Lawsuit Claims Merck Overstated Mumps Vaccine Effectiveness
Autism "A really interesting story," Unless You Live It

Read the Complaint Against Merck Claiming Mumps Vaccine Defrauded US Government


1. This case is about Merck's efforts of more than a decade to defraud the United States through Merck's ongoing scheme to sell the government its mumps vaccine that is mislabeled, misbranded,  adulterated and falsely certified as having an efficacy rate that is significantly higher than it actually is. 

Read the Complaint Here.



This suit is serious. Management has been involved. Merck had Julie Gerberding in their back pocket for years. Recently, they hired her to head up their vaccine department. They are a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, our legal system doesn't dispense justice - Merck knows the game well.


Jury trial! Discovery! What wonderful documents regarding the crazy and heretofore unexplained MMRII alterations might be made public incidental to this case? This is terribly damaging, isn't it, because the manufacturer's immunity from liability is only good so long as they had no knowledge of the problem? If there were problems that they actively covered up, as alleged by their own scientists, they get no immunity, correct?


Why do we need a "new" flu shot every year,

while they continue to use the same "40 year old mumps virus" in the MMR ???

The other "M" sets up the measles virus in the GI tract, and "contributes to Autism" and the "R" part of the vaccine does not actually work.

The $$$$$ part of the vaccine works very, very well.


There is no evidence that vaccines actually work in the first place. Smallpox and Polio were already declining prior to these vaccines being developed and the vaccine manufacturers took the credit for the declines, and then went on to create a myriad of vaccines all based on the original false premise. The only evidence is related to vaccines CAUSING outbreaks for the diseases they were supposedly going to "prevent". [Google it]

Vaccines are the single biggest SCAM in the history of so called Medicine. They cause not only the diseases they are supposed to prevent, but cause more diseases, autism being just one of many. They also poison the entire body and set the children up for cancer due to devestating the immune system. Cancer is a disease of toxicity and compromised immune system failure.

And how does our illustrious pharmaceutical driven medical system treat autism? With psychiatric drugs that cause more toxicity and more damage in the long run. And how do they treat cancer? With the most toxic drugs that were ever created and radiation, which destroy healthy tissue as well as cancerous tissue, both proven to CAUSE CANCER.

The Bible says: "For lack of knowledge the people perish" and "they are as sheep being led to the slaughter". AMEN.


Jeff and nhokkanen;
Thanks for reading this and passing on what you learned. I am thankful.


I thought that the TB shot could cause Kawasakis too- not help dignose it???

Jeff C

Everyone should read the complaint, it's very well written and easy to understand. The whistle blowers pull no punches; they describe why Merck needed to re-evaluate the mumps vaccine efficacy, the exact reason for the fraud, how the fraud was conducted, and they name names of those directing the fraud. They describe their own measurements of the vaccine efficacy and the statistical unlikelihood that Merck's fraudulent results could have been by chance (more than one in a trillion). They directly implicate Merck's senior management in being complicit in the scam.

It is hard to believe these guys are lying, they are so specific in their details there should be collaborating evidence available. The very fact that Merck's PR flack emphasized that this had nothing to do with safety (straw man, no one said it did) makes me thing they can't defend against the charges. Of course I'm sure the whistle blowers will be trashed as unstable disgruntled employees, it is SOP after all.

If anyone had any doubts regarding the sheer immorality of Merck, this document will quickly remove that doubt. The usual suspects will claim it's an "isolated incident", just like Vioxx was.


Thank you AJOQ, the problem may well be , that as with that Urabe mmr, the trials were stopped before the dangerous side effects appeared. It's the loophole designed to get these dangerous concoctions to market. Kawasaki, for us came well after the shot, yet during those weeks, little signs of something being wrong did appear, vomiting for no reason, little rashes, occasional fever, then full blown Kawasaki. It was almost like the end of a disease a grand finale of sorts that was called Kawasaki.It may just be that her immune system was so suppressed that she was catching every available bug up to and including Kawasaki. ..and isn't that interesting that the injection site prodromes the disease after the tb shot, almost as if the aluminum responds to heighten the disease , acting as an adjuvant?


