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FelliniReaders familiar with the arts will immediately recognise the name Federico Fellini, a film maker who is regarded as one of the most influential in twentieth century cinema. It is less likely that they will be aware that he was born in Rimini, a coastal town situated on the Adriatic coast in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, an area recently hit by earthquakes causing much damage and loss of life. Fellini’s films were apparently influenced by Jungian psychology resulting in cinematic works containing magical surrealist episodes. There was however nothing surreal about an event that took place in Rimini’s District Court House last month. The court ruled that a child had become autistic as a direct result of vaccination. The vaccine concerned was none other than MMR. The after-shocks emanating from this decision will stretch much further than the tremors of the recent local tectonic stress and will already have reached the legal departments of some of the world’s most powerful pharmaceutical companies.

Some years ago in the UK almost 2,000 parents reported the self same adverse outcome for their child; ‘autism following MMR’, only to have their legal aid removed by the Legal Services Commission shortly before a court decision could be reached. The presiding judge at the tribunal in 2007, Mr Justice Keith, emphasised that “it was the funding issues rather than the merits of the case, which had driven the decision not to allow the claims to proceed: it is not because the court thinks the claims have no merit”. He added “Although this litigation has been going on for very many years, the question whether the claims have merit has never been addressed by the court”.

Over the following days, months, and years the UK media-- hand fed by various public health bodies- -insinuated that the parents had actually lost their case and that there were no grounds for further speculation on a connection between MMR vaccination and autism. The parents of the damaged children were soon to find out that their legitimate claims for compensation would be misrepresented ad nauseam until the very suggestion of an MMR/autism link became regarded in the public eye as preposterous.

The gross injustice done to the parents of MMR damaged children in the UK by the Legal Services Commission brings shame on us all. Today, the truth is there for all to see: MMR can cause autism.

A judgement in a small court room in Rimini may be the tipping point in what has been a lengthy and acrimonious debate.

Fellini said “Our dreams are our real life”. Hopefully the dreams of justice for parents of autistic children can now become real, and very soon.

Bill Welsh
Autism Treatment Trust


Raymond Gallup

The Italian MMR court ruling is very encouraging, unfortunately it probably won't change much in the US and other countries. Everybody knows the results of the Federal court case for the Theresa Cedillo family which was a travesty. Our son Eric like lots of other families were beyond the three year limitation to file with the Federal court, but I'm under no illusion that if a case could be developed for Eric that the result wouldn't be any different for our son than for the Cedillo family.

Even if the Cedillo family could have won the case, the money wouldn't bring back their daughter, nor for that fact anybody that has a child/adult with autism and were vaccine damaged. Research for treatments/cures for the vaccine damaged children/adults should be paramount but we all know the NIH, CDC and Autism Speaks will never do that. There are many small autism organizations that could possibly do that but I don't see that either.

So therefore I accept the fact that in my lifetime and Eric's lifetime, there will never be treatments or a cure to help him and others like him that are vaccine damaged. We have to realize to accept reality and know our limitations and deal with what life has dealt us as human beings. I do.


Bad typos. I meant hollow pain that went down my arm, fingers down through my legs. Samething happened after every time I got a booster shot, after which I would start my yoyo weight problem when teachers were asking if I were anxerexic. Anytone have anything similiar? Sorry for being a little off topic.


All I know, and I have a long and detailed memomory is I remember going into a small clinic when I was really young. I remember screaming and begging to not get the shot. I remember tham making me relax with a piece of candy and the dull, feeling, with a weird hollow like achel go down my arm all the down to my feet. COuld be normal for shots but I always found that rather suspect.


