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Dr. David Berger on Minimizing Autism Incidence

What’s Really Behind the Increase in Autism Rates

Cover-250wBy  Alice Shabecoff

The just-released data on autism shows a count of 1 in 88 children, up from a rate of 1 in 110 three years ago and one in 150 five years ago.  With each change, the response remains the same: Oh, that’s because of better detection and broader definitions.

How, then, do we account for the sharp increase in childhood asthma -- 15.7 percent higher today than 10 years ago?  Or an increase of the same magnitude in preterm births?  Or the indisputable fact that childhood cancer has climbed an inexorable 1 percent, year after year, over the past 30 years?  As has Down syndrome.  And among rarer illnesses, too, the rates keep going up and up – from the increase in malformations of the penis among newborn boys, to the doubling in a generation of endometriosis, a deformity of the uterus, among girls.

There is no way that these wildly different childhood illnesses can be chalked up to -- and written off as -- an increase in detection and/or diagnosis.  

Maybe instead we should look at these ever-escalating statistics as real numbers.  Then we can ask what these childhood illnesses have in common. 

There’s an answer out there, but it seems everyone is doing his best to run away from it. 

Our children have become sick because they were among the vulnerable harmed by toxins, either in the womb or in their early childhood years.  And our children are becoming sick in ever greater rates because year after year after year the load of toxins has increased. 

Not to overdo the statistics, here are just a few.  The U.S. makes or imports 27 trillion pounds of chemicals a year, up from 200 billion in 1980.  We use roughly 4.5 billion pounds of pesticides a year, compared with 400 million pounds in the 1960s.  Not one newborn American baby has been tested without finding hundreds of chemicals in her umbilical cord.  And that’s without mentioning the effects of nuclear pollutants.   

The National Academy of Sciences has reported that half of all pregnancies will end either in fetal death or in a less than healthy child.  A massive body of recent science describes how pollutants work their harm.

We need to take our collective heads out of the sand and face the reality behind the numbers:  Our children are sick from preventable causes, not from better diagnoses. 

Alice Shabecoff is the coauthor of Poisoned for Profit: How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill


Vivian Lang

New studies on EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) and RF (Radio Frequency Fields) are link to the increase in autism over the past 20 years. As our use of technology such as WiFi, routers, electrical antenna, smart phones, wireless technology, smart meters, etc., the list goes on please search what is EMF to understand all of the items including microwaves that emit the harmful fields. As our exposures increase with technology so do the childhood illnesses. This is the one thing that truly makes sense. The CDC, The World Government, FCC and numerous Harvard professors, the Navy has done 2600 reports on the harmful effects of EMF's and RF fields. I have been studying this phenomena. Some of the higher fields being generated are the new Smart Electric, Smart Water and Smart Gas meters. Learn how to limit your exposure and don't fall for some of the gimmicks and false claims about crystals and necklaces offering protection. This is one of the biggest cover ups for money in the World. In countries other than the United States they have already start measures to reduce EMF and RF radiation.

Carolyn M


I no longer live in the area, and the subject has not come up in discussion with my family members who live there.

The last I heard, the company was perfectly willing to upgrade but was waiting - I think for some indication that they should do so (I'm not sure whether it was regulatory permission or not).


I took my kids in to either the health department or to the peds (after the government subsidized them and they were rubbing their greedy hands together in their excitment and salivating with hunger as they eyed my kids) many times.
My kids reacted each and ever time to the shots. Reactions started mild and esculated to horrible.

I see no need to look at anything else untill that is looked at. That would be silly! But of course we live in a very silly an mad, mad world!


This is in response to Carolyn M: To upgrade a coal-fired power plant for environmental purposes takes 2-5 years and at least 2 billion dollars. You probably would have known if they upgraded it because it would have been in the papers as well as a huge source of contract employment for workers in the area. Just wanted to throw that in there...


I have chronic health issues as the result of being poisoned by a toxic chemical exposure 20 years ago. Since then I have researched the subject of toxic exposures [poison] and the resulting health damages. Here is what I have learned in a nutshell:

Chronic ongoing low-level poisoning has an accumulating effect, due to the body's inability to sufficiently detoxify the toxins. A one-time large level poison event produces immediate and obvious results of health damages in comparison to ongoing lower level exposures which "sneak up" on the victim, therefore creating a confusing lack of understanding as to what exactly produced the resulting health damages. Whether the person realizes or not WHAT poisoned them, or whether they realize or not that they are POISONED to begin with, the resulting health damages are the same.

