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Autism One: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Dr martha herbertBy Julie Obradovic

I sat in the ballroom scrolling through my phone. It was at least another twenty minutes before the keynote, but I was afraid if I got up, I wouldn’t get a good seat. Instead, I kept my butt planted where it was and re-read my notes from Dr. Martha Herbert’s presentation on the brain. I then picked up my phone.

“Autism is not a tragedy,” Dr. Herbert stated emphatically. “It’s a catastrophe.”

She emphasized “catastrophe” and repeated herself a few times. This was in response to an audience member’s question about ADHD and learning disabilities and all of the other things plaguing our children.

Her words struck me deeply. I clicked on my Facebook application and put them as my status. Here was a pediatric neurologist from Harvard telling us what we’ve done is catastrophic, and yet, some outspoken critics would have you believe everything is just fine. It was one of many head shaking moments over the weekend.

Not long after, I thought I saw someone staring at me. I was right.

“Are you Julie?” asked this bubbly, smiley, very pretty woman. She seemed a little embarrassed and then introduced herself.

“I swear I’m not a Facebook stalker!” She apologized. “I just recognized you from your picture and wanted to say hello!”

We greeted one another and she moved closer so we could catch up. Facebook, we agreed has created this new phenomena where you can really get to know someone virtually…all about their family, their life, their jobs…but pass them right up in the hallway. I’m sure I walked right by a number of people I correspond with daily.

For several minutes we talked about our kids. How old is your child? How is he/she doing? What have you tried? What doctor are you seeing? Is anything working? It’s the standard “get-to-know-you” conversation in the biomed world.

When Jenny came out, we finished our chat and she moved back to her seat. We hoped to see each other again and went about our day.

Sometime that night I saw a nasty article already on the Internet about Autism One. To start the conference, there was one slamming it and The Chicago Sun Times. Now to end it, there was one slamming it and the parents who attend.

A blogger, who hadn’t attended the conference, but instead was regurgitating another blogger (who hadn’t attended the conference either), wrote an entire article about the inability to “bleach” the Autism out of a child. She was referring to MMS, a treatment being used for gut problems in some children that hadn’t even been presented yet. It was on schedule for the next morning.

It struck me as really odd that something most people at the conference didn’t even know much about had already been completely scrutinized by people who seem loathe the mere idea of medically treating a child with Autism (with anything but pharmaceuticals, apparently). It seemed obsessive and premature, to say the least, and it was eerily reminiscent of what happened with other interventions in the past.

But mostly, the article irritated me for its tone. The author’s message was clear: parents who try these treatments are gullible, dangerous, and/or don’t love their children, and the people who pass them off are snake oil salesmen.

Things like this used to make me really angry. It’s so damn insulting. I would craft long, thoughtful responses only to end up in a comment war with some coward who won’t even use his/her own name. I don’t have the time or patience for that non-sense anymore, nor do I feel the desire to defend myself anymore. My child is recovered. The results speak for themselves.

Still, it bothers me that these kinds of articles get out there and discourage other parents from trying to help their child. Anti-biomed folks always seem to forget that no one is claiming to have the cure for Autism. We simply know it’s a medical problem, not a mental one, and from there, are trying to piece together protocols that could help. (Protocols that primarily and overwhelmingly revolve around using an MD, vitamins, supplements, oxygen, antioxidants, healthy food, antifungals, and digestive enzymes.)

Some things work; some don’t. But for the very community that spent decades telling the world Autism was the result of unloving mothers (and has never apologized for that either); that still hasn’t developed a simple standard of care for Autism; and that still can’t decide if it’s an epidemic or not, let alone how to properly define or diagnose it…I’d say they have a lot of nerve criticizing anyone.

Anyway, I tried not to let the blogger get to me, but admittedly, a number of times I found myself gritting my teeth thinking about how stupid she makes us sound. I wondered if she has the same disdain for chemotherapy or radiation, or say, injecting neurotoxins into children, as she does for over-the-counter chelators developed sixty years ago precisely for heavy metal poisoning in children? Does she harbor the same concern for psychotropic medications that cause boys to grow breasts as she does for a sauna?

I also wondered if she considered Dr. Martha Herbert, MD a snake oil saleswoman. (You know, that pediatric neurologist and author from Harvard who presented on the brains of children with Autism?) Is she full of baloney?

And what about Dr. David Lewis, Ph.D., whistle-blower extraordinaire, who discussed the fate of honest researchers who rock the boat? Is he full of it?

And when Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, MD, author, father of an affected child, and frequent television guest with Jenny McCarthy, was kind enough to talk to me for twenty minutes about how to address IQ loss in our children, was he just yanking my chain?

And when Luc Montagnier, NOBEL LAUREATE, presented on microbes in the guts of our children, was he just there for the fun of it? Did he just pull a fast one on us?

Of course, not.

The fact is Autism One is loaded with good people, good parents, and great doctors who are willing to suffer personal attacks in order to make progress in the medical treatment of our very sick kids. With almost no money from our government and very little from private funding they have made more of a dent than everyone else combined. To add insult to injury, they then get harassed for it.

Frankly, I don’t know what the blogger’s problem is, but to make that sound evil…to frame it as some sort of unwillingness to accept my child…to disingenuously portray what is we’re doing and why…is for me, reprehensible.