to Cherry Sperlin Misra

I live in San Diego. When my husband and I spot an autistic child they are about 10yo. We just came from a big summer fair - thousands of people - we did not spot one autistic baby or toddler. How can they keep the lid on this? I asked a Dr at UCLA, who was conducting a clinical trial for a drug for autism (turned out to be worthless for my daughter), about the fact that we no longer saw these young children with autism. His answer--- The numbers have not changed but they are now so good at early detection and treatment that they just blend in. Wow!!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Jenny Allen- Thankyou for your report of no autism seen prior to 1988 in UK schools. We need for more teachers like yourself to speak up. I was saddened this summer to sit at a table in the U.S. with some 40 year olds, talking about how autism was always around, even before the MMR and mercury laden vaccines increase circa 1985. It was obvious to me that in fact they were talking about the mild Aspergers cases which they had seen. They did not know what the moderate and severe cases are.Apparently, we have failed in getting the news out about what autism truly is.This kind of person actually believes that autism is a ticket to a highly paid job in Silicon Valley Now the medical -industrial complex is trying their best to muddle up the diagnosis of autism still further.
To Jenny and all- In India we had the measles vaccine prior to year 2000 and circa 2000 , more mercury laden vaccines were added to the pediatric schedule, and then some of the private doctors began using the flu and meningococcal vaccines (usually containing mercury). From 2003 -2004 I saw the real increase in autism symptoms and cases of severe autism appear in my nursery school and the wave of autism grew until it began to decline a few years back. There are two apparent factors for that and I am not sure of the exact time line for those as yet. One was pediatricians (some of them) changing to imported vaccines with less or no mercury and the other , more recent change is the introduction of Pentacel, a single vaccine which reduces the total quantity of mercury going into a child in the first months of life . If this trend continues, my fear is that doctors will quickly forget that the monster of autism ever existed and that creates a situation in which autism can re emerge with some new source . This hydra of autism needs to be nailed to the floor and ALL its limbs chopped off, or it will reemerge with new tentacles in the future.
Regarding the effect of the MMR, my own opinion is that it usually causes autism in children who already have a large quantity of mercury in their brain ; but that is strictly an opinion.
Those of you who have the time- I very much urge you to go to the website of CoMeD- Committee for Mercury-free Drugs. CoMeD is currently fighting a very important battle to stop the UN from continuing to allow mercury in vaccines in the third world and CoMeD needs your support. I refer to this as an epic battle because I am sure that the pharma companies fear what we know will happen: Without mercury in the vaccines, autism rates and incidence will plunge worldwide. All those organisations promoted by Autism Speaks will be left with their piles of ABA literature unused except by a few parents who eat a great deal of fish or have other exposures to mercury.
Autism is still rising you think? Spend a few days sitting in parks and malls in Silicon Valley, my friends. Try to spot even one child of less than 6 years of age with autism. If you do, I guarantee you that child has been vaccinated abroad or was a victim of the swine flu vaccines or fish mercury, and yes, perhaps an MMR to kick start the disorder.


To Carol : "In the future will a French court be ruling in a similar vein to the Rimini court?" : being French, I will say the probability is 0 .

to For Fever : thank you !

Jenny Allan

To enlarge on your post, my two daughters were vaccinated with what was at that time, a new addition to the UK child vaccine schedule, single measles vaccine.

My elder daughter received the measles vaccination from our then family doctor in 1968. He warned us that she might become 'fractious' and develop a rash after a few days. She was and she did!! However, now in her forties, she has never had measles.

I presented my younger daughter for the same vaccination eighteen months later, but this time the doctor refused to vaccinate. He said he'd had more trouble with the vaccine than he'd had from the wild measles!! Shortly after this one of the two measles vaccines in use was withdrawn for 'safety precaution' reasons. I was unhappy with this situation, so instead presented my younger daughter for her measles vaccination at the local 'baby clinic', rather a badly run place at that time.

When she was three years old my younger daughter caught wild measles. It was a bad dose. I was later told by a medical friend that vaccinating for a virus results in more serious cases of infection. I have always blamed the 'dolally' organisation at the baby clinic for not properly storing and monitoring the vaccines.


From what I understand, the evidence was that the single shot given in the sixties caused atypical measles, leading to hivelike rashes, pneumonia, hearing loss, and in some cases crohns. It's believed that ONLY that killed virus vaccine could cause such problems , yet some have experienced identical issues after the mmr. Could this be a result of the storage problems, the live viral vaccines are being "killed"??
The answer to the problem for the kids vaccinated with the killed vaccine was to give them live vaccine, it failed to protect them. The answer to providing mumps titers was to give the second mmr, it failed as well. It's more than very likely that mmr plays a huge part in the development of the epidemic of the new autoimmune disease, autism. jmo


Thank you Bill Welsh - along with many others I too hope that sometime the 'dreams of justice' will become real. It's astoundingly arrogant of Ann Milton to issue a four-sentence statement dismissing the Italian case, and believe that the issue is over and done with. It's not - not by a long shot. But it illustrates very clearly how the UK establishment handles public dissent. Show the public a brick wall and it will go back to it's kennel? No it won't. Not ever.
Fortmer SCience chief Peter Fletcher gave us fair warning as to how difficult this battle would be.
"He said he has seen a "steady accumulation of evidence" from scientists worldwide that the measles, mumps and rubella jab is causing brain damage in certain children.

