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Alex Jones on "The Greater Good" Vaccination Documentary

Greater-good-movieJune 27, 2012 Leslie Manookian was interviewed about vaccine safety and her phenomenal new movie, "The Greater Good."on the Alex Jones Show.

It's about a half hour long and very informative.  Leslie told me that during and immediately following the show they sold 1,500 DVD's of the movie!  She got two interview requests after the show also.  What more proof could you want that the vaccine controversy will only get worse? 

Anne Dachel.



Janet, The video is available in the store at or from Mercola.,881,124.htm


The Gov and the media do not care about vaccine dangers or risk, and nor do they care much about helping the ASD community. Big Pharma bought them a long time ago.
There has been too much about spoken about the risks of vaccines for so long, if they were interested they would be doing something.
Believe me they know! And have not intention of changing, their into deep. And its a big money procuding machine, Jab the babies with a vaccine, make them sick and then supply them with drugs to dope them up for life.

Remember the only companies you cannot sue in the USA is Big Pharma over Vaccine injury.
And watch now how state after state is having to fight over right to not vaccinate, TX. ,
WA., VT, MD, CA ~ and CA has the mandate to vaccinate all girls over 12 yrs old.
Thank The Gates Foundation for also going after other countries to rid the population growth, and polio deaths by vaccines. Do you think they are apologizing to those families
offering free medical treatment or any compensation? And the Gates Foundation is trying to produce a edible vaccine! Itsn't that GREAT???

A few years ago, Gov Rick Perry was in bed with Big Pharma, and tried to mandate that
all girls at 12 yrs old be given the HPV, parents fought back and won the right to not
vaccinate. It was discovered Big Pharma had been giving donations to Perry slush fund.

Its no mistake, that law went into place, so many elected officals are corrupt, we voted for them and they are robbing our childrens life now.
Can you image if parents could sue, how clogged up the court system would be with case after case of vaccine injury or death from vaccines? Most of parents would be questioning the vaccines, if they kept hearing about all these vaccine injury cases if made public, and then poor Big Pharma would be going broke!

The ASD community has to go about this in a different way, and go big and bold if they want change. The Gov and Media is not on our side and we have to be our own co. and our own voice, a bigger voice! And stop wasting time visiting with the Gov. or Media. We need bigger ideas and solutions.
I wished I had answers but the writing is on the wall, we have to look with a newer vision and put efforts into ideas that actually work.


Thanks Jeannette for sending me the link.
Hey, it even quoted him.
So he's name is State Attorney General Glenn F. Ivey.
He is "A State Attorney General"

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you Ms. Manookian for having the double courage to first see an unpopular truth and then act for the true greater good.


I believe that statement was made by the Maryland Attorney General.

I remember something like the Maryland Governor admitting at the time to not giving some of these vaccines to his own children, but I can't find a reference to which official made that statement.


I got mine from the "National Vaccine Information Center"

They sent it to me free-- well sort of - I sent in my regular donation and they sent it back to me.


Anne McElroy Dachel
Thanks for the link
The discussion begins on 37.23.

I have been wondering for a while who the man was that says, "We can do this the hard way or we can do this the easy way".

What is his position of power.

Also Manookian says she is setting up ?? Is is a website - that will explain all how these separate illness are linked together. Is that what she is going to do?

And then third I had to ask myself why it bothers me so when someone makes a statement that this side or that or that person does not even believe in climate change.

It is because of textbooks.
It is because my faith and love of education.
And I did love it!
My sweet teachers - teaching me from those wonderful textbook - taught me not just in gradeschool and highschool about vaccines - they took it to a whole new level at the Univerisities I attended.

In my field of studies they started putting in text books things about a hole in the ozone at the South Pole and even when I saw my husband and the people he worked with struggle to change over from a safe gas to a much more dangerous gas - I accepted it must be done, only to find it was a lie later, and government was taxing these really small companies to death.

In my field of studies the text books started putting in glboal warming theories as fact and I taught it as such. If someone wrote it in a textbook they were smarter than me and did not have an agenda, right? Well, that was not right either because they did.

I feel very betrayed, I feel very betrayed by the educational system.
Something that I thought could be trusted, it cannot be.

Manookian and all of us would do well to find ways to address the textbooks, and professors at the Univerities that are training our medical people.

Janet Keith

Does anyone know how to get The Greater Good documentary? I tried Amazon, but they said it was unavailable.....I wouldn't be surprised if this was intentional. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks.


Not that it matters, but I'm a Democrat. I believe in evolution. I revere Charles Darwin. And the climate is definitely changing in California.

MSNBC is the only network that didn't join in the recent Wakefield-bashing. (They just ignored the whole thing, as far as I could see.) You know they were heavily lobbied to join in. Perhaps the HPV vaccine riff was part of the cost of sitting that one out. If anyone could, Maddow could make an eloquent case, but she didn't.


It's interesting that Hospira pharmaceutical company made carpuject drugs that were overfilled, and HMO's are now sending warnings out. Makes you wonder how many vaccines are overfilled.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Leslie Manookian was also interviewed by Darrin McBreen on June 29, 2012. She spoke at length about her film on Infowars Nightly News.

(It’s about 25 minutes) Leslie Manookian’s interview begins 37 min into the show.

The transcript is here:

Anne Dachel, Media


What is wrong with Rachel is the same thing wrong with the majority of all Americans- she is so educated - that she does not realize she is has long since stopped thinking for herself and has let the federal agencies as the FDA, CDC, and the NIH tell her what to think. She does not even question it It never occurs to her that the HPV vaccine is unsafe - and parents are balking at it because she thinks it is more of a morality thing!

Same with climate change
even when the EPA is caught red handed changing the temperatures - no body raises an eyebrow?

It is like Adams said in the clip "Modern science is really not scientific anymore". But that don't keep the American people from believing in it.

Jeff C

There were a couple of great posts here a while back that really explained the dynamic regarding political philosophies and autism. They are both linked below. Both a well worth a read and I've found them very helpful to understand the mindset when explaining our issue to politically-minded friends.

As Dan was saying in his commentary, our issue is apolitical. We have friends on both sides of the aisle, our common adversaries are the crony capitalists. When it comes to vaccines it's the absolute worst of both political philosophies, the greed of a corporation enforced by the power of the state. There is plenty to despise for folks across all parts of the political spectrum.

First by Dan Olmsted, Why progressives don't get autism

Next by Ginger Taylor, Why conservatives don't get autism

I can't speak for progressives, but as a conservative I can say Ginger nailed it.

Georgia Mom

Here is a link to another interview with Leslie Manookian

Jan the extremly disapointed democrat

This is the stuff that makes me so angry and frankly extremely confused. What the hell is wrong with people like Rachel and other Democrats? Why do they back big pharma why are they blind to safety? I want to smack them upside the head. And it just seems completely backwards. The Republicans would seem to be the ones who would love big pharma. They are the ones who don't believe is climate change and some don't even believe in evolution. It just blows my mind.


Leslie Manookian is so well spoken!

Carol, I saw Rachel Maddow's commentary on the HVP vaccine and it was terrible!! I posted a comment on her FB page, but I bet she didn't even see it. It's very frustrating.


Perhaps you could send a copy of _The Greater Good_ to Rachel Maddow. She did a riff on the HPV vaccine the other day the entire content of which was "a lot of Republicans like cancer." In her riff Rick Perry appears as a wise, judicious lawmaker. I wish I could tell y'all more about it, but that's all there was to it.

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