Doctors who have researched and treated chemically injured patients throughout the past 50 years have discovered that 90% of chemically injured people have a deficient porphyrin pathway, which can be an inherited suseptibility due to a mother’s toxic overload during pregnancy, or much more commonly the porphyrin pathyway has been damaged as a direct result of the toxic overload to the victim. Many other detoxification dependent pathways are also damaged during toxic exposures in the chemically injured population, such as Glutathione, Methyl B-12 and Magnesium. Consequently, ANY toxic exposure then becomes impossible for the body to detoxify sufficiently, for example pesticides, synthetic fragrance, cleaning products etc. Also this has been shown to result in a damaged or non-existent blood brain barrier, thus removing the body’s natural design to protect the brain from toxins.

Logically, the most toxic exposures produce the most severe damages, and infants and children are much more vulnerable to toxic exposures due to their immature detoxification organs and pathways. Among the most recognized toxins in the severe category are metals such as Mercury, Aluminum and Lead which are all severely neurotoxic, and are very difficult for the body to sufficiently remove due their large molecular weight. (Thus the term “Heavy” metals) Toxins which are injected directly into the bloodstream present the greatest challenge, since these toxins bypass the normal detoxification process that occurs when ingested by mouth.

Much research and studies have been done regarding the chemical injuries of Gulf War Vets, with over 400,000 soldiers becoming permanently disabled. Unfortunately, in spite of the evidence pointing at multiple military vaccines and other neurotoxic chemicals which these veterans were exposed to during their Service to their Country, our government has refused to recognize it’s own liability, and has not compensated any of these permanently damaged veterans….. They survived the war itself, only to become permanently disabled.

“Coincidentally”, when I have researched this subject of toxic exposures in relation to AUTISM, the same detoxification pathways have been found to be deficient. Since toxic exposures are the primary cause of damages to these detox pathways, WHERE did the toxic exposures come from? WHAT toxic exposures occurred in the past 20 years that did not previously occur prior to the onset of the autism epidemic?

No Vaccines No Autism "We have a fairly large practice. We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we've taken care of over the years, and I don't think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines," said Dr. Mayer

Eisenstein, Homefirst's medical director who founded the practice in 1973. Homefirst doctors have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, and thousands of them have never been vaccinated. [Homefirst Clinic serves the Amish Community who are primarily NOT vaccinated, and who also prefer in-home births]

All Vaccines Cause Neurological Damage I want to raise doubt in your mind as to the safety, efficacy and moral issues of vaccines. My goal is for you to do further research into all of the vaccines, use libraries, bookstores, our internet web site ( and ask questions. Only after fully weighing the evidence can you make an informed decision. An informed consumer is a wise consumer. This journey is a beginning of better understanding the issues surrounding childhood vaccinations.


I just posted this to the FDA criminal complaint web site. Lets see if they respond.

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to ask the the FDA to investigate all children's medicine particularly cough syrup cold and flu medicine from discount stores like Ocean State Job lot, Dollar Tree or the Dollar store. I would like to all pediatric medicine and biological products including vaccine ingredients, if the active ingredients were made overseas, particularly from China, to be chemically tested.

I am the parent of an 8 year old boy with autism.
I am concerned that there may be a link between imported pediatric medicine and autism. I think some of the imported medicine may be toxic to our children.

The CDC reports that 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 American boys has autism. There's been a 78% increase in autism since 2002. In 1960's the rate was 1 in 10,000 making autism very rare. So what in our children's environment is triggering this staggering rise in autism?

Below is a graph showing the dramatic increase:

Experts who are doing research on autism are looking more and more to environmental exposures. They say that genetics or so called "better diagnosing" alone cannot possibly account for the huge autism increase. Because the autism rates have skyrocketed, I strongly suspect poisoning via counterfeit medicine and/or pesticides on our food particularly products that have been imported.

I am very concerned about the counterfeit drug problem and the fact that counterfeit drugs have been found in the United States. Has the FDA ever considered that there may be a link between counterfeit medicine and the autism increase?

In August 2010, experts from the USEPA, NIEHS and UC Davis testified before a US Senate Subcommitte on Children's Health that chemicals in the environment were contributing to the autsm increase.

Here is a podcast of that testimony:

Subcommittee on Children’s Health hearing entitled, "State of Research on Potential Environmental Health Factors with Autism and Related Neurodevelopment Disorders."
Tuesday, August 3, 2010
10:00 AM EDT

AutismSpeaks says:

"Based on the abovementioned research, approximately 53% percent of the increase in autism prevalence over time may be explained by changes in diagnosis (26%), greater awareness (16%), and an increase in parental age (11%). While this research is beginning to help us understand the increase in autism prevalence, half of the increase is still unexplained and not due to better diagnosis, greater awareness, and social factors alone. Environmental factors, and their interactions with genetic susceptibilities, are likely contributors to increase in prevalence and are the subject of numerous research projects currently supported by Autism Speaks.