On Sunday, my husband and I made sure to get up and out the door early enough to hear all about MMS. It was not something I had really thought about trying until that article intrigued me. We found our seats and sipped our coffee while we waited.

Sure enough, two rows in front of me just like the day before sat my new Facebook friend. We laughed at the coincidence and once again caught up on our children and the things we had learned over the last twenty-four hours. It was then I asked her what she did for a living.

“Oh, I’m a doctor,” she laughed at the unspoken understanding of why that was funny.

“You’re a doctor?” I responded surprised. “An MD?” I clarified.

“Yes, an MD,” she nodded.

“That’s awesome!” I said cheerily. “Do you mind me asking how you ended up here? Or how your colleagues feel about what you’re doing?” I could talk to her all day about this. I’m fascinated at the doctor-parent perspective.

“Well, I have to tell you, it isn’t easy,” she sighed. “Most of them roll their eyes at me.”

“And how about for you personally?” I pressed on. “I can’t imagine coming to terms with any of this is easy. I always think about how this must be for doctors. I really can’t imagine how it would feel.”

“Thank you for saying that,” she replied genuinely. “It’s really hard sometimes to be a parent and a doctor in all of this. Reading Facebook posts and blogs can be rough. We’re not bad people. We’re not evil. We just don’t know. We’re not trained to treat these kids. We’re not taught this.”

She continued, “I remember crying calling my husband last year telling him I felt so schizophrenic. Everything I was learning happened to my child went against my training in medical school. It was traumatic.”

“I would imagine so,” I tried to sympathize. “How did you rectify that then? I mean, how did you finally decide to choose this path?”

“Oh, I saw what the MMR did to my child,” she stated very matter of fact, almost like I had asked her a trick question. “The only thing I had to choose was how I was going to fix it.”

And so she came to Autism One to learn.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.







MMS sounds wonderful! Its really nice to hear that the parasites are visible to even us parents who pharma and the shill scientists can't dismiss so easily now!!!

Since we know the worms and can see them though we must have studied them. Do we have more information from the research? Where do they come from? Personally I've always been more of a fan of prevention and can't wait to see where the research goes from for here so we don't lose another generation of children to becoming souless train wrecks. Has any of the autistic research started investigation into these worms so we know what they are?

Managing Editor

It's good to have dialog on MMS and other prospective products for treating the medical illnesses that are co-morbid with the behavioral diagnosis of autism. A few years ago there was a protocol with a type of parasitic worm that was helping repair the gut in some children. Stem cell treatments are controversial. I was raked over the coals in The Trib a couple of years ago for giving my children a product that was working quite well for them - my apple cider vinegar bottle is loaded with Bible verses which I find to be a bit odd. A friend's 4 year old is about to embark on chemo and radiation for a brain tumor - which we know will kill most of his body if not kill the poor child himself. We prioritize based on risk, lack of other choices and yes, a deep need to help our kids. Not every family used Secretin or chelation - not every family will use MMS. AofA isn't endorsing the protocol or slamming it - just providing perspective via one of our wonderful contributors.


I think there's a limit in what you can do while "trying to help your child". Some things just cross the "child abuse" border.

You cannot just experiment anything, not when the risk you're taking are obvious, while the "treatment" effect are not.
And yes, it's obvious : MMS was shown to cause impaired thyroid function, neurological impairment, and death at fairly low doses (equivalent to 2 to 5 drops of MMS) in rat.
The "protocol" you're speaking about is basically upping the dose as high as you can.
And the worse is that there isnt't a single credible mechanism which could link MMS to autism.

I've read well documented stories from a father who gave high doses of MMS to his non-verbal autist child for more than one year, and who couldn't understand why he was having stomach problem as soon as the "treatment" was stopped. Well, that's awe inspiring. Off course, if you ingest a strong disinfectant during many month, your intestinal flora will be completly messed up, and it'll be hard to stop disinfecting.

And that's a petty issue compared to what the children who took MMS could suffer in a few years. Will they have thyroid impairement ? Will they have cancers due to the amount of oxidants they took ? Will they have dangerous nutritional deficiencies due to a completely messed up intestinal flora ?
That's so many risks, for such a vague hope !

Ask just one question

The term miracle cure doesn't make me raise an eyebrow in this case. After all, the only reason the phrase would even be used is because allopathic medicine and psychiatry have been so persistently trying to convince everyone in the world that autism is incurable. Obviously if the problem is incurable, the solution MUST be a miracle. Simple logic.

Unless of course their premise is wrong, and autism IS curable.
In which case "miracle" might be a bit over the top and the term remedy might be a better description.

But boy, if I seemed to have found a solution to a problem that everyone said was unsolvable, could you really blame me if I played a bit fast and loose with the word miracle?

I am not sure Fielding's asking the right final question, which in my head is "What is so drastically different in the bodies of the children with the worst of the worst autism cases, which have been so unresponsive to treatment in the past, that they would actually be IMPROVING from a solution that might possibly be risky for the average healthy individual. These kids have turned science and medicine on end time and time again, maybe the solution will be found in an equally puzzling corner of science.

Who knows, when someone investigates these cases, this subgroup of kids - maybe then we'll find the very source of the stream that trickles to the creek that flows to the river that so quickly became an ocean of sick babies.

