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Alison Singer Hand Picked Matt Carey For IACC, Embellished His Credentials.

Hand picked

By Jake Crosby

Who picked Matt Carey of the UK blog Leftbrain/Rightbrain to serve on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, commonly known as IACC? Answer: Alison Singer of Autism “Science” Foundation, the vaccine industry front group and so-called autism charity that was expressly formed to discourage vaccine/autism research.

It was not HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius who chose Carey; Sebelius reportedly said she did not pick the new members, she just confirmed their appointments. It was not NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins who chose Carey; when I spoke to Dr. Collins in person, he told me he played no role in selecting the committee members. And it was not NIMH Director and IACC Chair Dr. Thomas Insel who chose Carey, since Dr. Insel told me, after the meeting, that he does not even read blogs. Of course, all these people share some degree of responsibility for Carey's appointment, but none of them could have been the person who selected him for IACC.

 So who could it be? Who on the IACC would appoint Leftbrain/Rightbrain's main blogger to the committee when he was not making any real contributions to the autism community?

Process of elimination: None of the federal members have ever left a comment on Leftbrain/Rightbrain, so that rules them out. If Ari Ne'eman had any say in the matter, he would have recommended more “autistic self-advocates” for the committee, as he probably did. In addition, this comment he left on Leftbrain/Rightbrain lambasting Kevin Leitch totally rules him out.

Public IACC members Lyn Redwood of SafeMinds and Geraldine Dawson of Autism Speaks would definitely not pick Matt Carey for IACC representation; the last time Carey commented on anything Dawson has done, it was in a blog post titled “Autism Speaks misleads the public on the IACC's stance on vaccine research.” The post was publicized by Alison Singer's front group on Facebook.

In fact, there is only one person who's ever served on IACC who has both commented on and hosted blog posts that Matt Carey wrote: Alison Singer.

She even commented on the Leftbrain/Rightbrain blog and made the following remark about my article, “Kevin Leitch's Jab in the Dark,”:

What a strange story. Many parents question whether vaccines are involved in autism because of the media coverage of the issue, but then they read the science and realize the studies are there and the science clearly indicates no causal role for vaccines. Kev, although I find your point of view refreshing and your posts unique, I dare say you are hardly alone at coming to this conclusion. Jake will have to try harder next time. -Alison

(Alison Singer is also a hypocrite since she split the MMR vaccine into three separate shots for her second daughter, who does not have autism, as opposed to her first. She admitted this to CNN months after AoA's JB Handley was tipped off by an anonymous Autism Speaks employee.)

Under a blog post authored by Matt Carey, a.k.a. “Sullivan,” Singer got a cheap laugh at the Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings for her neurological disabilities that she developed after an influenza vaccination:

I’d love to comment but I am laughing too hard. The Australian accent is priceless.

(People have been known to develop foreign-sounding accents after brain injuries.)

Her comment was surrounded by comments from Carey, who seemed to take no issue with Singer's sadistic humor at someone else's expense.

The only blog post that Matt Carey contributed outside of Leftbrain/Rightbrain prior to his IACC appointment was to the blog of Autism “Science” Foundation - Alison Singer's front group. In addition to making no indication that Carey blogs under a pseudonym, his IACC bio lied that he was a frequent contributor to Singer's blog:

Dr. Matthew Carey [Ph.D. physicist] is the father of a young child with multiple disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, and is a frequent contributor to the Left Brain/Right Brain blog and the Autism Science Foundation blog.

Her front group's blog re-posted the biographies of all the current IACC members, including Matt Carey's, repeating the above lie. That very same day, Singer's blog also posted Carey's second post to the blog, his first in almost a year. A week and a half later, Singer's blog posted a third blog entry by Carey.  Suddenly, Matt Carey became a “frequent contributor” with his three blog posts, and Singer probably didn't think anyone would check and see that only one of them appeared prior to Carey's appointment. She sure was working hard to legitimize his appointment.

