The Autism Advantage?
A Sibling's Love and Demands

As American As Snow White's Apple Pie: 22 Vaccines by 6 Months

Snow white appleYou can count 22 vaccines by 6 months of age even without the vaccines with the sliding schedule from 6 to 18 months. Twenty two government mandated, no liability for the doctor or the pharmaceutical company in case of adverse reaction, intentional alterations to your baby's immune system before she is ready for solid food.  The current schedule is hardly delicious.... it's rotten.  (Click the photo to enlarge.)

CDC schedule



I hope your little guy gets better soon.

Barbara - I am confused about a lot of things too. I have been up and down with all these theories for the past 30 years.
What I keep coming back with again and again - is the immune system is over reacting - for what ever reason except it is "NOT" a pathogen.
Is it the aluminium?
Is it the mercury?
Is it the MSG -- an since that stuff seem to be a odd thing - the mitochondria website says not to eat it -???

When you look at old and new research; they put antibodies from one organism by blood transfusion to another organism and they develop immune problems and their offspring develops problem--- it teems to be the immune system alone.

But what I am convinced about is that what ever it is - it has started and perhaps continues because of a damaged hypothalmus. So much depends on this one area we would be getting all of these different diseases just from that.
And from some of the comments you have made, I know you know this.

Hypothalmus regulates temperature and when you have 105 temps that looks like the place to me.
It is not protected by the blood/brain barrier, either.

I think the vaccines damaged that area of mine and caused him to stop breathing - or slowed the oxygen requirements way down -ischemia -which damaged to his upper brian areas.

So some people have only the hypothalmus that needs to heal, and I think it does over time. And if it has not stopped oxygen and metabolisms, and damage to other organs??


Just an early morning thought on this...what if the first of my son's mmr's wasn't "live", in the sense that it wasn't produced properly or held at optimum conditions to keep it "live"..what then likely happened was the second mmr perhaps "live" created this atypical virus which became this strange persistent disease?


No, he was only given advair as a rescue measure, no asthma control, they are suggesting this was an acute illness and he's been left with these breathing issues. My little guy has asthma and the list of meds.


So, Barbara;
They are treating this as asthma then?

Does he have symptoms of asthma then?


I don't see this going away, and yet of course I appreciate your advice Benedetta, yet something tells me this "atypical" disease never goes away, it just gains a new label, autoimmune. Now it's affected his lungs, after years of gastro illness, and somehow I'm not surprised. Oh they looked for everything, always have, always jump first to herpes, after finding that negative along with bacterial, they suspect rare, tic borne, legionaires, no again, but they've NEVER looked for persistent measles, and I know that is what it is. Only once was measles mentioned and that was ten days after his shot, when his reaction had him running high fevers, conjunctivitis, rash and so drowsy he wouldn't move. Then later , months , when the diarhea started, they sent samples to labs looking for parasites , infection, nothing, but no one looked for measles. Then when he became adhd, it became behavioral, yet again, not measles. Now he can't breathe, no one is looking for measles. Are they stupid, NO, they know, and will never tell, it's almost a conspiracy, or maybe not almost. Here's the lie, live virus vaccine doesn't cause this, only the old killed vaccine did. Well maybe the vaccine was killed through this newly exposed bad storage, and it DOES happen. So now I have TWO that can't breathe in my house,my little asthmatic and the oldest big brother. I don't want to complain, but these pharmaceuticals, until recently, took 450 dollars a month from me for pulmacort and 50 for albuterol, and another 40 for a spacer for the inhaler that costs another 50. I finally got to add this one to insurance under Obama's preexisting condition coverage so my prices have gone down to under a hundred. The politics for me don't have anything to do with who I like, it's who is most likely to keep my kids alive, and help me educate them. Oh btw the pharmaceuticals do help after causing these conditions, my new "non breather" had an rx for 400 for advair inhaler, the company sent me a coupon ,at no cost. Probably just the first time.They make big money off of vaccine injuries.


So, just curious here - is it your assertion that those of us who are older and who are now told we could be on the spectrum and/or have autoimmune diseases, that we, too were vaccine injured? If we were, does this mean if we breast fed (like I did) as well as vaccinated that we made our children autistic?


My apologies for the confusion, but that's not what I meant at all.

My point was that vaccines have always been designed to corrupt our immune systems, in order to to create disorders that require life long prescriptions to expensive pharmaceuticals.

