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Bismarck is Blind to the Autism Epidemic

Blinders ad-8x6Maybe the Bismarck (ND) Tribune is the most honest newspaper in the U.S. when it comes to acknowledging what’s happening to our children.  On a daily basis the mainstream media admits nothing when it comes to autism.  They’re not sure of the definition of autism. They don’t know if there’s really been an increase in the number of affected children.  (The one in 88 kids/one in every 54 boys could just be more better diagnosing.) And they certainly have no idea what's causing autism—except that it just couldn’t be the ever-expanding vaccination schedule.

Here’s where an article in the Bismarck Tribune really was outstanding.  Instead of pretending that autism has always been around—we just didn’t notice it, the June 6, 2012 article, Awareness walk for Autism,  made it clear that more and more kids are becoming autistic and that’s not about to change.

The subject of the story was the annual walk for autism to be held this coming Saturday and two things the reporter included really got my attention.  Jessica Claymore, a therapist at the Children’s Advocacy Center who works with autistic children, conceded that "the rise in the autism spectrum has caused a shift in professional diagnoses. In a few years they will treat autism as a part of human nature." 

In addition, we were told, The number of children with autism continues to rise, today the numbers are one in 88 but health professionals are estimating in another two years it will be one in 40.”

There was also the usual lack of any explanation for the soaring numbers. “The increase does not seem to follow a specific pattern or cause of why people develop the disorder.”

What was really frightening was the casual admission that there’s nothing we can do; autism has won.  We don’t’ know why it’s happening.  We can’t stop it.  We’d better just learn to live with a lot of sick and disabled kids.  Imagine if the subject were kids with measles or whooping cough.  Then there’d be alarm.  There’d be talk of prevention.  There’d be a call to action.  But for autism, there’s only hopelessness and helplessness.  I guess they’re having a walk because there’s nothing else they can do.

I posted a comment on the article saying, “This blind acceptance of autism makes no sense. Whenever we talk about autism, we're always talking about children with autism.

“We need to stop the epidemic. The one in 88 rate comes from studies of eight year olds, not eighty year olds. No one has ever shown us a comparable rate among adults and that simple fact should scare us all.” 

I hope it’ll get some people to question the points made in the piece. 

Few papers will ever publish a story like this.  Mainstream news outlets never project the numbers getting worse and they’re usually busy trying to downplay the current horrific rate. This story didn’t do that. The Tribune made it clear that when it comes to autism, we have surrendered.  Autism is going to consume more and more of our children and we’ll do nothing except watch the numbers get worse.  If, as the story announced, “in another two years it will be one in 40,” then should we assume that two years later it’ll one in 20?  Two years after that, will every child have an autism diagnosis and will being human  mean having autism?

One member of the autism community reacted to the story by saying that it “gives new meaning to the slogan, ‘Every Child By Two.’” 

Maybe instead of the title, “Awareness walk for Autism,” a better headline would have been, “Walking off a cliff for autism in North Dakota.”

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism. Subscribe to her news feed at AnneDachel.com.


 antoinette f.

Somewhat off topic, but I really wanted to share:

Had a family reunion this past weekend. Someone was a HUGE Alex Jones follower(he's a radio host/conspiracy theorist). Well, this person started talking about how Alex Jones believes that the government is creating diseases and situations that will lessen our population in the future. He was VERY detailed about how the government is doing all of this, but never mentioned autism.

When I mentioned how I believed that a few years down the line most of our men and some women will be "disabled" due to autism and not able to protect our country via military, police, fire, etc...much less procreate, they were stunned. We suddenly stood there with a massive connection on two very different levels. It was extremely frightening to say the least.


Thank you for the words of encouragement. THings aren't going the best at work right now either, but I have a new prospect on the horizon that will untie my hands as an activist if I manage to get it so keep your fingers crossed for me!


Dear Theodora,

I am so happy you are OK, and have the support of two good people. You are an incredible person! So glad to see you back here!