Alison Singer was not the only one who was glad about Carey's IACC appointment. The blog post by Singer's front group about the new IACC members was tweeted by vaccine industry front writer, Seth Mnookin:

Huge, v deserved congrats to Matt Carey of @LBRBAutism for his appointment to HHS IACC. They're luck to have you.

I'll bet Seth Mnookin's uncle Bob was proud of Carey's appointment, too.

Matt Carey's permanent IACC bio embellished the lie:

Dr. Matt Carey joined the IACC as a public member in 2012. Dr. Carey is the father of a young child with multiple disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, and is a frequent contributor to the Left Brain/Right Brain blog and other autism blogs.

Matt Carey is not a frequent contributor to “other autism blogs;” he is only a frequent contributor to one blog – a blog still owned and registered under a domain name in the UK. This vague claim portrays Carey as possessing qualifications he doesn't have.

But Alison Singer's appointment and promotion of Matt Carey goes beyond cronyism; it also proves Singer has no interest in curing or preventing autism. Matt Carey is ideologically opposed to autism cure and prevention. Singer's only reason for wanting him on IACC is that they share a common agenda of trying to cover up the fact that vaccines caused the autism epidemic.

Jake Crosby has Asperger Syndrome and is a contributing editor to Age of Autism. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and  currently attends The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services where he is studying for an MPH in epidemiology.




You are right, we are beating our heads againest the wall and we know it.

It is not government agencies that needs our attention.

It is our friends, our neigbors, our acquintences - Grass roots.
But we still need someone up there letting them know we exist.

You have done what you can do - You have done your part - you were needed in Washington, and I want to thank you from the bottom my heart for doing it; at your own personal expense.

So, rest now, take the time to visit your son, help your wife; make peace with what you have and have not accomplished.

There are others to take over - younger (I am so sorry for that) but it is not all on your shoulders.
You did not break the door down; and did you really expect too? It was about the future generations that we saw coming, wasn't it? Think of it as you did not break the door but at least you came knocking forcefully to jarr them.

Grass roots will break it, and if not-- well every single American will have some kind of endocrine disorder.

My eyes have been so opened.
My neighbor's l year old granddaughter stopped breathing and died; last week.

Her jaw also did not grow in the womb - (growth hormone is suspect knowing the other stuff going on in the family.
another endocrine problem - And soon they will have enough and start wanting to know why this is happening instead of accepting it as their genetic fate.


I say that in protest, everyone on the vax caused autism side just vacate their posts.

Also, what kind of doctor is he?

Jenny Allan

Hugs says:-
"As stated previously, the goal is to pressure elected officials to initiate reform, replacing people and overhauling agencies, or the elected officials are elected out."
Totally agree Hugs. Those of us who live in what are purported to be democracies, can get together to both inform and put pressure on the politicians. They rely on our votes after all, and they are the persons who can effect change. Change does not happen overnight, but it happens and is a continuous process. My own instincts tell me we are getting somewhere on the vaccine issues. Whether this is due to our internet and other lobbying, or the fact that vaccines are now in many cases failing to provide even short term immunity, is irrelevant. The vaccine manufacturers are at last being held to account, for their drug crimes, even if the fines are miniscule in proportion to their profits! It's quite logical to point out to those in power that such perfidy might well extend to the vaccines manufactured by these companies!! It's all about trust.

The biggest fear that most of our world leaders and those lesser leaders of Governments and Government funded agencies, have is going down in history as 'villains'. They all want to APPEAR like 'good guys' in the history books.

Raymond - please look after yourself. The emotional wellbeing of carers is even more important than those cared for, and it's easy to become downhearted with the contant strain of it. Campaigning may look like a 'brick wall' but believe me -every little helps. However, taking a break from it can refresh the soul.

Hugs are better than HG

"Let me know when you are successful and you get the IACC, NIH and CDC to convert to your way of thinking."

That would indeed be a complete waste of time, considering their track record. As stated previously, the goal is to pressure elected officials to initiate reform, replacing people and overhauling agencies, or the elected officials are elected out.

