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Age of Autism Contest: Somewhere Over The Sea by Halfdan Freihow

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A few years ago I read "Dear Gabriel" by Norway's Halfdan Freihow.  And I loved it. It impressed upon me the importance of the father's point of view and voice within the maelstrom of the autism epidemic.   This year Autism One included a successful new track just for fathers - who are often overlooked as the Warrior Mothers stand on the front lines.

Halfdan is honest but never maudlin about his son Gabriel. Thank you to House of Anansi Publishing for generously giving us two copies of Halfdan's paperback Somewhere Over the Sea to give to our readers. Leave a comment to enter.

Somewhere Over the Sea A Father's Letter to His Autistic Son from Anansi Halfdan Publishing is "a beautifully written and deeply intimate work of literary nonfiction, Somewhere Over the Sea conveys the profound love of one father for his autistic son.

By author: Halfdan W Freihow   Translated by: Robert Ferguson



Heather Rosen

Sounds like a wonderful book. I'd love to read it, though it's bound to be a tear-jerker.

Linda Aly

My wonderful husband, and the father of Adam, (our wonderful son who happens to have autism)....are in sync with everything. Both are brilliant and funny. They make me laugh all the time. God has blessed us. I sure would like to read this new book and see how another dad expresses his love and devotion to his son. Thank you, Linda


I think this is a probably a great book and one that I need to read, but at the same time it would be difficult for me to read - I can't get past the title or the picture on the cover without feeling a million emotions.


I'd love to have a copy.


as we lost my sons father to cancer last apr. I am mom and dad ,, I would love a copy to read this summer, to steal a few min. away from our reality..thanks candace

Barbara Bucknam

What a great Father's day gift this would be for my son's Warrior Dad!

Michelle Wandrack

My husband's birthday is June 19th so this would make a great gift. He tries so hard to connect with our son. Thank you for the offer!

Holly D

Would love to win a copy. Looks like a good book.


Wow can't wait to read this one too and I am sure my husband would love to read it. There is so little from a dad's perspective (which is why my husband ate up Rodney Peete's Not My Son.) What a wonderful Father's Day gift this will be for so many fathers!!!

Carter's Daddy

Going by the names it looks like I'm the first dad to comment!

Cody Jordan

As the father of an autistic child, I am always looking for sources of inspiration to stand at the "front lines" of this War on Autism with my wife. This book looks to be just that, so please enter me in this contest.


I would love to read it and I'm sure my husband would, too!

Jacqueline VW

The father's voice in this battle is invaluable. I'm glad to see more books of this type emerging to support all the Warrior Fathers out there.

Karen Seraphine

I would love to get this for my husband (of course, I'd probably read every word before giving it to him!). :-)

Donna L.

Norwegians here - would LOVE to win a copy! Just looking at that cover makes me want to cry.


A great Father's Day gift! Would love to read it.

Lori Orrico

What a beautiful Father's Day gift this book would be for the fiercest warrior dad ever! :)


This looks like an interesting read. I would love to hear a father's perspective.

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