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Autism One: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Dr. Michael Stoto Claims Parents Not Sophisticated Enough Understand A Vaccine Injury

DeliveranceBy Katie Wright

When my son Christian was small he had a couple of really bad reakshuns to those bunches of those baby shots, I mean vaccines, whatever the heck you call them. So when I heard that a big deal mucky muck government committee was going to talk about vaccines, and, you know, bad things that can happen when kids get so many needles, I tuned in!

I don’t understand all that fancy doctor talk but I think I got the some of the gist. Dr. Michael Stoto talked about why I am probably wrong and how I must have imaginen those bad things that happened to my son after that giant bundle of shots.

Dr. Stoto said that “parents are not sophisticated” enough to recognize what an adverse vaccine Stoto reakshun is. What does a fancy $10 word like “sophisticated” mean? All his high falutin words whizzed right over my head.

My small, peanut size, unsophisticated, whatcamacallit brain tried so hard to take in what this important doctor man was saying. I think Stoto might be right and he should be the one to decside if a baby had a bad needle reakshun, not their unsopticat… parents.

All of Dr. Stoto’s fancy talk convinced me that there are no bad reakshuns to giant bunches of Lucille-ball-300x351needles. When my friend’s toddler took her son to the emergency room after the DTap it was a coincidem (whatever the heck you call that when 2 things magically happen at the same time). Dr Stoto said that the vaccine accidents in the big VAERS datahouse, or database, whatever you call it, have not been “verified” by him or others so they are probly suspect.

Sure I don’t know any parents whose kids had super bad reakshuns to needles and whose doctor even made that VASE report but I am sure the big doctor is right and they probably are not real anyway.

The AAP- you know those kid doctors- finished up this impotint meeting saying  DON’T study the vaccine, schedule at all. We don’t need to know nothing and should leave things exactly like there. Listenin to unsopticate parents will get u knowhere. I don’t no why no parents don’t trust doctors but I am sure Dr. Stoto  and the AAP can tell me why in a way my tiny brain can understan.

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



Hi Katie,
I just finally read your post from ten days ago, but I'm glad I did because this is the first time in five years that I ever read an article about this subject and actually LAUGHED!!! And the pictures make your article even more humorous.

Whenever I have read or spoken about about vaccines and/or autism, I have felt a range of emotions, mostly Depression, Anger, and Disgust, but never until this article, "Laughter". You also inspired other readers to write their own funny comments, so I also enjoyed reading those as well. (That's another feeling that I have never had regarding this subject: "Enjoyment")

The crazy photo of Lucy Ricardo reminded me of how funny that show was, and what a fun person I USED TO BE. An old friend from high school still calls me "Lucy"...but nowadays I just "ain't no fun anymore", except when my grandson makes me laugh, so Thank God for him. It is true that “Laughter is the Best Medicine”.

The first hysterical photo reminds me of the Hatfields and McCoys…...with that as a representation of the Vaccine Industry, their “shotguns” are wounding and killing our precious children. (Can’t find anything funny about that though)

kathy blanco

this one's for Paul Offit and the likes of him...There is no one more entrenched, no one more difficult to convince to see reason, than someone who has committed an act that is contrary to their conscience. The resulting rationalizations, and each decision taken afterward that doesn't correct the original error further erodes their ability to see reality. If people in pharma have a conscience...mostly they run their mouths by their pocketbooks, shareholders, and keeping theiry sorry behinds in a job that pays the fine handsome house mortgages, cars, fabulous vacations we only dream of, and their children's harvard college funds. Now, that's some motivation to shut up and give up the conscience alright.

wanted to be an md thank god every day I am not!

I have no words to describe the anger I feel against medicine, science and doctors for the damage they have caused to your children. I cannot imagine the pain, frustration and anger you all feel, understanding that the vaccines were your child's tipping point. I am sent over the edge every time I hear a doctor or association deny the effects witnessed by the parents, discard them and deny them. The above written by katie is how they make many people feel, irrespective of the disease/illness/syndrome. You are all wonderful, caring, open minded, loving parents who only want to solve/mitigate/relieve the issues that your children have developed as a result of your peds mis/disinformation. They will not make correlations because no one is interested in them being made aside from parents and the few aware doctors - They eat what is fed to them..table scraps, no , worse - Purina! My thoughts and prayers are with you all........