During the 60's, 70's and early 80's, when mothers had been convinced NOT to breastfeed, it took far fewer vaccines to corrupt a child's immune system.

In the late 80's and early 90's, when mothers wised up and started breasfeeding again, big phrama understood that these breastfed children would have much stronger immune systems. And those fortified immune systems would be much better equipped to fight off the assault of their poisonous vaccines.

My personal belief, is that this realization is what drove the unprecedented expansion of the childhood vaccine schedule. I believe the resurgence of breastfeeding caught big phrama off guard, and they responded in haste by adding and more or vaccines with little or no thought to unintended outcomes. I believe autism was one of those unintended outcomes.

Just to be clear, I'm not trying to blame mothers here at all. I believe that mothers are the true heroes in all of this, for going back to breastfeeding in spite of the lies they were told.

The villains here, include anyone who played a role in expanding that vaccine schedule, just to counteract the benefits of mothers good instinct.

For Barbara

Yesterday I checked my husband's oxygen while he slept and it was 84, but I made him breath deeper and it came right on up to 95.

Four years ago my husband was a constant customer of the plumonary docs. His oxygen was staying constantly only in the upper 80s and dropped more when he walked. He was carrying oxygen tanks around with him.

Then it stopped. It could be the diet- we went really low on carbs at that time. Really low for a long time.

or it could have been the niacin suped up by the big pharma companies that he was taking too. It later turned out to increase strokes in human test subjects.

Many B vitamins can interfere - so you might want to review what you are giving him in supplements-- not B12 though.

It could just be regulation of the hypothalmus which is scary, but I think we can fight this.


Momma J;

It sounds like that the IgMs in breast milk is very much needed to help control the rest of the immune system. It sounds like to me that the problem begins with too many T cells and it is caused by the lowering of IgGs, IgAs, and IgMs, that controls them. I don't know I am muddling through this like everyone else.

I would pat you on the back for breast feeding and tell you that you could not have done better than what you did. What else would you have fed him? Soy?


I just received your post.
I am sorry for your trouble and I am with you in this, if that helps any.

Thanks for summarizing the study for me. That was very interesting - about your conclusion of X rays, and extra work for you - but I am always curious what some one thought important enough to post.


The link below; forget it - sorry I posted it
I don't know, there are other vet studies that talk about - animals a lot of times just get better all on their own without treatment.
That predinose may be a treatment, but can cause the same thing that they are being treated for.
SOoooo, I will not plead to the doctor to look at this treatment or - suggesting this study to a doctor, I don't even think I will beg for a referral to an endocrinologist.
We will just Continue the diet, the vitamins, the MCT oil and prey they don't get worse, one of mine can not get much more worse, his oxygen drops then comes back up, his heart rate slow then picks back up. sorry; rambling tonight .

Momma J

So, just curious here - is it your assertion that those of us who are older and who are now told we could be on the spectrum and/or have autoimmune diseases, that we, too were vaccine injured? If we were, does this mean if we breast fed (like I did) as well as vaccinated that we made our children autistic?


I'm sorry Benedetta, I don't think it allows a copy and paste it was a file of some sort. Simply it was a study of children, a group of about 125 from birth til age 18, it documented all of their illnesses from colds, measles, chickenpox,whooping cough, mumps, appendicitis, gastro upsets, and more. The children were all alive at the end of the study, and while one developed leukemia which disturbed me a little because they were subjected to some xrays to determine bone growth and possibly radiation wasn't a good thing to use in that era,there was one discovered to have erbs palsy, but not one regressed into any developmental delay. So there ya have it, healthy children that all experienced childhood diseases without becoming deaf, blind or dead. Today we've shifted the illnesses, my son is at risk of mumps, after receiving his mmr , mumps at age 16 could be dangerous, he may get shingles after his varicella vaccine , if there was a problem with storage he may develop atypical measles like his older brother . Atypical measles is another LIE, btw, while leaving him with crohns, he for years breaks out and has lung involvement,and loses the vision in one eye, at last trip his oxygen levels dipped to 87, We have created nothing but harm when giving these poisons to our kids, and yes Benedetta I agree with you, I have seen my children do well on predisolone, both my asthmatic and my crohn's child, yet they can't live on it. We've replaced childhood illness with chronic disease that is life threatening , and caused a dangerous shift in the ages that they can contract the other diseases. When a child gets chicken pox after his shot, he may have hives and pneumonia, the doc doesn't guess it's chickenpox, the atypical measles is throwing them off as well, they can't diagnose it, and autism, what can I say, I have one beautiful struggling little guy who was harmed and may not recover. It's all ugly and somehow unamerican that we continue to be bullied into damaging our kids. Politics won't solve this, corporations win,we can't continue to support feel good groups that work against our goals either, for the most part we're still being bullied into playing nice. The truth is out, theyr'e scrambling to hide it with bogus studies to outnumber the few well done ones, I'm hoping it will be over soon.


