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Age of Autism Contest: See. Touch. Learn. App from BrainParade!

See Touch LearnThank you to Jim McClafferty of BrainParade for giving us two free downloads of his terrific app called See. Touch. Learn.  STL is a behavior based teaching tool that lets you (or a teacher or therapist) use pre-loaded lessons or easily create your own.

If you have an Apple iPad and would like to win, please leave a comment to enter.

Goodbye Picture Cards, Hello See.Touch.Learn.™

Anyone who is involved with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or has a child with a learning disability is very familiar with picture cards. These cards are an integral part of an effective learning program and are used to help teach new words and concepts and foster self-expression. Brain Parade’s See.Touch.Learn™ app combines the effectiveness of picture cards with the power and interactivity of the iPad. Create custom exercises and lessons, automatically track performance, and carry your entire library collection with you at all times.



Me, Me please.


would love to win this app for my classroom! I teach a preschool ABA classroom and only 2 of my children are verbal. This woul be a GREAT help!


would love this for my grandson. thank you


Thanks Age of Autism for everything you do. I would love this app

Joel H

Help! o_O


My son is definitely a visual learner


Amazing app! I just downloaded it and my daughter loves the photos!
Thank you!

Cathi Ambrose

We are starting a new behavioral program for our son and this would help us a lot.


I would love to have this for my son Alexander! He could learn so much more with visuals!

Barbara Bucknam

Awesome, I would love to try this with my son!


Just got my son and iPad and haven't bought a single App because I wasn't sure where to start. This looks like it might have a ton of possibilities. Very exciting!!


This looks great. My son has an ipad, severe dyspraxia, and still nonverbal. His other fav toy is a string too! :-)

Stacy Ezor

I am a new ABA therapist and I would love to have this program to help the child I work with.

Evan's Dad Chris Dionne

This would be a huge help for my son, he has a iPad which he loves and usese it all the time but will not use a PC. He is does not talk which leads to frustration and hitting, ............... He is 8.

The iPad is amazing I still am so suprised how much he loves it and picked up on who to use it so quick, his other fav toy is a string.

We download any Autism learning app we can to see if he takes to it.

It would be a great gift

Kimmie Fine

This would work great with my son's ABA and academic programs!!


It will save so much time (and money) in therapy just picking up 1 iPad than dozens of cards thrown on the floor (or across the room) during a therapy session!


This would really help my son.

Dawn DiMarco

My son Cole would LOVE THIS


Looks great! Would love to have it! My daughter does so much on the ipad.

Daniel Park

Wow, this app looks like the bee's knees. I'd like to enter.

Kim Ritter

My son would benefit so much from this

Dana Read

I want one for my boys and their school. It looks fantastic Thanks for the tip Kim:)!

Angus Files

My son`s school still use flash cards with him and as Jim say`s very cumbersome...looks a lot easier


I'm in!

Kim Barta

This app looks amazing. We just started a home ABA program for my son and this app would help us very much.

TannersDad Tim


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