I was channel surfing the other day an came upon an re-run of a cop show. They were angry that a mother didn't get son vaccinated for measles. Another child at a park where the two children played contracted measles and died. The other parents and most of the cops on the show were angry with the mother who did not get her child vaccinated and were blaming her for the other child contracting measles and causing his death. This had to be the dumbest and most biased shows I had ever watched. The stupidity in the media and the celebutards in Hollywood is amazing.



I loved your made me laugh and I enjoyed reading the comments here as well.

Bendetta, I hate hearing that people are not coming around in your community. A few years ago, I moved back to N. GA and it has been an interesting "coming around" on the vaccine issue here in those years. 5 years ago, when my daughter was in preschool, if I mentioned vaccine injuries people looked at me like I was crazy. Today, my youngest is in preschool and the majority of the "preschool" mommies here now ore VERY skeptical. Most I know do not vaccinate to the schedule and those who do express a great deal of worry over it. My home town is now quote suburban but even those I know who live further north in the mountains are becoming very skeptical. The change in people's attitudes towards and trust in the vaccine schedule over these past few years has really astounded me and I honestly believe CDC and AAP have a heap of trouble coming there way.

Donna L.

I didn't take this as Southern-bashing at all. (and I'm glad you didn't either, Benedetta!)
We lived for awhile in a remote part of Washington State, up near the Canadian border. It jis don't git much further north'n that! And that top photo? Those people lived just down the gravel road from us.
It was an eye-opening experience for me, to say the least. ;)


Donna K:
Oh, the nurses fault - of course!
I remember one little nurses telling me just how long she was suppose to shake the vial of DPT - she set her stop watch on her wrist and that is exactly what she did!

CDC: The buck stops with those that make the big bucks.


They can smell a rat - exactly! Thumb their nose - that is what they do! Pride in having of common sense.

Except in the case of vaccines, they have been bamboozled just like all the rest of the country.

They all are wondering around here why are we having such a drug problem.

Their children are being found dead, or damaged from overdoses, killed stripping electric lines for copper, in prison for dealing dope. I am talking about people that are educators, pastors, politicians, respected people of the community as well.-- people that we went to lamaze classes together.

I know the reason, I know the cause - I feel like a lone voice crying out into the wilderness!

I am old enough to remember the "I Love Lucy" episode and we all laughed about it.
The old sterotypes is not so much about region as it is time.


Kim here. I selected the photos not to imply anything about a region but "unsofitikayted.". :)


None was taken!
I was talking about a doctor in a different part of the state, only 75 miles away, acting like where I was from was foreign, and far away.
If I had not been sobbing so hard -- and was my typical self at that time; I would have put my accent on even heavier, and told him that I knew all about snake worshipping - that Paul had said to take up the serprent. Doctor I assure you that you have never had a spiritual experience like the one you have when you are holding a hissing, rattleing - snake!


Loved reading all your posts! Better to laugh than to cry about it, eh?

Just wondered... are there any autists out there who have NOT been vaccinated?!

I suppose if there were we'd know about it? Big Pharma's 'scientists' would have made it front-page news, right?

Anne McElroy Dachel


I actually thought you sounded like what doctors would think of a lot of people from right here in Wisconsin, when it comes to the attitude toward uninformed parents.

Anne Dachel, Media


Actually, there is truth to that. I have told many parents that their children's allergies, eczema, asthma, dyslexia and ADHD are due to additives in vaccines, and their reactions are exactly the same as typical doctors' - disbelief, condescension and ridicule. Obviously I am uneducated because I listen to housewives' tales instead of people in white clothing. But hey, I'm not the one with suffering kids, so what the heck. I just feel sorry for their children.


Dis much is true. I was done called "Most Likely to Succeed" by my grajeeatin high school klas and all, butcha know what, when dat dare doctuh told me my story bout my baby screaming for 6 ours after a bunch dem baby shots, bout my baby done stopped lookin me in my eye, my baby done stop coo'in back to me and all, well dat lady doctor brush me off, said dat was nuttin but "anecdotal". I said, shit, I'ont know what "anecdotal" mean but shit, guess I musta been wrong or sumthin.

MF's, I mean MD's they all smaht and stuff, gwoin to collech fo evah. I musta been wrong. Still, I spect dem baby shots to blame. personally. but Iain't goin tell dat doctah dat no mo. She already think I's stupid.