Clarification please....Where does the complaint go from here given the gov't declined to get involved?

The 4-traders article says, "The suit was first filed in 2010 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. It was unsealed Thursday after the government declined to get involved in the case."

Ask just one question


Vaccines have been implicated in Kawasaki disease. Most recently the FDA and others reported an increased risk for Kawasaki disease from the RotaTeq vaccine recently licensed for the prevention of rotavirus in children.[12][13] The Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine, used in some parts of the world to prevent tuberculosis, has been noted to help in the diagnosis of Kawasaki disease in cases when the vaccine scar became red and irritated.[14][15][16] It is not clear that there is any causal relationship, though.


Interesting reading, indeed.

Merck scientists are accused of rigging an unethical vaccine experiment protocol: introducing animal antibodies to falsely raise seroconversion levels. But the results exceeded their 95% holy grail, reaching to an impossible 100%.

Ironic that the vaccine fraudsters were victims of their own success... Also ironic is how that episode parallels the larger issue -- sometimes when we try to fix one problem, we create other problems that are worse.


Did measle vaccine cause the epidemic of hyperactive kids that were born in 1964? Did the replacement live vaccine cause the epidemic of idiopathic autism? Somewhere there are whistleblowers that could answer this, perhaps in observation of trials. I knew my son had no titers against mumps when I took him for his bloodwork in my efforts to keep him from a second shot. He had no titers to rubella either. Something more dangerous in the immune response to this vaccine than missing titers!! His measle titers were extremely high, allowing him to avoid the second shot and a single shot mumps was offered, I refused. This is my child with acquired heart disease, not my son on the spectrum. For four months after his mmr, this son was doubled over in severe gastro pain, and could not eat, I shudder to think what a second shot would have done. Yet I had to push for the titers, the pediatrician would NOT connect the gastro illness to his mmr . My oldest ,with crohn's did get two mmr's, as did my daughter with Kawasaki. I believe, and who am I, just a mom, that measle vaccine causes atypical measles, which includes kawasaki, autoimmune crohn's and autism, along with a lung issue that no one can pin a diagnosis to. It ,again, jmo, is the worst of the vaccines for doing harm, followed by most of the others ,all carrying more danger than any disease they were intended to prevent. exception being rabies where there is no choice but death vs damage.


Jeannette Bishop
I have been thinking the same thing. It is hard not too.
We have Dr. Wakefield's scary tale of the arube vaccine - and it was the mumps part of that vaccine that was causing the meningitis so bad that Canada withdrew it, Britian heartless tried it - and it was too hot so they gave it to Brazil and say meningistis sky rocket there.

Now we know about changes in the mumps part of the MMR as you so wonderfully stated.

Wow. Mumps is such a mild, mild disease.
I had a knot on my neck one day.
It did not hurt at all.
All my school mates had the mumps.
So I knew that was what it was.
I watched some TV
I read a little from a book.
I went back to school the very next day.
For guilt of playing hooky was the worse part about having mumps.

I hate to say it; but unless we can get the medical part of our society under control - we are headed for ruin.


When you need repeat vaccines,because the vaccine did not work the first place,you will get more adjuvants,more toxins
and contaminants.Your risk for adverse effects will increase.Nobody wins except Merck. After Vioxx and Gardasil
who feels comfortable to get vaccines made by Merck???

Ask just one question

Next thing you know we might be hearing mumps is actually such a benign childhood illness that we don't really even need a vaccine for it or that people are actually better off contracting it naturally while they are children! Maybe even that parents in the future who use this shot are actually rather selfish and doing it for their own convenience rather than for any actual benefit to their child's future. . .

Jeannette Bishop

I'm trying to connect the dots here. Interesting that in the Midwest mumps outbreak in 2006, most of the infected were born prior to 1991:

Merck increased the mumps virus load of the vaccine in 1990 (, suggesting Merck knew the vaccine was not inducing effective immunity against mumps as early as that time.

Of course the official solution was to give all college and high school students more MMR (the secret new "improved" no-relicensing-or-testing-required? version).