Could you please just copy and paste what you want us to see on that last link.
I had to register - which I don't mind and did do, but then there was problems downloading and after it finally downloaded - I had a ton of choices to make and I did not know which one???

What about the 1950 study?

By the way I am looking at this:

He also has an article in pubmed.
He may be a vet, but he has contacted a doc for humans.

He is suggesting it is the body producing to much coritisol and from were I am sitting and looking at mine family - I would say he is correct.

He suggest giving predinsone
I know that when my husband's reaction first happened the doctor gave him predison. He returned to feeling like he always did - and covered my stair way with solid oak risers, steps, runners, spindles and banisters that week - beautiful. But then after the predinson ran out the doctor said she was afraid to give more because he could end up with cushing's disease.
I don't know how that works.
But that was 20 years ago - five years ago when my husband became really ill the doc said that predinson at first will help, but now that the disease has progressed it won't help. I would like to give it a try though and see, since it couldn't be any worse than two big pills of kadians long release morophine, four pills of quick release morphines, two big pills doses of lyrcia, a long name that starts with an E antidepressant pill, four pills cholodine or pen or (can't spell it but it is xanax basically), two muscle relaxers.

Furthermore; My son is severely allergic to poison ivy.
One year my husband after cleaning out a fence row took a shower with my son - and the doc gave my son predinson and he calmed down, had more attention, seemed to be a normal kid. He had four more bad bouts with poison ivy that year and four more predinsone treatments. He became potty trained that year too -at four years old---- I wonder if that could have had something to do with it.


They may have taken down Wakefield's study through some pretty evil politics, yet much of his work stands as being some of the strongest evidence we have of gastro damage in connection to asd.
which imo relates back to the mmr

now look at a group of children followed in 1950 ..all mention of psychiatric conditions developing



You're exactly right, breast milk is DEFINITELY the best immunization for babies. Unfortunately , the powers driving this vaccine assault seem to understand that too.

I've always wondered about the timing of the autism epidemic. Why our children have been so unfairly targeted, while past generations were largely spared the assault. I could never link anything to the early 90's timing, until one day, while looking back through a family photo album, I saw pictures of a relatives child who was born in the early '90s. It brought back a flood of wonderful memories about that newborn, but also memories about how her mom who had decided to breastfeed.

I remember how confused people were by her decision, some of whom were actually offended by it. I admired her fortitude through it all, because that boob would come whenever and wherever that child was hungry. No matter who was in the room, or who would later decide to leave in disgust.

I now realize that she was ahead of her time. Although breastfeeding was demonized in the 60's, 70's and 80's, this girl did her homework. She saw through all the media misinformation, and made the best possible decision that she could have for her newborn.

And how is all of this relevant? Well, in my humble opinion, vaccines have never had anything to do with preventing disease. Manufactured fear of plagues has always just been the rouse, designed to scare people enough that they'll voluntarily line up to receive an injected poison.

The real goal of a vaccine is to weaken and corrupt your immune system, as it simultaneously injects a cocktail of viral and bacterial decease. Prior to the resurgence of breastfeeding, big pharma (...who also controlled the baby formula racket) only needed a handful of vaccines to generate their required level of chronic illne$$. Breastfeeding mothers had suddenly thrown a huge huge wrench into their business plan, and I believe big pharmas response was quick simple... just add more and more vaccines to the childhood vaccine schedule.

I believe they did this with little or no concern for all the possible outcomes. And the result for many children since, has been way too many injected piosons, way too early in life. The immune systems of most infants simply can't take that level of assuslt, and subsequently fails catastrphoiclly.

But rather than identifying this assault for what it REALLY is, the medical community has simply labelled it as autism. They have framed it as a mysterious new disease, to throw parents off the trail of this horrible thing they've done.


