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Age of Autism Contest: iKids Fashion Crapisode Prevention PJs!

WjYes, you read that correctly. David Cavaliere of iKids Fashion is offering a pair of his unique and useful PJs called the Wonder Jumper that help prevent night time self-service crapisodes.  It's not quite Lanz of Salzberg (more Winnie the "Poo") but Lord knows that for fellow autism families, the Wonder Jumper could be a lifesaver - day or night.  Leave a comment to enter. David will contact the winner for size info. From David:

The Wonder Jumper was developed as a solution for our son, David Matthew, who has the tendency to disrobe and get into his diaper - which in return results in an inevitable mess. 

The Wonder Jumper is a 100% cotton, soft seamed, tagless romper that zips in the back.  It has been designed for all the parents and caregivers who have encountered the wicked "poopstorms" that sometimes come naturally from children of all walks of life.

In many who have special needs there is a high level of touch sensitivity.  The Wonder Jumper was created with this in mind!  Made from super soft cotton material, with soft sewn seams and it is tagless- finally a simple solution to a tough problem!

Also, as a thanks to David, who is trying to grow his business, please cast a vote for in the Chase Small Business grant program. They are giving away 12 grants worth $250000 grants.  To qualify they need 250 votes from Facebook.  My company's name is iKids Fashion.




online makeup class

I am grateful every day that my son has toileting skills. I can't imagine dealing with repeated crapisodes. This product truly is a WONDER! GO DAVID! Yeah for Ikids!!!

Twice Blessed

LOVE this idea. Can't wait for larger sizes - seriously, when will they be available? :)


We had to move out of our house to replace the carpet on both floors with hardwood floors (my Little Green Machine could only clean so much...). These pajamas would have been much cheaper :)


I know a very needy, very low income family in my son's school district who would be in heaven to have such a product- and so woudl the school staff. I actually think that if they saw this suit on one kid, the school would probably invest in more of them. The para-educators get so frustrated and discouraged cleaning up crapisodes. I am grateful every day that my son has toileting skills. I can't imagine dealing with repeated crapisodes. This product truly is a WONDER! GO DAVID! Yeah for Ikids!!!


As my grandmother would have said "what will they think of next!" What a superb idea!!


I can't tell you how much the word 'crapisode' made me laugh. It's like you have been to my house! We call it a 'pootasteophe' We would love to win this product. What a fantastic idea.


Most of us have come to realize that "Crapisodes" are a definite indicator of intestinal damages caused by MMR and other vaccines, and antibiotics, resulting in lack of healthy intestinal flora, live measles and other virus and bacterial proliferating in the bowels, and other nauseating things like rotting undigested food due to lack of sufficient digestive enzymes. But regardless of all of the scientific explanations, only Kim could come up with the perfect word to describe the outcome of it all: CRAPISODES. HA!!!

caleb's brother

My brother needs this. Actually I think my parents would appreciate one for my brother even more...


Great idea this would be great for our 5 yr. old!!!!


what a great idea :) good luck with your business and trying to win the grant :)

David Cavaliere

Thanks for the kind words. I am all in with this project! The special-needs community is underserved in many areas including clothing. Don't forget to vote for us at the Chase Mission small business website. My companies name is Ikids fashion. Thank you so very much.

Susan Treptow

This would be a blessing! I can not tell you the many crapisodes I have had with my son who is now 8 and was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 6. Would loveo win this for im! Green is his favorite color too.

Carter's Daddy

The product of an innovative mind!

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