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Actor Rob Schneider Speaks Out Against CA AB2109

Rob SchneiderBy Kimmerooski Staglianooooooh

ABC News10 Sacramento Actor Rob Schneider has spoken out against California's AB2109, a bill that would require parents to get a doctor's letter in order to opt out of a vaccination, in effect clogging doctors' offices with unneccesary and likely unbillable visits to exercise what should be a simple healthcare right.  From an article called Rob Schneider shows his political side in Breckenridge by Kimberly Nicoletti of Summit Daily News:

“There's nothing more basic in a country than good food, clean air, clean water, education and health care,” Schneider said in a phone interview Wednesday that consistently turned back to politics. “We've managed to ruin all of those.”

After explaining why he returned to stand-up and began touring a year ago (like most comedians, it's all about the immediacy), he begins pounding the Republican Congress, saying more cutbacks in social service is “terrible.”

...After more talk about how deregulation has led Americans to lose well paying jobs and industry (“that's what's toppled this economy on its head,” he says), how the average American senior consumes 7.5 different prescription drugs daily (his 82-year-old mom doesn't take any prescriptions, and “she's doing great”), and how appalled he is that Americans are putting up with radiation (which he says preliminary studies show inhibit DNA replication) at airport security checks and accepting fluoride in their water and mercury in their fillings (meanwhile, he points out, “people are dropping dead like flies.”)

He combines chutzpah, compassion and common sense, something all too rare in today's political world.  So how to we start "Makin' copies..." of Rob?

You can follow Rob on Twitter @RobSchneider. Here's the news clip from Sacramento:



How sad that celebrities who oppose mandatory drugging of children are scorned, derided and demeaned when they express genuine concern over forced medication. Please, let's support him and encourage others who are not afraid of being black-listed. This is the modern-day black-list...think McCarthyism. Only this time, it's McCarthy in a beautiful, blonde bombshell body.


Yay for Rob Schneider!! He spoke really well! Plus he attracted the media!

Doug Stables

Well said Rob,Thought you are a fair actor, but mate as a person,you are a legend for speaking out,that would not please the Hollywood Bankers and Big Pharma.I hope this brave outburst doesn't hinder your career, cause there are so many sheep in Hollywood but you are a Shepherd well done. Rob please align with Jenny McCarthy, Kim Stagliano and educate your fellow actors,and bring them on board.

Michelle Wandrack

Good for Rob Schneider for speaking out about our government trying to take away our God given right to do or not do what we want with our and our childrens bodies. I wish more celebrities would do the same. THIS IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE and bypasses all political sides. It's a civil rights issue. I have just gained a ton of respect for Rob. I for one will think diffently of him now.


I may get a Twitter account simply to follow him!


Sounds like the California law requires a "paid counseling visit" to the AAP and some advice on the great wisdom of the vaccine program.

At the same AAP visit, "the other side" / say with JB and Dr. Wakefield, could provide some videos to watch...

The fee for the visit would be split of course...

Christina S.

Good for you Rob Snieder! One SMART, INFORMED man!

Not an MD

I feel as you do, Pass the Popcorn. It is troublesome that so many celebs are silent on the issue. Are they even aware their right to vaccination choice is about to be stripped from them by pediatricians who will refuse to sign their philosophical vaccine declination forms?

Thank you, Rob, for having the courage and the intelligence to speak out on this monumental human rights issue. We must preserve our right, and the right of our children to refuse any medicine or vaccine that carries the risk of harm or death.


Rob was wonderful Wednesday! He was informed and passionate, a fantastic advocate for medical freedom!
We were surprised, but THRILLED that he joined us! It was a complete srur of the moment trip, he found out about our plight at the last minute, and jumped on a plane to help us. He is incredible!

pass the popcorn

Go Rob!!!
I look forward to his cutting humor when the pharmashills start to attack him (if he even bothers with them).

Amazing how many celebs are silent on this issue.

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