Today we drove in from the airport shuttle with a group of microbiologists who were attending a big conference in San Francisco. Of course, they wanted to talk about microbes, and I offered what I knew about good bacterial turning bad when the gut becomes permeable and bacteria migrates out into the blood stream ending up in such places as the brain where they can do damage. To the microbiologists this is standard fare. Of course, good bugs can go bad, good bugs in one place can be bad bugs in another place, and so on. There was no talk of vaccines but talk of other things that destabilize the immune system and its delicate balance of good/bad bugs. They talked of how chemo, antibiotics, and immune suppressing drugs tip the delicate balance. No talk of vaccines or multiple vaccines. I can't help thinking that the 1 in 88 is part of the microbe picture. We destroy the immune system of our children with multiple vaccines, create an imbalance in the immune system, autoimmune disease results, and in many instances the intestinal wall leaks as the immune system develops allergies to gluten or whatever. Good bugs shift to bad bugs and migrate freely out of the confines of the intestines into the brain. To the microbiologists this is old hat, but to the pediatricains it might as well be Greek (as in, they haven't a clue).


The parents will have to stop vaccinating for 5 years,
allowing their children to develop their body,blood brain barrier and immune system.Then we will have to see what the next step would be.Let the kids catch the infections,let the kids develop natural immunity.We have to put a stop to
this rising autism.
The kids immune system is hyper-stimulated and damaged.Auto-immune illnesses have also sky-rocketed.All
vaccines are need to be re-examined,all ingredients,all adjuvants need to go under the microscope by independendent researchers and this terrible situation MUST STOP.We need to start fresh and new.We need to get political and tell them,enough is enough,time to clean up the damage!!!

Carl Young (@whynotfathers)

surprisingly, most of the state of North Dakota is ignorant when it comes to services for Autism Spectrum kids. Our state has a surplus revenue in the coffers, and people have to literally beg for funding. The few places that work with our kids are over-worked and I fear on the path to burnout.


It seems to me that things will change when EVERY drug company vaccine job related vaccine company executive and vaccine developing chemist, every person elected to congress and the senate, every medical doctor, all medical reporting journalists and every environmentalist have children and/or grandchildren born to meet the new normal, "AUTISTIC!"


Theodora, welcome back and thanks for your comments! I am so glad you were able to get away from your abusive stepbrother. Keep up the fight. You are very courageous!


I wonder Elizabeth just what effect electro magnetic fields have on mercury deposits within the brain. Likely there is synergy going on , as in the MMR, evidence points toward it as a major cause of regressive autism, yet without tylenol, or a thimerosal shot given at the same time, or now the possibility of inactivated measles rather than live virus vaccine, the odds may well be in favor of safety. BUT, synergy, the additional environmental variables not factored in ,along with vaccines are causing regressive autism. We can look at all of these things, and more, separately, however, without vaccines very ,very few children experience regressive autism. In fact I've never met one! Perhaps, the gene crew, should take their small percentage of autism and look at it as a separate illness, while the victims of this new epidemic need to force the issue , that autism is not a psychiatric illness, rather a systemic reaction to environmental assaults including and beginning with vaccines.

Ivor Hughes

Just keep at them .. dont lose hope we are winning even if it is one doctor at a time .. victories won after such a hard fight are telling victories .. justice for the maimed !

Compensation for all of those affected.


It amazes me when people are like this, it's very sad.

Elizabeth Thode

Don't we get it yet? Its called: Leave No child behind. A devious marketing spin meant to deliberately disguise the true intent. The global destruction of our children. We need to do more then speak out and raise awareness. We need to STOP letting every school put cell phone antennas on their roof. Stop bathing our children in wireless computers, ipods, ect. When is the Autism community going to wake up? Wireless radiation multiplies the toxins, the candida, the heavy metals in the body. Why are you continuing to believe and trust your school officials on this dangerous technology? These are the same school officials who sanction vaccines, and who are ignoring the ever growing epidemic of autism. Don't you get it? They get MORE federal funding for their special ed programs...even if these programs do little to help the children.
Google: Barrie Trower and wifi.
Google: Magda Havas and cell phone radiation.
Google: Dr. Klinghardt and emfs.
Take off the blinders. This autism issue goes beyond vaccines.
Elizabeth Thode

Jeff C

Anne wrote:

"The Tribune made it clear that when it comes to autism, we have surrendered."

We as in society at large, and it's a shocking truth. We have not only surrendered against autism, but allergies, asthma, anaphylaxis (i.e. peanut allergy), Crohn's, irritable bowel, ADHD, celiac disease, diabetes, eczema, and a host of other chronic conditions that are now the new normal of childhood. Anyone with a hint of intelligence can see the underlying common denominator is an out of control immune system, yet the medical establishment continues to ignore it. (Or worse yet, sell us drugs to "treat" what they caused.) Their audacity boggles the mind.

