unlimited expansion of the vaccine programme depends on false science, and even BMJ cannot change the reality.

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