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Harry’s Inquest Book: the Death of Harry Horne-Roberts

HARRY_HORNE_ROBERTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                By John Stone

Readers of Age of Autism have followed this tragic story since Harry’s death two and a half years ago. Now his parents, Jennifer (Jennie) Horne-Robert and Keith Roberts, have published a second e-book documenting his life and tragic death . Frustratingly, the long prepared inquest recorded but failed to acknowledge the terrible consequences of the inappropriately prescribed medication – notably the sixty year-old anti-psychotic drug chlorpromazine - which was administered behind the backs of Keith and Jennie, and which was known to induce weight-gain.

Many issues remain officially unaddressed: the coroner himself chose to highlight the lack of an Harry Horne-Robertsexercise regime, but did not ask how such a drug came to be prescribed to a young man who already had weight problems, whether it was a remotely appropriate prescription for someone on the autistic spectrum and the failure of professionals to communicate with the parents. It is evident also that given Harry’s weight an exercise regime might in itself have been highly problematic. The book chronicles and documents these appalling events in detail, leaving disturbing questions about the functions of the British state, and the future of our children.

Jennie and Keith’s earlier book ‘Harry’s Story’ can also be read on-line  . See also ‘Remembering Harry: The Life and Pharmaceutical Death of Young Artist’  .




For yet another very sad 'case' read David Healy blog who is challenging a court case on his web site right now.

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Dear Natasa,

You can find a selection of Harry's prolific art output at 'Harry's Story-A Brilliant Boy's Short Life' at:

We hope you enjoy our darling boy's work.

Jennie and Keith.

Jennifer Horne-Roberts


Thanks, we have now read your website.

We are profoundly sorry. We know through our continuing anguish over our beloved Harry's death, the hell you have been and are going through.

God bless your family
Jennie and Keith.


Dear Jennifer and Keith, thank you for sharing Harry's tragic story. I also hope, as Seonaid mentioned, that it helps prevent the same thing happening to others.

Is there anywhere to view more of Harry's drawings?


Eileen that is sad beyond what words can express. I am so sorry. May he rest in peace.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Jennie and Keith, the link is http://www.conradsimon.org/Conrad.html to the page that describes Conrad's birth and death. The link in my previous post had a period (.) after it, which looked like part of the web address to browsers.

Death of a child is horrible, especially for defenseless children like ours.

Group homes stink. The uneducated, minimum wage staff advised the doctor to prescribe such a high dose of chlorpromazine so they could control him. They had forbidden me to visit, because a "facilitated communicator" told them that I had abused Conrad as a child. The last time I saw Conrad was on halloween, 1991, when I brought him some candy. He stood at the door in his purple ghost costume and called out, "I love you mom," just after the staff chased me out and told me I was not allowed to visit. My husband advised me to stay away. "He needs 24/7 care, and you know they won't kill him," but they did.

I setup my website conradsimon.org in April 2000 in his memory after having no luck with trying to get legal help. The link is below via my name.

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Eileen Nicole Simon,

We are so deeply sorry about your dear son Conrad.

We could not access your website. Could you check it and repost?


Jennie and Keith.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Keith, thanks for clarifying the links. I have downloaded the pdf file.

Our son, Conrad, also died unexpectedly in his sleep, and was later found to have a lethal level of chlorpromazine in his blood. The chlorpromazine (Thorazine) was prescribed by a psychiatrist at the request of staff at Conrad's group home, who claimed they could not control him otherwise. Conrad refused to take the medicine, so they crushed it up and put it in his favorite desert, chocolate pudding. More on my website at http://www.conradsimon.org/Conrad.html.


Thank you Keith and Jenny for telling us about Harry's inquest. What a heartbreaking task to have to undertake, and I fervently hope it stops the same thing happening to other adults on the spectrum. I will read it with interest and sadness. It is desperately frustrating that no blame is placed on the drug he was prescribed without your knowledge.
I see Acute cardiac failure is noted in the post mortem report. People on the autism spectrum have metabolic problems and cannot efficiently process the drugs they are frequently given. Chlorpromazine carries a Black Box warning regarding use in the elderly. As with children [and those on the autism spectrum] the elderly cannot metabolise drugs efficiently. Psychiatrists have so much to learn about giving drugs to autistic persons.
"Warnings – Black Box
Avoid Prescribing with Patient's Condition
[U.S. Boxed Warning]: Elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis treated with antipsychotics are at an increased risk of death compared to placebo. Most deaths appeared to be either cardiovascular (eg, heart failure, sudden death) or infectious (eg, pneumonia) in nature...."
[You may have to subscribe to RxISK to access this]

Also note -
"All patients treated with chlorpromazine on a long-term-basis should have the following checked regularly: blood-pressure, pulse rate, laboratory-tests (liver function tests, kidney-values, blood cell counts, ECG and EEG. Some side effects seem to appear more frequently during the first months of therapy (sedation, hypotension, liver damage) while others such as tardive dyskinesia can appear over time."
Thanks to John Stone for this - and thank you Keith and Jenny for your enduring courage.

John Stone

Just to mention that the links are embedded in the text.


Keith Roberts

Please give the e-addresses of 'Harry's Inquest':

Also see 'Harry's Story-A Brilliant Boy's Short Life'at

Jennie and Keith Horne-Roberts


I have to commend Jennifer and Keith for their dignity in dealing with the loss of their dearest Harry , i cannot even begin to wonder such pain this book is an absolute read , we can learn so much from Harry,s Inquest book , you can but only imagine yourselves as parents what this book means , and it will make you fight like Keith and Jennifer fought , i have the greatest of respect for this family and would urge everyone to read and learn

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