Raymond Gallup

Dear Benedetta and Hugs are better than HG,

Let me know when you are successful and you get the IACC, NIH and CDC to convert to your way of thinking. I have been in contact with a parent who has a son who is ten years older than Eric at 27 years old and she agrees with me about these government agencies. In fact she was at it longer than I was. Everybody has to do what they think is right but realize you will be up against a $$$$$$ cement wall. I don't envy anybody that is doing this because I have been there, done that.

In fact my wife told me that all the years I tried to do that didn't help Eric who is now in an out-of-state residential center for the rest of his life. Also, my wife said she had to deal with Eric and his aggressions when I wasn't around. I have to agree with her because it didn't help him or anybody else's kids.


Hugs are better than HG


As long as elected officials can be replaced, corrupt appointees to government agencies can be replaced. We have to hold our elected officials accountable for the parade of pharma wh*res being flown to Washington to sing the praises of neurotoxic vaccines on our dollar, like Alison Singer and Matt Carey.

Truth always prevails - sooner or later.

I'm sure you saved some lives while you fought the good fight.



For many years we have been alone, too few,too silly crazies, too separated. Our child was damaged by those wonderful modern medicine vaccines.

Think larger.

What happens when at last, every American says - Hey what'z up with all this really bad sickness.

And they find out they have been poisoned.

How really big is the NIH, HHS, NIH, CDC. what is a few thousand people to the rest of an angry American population.

1989 I stood in the doctor's office and heard his little speech that vaccines was not what happened to my child. I stared at him for a few minutes in contempt. I then saw behind him on a pin up asking for volunteers to test the chicken pox vaccine -- advertisement for new vaccines for Hep B and the Hib.

I knew then that there would be more joining me. It was only a matter of time. True I am surprised it has taken so long - but the longer it goes - the bigger the eruption it will be when it comes.

Raymond Gallup


Raymond Gallup,
Since you didn't succeed, no one else should even try? We should just focus on our own kids and not bother saving someone else's?

Children's lives are at stake, and you're telling people to give up and let pharma win.

I get that you're bitter and I understand why you are, but telling people to stop fighting corruption is no better than being corrupt.

Posted by: Hugs are better than Hg | July 24, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Go right ahead and succeed if you think you can. I just know that these Federal agencies will not change their isn't bitterness but facts and reality. If you think you can change that then go knock yourself out and spend time and money (apparently you have both to waste, I don't). Plus I'm not knocking my head against a cement wall but again, you are welcome to do it as well as anybody else that wants to. People have to learn for themselves what is possible and what isn't possible.

Hugs are better than Hg

Raymond Gallup,
Since you didn't succeed, no one else should even try? We should just focus on our own kids and not bother saving someone else's?

Children's lives are at stake, and you're telling people to give up and let pharma win.

I get that you're bitter and I understand why you are, but telling people to stop fighting corruption is no better than being corrupt.

Raymond Gallup

The other reason why not to play the stacked deck in the card game by the IACC, NIH and CDC. Parents like myself spent time and money going to Washington DC/Bethesda, MD to reason with people that already had their minds made up and I and others can never change that. This money and time could be better spent with our families and not wasted on useless efforts.

Also, the money could go to the Autism Research Institute (ARI for the vaccinated versus unvaccinated study. The only independent autism research study in town.

Parents/organizations are wasting their money and time dealing with the IACC, NIH and CDC. They will only get angry and frustrated, not a benefit when families are involved.

Raymond Gallup


Raymond - truth is a powerful card to play, and there are now nearly a million of them in the deck.

Posted by: GH | July 24, 2012 at 06:57 AM

The million or more are playing against a stacked deck. The NIH, CDC and IACC always will stack the deck in their big card game so they can never be beaten. Take it from someone that dealt with the NIH and CDC and went to Bethesda, MD with Bernie Rimland along with researchers in September 1997. I had arranged a meeting with the NIH then and Dr. Singh and two doctors working with Dr. Oleske, Dr. Zecca and Dr. Graffino showed that kids with autism had elevated measles antibody titers in blood tests. Nothing came of it, not one dime for research by the NIH.