Thank you John Stone for sharing this important link.
It seems that Schmitz et correct "showed that vaccinated children have 2 to 5 times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated". As chronic illnesses are rising steadily this looks like a sort of population control,disease maintenance and sickness creation,not prevention.
Yes,Mr. David Burd,this is medical insanity.


That was very interesting and thanks for the link.
The competing interest on all the comments says a lot too.

John Stone

The agencies are lying low. BMJ published a very interesting article by Aaby et al three weeks 'Vaccine programmes must consider their effect on general resistance'.

Offit and Salisbury are just playing possum.


and where, oh where, are safety tests on this CDC immunization schedule?? C'mon CDC show me the studies.. evidence based medicine isn't that what you promote to peds across the country as a guide to immunize our children?? Show me the evidence that a baby can tolerate all these shots that your agency ecommend.. I mean long term, independently funded, studies. (insert sound of crickets chirping)

Donna L.

p.s. Looking at this more closely, I think they should have kept the train in as a constant, from 19-23 months on up through high school, and they totally left out the symbols for the weighted vest and the seizure helmet. I'm beginning to think those folks at the CDC have no idea what they are doing at all.

Donna L.

Nice little added touch with those cutesy drawings/milestone symbols above each age category, as David Burd points out. I think they may have to revise those symbols for the parents who actually follow this disastrous schedule. Maybe move the rattle over to say, 12 months, put the little booties/walking symbol at around 19-23 months, move the stacking rings over to say, 4-6 years and throw in a nice ABA symbol, and that book/reading symbol? Holy cow, I think they may need to save that one for the middle school/high school vax schedule.


Breastmilk is the best immunization for babies,do not
even start immunizing at two months.Let their livers,kidneys and blood brain barriers develop.Do your research on this one and protect your child.The experts do not understand what they had done.They have failed our children.


My 45 year old cousin is pregant for the first time.

Has my mother talked with her sister who has lupus (and had a heat stroke today while talking to a neighbor by the way)

Oh, dear - I guess I can send a card of congradulations. Anyone have any ideas what else to send with the card?

david burd

Everybody, please see my prior comment on this.

As I have stated in AoA comments in years past, this latest childish 2012 Immunization Chart should be called the "Mass Self-Destruction of America's Future."


And nobody knows for certain what is in them:

A new Swedish study shows that all Swedes who developed narcolepsy from the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix received the vaccine from 12 of the 35 batches, despite the Swedish Medical Products Agency’s (Läkemedelsverket) previous claim that no such connection exists. “We will have to think again,” said Maria Szirmai of the Swedish Medical Products Agency to newspaper Göteborgsposten (GP).


Hi, Otto - I mean shots against a disease - not antigens. DPT is THREE shots in one. It's how pharma tries to mollify (dupe) parents. "See! 1 shot!" Nope - three. I get your antigen concept though. Thanks! K


Dear AoA- some clarification here.

The chart shows by my count 22 as the number or recommended shots- the number of vaccines I think is quite a bit higher.

Many of the shots on the chart are multiple antigen shots- MMR, DTaP,PCV- does that not mean that the 22 shots represent more than 22 vaccine events?

Not saying, just sayin'...

Shell Tzorfas

Hi, Are you counting shots like the DPT as the THREE shots that it is in one needle. D for Diptheria, T for Tetanus, P for Pertussis which is the Whooping Cough that is going around because this shot is not working?

david burd

This latest 2012 Chart with its cheery, childish illustrations and graphics is designed to lull a parent from questioning the legitimate need for all the toxic injections. Also, the Chart footnotes have always been confusing, and can easily result in extra vaccine injections.

Nevertheless, using only the Chart graphics, it is easy to see a newborn could receive 26 vaccines by 7 months (because there are TWO flu shots, one each at 6 and 7 months per the CDC).

Also, when the pregnant mother has had her flu shot (thus exposing her fetus), the number of vaccine doses with all their toxic adjuvants and excipients and contaminations goes to 27 by 7 months.

Everybody should realize the vaccine dose volumes (usually 25 milliliters) for a 7 pound infant are but one-half the typical vaccine dose volume of 50 milliliters for a 140 pound adult (20 times the weight). Thus, with adult vaccine doses but twice the newborn dose, an adult gets but one-tenth (1/10) the dose per weight!

Would any sane adult or pediatrician consent to take vaccine dose volumes 10 times what are currently given, and take 22-27 injections over 6+ months? Certainly not. But, that's what newborns get.

The Chart defines medical insanity.

David Burd

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