Fielding, I'll take your concession on vaccines, but let's see what is behind this claim before we dismiss it because of why it "should" be wreaking all sorts of harm. Humans have been wrong in the past and there is no reason not to examine this path more fully. Unless, of course, you prefer your earth flat.

First do no harm

Doctor and mother of autistic child:

“Oh, I saw what the MMR did to my child,” she stated very matter of fact, almost like I had asked her a trick question. “The only thing I had to choose was how I was going to fix it.”

Is this doctor speaking out about what the MMR did to her child? Is she doing anything in her own practice to minimize vaccine damage? Or is she just worried about saving her own kid?

"We’re not bad people. We’re not evil. We just don’t know. We’re not trained to treat these kids. We’re not taught this.”

But now she knows. In fact, plenty of doctors know. The "we're not trained" excuse is wearing thin. How will this catastrophe end if the doctors who know the truth don't make some noise?

I'm sorry this mom/MD has to endure some eye-rolling from other doctors. But that's nothing compared to what these kids are enduring.


Fielding says: "Large dose of skepticism is needed in this community."

Oh so true - .

But there is so much real science out there now - we have to guess some but really it is not as hard as it use to be.

I was even skeptical of Dr. Bernard Rimland. Rimland was just the beginning of putting the puzzle piecies together.

30 years ago, 20 years ago - even 10 years ago it was really hard to know who to trust. Today so many of the piecies of the puzzle have come together. Now, it would take an uncaring fool of a parent not to at least consider some things we (DO) know.

Because there are just too many piecies of the puzzle coming together - for a caring parent to ignore:

*A parent may think that there was no vaccine reaction - but with the internet --there are a lot of parents out there that are willing to tell what they witnessed, that another parent would have missed. There is a lot of information on the internet that also describes vaccine reactions do occur long after the vaccine is given.
No excuse for a parent not to look these up and consider.

*Kawasakis - changes lipid metabolism-- and research is showing it is atypicial Kawasakis (a type of vasculitis) that is going unrecognized in this mess to begin with. We even had a celebrity's son-- Jett Travolta that had Kawasakis; heart damage, autism and epilesy to help us make the connection.

*Hannah Poling's mitochondria was proven to be damaged by a vaccine- From her DOCTOR father's mouth. And he was kind enough to do it on national TV.

* This one is personal but it should account for something- My husband was dignosed with damaged mitochondria disease just like Hannah. The vaccine court is not talking, but with the internet it is easy to find someone willing to talk, and many are saying they have had muscle biospies performed on them. What else could they be looking for, if not oxidative phosphorylation (mitochondria disease or messed up metabolism)????

*Studies from good medical researchers like Cohen and Shoffner on mitochondria damages suggest that diet and certian supplements will help.

* We now have John Hopkins University with modern studies of diet - the Ketogenic diet with MCT oil, the modified Atkins diet, the low glycemic diet for epilespy-- which as we all know are now part of the symptoms of autism and the mitochondrial disease (both).Not only that but the big dogs of medicine are saying these diets could be helpful for autism, as well as alzeiheimers, vasculitites disease, and mitochondria diseases.

*There has been numerous good studies showing high levels of immunity in children with autism --- They are not hard to find. Scientic America has an article ever once in a while.

* Easy medical test are finding these kids are anemic - another part of the puzzle. Suggesting that they need B12 or iron, or something. All part of the metabolism too.

* Damn common sense says that if your kids is constantly getting ear infections, sinus infection, strep infections extra vitamin C and D might be useful. Maybe even a supplement that contains sulfur (which fights off bacteria and was of common use before antibioticss) like N aceytl cysteine.

*These are only a few of the puzzle piecies that are falling in place and what kind of caring parent -- of -- today -- would ignore them?

Fielding J. Hurst

Chlorine Dioxide is the important part of this discussion. Your copy/paste is on Sodium Chlorite. Chlorine Dioxide has been shown to cause impaired thyroid and kidney function, as well as cause neurological impairment.

Also, there is a big difference in killing external pathogens and ingesting it. Bleach kills the pathogens by poisoning them, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to ingest it.

WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THAT GOOD BACTERIA IN THE GUT PROMOTED BY OTHER BIO-MED TREATMENTS THAT WORK? CAN SOMEONE NAME ME A BLEACH RESISTANT GOOD BACTERIA? I spent a decade healing my daughter's gut issues that I can easily see undone quickly with this stuff.

If we can't agree that it's not a MIRACLE, can we at least agree that IT'S NOT A FRICKIN' MINERAL. SOLUTION, yes. At least a little truth in the name.

My favorite tidbit from the Archbishop Humble ... IT'S NOT REAL DIARRHEA! Thank goodness. Fake Pseudo Diarrhea is very good for you. It's a sign of a miracle in progress.

"Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting, that is not a bad sign. You are killing pathogens faster than your liver can process them for elimination. Therefore slow down the killing process. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. Everyone says that they feel much better after the diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for the diarrhea. It will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea will be gone. "


Whatever happened to the Mercury apologists, "The dose makes the poison?" Gone?

Naysayers trashed and got OSR removed from the market for it's origin as a waste water treatment before revision for human use by one of the nation's leading University chemists.

