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Write the President of Cameroon to Defend Dr. Luc Montagnier

BiyaA recent article in Nature shows that the vaccine industry has been Nobel Montagnier closing ranks against Dr. Luc Montagnier ever since his brilliant lecture at AutismOne last month. In particular, 35 Nobel Laureates, led by one who sells commercial products to the vaccine industry, sent a letter to the President of Cameroon protesting Dr. Montagnier's leadership position on a national research organization dedicated to HIV research. Robert Gallo, the man who tried to steal credit for Dr. Montagnier's discovery of HIV and is now being funded by the Gates Foundation to develop an HIV vaccine, wrote a similar letter attacking him to the Cameroonian President. Please send the below letter to the Office of the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya, to defend Dr. Montagnier!

Send it to the following email address: cellcom@prc.cm

You can also send your own short note directly to the President supporting Dr. Montagnier here:


Letter below:

Dear President Biya,

I write to you as a US citizen who is concerned about the vitriol and fallacious attacks directed against the Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist who discovered HIV – Dr. Luc Montagnier – by the American vaccine industry, which accuses him of holding “anti-vaccination views” for raising the possibility of a link between vaccines and autism at a recent conference held in the United States.

The latest attack on Dr. Montagnier, according to a recent article in Nature, comes in the form of a letter signed by 35 Nobel laureates attacking his role as interim director of the Chantal Biya Inter­national Reference Centre. I do not know who all the signatories are, but the coordinator of this letter – Dr. Richard Roberts – runs a biotechnology firm that sells commercial products to vaccine manufacturers. I understand you have also received a similar letter from Dr. Robert Gallo – who tried to take credit for Dr. Montagnier's discovery of HIV. Gallo is currently receiving a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop an HIV vaccine. Bill Gates has appeared on American television dismissing the vaccine-autism link as an “absolute lie.” The MMR vaccination – one of the vaccines most suspected of causing autism – was first introduced when a now-senior adviser to the Gates Foundation, Dr. Bill Foege, was director of the US Center for Disease Control.

Despite the best efforts of the vaccine industry, they have completely failed at covering up a vaccine-autism connection. Their own studies have implicated vaccines in autism – one study from Denmark cited as evidence against a link showed a 45% increased risk among those vaccinated with MMR as opposed to those not given the vaccine. When a McGill University scientist, Dr. Samy Suissa, wrote a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine pointing this out, his letter was censored from publication. Moreover, the author of this study who funded this work, Dr. Poul Thorsen, has now been indicted on fraud charges by a US court. Another commonly-cited study to “prove” no link found a peak in parental concern for their child's development within the months following MMR vaccination. One of the authors, Dr. Elizabeth Miller, sat on a panel that approved a brand of MMR vaccine known for causing meningitis in the United Kingdom while concealing that risk from the public. It also showed an increase in autism began in the first children to receive this vaccination after it was approved. Yet both Miller's and Thorsen's studies form the bulk of the latest report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) claiming no association between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Similarly, the original 2004 IOM Immunization Safety Review Report claiming no association to autism from either the MMR vaccine or the mercury-based thimerosal preservative had a preconceived position from the beginning. The chairwoman of this report, Dr. Marie McCormick, said behind closed doors while referring to autism that “...we will never come down that it [autism] is a true side-effect...” This report cited reports from Denmark – also involving Poul Thorsen – claiming that autism prevalence rose after thimerosal was removed from Danish vaccines. In reality, these reports concluded this on the basis of fudged statistics, while the coauthors privately conceded about the rates of autism that “the incidence and prevalence is still decreasing in 2001” following thimerosal removal. Elizabeth Miller also did a study claiming no association between autism and thimerosal, but in private email correspondence, the Epidemic Intelligence Service officer, Dr. Thomas Verstraeten for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, noted that the study “might not be worth doing” due to its inability to find a true autism link even if one exists. Yet this study was done anyway, published, and is continuously cited as negative evidence for an association. Dr. Verstraeten's own original analysis showed an 11.35 increased risk associated with early thimerosal exposure and autism, and in private emails to his colleagues, Dr. Verstraeten concluded that thimerosal was causing real harm – namely autism. The latest CDC Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network report from one US state found a 20% decrease in autism spectrum disorder prevalence in children born in 2000, the first year after a joint statement was made in the United States by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Public Health Service calling for thimerosal to be removed as soon as possible. This is the first statistically significant decrease in autism reported in this surveillance system's decade long-history. Yet this preservative, as you may not be well aware, is still used in vaccines exported to your country. Through exposure to this vaccine preservative, children in your country are being exposed to mercury at levels that are many times the safe limit set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Meanwhile, there have been numerous cases of compensation paid out to families of children who had sustained vaccine injuries resulting in an autism diagnosis here in the United States. Just recently, an Italian Court acknowledged a child's autism was caused by his MMR vaccination. The UK's Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Andy Burnham, has asked the Secretary of State for Health – Andrew Lansley – to consider this legal decision.