Subsequently, I went to meetings with the NIH and CDC in Washington DC, Bethesda, MD.....nothing. The deck in the card game was stacked against me. It will continue to be so. The only way to beat them is by funding independent research through the Autism Research Institute (ARI) for a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated. The other way to beat them is to work together to cut funding for the IACC, NIH and CDC because they will never help us and you can never get rid of them altogether. Cutting their funding will send a message that we don't need them playing their stacked deck card game against us. We then show them that we aren't interested in playing in their stupid card game.


Raymond - truth is a powerful card to play, and there are now nearly a million of them in the deck.

Raymond Gallup


I too have been watching this and talking this for close to 30 years.

But, the public is awakening.

Because it is getting bad out here, I am so sorry to say.

Posted by: Benedetta | July 23, 2012 at 09:47 PM

I'm sure the public is awakening. Having the public awake won't help because the IACC, NIH and CDC have all the cards in the game they play. The autism community want answers but they feel by getting as much funding as possible for them and working with them they will eventually get the "real answers". Unfortunately, they play the game to win and not to help the autism community. It is all about them being viable with funding from the taxpayers and pleasing the pharmaceutical industry. It isn't about finding the "real answers" and they don't care about the autism community or the public as long as they are winning the game. They have been winning the game and will be winning the game because they have all the cards.

Reality and the facts. I wish it were otherwise but I learned a long time ago to accept what you can not change.

The only way you will beat them is to get rid of them (which probably is impossible) or cut their funding to the bone.


I too have been watching this and talking this for close to 30 years.

But, the public is awakening.

Because it is getting bad out here, I am so sorry to say.

Raymond Gallup

What this article shows is that the IACC is playing games with families like the NIH and CDC did with me and other families back in the 1990s and early 2000s (and they still do).


"They intentionally ignore the most heated issue in autism--the direct connection between our out-of-control vaccination schedule and the horrific autism rate."
Anne Dachel, Media

Yes, Anne. They did this in the past, they do it now and will continue to do it in the future. It is a game they play so they avoid doing what is the right thing to do.

Sad to say but this game they play will be game we can never win and the cards are stacked against parents like Anne and others that want the "real answers". I know, I fought it for years and was on the losing end. Unfortunately, it will continue for those that think they can make a difference. Even with organizational support of various autism organizations that want "real answers", the deck is purposely stacked against you and they will win the game at every turn. Just reality that I saw first hand and still see with what others are trying to do.

I know what I say is a wet blanket to those that want to do what is right for their kids, but I want to be blunt about facts. The facts are these people at the IACC, NIH and CDC will never give in. All they are interested in are satisfying their masters in the pharmaceutical industry and getting funding from the taxpayers to do their WPA projects (life long research that goes nowhere except to keep the money rolling in and at the same time, not piss off their masters over at the drug/vaccine companies).

Jake Crosby

Barry, you're not wrong. In fact, you're spot on.

Georgia Mom

...what Raymond Gallup said!


Maybe I'm wrong, but in my opinion..... Matt Carey's contribution as a "concerned Autism dad", is about the same as Brian Deer's contribution as a "honest, respectable journalist".

Christine Thompson

I think it would be wonderful for Jake, Dr. Herbert or any and all of the excellent candidates who were rejected by the IACC to begin attending these meetings. Since the IACC seems incapable or unwilling to disclose who appoints candidates to this body, what fun it would be for them to sputter and dither over the why, who, what, where and when before our preferred advocates. Might we have some answers as to the selection process then?


Oh Thanks Huggy/Mercury;
I got confused - Jake's article did not say he was at Havard -- my mind just made that leap.

Dr. Matthew Carey [Ph.D. physicist], who has a website left brain/right brain he is not a professor, then - right?
Any other jobs at all then???? Just really curious?

I don't think physicist is that great of a choice in careers not many jobs out there for those with that degree.

So we can assume that Singer just liked his sleezy website -then?
She went over to his website, looked around, liked what she saw, even commented as a blogger on it and got him into IACC.

But he did not have much of a resume so they added on that he blogged a lot on Singer's website.