The good news is many individuals continue to fight. Count me out of the "we've given up" crowd, along with all the warriors here, at DAN, at Autism One, those in the health freedom movement, the courageous MDs that push back against one size fits all schedules, along with every parent that ever questioned a pediatrician as to why an infant needs all these damn vaccines. Our numbers are growing as more and more realize that something is horribly wrong. That is why the other side is panicking, no longer dismissing us as the lunatic fringe but actively working to subvert our influence and pass laws limiting our freedom. It won't work, there are too many of us.

Thanks for your hard work Anne.


I never just ACCEPT anything. Even on my side of the spectrum, the lack of supports, understanding, and the incredible lonliness have driven them to seriously attempt suicide and parents come to me continously like I am some beacon of hope when alot of my own life seems to fall apart. Over the last few months after refusing to be around the pedophilic step brother who raped, beat, and tried to kill me from ages 6-16 I have been disowned by my family. If it wasn't for my wonderful boyfriend and his mother I would be without any help, and would likely regress.

These kids are being tortured (Judge Rotenberg Center), being ignored and disgarded (high fuctioning autism/aspergers), untreated or given all the wrong treatments (all along the spectrum) and we are told just to accept it? I don't think so! I will fight with everything I got in me to make sure people like me are noticed, that our plight is noticed for what it is. THIS IS A FING DISABILITY NOT A DIFFERENCE! I don't care if this hurts some of my fellow aspies feelings but it is far past time we start dealing in reality here. Because every time we don't, another one of our fellows gets hung out to dry and trys to kill themselves!

Sorry for the rant. I know it's been a very long time since I've been here but I have been through pure hell for a while now. On the good side, I managed to not have a complete breakdown! :) I won't just accept watching my brothers and sisters suffer and do nothing. I will put all my energy in developing programs for those like me who are already here with us to get them more integrated into society. And I will fight along side the parents to find a cause and cure. PERIOD!! Pharma and everyone else's scare tatics are futile where I am concerned.

Oh and hi everyone! I hope some of you remember me. Sorry for the rant again!


76% YEP that's the number we heard this week . 76% of vaccines were stored at higher temps than required, and of course expired vaccines were stored with current ones as well. DO NOT FEAR..this may make them weaker, less effective lalala..NO,NO, and NO they are again liars..it may just kill the LIVE vaccines, and once again give us the side effects of atypical measles! The measle virus in the "KILLED" state is a very dangerous vaccine.


Just saw my first "Get your Adult Pertussis vaccine shot" billboard today.

90% of adults are not up to date with this vaccine even if it works.

Why is there not a vaccine disclamer (like the cigarette packages) that STATE this is a LIABILITY FREE product and your doctor is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the quality of the vaccine or any damn side effects ???


yes there is something we can do we can start chemically testing what in our drugs and vaccines. Some of the flu vaccines for example could contain much higher amounts of Thimerosal than what is on the label.

What part of mass poisoning don't people understand? When elderly and children in Panama started dying and developing neurological problems after taking cough syrup a very sharp Panamanian physician became suspicious. He had cough syrup tested that the local health clinics had been giving out. Turns out it contained ethylene glycol (anti-freeze).

Many people were injured and killed and it would have continued had this doctor not had the cough syrup tested. It turns out the toxic cough syrup came from a factory in China who had deliberately mislabeled it as glycerine. The US gets 80% of the active ingredients in our drugs from India and China. 80%!!! So let's start testing.

More Info:

"The Panama Syndrome"- New York Times investigative video about a mass poisoning in Panama from fake toxic cough syrup imported from China.


"Dubai RX: Conduit for Fake Drugs"- NYT video


Read: "A Toxic Pipeline"-NYT


"Are We Sure Our Drugs Are Safe?" by John Dingell,CNN



What health officials are saying 1 out of 40?
Are they estimating from how fast it rose in the past few years?

South Korea - 1 out of 38 -- has anyone looked at thier vaccine schedules as well as the types of vaccines they are taking?

You can't mess with brains and not also have a lot of Virginia Tech shootings, face eating attacks, Amish girls shot in their school by a crazed man???????????????? Bizare stuff.

John Stone


There's nothing much more to say. Terrible, terrible.


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