Autism Ages Out into An Endless Summer
Age of Autism Contest: Somewhere Over The Sea by Halfdan Freihow

Age of Autism Contest The Anti-Romantic Child by Priscilla Gilman

Anti-romanticWe have a copy of The Anti Romantic Child by Priscilla Gilman to give away. Please leave a comment to enter.

From Harper Collins: Priscilla Gilman, a teacher of romantic poetry who embraced Wordsworth's vision of childhood's spontaneous wonder, eagerly anticipated the birth of her first child, certain that he would come "trailing clouds of glory." But as Benjamin grew, his remarkable precocity was associated with a developmental disorder that would dramatically alter the course of Priscilla's dreams. In The Anti-Romantic Child, a memoir full of lyricism and light, Gilman explores our hopes and expectations for our children, our families, and ourselves—and the ways in which experience may lead us to re-imagine them. Using literature as a touchstone, Gilman reveals her journey through crisis to joy, illuminating the flourishing of life that occurs when we embrace the unexpected. The Anti-Romantic Child is a profoundly moving and compellingly universal book about family, parenthood, and love.



I have wanted to read this ever since I read a selection from it in the New York Times. The concept of expectation vs. reality is complex and important. Please choose me!
thank you :)

Amy Smith

I cannot wait to read this book. It is on my wish list. I think it will be an amazing read!!!


Wow, the description sounds like my autobiography! Want to read!


Sounds like a very precious book.I always admired people
who are able express the love,the patience,the understanding
of the mother who supports her child through the struggles of autism.Lot of the time I just feel a deep pain inside
and unable to share with anyone.Perhaps a book like that helps to release the pain and the tears.Thank you for the kind offer.

Barbara Bucknam

This looks like a wonderful book!


Would love to read this!! Thanks for the chance.

Michelle Wandrack

Would love to have this book. Thank you for the offer!

Maurine Meleck

A teacher of poetry-----lyrical and light---just my cup of tea.


As an avid reader who just finished Martha Hebert's new Book The Autism Revolution and the novel Tilt, this books sounds like it is going to be next on my list!!

Karen Seraphine

This sounds wonderful. A "...journey through crisis to joy." So many of us are on that same journey, albeit different places on the road!

Carrie Tomlin

Love this. Definite need for many. I personally need all the positive encouragement I can at my hands being a single mom with a dead beat ex. My kids are amazing and always look at the best, but sometimes you get stuck. Thanks for the chance.


I've been wanting to read this!

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