Fluoride was suggested as a pesticide early on.

And many FDA approved (and off label use) drugs today have known toxicity including death (e.g. chemo) and those who refuse it are considered the quacks.

From Wiki: The main application of sodium chlorite is the generation of chlorine dioxide for bleaching and stripping of textiles, pulp, and paper. It is also used for disinfection of a few municipal water treatment plants after conversion to chlorine dioxide.[1]:2 An advantage in this application, as compared to the more commonly used chlorine, is that trihalomethanes (such as chloroform) are not produced from organic contaminants.[1]:25,33 Chlorine dioxide generated from sodium chlorite is approved by FDA under some conditions for disinfecting water used to wash fruits, vegetables, and poultry.[2]

Sodium chlorite, NaClO2, sometimes in combination with zinc chloride, also finds application as a component in therapeutic rinses, mouthwashes,[3][4] toothpastes and gels, mouth sprays,[5] as a teat dip for control of mastitis in dairy cattle,[6] as preservative in eye drops,[7] and in contact lens cleaning solution under the trade name Purite.

Under the brand name Oxine it is used for sanitizing air ducts and HVAC/R systems and animal containment areas (walls, floors, and other surfaces).

Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals is investigating a drug that they refer to as NP001 for treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.[8] Some people with ALS have concluded that NP001 is a formulation of sodium chlorite, and are ordering the chemical and self-dosing outside of any scientific study. Preliminary results suggest that this sodium chlorite treatment is less effective than NP001.[9][10]
Chemical reagent

In organic synthesis, sodium chlorite is frequently used as a reagent in the Pinnick oxidation for the oxidation of aldehydes to carboxylic acids. The reaction is usually performed in monosodium phosphate buffered solution in the presence of a chlorine scavenger (usually 2-methyl-2-butene).[11]

Recently, sodium chlorite has been used as an oxidizing agent to convert alkyl furans to the corresponding 4-oxo-2-alkenoic acids in a simple one pot synthesis.[12]

Sodium chlorite, like many oxidizing agents, should be protected from inadvertent contamination by organic materials to avoid the formation of an explosive mixture. The chemical explodes on percussive impact,[13] and will ignite if combined with a strong antioxidant (reducing agent).

Sodium chlorite is a strong oxidant and can therefore be expected to cause clinical symptoms similar to the well known sodium chlorate: methemoglobinemia, hemolysis, renal failure.[14] A dose of 10-15 grams of sodium chlorate can be lethal.[15] Methemoglobemia had been demonstrated in rats and cats,[16] and recent studies by the EMEA have confirmed that the clinical symptomatology is very similar to the one caused by sodium chlorate in the rat, mouse, rabbit, and the green monkey.[17]

There is only one human case in the medical literature of chlorite poisoning.[18] It seems to confirm that the toxicity is equal to sodium chlorate. From the analogy with sodium chlorate, even small amounts of about 1 gram can be expected to cause nausea, vomiting and even life-threatening hemolysis in Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase deficient persons.

The free acid, chlorous acid, HClO2, is only stable at low concentrations. Since it cannot be concentrated, it is not a commercial product. However, the corresponding sodium salt, sodium chlorite, NaClO2 is stable and inexpensive enough to be commercially available. The corresponding salts of heavy metals (Ag+, Hg+, Tl+, Pb2+, and also Cu2+ and NH4+) decompose explosively with heat or shock.

Sodium chlorite is derived indirectly from sodium chlorate, NaClO3. First, the explosive (only at concentrations greater than 10% in atmosphere) chlorine dioxide, ClO2 is produced by reducing sodium chlorate in a strong acid solution with a suitable reducing agent (for example, sodium sulfite, sulfur dioxide, or hydrochloric acid). The chlorine dioxide is then absorbed into an alkaline solution and reduced with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), yielding sodium chlorite.

In the United States sodium chlorite is available in industrial quantities from DuPont.[19]

fielding j. hurst

i don't disagree with any of that as it relates to vaccines, the fda,Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Herbs, or supplements, etc. Chlorine Dioxide is not a vitamin. the healthcare industry being a total disaster and pharma killing untold millions does toxic poison not make MMS any less of a toxic poison. these things are not mutually exclusive.


Most of us on Age of Autism have seen positive results from various "Snake Oils" that have improved and contributed towards the recovery of our vaccine injured children with autism. Here is an article which covers the history of the pharmaceutical industry, including the original meaning of the term "Snake Oils":

Condensed History of Herbal Pharmacy,"Snake Oils", and the Pharmaceutical Industry

For hundreds of years the European Pharmacopoeias collected and categorized information from research and reported responses of natural herbal remedies as this was the medicines prescribed by the doctors. During this time extensive research was also categorized regarding Homeopathic medicines which were also widely prescribed by European doctors. In America, as the missionaries moved west to establish their church missions, they collected information from the Indians who already had figured out which herbs did what as they had been utilizing the natural plants for thousands of years and passed on their knowledge through their Medicine Men. The pharmaceutical industry paid these missionaries to collect the plants and send these herbal remedies to them, and the missionaries used this money as an additional means of funding their religious work. There were not many toxic manmade drugs during the 1800's, except for the highly addictive cocaine and heroin "medicines" such as "Laudanum" which were guaranteed to be "safe" and widely prescribed until finally Congress put a stop to this highly lucrative business in favor of preventing further widespread addiction to the American public. Later Congress passed a law which then prevented the pharmaceutical industry from patent protection on natural herbal remedies which they confirmed as "God given in the natural domain" and therefore open to all in the "public domain". Subsequently the Pharmaceutical Industry began to develop more and more manufactured chemical concoctions for the purpose of patent protection and Big Bucks.