Good Gosh -- Jake did you go through there and see how much he had blogged?
How on earth -- genius--- did you even think of that! So clever!

This leads to my next wonderment.
Does Singer have that much power, then?

Then what is Singer - other than marrying into a family of lawyers from "Harvard"? What is her educational background?

And why wouldn't Insel such a slick, mild manner, perfect politician and the head of the thing , or Sebelius head of everything, or Francis Collins who has been there since they signed the Constitution way back in the late 1700s not have any thing to do with picking board members??

Hmmm, I must conclude that they must be lying!

Comment on Singer making fun of the Austrialian accent-- Singer should have at the very least watched the educational TV station on various brain disorders.

the foreign accent syndrome -- I watched that at least 10 times --- it is not a foreign accent - it just sounds that way -- it turned out the timing of speech had been damaged.

Also there was a segment about people who had drowned for so many minutes and brought back. They too had some odd speech patterns.

Then of course the show on Tipman "Brain Man".


"It's not what you know, but who you know!"

All the "so-called experts" of Autism are coming out of the wood work.

Well done again Jake, another "top" story.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Heidi N

Excuse me, but I read the science, and I do suspect vaccines to play a main role. I don't remember one parent ever saying they read the research and don't feel vaccines play a role. The few parents I have seen that support vaccines, admit they did not look into the matter, that they believed the media. It is absolutely not the media that is making parents believe anything other than why aren't the news people reporting the truth. But, we have that answer, because the actual news people tell us, themselves, in private. They say that they have been told by their bosses that it's not newsworthy, and that most of what they say is given to them to say.

We parents rely on word of mouth, as in getting help from the docs and parents before us who actually recovered kids. We listen to them, and by golly when I tried what they said and recovered my kids, I believed them.

Jake Crosby

Matt Carey asked one vague question about the committee's involvement in planning environmental research, after my public comment I should note.

Before that, the big issue he brought up in the committee discussions was about all those adults with autism out there who somehow remain missing...

Hugs are better than Hg

"Have I got that all right?"

@ Benedetta,

Not quite. Matt Carey is not at Harvard. But the whole Mnookin clan is or was at Harvard - you got that right.

Martha Herbert, IACC nominee, is an actual medical doctor, neurologist and scientist at Harvard (unlike Seth Mnookin, his uncle Bob, Singer and Lewis). But Herbert doesn't advocate injecting babies with mercury, so Carey got the spot instead.


Jake, you are an amazing investigative journalist. Keep up the good work!

Hugs are better than Hg

"Giving infants thimerosal containing vaccines is standard practice in much of the world still, and no evidence exists that it causes autism...”

There's nothing Matt Carey won't do or say to absolve himself of his guilt about his child's vaccines. He'll even go out of his way to ensure more children are similarly harmed.

Kristina, "Final" selections = rubber stamp.


Perhaps the IACC could try to set up one simple "50 / 50 facility" which would take care of 50 severe cases for 50 years. It would also need a small medical and dental clinic attached which could serve other Autistic children in the area.

I would suppose 50 children could be found to start the program. Surely the IACC could handle this simple effort...

This would then become a model for what needs to occur for the other "million or so" children who are soon to be adults.

From this effort, they might begin to see the need to "prevent creating the second million" of these children....


"has directed the Office of Autism Research Coordination (OARC) to assist the Department"

So who is in charge of the Office of Autism Research Coordination, since obviously they are failing in their portfolio?

Susan Daniels, PhD, Acting Director
Elizabeth Baden, PhD, Policy
Erin Bryant, Science Writer and Editor
Cyrus Davani, Scientific Program Analyst
Sarah Dodson, PhD, Health Scientist
Nicole Jones, Web Developer
Miguelina Perez, Management Analyst

So, how do we get some representation on this obviously integral and Very Important Committee of Very Smart People who think Matt Carey is more qualified than Martha Herbert?


Harvard is a big place!
Maybe gut is still is all clustered in a really small place in one state right?

Well it appears that the center of this vaccinate till there is nothing left and make all the money we can off of everybody is --- Harvard.