Katie Wright

gosh I am so sorry Bendetta. I meant no offense regarding people from the south. Listen, I am a New Yorker and you should hear the accents around here. I did not use misspellings as a put down to southern people. I just attempted to portray a garden variety person with bad grammar and not a lot of formal education- the kind of people Stotto seems to believe we are. Thanks to everyone for your comments, I had a lot of laughs reading them.

CT teacher

The arrogance of doctors never ceases to amaze me!

Mary W Maxwell

Poor Stoto.


Re; Vaccine storage ABC report

What does a typical multidose vial of vaccine cost ?? $300 to $1,500 ??? Do they get a refund from pharma for unused vaccines ? I would doubt it.

What would the Dr. say to a nurse who threw out a few thousand dollars worth of vaccines without permission ?

Seems like most doctors investigated had expired vaccines on the shelf, who do you suppose would get those ??? I would suppose you could transfer an outdated vial to a unexpired vial and have no problems. golllie... shizzammm !


You'll all be happy to know that they know what causes autism in fish:

"Low levels of antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs in water supplies can trigger the expression of genes associated with autism – in fish at least.

....Although the researchers had expected the drugs might activate genes involved in all kinds of neurological disorders, only 324 genes associated with autism in humans appeared to be significantly altered. Most of these genes are involved in early brain development and wiring...."

Donna K

In response to the point Carolyn M brought up, i the text of the story at ABC we learn that "Nationwide, about 44,000 offices and clinics participate in the program." That is referring to the VFC (Vaccines For Children) program. Dr. Besser went on to state that the VFC program covers about 90% of the children in this country, so that leaves a very small number of vaccinators out of this loop. He suggests doctors check up on their nursing staff to make sure they are following proper storage protocol. So this leaves the door open for the doctors to lay blame on their nursing staff for the negligence.

At the very least, Anne Schuchat, CDC, is establishing a mental preconception that the whooping cough outbreaks are the result of DTaP vaccines made ineffective through improper vaccine storage/handling (when in practice the DTaP just doesn't provide immunity). Risk/benefit argument goes right out the window here.


Interesting....telling parents who believe that their children were harmed by vaccines that they are stupid is taken with as much disgust and insult as treating someone from the south like they are stupid, simply because they are southern. Kinda makes a "Rebel" out of you doesn't it?

I grew up at the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains, in North Georgia, surrounded by Scots/Irish Rednecks....not really Hillbillies (there is a difference believe it or not). I was known as the "smart kid " snob in my family because I graduated from college, moved to the big city, THEN to New England, where I worked in Public Affairs for a large investment firm. Despite my "snobby, city ways", as some in my family would say, I can tell you this... rednecks and hillbillies are full of common sense and they have no trouble smelling a rat, especially a government rat. They do not trust government for a second. They don't want government in their business and they know they can do just fine on their own if the government will just stay out of their way. Doesn't really sound so "unsophisticated" does it? Actually, they embrace being unsophisticated but don't appreciate being treated like they are stupid.

I say AAP, CDC, and the shills can just keep it up. This sort of attitude and BS propaganda will do nothing but turn salt-of-the-earth folks with common sense off. Just tell a redneck or hillbilly they aren't smart enough to understand something and watch them thumb their noses right in your face.


Do you recall when Dr. David Tayloe, of the AAP, said on Larry King he had NEVER made a VAERS report in decades of practice? I sure do. It spoke volumes to the fact that peds are taught to deny reactions, turn a blind eye and obfuscate with parents = otherwise how the hell could they sleep at night?


I wouldn't worry about what Dr Stoto says, he wouldn't recognise a reaction if it were to "bite him on the arse!"

My own doctor didn't recognise my son having a reaction, according to him this was normal!

"You often wonder!"

Elizabeth Gillespie

Maurine Meleck

You have no credibicelebicy because you lick a degree in
medilsome. And further more, you're unsofisorchestrated because your brain is lacking the medusa. Listen to the folks with hubrew and follow them and follow them like a lost puppyrotsee.

Besides Destoto is the discoverer of Paul Misfit.


That is so very nice and sweet of you to worry - thankyou for your kindness.

No, I am not bothered by it. As a matter of fact any time that someone acts like they know more than me about a vaccine injury; I usually jest in the very same way.

The people of my area are well traveled; and I am proud of them.