Consequently this chemical drug industry began an earnest campaign to discredit the very same herbal medicines that they had previously distributed themselves by falsely claiming them as "ineffective" and "dangerous". They converted a phrase that previously had a positive meaning, "Snake oils" into a negative concept in order to create the impression that these were a "waste of money based on Old Wives Tales". For the people living during the time of this transition, this was confusing because "Snake Oils" were indeed a legitimate and proven effective treatment for snake bites, primarily the Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oils which were imported here all the way from Australia for this purpose. "Snake Oil Salesmen" made a good living during the pioneer days because this was indeed an effective treatment and the people in the West relied upon these medicine salesmen for Snake Oil as well as many other natural remedies. The legitimate Snake Oil salesmen had lots of repeat business because these medicines ACTUALLY WORKED. Of course fraudulent medicine salesmen figured out that they could move from town to town selling colored sugar water "medicines" and they were hard to catch up with by the time the customers figured out that they had spent their hard earned money on fake remedies. These con artists unintentionally assisted the newly developing manmade drug business by further giving genuine snake oil salesmen a bad name.

Today we have a century of organized indoctrination and propaganda from the Pharmaceutical Industry resulting in medical doctors who are brainwashed from medical school onward. They do not receive the training that Naturopathic and Homeopathic doctors receive regarding nutritional and herbal therapies, and they are not aware of the extensive research and science which supports these proven therapies, many of which were used by our ancestors although their doctor's prescriptions were based primarily on "anecdotal" evidence. Example: When the doctors continually reported that Melaleuca oil recovered their patients from rattlesnake bites, this was considered to be Valid Scientific Evidence. [Basically this is what I call the "Proof in Pudding Test"] In spite of the fact that today we have accumulated Scientific Evidence that confirms the Anecdotal Evidence of these natural therapies which were already being utilized in the world of natural medicine for hundreds to thousands of years, the only "evidence" that is recognized by the conventional medical system today is their own industry funded drug trials and studies. [I will refrain from further discussing the fraud and manipulated "results"]

Big Pharma has succeeded in their century long political efforts to obtain the cooperation of the AMA, FDA, and all medical and government organizations with the end result being a MONOPOLY, although technically this is illegal. However, since the American conventional medical system is entirely under the control of the Pharmaceutical Industry we can never expect the "expert opinions" of medical doctors who are only trained in drugs, to guide us towards true healing.....Instead it is our own responsibility to educate ourselves in order to pursue alternative medicine: Nutritional products, herbal treatments, essential oils, and other natural therapies that ACTUALLY WORK.

Robert Frost said it best when he wrote this in 1920:
"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."


Re: “It’s really hard sometimes to be a parent and a doctor in all of this….We’re not bad people. We’re not evil. We just don’t know. We’re not trained to treat these kids. We’re not taught this.”…. Everything I was learning happened to my child went against my training in medical school. It was traumatic.”

Where I live, a medical doctor and his wife saw their child regress into autism, and witnessed the obvious results caused by the vaccines. I spoke to this doctor’s wife a few years ago on the phone, and then I learned just a few months later that she had died of breast cancer. She never even mentioned that she had breast cancer or I would have shared with her my own natural healing journey from breast cancer with those therapies that most doctors always “roll their eyes at”….such as Essiac Tea, a famous herbal formula that Rene Caisse, a registered nurse, used to heal her own mother’s cancer and then went on to work tirelessly in clinics in Canada, with thousands of advanced stage cancer patients referred to her as “lost causes” by their doctors. She devoted her entire life to this cause, in spite of relentless persecution by the medical system. She recorded her experiences on tape called “Keeping Hope Alive”…..

Last year I met a woman who is a personal friend of this doctor’s family, and she told me that several years prior to the wife’s death, she had done the standard chemotherapy for her breast cancer, went into remission for a short time, and then (as quite often happens) the cancer returned and spread throughout her body. She rejected the chemo the second time around because it has damaged her health so severely, that she had come to the conclusion that the chemo had caused her cancer to return with a vengeance. Throughout all this suffering, she was learning about alternative therapies for her child with autism, and sharing that information with her husband. The woman I met who knew them since high school, told me that this doctor said to her: “I was lied to by my own medical profession about everything, lied to about the vaccines that caused my child’s autism, and lied to about the chemotherapy that killed my wife.” (I do not want to give his name and create the possibility for persecution in his medical career.)

So it is not just an isolated case of medical fraud regarding the vaccines and autism, but the pervasion and total perversion of so called “health care”, with the Pharmaceutical Industry in the driver’s seat. By the medical industry’s own database, more than 100,000 people per year die of “properly prescribed pharmaceutical medications”, although also by their own admission, 90% of such deaths go unreported. So here we have a MILLION deaths per year caused by drug medications, and ZERO deaths caused by nutritional products. Yet due to indoctrination of both doctors and patients, the minority who chose and benefit from natural medicine, often become victims of persecution, especially the doctors. And only in America will your own child be removed from your custody and forced to undergo chemotherapy if you chose to utilize a variety of natural therapies instead of risking having your child poisoned to death.