I believe there's been a toxic chemical exposure either through ingestion, dermal contact or injection.

When my son was a baby I purchased cough syrup at either Ocean State Job Lot or the Dollar Store. The cough syrup was labeled "Vicks". It was green in color and came in a bottle. To this day I wounder if it was counterfeit.

My son was NOT born with autism. He was a healthy baby up until about age 2. Around that time he got very sick and withdrew. I remember when he drooled constantly (and this was not just baby drooling). He drooled like a faucet. He became listless and sick. I took him to his pediatrician and but noone suggested poisoning. The doctor suggested that I have him evalauted by a neurologist.

Afgter a series of evaluations, my son was dxed with autism at age 3. I took him to Children Hospital Boston for a genetics test. His genetics test called a chromosomal microarray analysis came back "normal" per the lab report.

Other autism parents I've talked said the same thing that their kids genetics tests were "normal" and they have no family history of autism. So what would cause a genetically normal, previously healthy child to regress? I think it is quite possible they were poisoned by either a imported medicine or pesticide coated food or both.

I think we may be dealing with mass poisoning here in the US similar to what happened in Panama.
I think the poisoning could be happening for years but noone has investigated a possible link to the autism increase.

I would like to ask the FDA to please do a comprehensive investigation including testing for chemcials into all imported children medicinal products, including vaccine ingredients. Please test products from off the store shelf and from pediatric clinics. Please do not rely on samples from manufacturers.

I'd be happy to discuss this further.

Thank you,


I think we could be dealing with a neurotoxin as in a bioweapon. Just my opinion.

david burd

AoA reaches few mainstream parents unwittingly taking their infants to have their "well-baby" INJECTIONS that do, indeed, poison them, cripple them, disable them, or kill them outright ala SIDS or SUID sham diagnoses.

Thus, Mainstream Media marches on with their $Billion dollar revenues from drug and vaccination promotions - with no accountability whatsoever as to the havoc/death the vaccinations actually cause.

The Immunization Schedule incriminates itself, therefore it IS NEVER SHOWN on mainstream media; Here it is again:

Pass it on to anybody, everybody.

Carolyn M

Concerning toxins in the general vicinity of Tampa, Florida:

Directly across the bay from Tampa is phosphate mining.

Also, there is a coal-fired power plant. Please note that this power plant is one that has stated in the past that it could convert to cleaner operation - I don't know whether or not it has actually done so.

However, I am in complete agreement that injected toxins should be investigated first.

Angus Files

... recently the increase has been "NOTHING TO DO WITH VACCINES" .It is for sure to do with obesity,(WINK)watching to much TV,(eh!WINK)drinking when pregnant (eh! WINK)older fathers(eh! WINK)genetic(eh! WINK) but we haven’t yet reached refrigerator Mother...(RF)

I think autism should date line on all the accusations ..starting with (RF) ..(OB) ..(TV) …(DWP) ..(OF) ..(G) …

Oh! possibly the weight scales and our mirror lies as well (WSML)



I second CMO and David Burd!


Is there a formal list of aluminum levels and other toxins injected with each vaccine ? Has more aluminum been added since they removed the thimerosal / except for "trace amounts" ???

While the CDC will want to study "thousands of chemicals" from everythehellwhere to further delay the study of vaccines, always it would seem injected toxins would be the first damn place to start looking.

Sandy MacInnis

Suggestion: Please correct the picture. The book title is actually "Poisoned for Profit". That will make it easier for readers to find and buy this book. Thanks.

david burd

Today's post on Dr. Berger's (universal) success with his infant patients alongside Alice Shabecoff's post tells us a lot.

As Dr. Berger's practice is surely exposed to a wealth of toxic pesticides, etc., (particularly as Florida has a huge agricultural industry), it is instructive these toxins are not the same order of magnitude as hundreds of INJECTED vaccine toxins during the first years of life per the Immunization Schedule.

All toxins should of course be considered, particularly what the pregnant mother ingests (including the plethora of prescription drugs that may be taken), yet history shows that industrialized cities of yesteryear with years of darkened skies via smokestack soot and myriad other toxins did not result in the horrific autism spectrum onslaught beginning about 30 years ago, and is in lock-step with the gigantic increases of the Immunization Schedule's number of injected vaccines since 1990 and during the most fragile time of a newborn's life.

It is also instructive and very revealing from a political aspect that the U.S. Schedule is NEVER shown on TV or in the mainstream media. Why is that?? Here it is.

Katie Wright

So well said
Thank you

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