In conclusion, the evidence to date shows that Dr. Luc Montagnier's serious consideration to the vaccine-autism connection is as correct as his original discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Please do not cave to the coercive and corrupt powers of the vaccine industry, which includes an old rival who previously tried to take credit for Dr. Montagnier's Nobel Prize-Winning discovery of HIV. We believe that through his work on autism, Dr. Montagnier has further demonstrated a level of scientific rigor and innovation of unparalleled accomplishment that could hold significant promise for patients suffering from AIDS, as it does for patients with autism.






Interesting find and reading.
So he said that there had to be a real committment to eradicating measles.

The think is there is the same committment to eradicating whooping cough too, and chicken pox, and polio, and well at they are trying to hold on till the can get rid of the disease, stop the vaccinations like they did small pox and be declared heros and heros that had to suffer too - all in the end.
That is how they are seeing it.
I do wonder if they ever decided on a stopping point/top number of that had an endocrine/autoimmune diseases before deciding the price was too high?

I also found the asprin/chicken pox thing very interesting. As you are studying if you come across anything that indicates dosages matter - I would be interested in knowing.
About the time that this too place a young teenager in our community went to the doctor for the flu and he instructed her mother to give her unheard of amounts of asprin - 10 times the normal amount. I found those instructions - strange - she came down with ryes and then it all exploded about asprin and ryes right at that time.
Why would a doctor tell a mother to give 10 times the recommended dose. We don't live in Ohio, but we are in the Ohio Valley.

Jake Crosby

Actually, I don't believe MMR was introduced under Foege's term as director of CDC, that would be his predecessor David Sencer. Under Senser's direction, routine vaccination against mumps was recommended, then MMR was licensed and then routine vaccination against rubella was recommended.

Foege has played a historic role in covering up vaccine injury, however:

Simpson Wood

Kristina , I doubt you'll ever read this reply but I wish to highlight a couple of issues to you about your comments .
1. Orac-Gorski , whilst labelling people who know the truth about vaccine damage as whackos , is quietly advising his own friends and family to avoid vaccines because of their safety risk ..... hyprocite , definitely .
2. Try reading Edward Hoopers the River , if you dont believe the Aids story is totally intertwined with the vaccine derived autism story . 1000 pages mind , so I doubt you'll ever make the effort , but just start opening your mind to the possibilities that science can just as easily be deployed for evil as it can for good . And vaccines to me , after what I have seen , are pure evil . As is anyone who knowingly in full possession of all the facts continues to defend them .


More on the dishonest and unethical Robert Gallo-



Just read this article which was originally in GQ on Gallo- what a sicko!!!!!
Who would ever believe anything he peddles, no honest cell resides in his body.


Akindela Paul

This fight is a fight that goes beyond any measure we can imagine because there is a lot of money involved. The drug industry produces a lot of money are people are ready to deal squarely with those who stand on their way trying to avoid them to make profit. On the scientific basis, everybody should be free to publish the results of his research and those who have a contradictory view should also do the same. Science is evidence based and there should be no room for intimidation. Money is a very serious gangrene that can transform many people and it is very sad to see top leading scientists in the world of research who should be focused on bringing about changes to improve on health turning into money mongers.