But my point was, that I had only moved 75 miles away to the Louisville, Kentucky area and I could have easily hide my accent - all I had to change was the soft (I) - and goodness knows I have heard all my kin that come back speaking with a hard (I)-- but we make fun of them too for changing! : )

But to have a doctor pick rattlesnake worship as a subject once I just finished my say - and I had plenty to say that night ---- well you cannot make this stuff up -- it would take too much imagination!

But again thank you Christine for your kindness, and concern.

Carolyn M

I should add that I also doubt that the Department of Defense will ever admit to being involved in any way in causing vaccine injury.

Carolyn M

If the CDC were to try to use pediatricians as a scapegoat for vaccine injuries - and I wouldn't put it past them - then they could run into a problem. The article stated that the inspections were done of the offices of doctors who participate in the program that provides vaccines to children of low-income families. Other doctors' offices apparently were not inspected. If all pediatricians are blamed, then the ones who were not inspected can claim to have properly stored vaccines all along. This could lead to a schism in the medical establishment, as the AAP would undoubtedly defend its membership. A bigger issue, however, is that not all children are given vaccines in pediatricians' offices. At least in the past, children of active duty military service members frequently received their vaccinations in military hospitals. Are they going to try to say that these hospitals did not properly store the vaccines? I doubt that the Department of Defense would sit back and let them make this accusation.

Bob Moffitt

Donna K .. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments:

"ABC's Dr. Richard Bessler chastised doctors for not properly storing their vaccines .. "they need to be taken out to the woodshed,". It's just my opinion but it looks to me like the CDC is now throwing the peds under the bus on vaccine safety"

I suspect they have no choice but to "throw pediatricians under the bus" because they have no explanation for the numbers of fully vaccinated children they KNOW succumb to whooping cough, chickenpox, mumps, etc.

What better way to explain the "failure" of the VACCINE .. THAN TO BLAME THE PEDIATRICIANS?

I also suspect improperly storing vaccines and administering expired vaccines are just the "tip of the iceberg" regarding the failure of pediatricians to exercise due diligence when adminstering the TEN MILLION vaccines that VAERS proudly boasts is given to children under ONE YEAR OF AGE IN THE U.S. .. EVERY YEAR.

How about pediatricians .. or .. their ever changing staff .. "mistakenly" giving children the "wrong vaccine" .. or .. giving children a "double dose" of a vaccine they ALREADY received?

The sad reality is .. NO ONE CARES .. especially the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) who incredibly believes that pediatricians will VOLUNTARILY report these types of routine mistakes every time a child shows signs of an "adverse reaction".

I hope Dr. Bessler .. who ended his commentary by emphatically stating that this is not the last we'll hear about this .. IS RIGHT.

Christine Thompson


Please do not take to heart all the "hill billy" parodies. I read your posts with great interest, as I do with one and all. I always appreciate the wicked sense of humor and wisdom in Katie's articles. Believe me, you cannot begin to imagine the fun you'd have with my California Girl meets Minnesota Nice with a dash of North Carolina Tar Heel accent. No wonder my son is non-verbal & my daughter has difficulty being understood! Perhaps I should participate in a research study linking multiple regional accents to autism. Lord knows they'll throw as much money as they can for those kinds of studies.

Ask just one question

Pediatrics seems to have been tossed in front of the onward march of marginalism.

Wake up, Peds.
First they said you should specialize in babies. Then they took away the time you needed to figure out babies. Then they told you how you should take care of babies in the 10 minutes they blessed you with. Then they told congress how to take care of babies. Then they told the drug stores how to take care of babies. Then they told the grocery stores how to take care of babies. They then told the schools how to take care of babies. Then they set up their idea of baby care in airports and malls. And now you are being blamed for not taking care of babies correctly by the same people who convinced you that you should specialize in babies, after which point you will no longer be trusted with babies. Tomorrow, your redefined, minimal-effort big pay job will be outsourced to the $8/hour lab techs with associate degrees working along side the $12/hour receptionists at the front desks at the big pharma offices. People being paid $8 an hour don't need to be "educated" at fancy resorts with all-inclusive perks.

Wake up, Peds. Your own organization has booked you on a sinking cruise - guaranteed posh and fun up until the sudden end. How long is it going to take before you realize they've prioritized your best interests just below that of the babies? The babies, at least, need to be kept alive to keep up a cash flow. And who, exactly, do you think is at the top of the list?

Adam M

Boy I tell you whut,

Shoot, da gum, all these saw bones is just too smart ta argue wit. I tried 'til I was worn down to a nub. I think it put quiver in der liver ta have so many simple folk assin so many queshuns though.