[Exerpts from 3 articles listed below as references to above statements]:

Zero Deaths from Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids or Herbs

Poison Control Statistics Prove Supplements' Safety Yet Again [Excerpts]:

"There was not even one death caused by a dietary supplement in 2009, according to the most recent information collected by the U.S. National Poison Data System.

The new 200-page annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers, published in the journal Clinical Toxicology, shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins; zero deaths from any of the B vitamins; zero deaths from vitamins A, C, D, or E; and zero deaths from any other vitamin.

Additionally, there were no deaths whatsoever from any amino acid, herb, or dietary mineral supplement.

60 poison centers provide coast-to-coast data for the U.S. National Poison Data System, "one of the few real-time national surveillance systems in existence, providing a model public health surveillance system for all types of exposures, public health event identification, resilience response and situational awareness tracking.

Over half of the U.S. population takes daily nutritional supplements. Even if each of those people took only one single tablet daily, that makes 155,000,000 individual doses per day, for a total of nearly 57 billion doses annually. Since many persons take more than just one vitamin or mineral tablet, actual consumption is considerably higher, and the safety of nutritional supplements is all the more remarkable.

If nutritional supplements are allegedly so "dangerous," as the FDA and news media so often claim, then where are the bodies?”

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 5, 2011

Bronstein AC, Spyker DA, Cantilena LR Jr, Green JL, Rumack BH, Giffin SL. 2009 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers' National Poison Data System (NPDS): 27th Annual Report. Clinical Toxicology (2010). 48, 979-1178. The full text article is available for free download at http://www.aapcc.org/dnn/Portals/0/2009%20AR.pdf
The data mentioned above are found in Table 22B, journal pages 1138-1148.

Download any Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers from 1983-2009 free of charge at http://www.aapcc.org/dnn/NPDSPoisonData/NPDSAnnualReports.aspx

This article may be reprinted free of charge provided 1) that there is clear attribution to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, and 2) that both the OMNS free subscription link http://orthomolecular.org/subscribe.html and also the OMNS archive link http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/index.shtml are included.

30 Million Deaths and Injuries from FDA Approved Drugs Since 1998

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

“Based on the figures presented by the FDA, at least 30 million people have suffered serious injury or death as a result of taking FDA-approved drugs just since 1998 when the first cited study was published.

On a webpage entitled Why Learn about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)?, the FDA admits that 100,000 people die every single year as a result of taking FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs. Citing figures from three different published studies, the figures also reveal that two million people a year suffer from serious ADRs, [Adverse Drug Reactions] which include things like stroke, heart attack, and permanent neurological damage.”

You can view the FDA page for yourself here:


© 1993, Richard Walters
(excerpted from Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book
Avery Publishing)

“Essiac, a harmless herbal tea, was used by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse to successfully treat thousands of cancer patients from the 1920s until her death in 1978 at the age of ninety. Refusing payment for her services, instead accepting only voluntary contributions, the Bracebridge, Ontario, nurse brought remissions to hundreds of documented cases, many abandoned as "hopeless" or "terminal" by orthodox medicine. She aided countless more in prolonging life and relieving pain. Caisse obtained remarkable results against a wide variety of cancers, treating persons by administering Essiac through hypodermic injection or oral ingestion.

The formula for the herbal remedy was given to Caisse in 1922 by a hospital patient whose breast cancer had been healed by an Ontario Indian medicine man. Essiac came within just three votes of being legalized by the Canadian parliament in 1938. Over the years, many prominent physicians voiced their support for the efficacy of Caisse's medicine. For example, Dr. Charles Brusch-a founder of the prestigious Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a former physician to President John F. Kennedy-declared that "Essiac has merit in the treatment of cancer" and revealed that he cured his own cancer with it. In a notarized statement made on April 6, 1990, Dr. Brusch testified, "I endorse this therapy even today for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowels, through Essiac alone."

Despite such support, Rene Caisse lived under the constant threat of persecution and harassment by Canadian authorities.”

Fielding J. Hurst

Is it 28% sodium chlorite? Is it activated with citric acid? If so, this is chlorine dioxide (oxygenated chlorine). AO's site summarizing the presentation of Bishop Kerri Rivera of Genesis II Church clearly says that it is chlorine dioxide.

Seriously, they claim it cures ... HIV, AIDS, ACNE, malaria, hepatitis viruses, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer, hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis, pneumonia, sore throats, warts, mouth sores, "even abscessed teeth (it's the only thing that controls and cures abscessed teeth" ) and "many more of mankind's worse diseases". They claim it cures pretty much everything short of death. This from a man who calls himself Archbishop Jim Humble.

Real snake oil probably does have DHA and essential oils, but you can't use it for water treatment and in bleaching like ClO2.