Not only are they a place for baby sharks go to grow up into big sharks - but even the keepers of this tank are all sharks too.

or maybe they are all spiders because they sure have a social web a going on.

Dr. Matt Carey a physicist at Harvard. There was a time when that was a rock hard science -- now as far as I can see it is a science of whimscial fairy tales, with time travel, and worm holes.

But that is off the point, I know.

It looks like are these guys are all meeting at the Harvard faculty picnics and saying hey - there is this think tank, that could mean some more power and money - and we are inviting you in.

Loved the "Bob's your Uncle" Article and title.
Some of you from the UK could tell us were that little expression came from? Hmmmm - I am not sure, but it had something to do with big sharks, helping family members into a political positions.

But just as Matt Carey is a professor at Harvard so is
Havard professor Robert Mnookin (uncle to Seth)
who teaches with another Harvard professor Linda Singer – mother-in-law of Alison Singer –
mother-in-law also teaches with another Harvard Professor Michael Lewis,

Harvard Professor Michael Lewis; who happens to be a board member of the Autism Science Foundation along with Singer's daughter-in-law and Paul Offit.

Harvard Professor Michael Lewis is also jumps into another fish (sorry) think tank with some big shark Merck excutive.

Oh I looked it up again; He swims with the big shark called
Senior Vice President of Global Litigation for GlaxoSmithKline

See, no matter how lawyers try to shine up their reputations; there are those in the profession that just tarnishes it right back up.

Have I got that all right?

Jeannette Bishop

No IACC/HHS official officially selects/approves the committee membership, and they won't/can't direct you to the person(s) who does? Instead they get a list vetted by persons unknown and just sign off on it?

Katie Wright

Oh my, wow it seems like Carey's nomination appeared out of thin air. One would think one would be proud of their choices and say, "well after a long deliberation and reading about many strong candidates I chose...." I believe Collins and Sebelius - they have no idea what goes on w IACC.

Despite his protestations Insel makes the choices to be sure. That said I was encouraged that Carey asked some good questions.


According to the official documents, here:

"The Secretary of Health and Human Services, who will make the final selections and appointments of public members, has directed the Office of Autism Research Coordination (OARC) to assist the Department in conducting an open and transparent nomination process. "

So, when you say "Sebelius reportedly said she did not pick the new members", whatever "report" you are hearing must be false.

Follow the $

What the world really needs is more forensic accountants.

Anne McElroy Dachel

More proof that IACC was deliberately designed to do autism busywork--while covering up what's really happening to our children.
They purposely DON’T talk about the epidemic increase as a national disaster.
They intentionally ignore the most heated issue in autism--the direct connection between our out-of-control vaccination schedule and the horrific autism rate.
Their job description: IACC will have members with impressive credentials talking about lots of studies looking into the mystery of autism while reassuring parents that all that can be done is being done.

Anne Dachel, Media

Raymond Gallup

All the reason why autism organizations/parents in disagreement with the IACC's work to date should work together to get rid of the IACC or reduce funding to the bone.

The IACC has a record like the CDC and NIH to look the other way concerning the autism epidemic and has not and will not ever make a difference. One word could apply to the IACC, NIH, and CDC regarding their contributions to autism............USELESS!!!!!!




someone should do a family tree of these people... A picture is worth a thousand words. Please include amanda peet too.

Jim Thompson

Thank you Jake. Question--is this the Matt Carey a.k.a. “Sullivan” that commented on LBRB on November 18th, 2010, 07:06:29 below? If so it does not bode well for the removal of the neurotoxin mercury from flu shots in the United States give to children and pregnant women.

“…Given that Thimerosal in vaccines has been shown to not be a primary cause of autism, nor any other condition for that matter, and that the children in south America would have gotten the same vaccines without Pichichero’s team’s activities, I find the accusatory nature of Mr. Thompson’s statements to be baseless. Put simply: a) Giving infants thimerosal containing vaccines is standard practice in much of the world still, and no evidence exists that it causes autism...”

lbrb 2010/11/17 callous-disregard-epilogue

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