Donna K

It appears that not everyone at the CDC believes pediatricians know what they are doing either. In fact, if anyone watched GMA yesterday they saw Dr. Richard Bessler chastise doctors for not properly storing their vaccines and let's see, how did he put it, oh yea, "they need to be taken out to the woodshed," over this is what he suggested. He ended his commentary by emphatically stating that this is not the last we'll hear about this. It's just my opinion but it looks to me like the CDC is now throwing the peds under the bus on vaccine safety - by using the media to create the scenario that explains how their safe vaccines leave the manufacturers' oversight only to be mishandled by the doctors and thereby introduce quality and efficacy defects, that may result in adverse reactions. My guess is this is how they figured out how to protect their reputations, as well as the vaccine manufacturers, on the issue of vaccine safety and place the blame elsewhere now that they've lost control of the message of vaccine risk/damage.

Laura S

Add me to the peeple gobsmacked by this! I thought I was smurt, but I gradeated ferm high school ya know!

Can't keep that up for long. What I find most interesting about this, is that I feel much more "sophisticated" as a biomed mom, researching all the ways to recover my son, than I did as the college-educated, believe what the doctors say, vaccines can't possibly hurt children mom I was ten years ago. I realized over a few years with my "sophisticated" mainstream pediatrician that I knew a whole lot more about my son and how he reacts to diet and other interventions than he did, and that's why my younger kids go to one of them thar witch doctors. Kidding. Sort of. ;)


First of all Ann;
CDC is gettin scared -- and being the squirming lying political maggots they are they are blaming storage and putting it back into the ball park of the doctors. Hey doctors - get it - when it all hits the fan who are they going to blame?? You doctors the faithful minions who stood up and quoted stats to us parents as you bravely continued to vaccinate even a child that had Kawasakis and a swelled up left venticulaheart -- running temp of 105 and passing out - vaccinate it anyway. Because you docs really thought to do other wise would ruin your career. Meanwhile -- 30 years or so of not being stored properly who knew!!!!

Guys I have been put down for the last 30 years - and the hillbilly theme has never been far away.

I am from the south eastern part of Kentucky. Like that area I have a very soft I - I pronouce bike, Mike, like, tight, fight, bright, ice - with a soft sounding I.

That is the only difference in my dialect and that of the Louisville area --- they say everything else just like me -- dog -- dawgh.

My son at 13 years old has a full blown, falling down jerking tonic clonic grand mal seizure. I have moved heaven and earth to get him to a neurologist aand fought my peds and every one says it is fine. It is well over five minutes. I finally get him in the car and go to the emergency room. Just me and him at home at the time; his father is way up in Michigan and my daughter was a college.

I am so upset about all this going on and on and on and not being able to get on with our lives or know what we are dealing with - I can't even get the car parked at the ER. I will admit now that I was hesterical and told the whole sorry mess to the ER doc.

TI told him I wanted to go to Lexingtion to the University of Kentucky - that I was finished with all the Louisville docs, and I ask him how I could get in there with out a reference by my dumb ass peds.

The ER doc is kind and he is nice and he is not all that mean to me as I have had docs be. But he did comment on my accent and said he knew from that alone I was from Eastern Kentucky.

I said that was true.

He says they have church services a lot up there with rattlesnakes don't they. He starts entertaining the nurse with stories of what he has heard about snake worshippers.

Okay - I have been there. The nurse was very kind though and the next day when my son had to have an MIR and became very ill and dizzy afterwards she was there - on her own - not her duty or her area and gave him a cool wet cloth for his forehead.

the ER doc - also - I am pretty sure by my son's ped's reaction - called them up and told them that more should be done and looked into for these seizrues. So they made us an appointment - I thought with Univerisity of Kentucky - but being the hill billy I was and really ignorant - when I got out in their hall to the receptionist and out of their sight - I found we were being sent back to the same dumb ass pediatic neurologist as before.

I suspected he was some close friend of theirs trying to keep the lid on their big mess up of me begging them to pay attention to my son's past vaccine reactions.

And Dr. Block - I will name you hear. You well knew why my daughter had Kawasakis - that was what that conversation we had and you asked me if I knew why she had had Kawasakis. You could have told me - you could have done the right thing and told me that she should never have any more vaccines.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Please listen to the ABC News story out yesterday:

Are Doctors Improperly Storing Vaccines?