Again, I am a believer in a lot of bio-med treatments. I have seen them work, but this is insane and makes all of look bad. I agree that a large dose of skepticism is needed in this community. You know many of us would have freaked if we discovered that even one drop of industrial bleaching agent was found in vaccines. Yet, here many are willing to voluntarily administer a substance if KNOWN SERIOUS harsh effects.

Jen H

Here is the problem. As long as the medical and pharmaceutical community do not accept or treat our children as they have a MEDICAL disease, parents will fall prey to "alternative therapies".


i have been watching many families and their MMS results for a few months. i have not started my child on it because of school schedules. but let me tell you....AMAZING results for many former non-responders. this is NOT bleach, NOT snake oil. do your research and watch the Autism One presentation online for free and reach out to those who understand the science. it's cheap. No one can make money from it. THINK ABOUT THAT. AND DO your research.

Carolyn KylesMom

I believe it was Dr. Bernard Rimland who pointed out "At least snake oil has DHA and essential oils!" (which he inferred, is more helpful than whatever drug they are pushing today "


Thank you for writing this article, I often feel alone in the recovery of my daughter, though I do have a supportive mom, and a great DAN doc as of late (hallelujah). I find I am in defensive mode all the time with my husband and his family, my pediatrician and even my own sister who question if any of the biomedical is working or worth the effort. To them, and anyone else who questions us I say, how can you NOT try it? This is my pride and joy and she deserves every ounce of effort and money that it takes to see her able to function better, and hopefully even recover. The bottom line is its nutrition! Bloody vitamins, minerals and healthy food! I am sounding bitter, but come on, its not going to hurt them and it may just help! These people who disagree just don't put the time and energy in that all of us moms have, reading countless books, watching videos, attending conferences and visiting DAN docs etc etc. They want to tell us how to raise our children, but they can't even pick up one book and try to understand WHY we are so committed to doing what we do. I think autism is a parental IQ test, if you can learn enough to solve the puzzle then you get rewarded. I feel sorry for the kids whose parents just "accept" and just go on feeding them their happy meals and doom them to an unhealthy and most likely pain filled life where they are literally trapped inside their own bodies. I'm ranting...its just a touchy subject for me. I would walk twice around the world without shoes for my daughter to recover.

Fielding J. Hurst

I am pro-biomed and have seen a lot of things work, but am still leery of MMS and especially it's creator, Jim Humble, to say the least. Anyone who works "miracle" in to the name, is a reverend in the Genesis II Church of Healing. You too can join for free ( ... "If you wish, you will receive a pastor’s certificate and you will have the legal right to use 'Reverend' in front of your name. It will be legal for you to not pay income tax. ") I know he was not the one at Autism One, but any time spent on his websites related to MMS should give anyone pause. Autism One should be more careful. Failure to do so makes the whole bio-med community look bad.
Seriously, this is something claimed to cure AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, "most cancers" too boot??? This stuff has snake oil written all over it.

no vac

IMO, the people who try to discourage parents from biomedical treatment of their children, are cryptic representatives and lobbyists of big pharma. They will do everything to put autistic children for life on some toxic psychotropic drugs. After all, pharma is pushing dozens of vaccines on babies to cripple them and to have them as chronic users of their drugs. They don’t want autistic children to recover, their business is to keep them permanently impaired.


I believe that autism is a fully-recoverable gut disorder, that the children are suffering and deserve treatment. That being said I think that there is A LOT of snake oil in the biomed world of autism. Autism is awful and parents are desperate and will try anything. I have also observed that we don't demand a lot from whoever comes out with a new product. We don't demand that they prove anything to us because they are one of the few who are telling us that they believe in our kids and are trying to help. I have had parents admit to me that certain doctors or supplement people asked them to endorse their products or program and gave them free supplies. I think we have to become a lot more skeptical. I don't believe we can always trust other parents' opinions. While there are many biomed treatments that help and even recover children many children get better in the early years without any intervention but if the parent is trying a certain biomed protocol at the time or even therapy they will credit that. The problem is that treatments are very expensive and some children react badly to some of them. I don't think there is any point in criticizing parents for trying to help their children but we should be demanding more treatments and demanding more research by uninterested third parties. I think autism is curable but nobody (I mean researchers etc.) is trying hard enough.

Carter's Daddy

I've also read an article calling it an "anti vaccine quackfest". Articles like those you cite remind me of a line in the "what to expect during the toddler years" book. There was less than a paragraph about autism in the whole book last time I looked. It said biomedical treatment(my term) is only done by desperate parents. Obviously meant to discourage the reader, but I actually consider it a compliment to be called desperate. Of course I'm desperate! From that slant, who is it now that doesn't love his or her children?
And I loved hearing about the MD you met there. Let's share applause for all the MDs that see past their Pharma controled education and try to actually help these kids. Give one a hug before he or she gets Wakefielded. OK, even after. Ours would think I'm crazy if I did that.