Wow. Maybe Luc Montagnier wants to help autistic children recover, but I don't think that sending that letter to the president of Cameroon is going to help with that! The letter jumps immediately to discuss autism, not HIV. Why is the president of Cameroon going to see or understand the connection? It sounds like a rant, and it will immediately be ruled out as something from a wacko - in fact a bunch of copy-paste wackos. It is certainly not going to hold any sway against a whole lot of Nobel Laureates, and a letter in Nature. You are wasting your time, and you`ve already been ridiculed by Orac for even trying.


Not to cloudy the issues between autism and HIV research and AIDS but everyone should read "Science Fictions" by John Crewdson a journalist who states "This is not a book about AIDS. Nor is it really about science. It is a book about how scientist behave when the stakes are high, and the stakes were never higher than in the search for the CAUSE of AIDS." Stakes are also very high when scientist make lots and lots of money off their "discovery".

It portrays Gallo as exhibiting very very troubling sickening lack of ethics and dishonest behavior- in his wanting to steal many many people's work for his own financial and personal gain. Therefore, anything this guy says is to be ignored by civilized and honest people as the talk of someone looking for an opportunity for himself- NOTHING MORE.

Additionally, look at August 2012 edition of Scientific American- article about a subset of people who are HIV+, who never took drugs and never progressed to AIDS(some for 30 yrs) and now they want to develop a vaccine based on their genes. Which is kind of interesting. Which brings us to the point that maybe just maybe- the real issue is a co-factor which works to synergistically (or alone) activate progression to AIDS. I also advise people to watch "House of Numbers" about how people get a diagnosis of HIV+- if true this is troubling.

Additionally, I would also suggest that people understand the fact that both the Salk and Sabin polio vaccine in the 1950-60's were found to have cancer causing monkey virus and the two scientist who established this - Bernice Eddy, PhD and Sarah Stewart, MD, PhD- were literally banned from sharing their findings and retailiated against by NIH/NCI.
And the government and manufacturers continued to give out the tainted vaccine. INCREDIBLE.

Publically, Luc Montagier has always behaved in an ethical and honest manner- to his benefit. Therefore, for whatever reason he has come to the conclusion that the link between vaccine and autism should be investigated, I think it is with honesty and scientific integrity. Up until now, the agruement that vaccines cause autism seemed plausible but not likely to me, however, now I will do more research on the topic(and look at Poul Thorsen and Verstraeten). Could it actually be that the actions of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Public Health Service were prompted by unpublished studies? Nothing would surprise- follow the money- always follow the money.

Than you for opportunity to comment.

Simpson Wood

I have my suspicions over Montagnier , so for me , the jury is still out . The whole HIV\aids story is rotten through-out . I want to believe in Luc however , but I just dont trust anyone or anything anymore when it comes to vaccines .
Best thing the parents of the vaccine derived autsitics can do , is have loads more children (vaccine free of course).Govt will give up quickly enough if they see their depopulation plans are not working , but beware they have other ideas in store for us yet . & God bless Bill and his dear old 10-15% , we have got your number Bill .


I am royally pissed off that I have to write to the President of Cameroon (Cameroon, for $%(*'s sake!) to defend a Nobel prize winning scientist and by extension science at large from a bunch of reactionary pharma-sponsored prelates from the Church of the Immaculate Vaccine. Where the H-E-double hockeysticks is the Union of Concerned Scientists, and why don't they seem CONCERNED that certain people are trying to put science in a corner? They can't ALL be on the payroll, can they?

"And still it moves" -- the science will continue because it is TRUE.

Jake Crosby

The Canary Party should do something like this.


You could start a petition? It may be easier to reach more people that way.




There's a big difference between a therapeutic vaccine given to people already infected with HIV to help prevent the disease from flourishing after it's taken hold, and a preventive vaccine given to the wider population. The vaccine Luc Montagnier is working on is the former; Gallo's, the latter.

Gallo's vaccine is also funded by the Gates Foundation whose leader, Bill Gates, accuses vaccine safety advocates of killing children.


Okay, I sent a note, but after briefly googling Gallo and Montagnier, aren't they both working on a vaccine? Why is Montagnier good and Gallo bad?

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