ABC: "The country's vaccine supply is not being protected as it should be. ...Federal inspectors found that 75% of the doctors' offices and clinics they inspected had refrigerators that were either keeping the vaccines too cold ...or too hot, conditions that robbed them of some, and in many cases, all of their power to prevent disease."

Dr. William Schaffner from Vanderbilt U: "Clearly doctors' offices need to be re-educated about exactly how vaccines need to be handled."

ABC: "At your next vaccination visit, the CDC says, it's a good idea to ask the doctor how his or her vaccines are stored. They'll know about the problem. The CDC today sent out warnings to state public health agencies and doctors around the country, reminding them of the importance of storing vaccines at the right temperatures."

SO Dr. Stoto...if doctors don't even know how to store vaccines--why should we believe that they'd about able to recognize a vaccine reaction?

Anne Dachel, Media

Anne McElroy Dachel

"Parents are not sophisticated" enough to recognize a vaccine reaction?

So doctor, what would you call it when a healthy 10 year old girl goes into non-stop seizures, like my daughter did, after the Hep B series? She was still seizing when the ambulance got her to the hospital. Everyone stood around clueless, of course. They did brain scans and tests. Nothing conclusive. She had periodic seizures for the next four years. It happens--we don't know why.

Remember this FOX News story from Sept, 2010?

Marc Siegel was discussing the link between vaccines and autism with Becky Estepp:

FOX News medical expert, Dr. Marc Siegel: "We don't really know what the cause is, but multiple studies ...did not show a link between vaccines and autism. We continue to study that. A lot of attention has been put on that. The question of thimerosal as derivative--that's actually been removed from the MMR vaccine. ...There's a question about this, but there's been no proof shown. No cause and effect. ..."

Becky Estepp: "First of all, Dr. Siegel, the MMR vaccine never had thimerosal in it. That's a live virus and thimerosal would have killed the MMR. So that was wrong. ..."

Siegel: "More study needs to be done. Even if an association ever is found, that's not proof. We do need more study, but we need studies on a lot of environmental toxins that could be linked to autism."

I seriously doubt most doctors would recognize a vaccine reaction if a child dropped over in their office five minutes after receiving a round of shots.

Anne Dachel, Media

kathy blanco

if you go on Medline, Oops, I mean, the real science pages, you can see that rats given some vaccines never react in three days, it's like day ten to fourteen. Somehow I think the VAERS people knew this (who was written by pharma neocons) My son on day eleven reacted to DPT, with high pitch screaming, convulsions, fever of 106 (how is that possible, I must be dumb or something?) because that what was measured in ER. Phenobarb given. I asked them, he just had his shots. The ER guy WHISPERED in my ear, this seems like a vaccine reaction. I guess I was DREAMING when he said that or was in a coma or something? Or I was stupid, because the words really were, VACCINE REACTION. This was not charted on notes, however it was charted extreme reaction to vaccine. Extreme, vaccine injury, what's the diff? But if I go to VAERS, they will shoot me down in monkey court (now thirty years later, justice for my son). I guess I was imagining too, his gait went funny, he propped his head funny from therin out, and started to have minutia seizures. Then he lost speech, and eye contact. I must have been a real stupid mom to think the white coats had my best interest at heart.

JoeBob's Momma

I took my baby in for a hole mess of those baby shots and afterwords, he was just a screamin' and a whoopin' and a hollerin' all hours of the nite an day. He got reel reel hot too. I used one a those feever measurin' sticks and them numbers shot up way way hi...higher'n I could even count. His little head done swolled up like a watermellin too. I ask the Doc if this weren't maybe on accounta them there shots but he said no, that my baby was probly just spoil't. He said to keep givin' a bunch of them pink medicin drops, that heck, I cain't spell it but it's somethin' like aspern. And by gawd, he was rite. My baby did finally qwiet down. He got reel reel qwiet. Heck, he's a teenager now an' he cain't even hardly talk a'tall. But Doc says that's on accounta boys talk alot later'n girls do. I never even new that! Boy, them docs shure are smart. Must be on accounta all them years a collige.


they think r genes is much inbreeding (cue the banjos)


And when the old doctors are giving advice to new doctors --Their biggest advice is and always has been for years is "listen to the parents"


Yes, God knows that only those with M.D. after their name are intelligent. Those of us with a B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., Ph.D., etc. following our name are complete ignoramuses. We should not even have bothered to go to high school and then maybe on to college or university. Stupid us, but then how could we know that the only education that matters is medical school if we are “not sophisticated” like him? I find it interesting that he used that choice of words. Sophisticated as defined by is highly complicated or developed : COMPLEX OR having a refined knowledge of the ways of the world cultivated especially through wide experience. If there is anything we parents have knowledge of is the “ways of the world.” Like how it is run by big corporations who have no regard for individuals, especially children. Or, how the world does not give a damn about our sick children. I would say by those standards, with what we have learned and endured from the world, we as a group are pretty damn “sophisticated.” What a schmuck! Schmuck as defined by M-W is JERK!