Meanwhile there was, only coincidentally--and definitely having nothing to do with all the immune scrambling neurotoxins injected in infants prior to getting the MMR--an increasing epidemic of toddlers with neurological injury, and the official response was to lower age of first MMR receipt to 1 year and add varicella to the load.

Then we get another reformulation reducing the mumps component somewhat in 2007, reasons unknown, but maybe that the new levels were creating immune interference with measles and/or rubella and/or possibly increasing immune and neurological injury?

So is this complaint based solely on the newest MMR formulation or on multiple generations (do we even know how many) of the vaccine?

Bob Moffitt

Please forgive me .. but .. having lived most of my adult life within close range of a heavily travelled "freeway" .. I cannot remember the name of the well qualified, experienced individual who .. forced to wait the minimum number of legal days .. casually strode through the well-oiled "revolving door" .. between Corporate America (in this instance Merck) and entrenched Federal Regulatory Agencies (in this instance the CDC).

This person must be shocked to learn that Merck .. for at least a decade .. stands accused of willfully participating in an "ongoing scheme to sell the government its mumps vaccine that is mislabeled, misbranded, adulterated and falsely certified as having an efficacy rate that is significantly higher than it actually is."

Not an MD

This is not unexpected considering the behavior of this corporation regarding other products like Vioxx, and considering the lack of efficacy of the pertussis vaccines as the circulating strains have changed over time without change in the vaccine, but I feel devastated by the allegations in this lawsuit, regardless. A friend's daughter died after her second MMR shot at age five. For what, I ask you? For a useless, worthless, shot? Not even for the fabled "herd immunity?" Makes one wonder about the efficacy of the measles and rubella components of this vaccine, too, doesn't it? I am so sad right now. I hope her parents don't read about this. I won't be sending them this article, that is for sure. This is just too heartbreaking-- for me!

There must surely be a special place in hell reserved for the evil "scientists" and "researchers" who corrupt and adulterate their safety and efficacy data for profit. I am glad the whistleblowers came forward for the benefit of others, and for their own psyches.

Dan E. Burns, Chair, the Autism Trust USA

At last. The complaint is a pleasure to read. To quote from the silenced Merck scientists who tested it, “Since 2000 … the US has paid more than three-quarters of a billion dollars for a mislabeled, misbranded, adulterated and falsely certified vaccine that does not provide adequate immunization” (paragraph 149). Jury trial demanded. Can't wait.


@Victor, there was a time I believed that within the stacked bands of agencies and industry, there was a narrow sliver of individuals who "knew". I now realize that the group is far wider and deeper--everyone who "should' know", "does know"...except the unsuspecting parents of future vaccine-injured children.

Victor Pavlovic

You know that there is a person/persons somewhere in the drug industry that also knows what is going on pertaining to the vaccine/autism link. Hopefully they are ready to be the Whistle-blower and save many children from the devastation of vaccine injury, and collect the millions rewarded to them for doing the right thing.

Jenny Allan

Just one small section of a 55 page document:-

"70. Since at least the beginning of the Protocol testing and continuing through the present, Merck has falsely represented to the government and the public that its mumps vaccine has at least a 95 percent efficacy rate. It has done so even though Merck is well aware, and has taken active steps to keep secret, that the efficacy rate is far lower.

Merck’s product insert is a clear misrepresentation of the efficacy rate of its mumps vaccine. It cites outdated or unidentified studies that are not reflective of what Merck knows now about the vaccine's current effectiveness as confirmed by Merck's efforts to manipulate the methodology and ultimately falsify the data to at least 95 percent

In short, as Merck well knows, the efficacy rate of its mumps vaccine is not anywhere near 95 percent. Yet, Merck continues to falsely represent a 95 percent efficiency rate to ensure its continued lock on the sale of the vaccine in the U.S."

The REAL victims of Merck's alleged fraud are a generation of young men who were rendered sterile after contracting mumps in their teens and early twenties. The MMR vaccine failed to protect them long term.

Jake Crosby

“You never say at a pharmaceutical conference, 'it's the right thing to do.'”

-Paul Offit, millionaire vaccine industrialist

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