But he added: "There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the safety of MMR and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves.""
So we fight on.


But Rimini is a "small town," as one pharma-backed website points out, a small *Italian* town. More nonsense, obviously, from people who can't win a war or mass produce a decent car. Then my mind slid to the Italian bad-guy bumblers in _Madagascar 3_. Oddly, they were led by an evil Frenchwoman, her gigantic ass waving in the air as she crawls on all-fours sniffing the ground like a dog. It's the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen in a movie--overtly sexual, gratuitous, bizarre. Why is she French? Why is her cohort Italian? My kid has only the vaguest ideas about either of those countries. Then I remembered that Merck is using Madagascar 3 characters to market Claritin. Connection?

In the future will a French court be ruling in a similar vein to the Rimini court?

Joan Campbell

Bill Welsh has been very instrumental in getting his message across about the injuries our children have received from the medical establishment who have allowed this practice to go on for far too long. The pharmaceutical companies do know what they are doing to our kids, shame on them. We the parents, grandparents etc will not take this without a huge fight.

Jenny Allan

Meryll Nee said:-
"The rate of Autism in the UK started to rise in the late seventies after the introduction of single measles in 1970"

Could you provide a link to your evidence for this please Meryll? My understanding of the measles vaccine situation in the UK is that Crohn's Disease showed an unexpected increase, after single measles vaccines were introduced around 1967-68. Two of my daughters' 'peers' developed Crohns, quite a high number, and we don't know about other children living in the same area. Both Crohns sufferers previously had single measles vaccinations as had my two daughters.

One of these young persons with Crohn's Disease was involved with the research which Dr Andrew Wakefield was undertaking at the Royal Free Hospital in London during the 1980's. Dr Wakefield's 'card was already marked' after DOH persons 'leaned' on his employers to have this research stopped, well before the UK introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1988. Dr Wakefield, during his lectures about MMR vaccine, autism and bowel disease, produces graphical proof of the huge increases in autism cases in the UK post MMR vaccine introduction.

As a teacher in the 1980's I worked in many UK schools and cannot remember a single case of autism pre 1988. Post 1988, it was a different story with ADHD and autism cases in every classroom.

For Fever


This was reported in the Financial Times 9 June 2007:

Meryll Nee

The gross injustice Mr Welsh writes about is to all vaccine damaged children not just MMR. The rate of Autism in the UK started to rise in the late seventies after the introduction of single measles in 1970.After that more and more vaccines introduced and surprisingly Autism rates increase.

John Stone

Well said Bill. The UK's Minister for Vaccination (yes we have a vaccine minister) Ann Milton has now told parliament:

"In March a judge presiding over a case in Rimini Italy made a decision to award compensation to the parents of a nine year old boy on the basis that a vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) had caused autism. This decision reflects the opinion of a judge on the specific facts of this single case and should not be seen as a precedent for any other case. The safety of MMR has been endorsed through numerous studies in many countries, and no causal link between MMR vaccine and autism has been established. There are no plans to undertake further research nor to change MMR immunisation policy as a result of this Italian court decision."

But of course as she and her advisers know the judge had no choice given that the expert opinion was not opposed, and significantly not by the Italian health ministry, who presumably just hoped no one would notice.



"The presiding judge at the tribunal in 2007, Mr Justice Keith, emphasised that “it was the funding issues rather than the merits of the case, which had driven the decision not to allow the claims to proceed: it is not because the court thinks the claims have no merit”. He added “Although this litigation has been going on for very many years, the question whether the claims have merit has never been addressed by the court”." : would you reference these sentences from Mr Keith ? Thank you in advance .

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