Christine Thompson


I'ma clacking away on ma letter-thingy-whatsit an am plum worn' out. Any guud saw bone an potion man cin tell you there inn't no bad reashuntion to all dem thar jabs. It just mus be what yer namin tham sweet babes, or yer ol man is an ol' man, or you done ate too muchin fuud, or... wait, uh, i recollect it about were the road is in relashuion to yer homestead, or you an yer fellah got too durn eduicated and diseased yer wee ones,

jus' drink the tylenol fer all yer feverous reactuion to them childrens vacactionations. oh, dang it... don't takin that hurt the little ones to? It jus' too hard fer me to figure anymore.

jus' don woory yerself none. what's done has been already did. Like all them real imoprtant fellars with them lambskin degrees say, they done know and ain't got no way ta know all the thangs they do and doesnt know about.

An' it wus right kinda a ya to post my family picture. At least I thank that's ma family... we all look kinda alike.


From the initial post to all the comments I love them all.


Michael A. Stoto, PhD, is a Professor of Health Systems Administration and Population Health. A statistician, epidemiologist, and health policy analyst, Dr. Stoto’s research includes methodological topics in epidemiology, statistics, and demography, research synthesis/meta-analysis and other analytical methods related to comparative effectiveness research (CER), community health assessment, risk analysis and communication, and performance measurement.

What this means is..... that Dr. Stoto has no idea of the cause of Autism which is now 100 times more common than polio in 1954.

"Sophisticated bankrupt HMO statistics" show little difference in Autism rates between those who had 27 vaccines and those who had 25 vaccines, therefore whatever the hell they inject into your infant is far beyond safe.

You simply have to believe the "science" and study after study....


Ya an I ges us ejicaters are stupid to, for thinkin wer seein more problems out in yonder skools. I gess its all in my head...


This doktor is obviously smerter than the rest of us craazy parents. I wish that I could have seen him when my youngun' was covered in large raised red inflammed patches the day after his mmr/chicken pox vaccines. I'm sure since he's a doktor, he would have been able to answer my questin as to what this was? I'm sure he wood have explaind it to me better than my doktor who said it was a "viral rash" having nothing to do with the previous dayz vaccines.


Add his ass to my old ignorant pediatrician's list of cronies. ....and I meant ignorant in the nicest way possible.


My daughter was hospitalized for seizures over a weekend, she had a vaccine that week. They wanted to do a lumbar puncture to try to figure out what was going on. I told them about the vaccines. The doctors told me that the reaction for that shot occurred between 7 to 10 days after, so it couldn't be that. Dumb me. I called the CDC when we got home. They stated that the reaction period was from the time of the shot, up to 7 to 10 days. So, the doctors are either so BRAINWASHED that they read it wrong, or they flat out lied.



DIdsha ask the smart doc to tell us folks what a one yur old babe would be doin ifin he wer hert so as we could no what to be seen? I meen, did he tell ya what he sees when he knows? Im certane that you have to go to the doctor skool to it a sekret? doz he just tuch the baby and he nos? Doe the babe talk to him? Im gessin the scremin the hoz down aint a smpton? I waz thinkin whn they stop talken that was a big sihn. but babe docs probably no babe talk from doc school so the babe tells em no hurt from shot.

Bob Moffitt

Stoopid us parents.

Yesterday, ABC Good Morning America reported:

"An "investigation" found that 76 percent of the providers stored the vaccines at temperatures that were either too hot or too cold. They also found that 13 providers stored expired vaccines along with nonexpired vaccines. In addition, they said they found that none of the providers properly managed the vaccines according to VFC program requirements."

Us unsophisticated nitwits should just keep our mouths shut .. and leave those very sophisticated doctors who are doing a hell of a job improperly storing and administering vaccines alone.

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