Lisa B

Thank you for writing this article! We have been using MMS now for 3 weeks and have only seen positive results. I have to say the amount of worms and junk coming out of my son now is really what has convinced me to stay the course. Who knew our kids were harboring such horrific parasites inside their little bodies. I am one of the Moms who for the past seven years has seen multiple DAN docs, attended conferences, had $1000's of dollars of tests done and spent 10 times that on supplements and treatments. I cannot count the hours spent reading books and researching. I am please to say that almost every single thing we tried has been helpful in some way. Things that worked, like Chelations, TMG and vitamin support help my son to speak in 2 word utterances when he was 5, before that it was guteral sounds, finally be toilet trained at the age of 6, and to go on to make continual and significant recovery. Yasko and Enhansa helped hhim take the next step and today he is in 3rd grade, reading at grade level and talking in full sentences all the time. Just learned to ride a bike, is swimming, and even has a few friends. Cured? Recovered? No, not fully, not yet, there is still a ways to go, but he went from very severe Autism to a moderately high level of functionality. The immense amount of progress made so far gives me hope and I will NEVER quit trying to help my child.


One of the more disturbimg new trends is 'Translational Medicine'. Autism Speaks and the SFARI organization are funding genetic researchers who have developed a collaborative effort with the pharmaceutical industry to develop new pharmaceuticals that promise to 'cure' autism.

The same bloggers who think the parents who try bio med therapies are also gullible enough to believe in the snake oil miracle cures that trenslational medicine promises in the future as long as you contribute to Autism Speaks and the SFARI organization

Jeff C

Kim wrote:

"We should pity the parents who've given up using acceptance as an excuse for inaction"

Thank you for saying what I've thought for so long but have been afraid to say. My son was diagnosed with autism at age four, although he was very high functioning. We've been incredibly blessed that he responded almost immediately to DAN. Getting his gut cleaned up and providing nutrition in an elemental form was what he needed. He was literally suffering from malnutrition despite eating plenty of food. He is now eight and one of the top students in his class (a few remaining quirks not withstanding). At his last IEP, the regional director attended as she wanted to know more about this boy "she had heard so much about". He'll be out of special ed completely next year.

Yet when I tell others in a similar situation about our story, they express an interest but almost *never* follow up. I work in an engineering environment, and I have plenty of coworkers with sons (always sons) who have been diagnosed as being somewhere on the spectrum, ADHD, with "impulse control issues", or some other such disorder that no one had heard of two generations ago. I suspect they mention it to their pediatrician who dismisses it as quackery and that's the end of it. Then they blindly accept a script for psychotropic meds.

This behavior baffled me. I know these people love their kids, and the improvements to my son are undeniable. Why wouldn't they move heaven and earth to try and replicate what we have seen? I've finally concluded it is simple laziness. They are "intellectually incurious" as people used to say about George Bush. Learning all this stuff is hard work and takes a huge commitment. The pediatrician lets them off the hook and gives them a pill. It's so much easier after all.

I would disagree with one thing, I pity the children, not the parents. It's not good for my soul, but the parents fill me with contempt.


I wrote a comment on the "bleach" article as it was totally ludicrous and full of acrimony for other parents who were making choices to help their children. The author describes that she and her husband just "accepted" their son's autism, and derided the rest of us who chose differently. She was cynical and a different kind of angry. And as a parent of a child who is now recovered, I detested her too.

I love Dr. Herbert for the fact that she is passionate about our kids and lends credence to our efforts to fight for our children.


Good point, Kim!


Great article, thank you Julie and AoA!


When was the last time you saw an article on AofA deriding parents who put their kids onto Risperdal until they are obese or place them in resi care before trying a single biomed intervention? NEVER. It's the difference between those of us with hope and aspirations and they who prefer to kick other parents to support their own choices. We should pity the parents who've given up using acceptance as an excuse for inaction.

Aimee Doyle

It bothers me terribly that the autism community is so fractured.

I particularly don't understand the neurodiversity viewpoint. A friend of mine has a bumper sticker on her car that reads "Celebrate the beauty of the autistic spectrum." She prides herself that her high-functioning daughter with autism does so well because she is "loved and accepted for who she is." She is not trying to "cure" her daughter because that would imply that her daughter's life is "worthless."

I've had other parents,autistic self-advocates, and even some MD's imply that my son's aggressive and self-injurious behaviors are somehow my fault -- I don't love him and accept him as he is. If I weren't so negative about the disability, they argue, he would be doing fine. When biomedical therapies haven't worked for him (we've been trying since age 5) it's only further evidence that they are right.

Very frustrating.

Bob Moffitt

Julie .. regarding your comment on the "blogger":

"The author’s message was clear: parents who try these treatments are gullible, dangerous, and/or don’t love their children, and the people who pass them off are snake oil salesmen."

I am in the process of reading Dr. Andrew Wakefield's book "Waging War on the Autistic Child" .. which recounts the positively frightening "war" that "physicians, Child Protective Services and the courts" .. waged against two parents with five children on the spectrum.

The book explores the great hardship and prejudice that families affected by autism may suffer should they dare seek "treatments" that do not align with the medical world's standards.

In this instance .. the parents were first "accused" .. and subsequently "prosecuted" .. for a rare form of child abuse called Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

What happened to this family was far more than "catastrophic" .. it was nothing less than an unwarranted, cruel, despicable "war" unleashed by authorities against two lovable parents who refused to sign a confession of medical, emotional and psychological abuse of their children.


It is remarkable the amount of time and energy some bloviating bloggers and journalists put into bad-mouthing parents who are trying to help their kids. Do these bloggers otherwise demonstrate a great love for children? Then you say to yourself, "Who benefits?" and the answer is right there in front of you.

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