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Boston Teacher Placed on (Paid) Leave Following Abuse of Autistic Child

Texas Vaccine Requirements Affect Community College Enrollment

Your_rightsAdministrators at the Austin Community College (ACC) admit that some 10,000 students have refused to enroll at ACC because of their vaccination requirements. Meanwhile, a Washington State rock band named The Refusers is storming Youtube with their latest hit "First do no harm".

Vaccine refusal is a basic human right that has been often challenged by the pro-vaccine "authorities" from the local well-meaning pediatrician to the government officials all the way down to the school administrators. Even though no school or other agency can force anyone to take a vaccination, policies are written to give the distinct impression that the inoculations are compulsory. Any school administrator who says a student will be refused enrollment without a vaccine is lying.

Enrollment at ACC has declined 15 percent since January, cancelling some 500 classes. When asked why, a huge number of the students are citing the institution's aggressive vaccination policy as their reason to drop out. A similar pattern of this anti vaccine revolt is being seen across the country...  Read the full story by Robert Smith at


John Vegan Smith

Great! Well done students!

Please ask for the very useful free pdf –
“Vaccination Awareness Information Booklet” from
Please could you help by requesting this booklet, and sharing with all your contacts?
Thank you very much. Namaste
Also, vaccines are not vegetarian, and are totally ineffective

Please support
WORLD ANTI-VACCINATION DAY – 11th November annually

Donna L.

Awesome! That's an awful lot of wise, educated young people who most likely are not going to follow the CDC recommended vax schedule if/when they decide to have children of their own. No wonder Offit, et al are so damn irritable and high-strung lately. And no wonder a new vaccinateyourbaby billboard goes up in our town every week. Looks to me as if the vaccinators' gravy train is swiftly coming to a screeching halt. It's about time!

Heidi N

My recovered son who lives in Texas just enrolled in college. He was told that it was mandatory for him to get the meningitis vaccine. But, I found an employee at admissions who knew he could get a waiver and accepted his waiver. Not all the employees there knew this. If the person doing admissions doesn't know this, then one needs to go the the Texas Department of State Health Services and download the copy of the rule that states a waiver can be obtained for college, even if they live in the dorm, and take it to the personnel at admissions. Personnel often do not know that they can accept waivers, so we need to look up the exact law ourselves and educate them.


My healthy NT 23 yo son went to a doc in a box to have a simple physical for a staff position for a camp he is working at this summer. He was fully vaccinated (my 3rd child born in 1994 is what brought me here) and the camp didn't require anything, but the doc refused to sign the form after taking his money unless he got a POLIO vaccine. I checked and the cdc doesn't even recommend it for adults. Luckily bc of his brother he will never take a vaccine again and walked out the door. Wonder how many poor kids in our community our getting this needless shot. it makes you wonder.


I work with a nice young man of about 20. He was telling me and several other employees that he hadn't registered for fall classes (at Texas State University, just south of ACC) because he was short on cash and couldn't currently afford the vaccine he was "required" to get before registering.

As the mother of a vaccine injured child who normally won't speak up (too much) at my place of employment, I couldn't hold back. I asked him which vaccine. Meningitis, he said. ALL the other people in the group insisted that he had "no choice" and that he's better hurry, or all the good classes "would be filled up". I ranted a bit, and excused myself to print an online copy of our state's vaccine exemption form.

I later pulled him aside and explained that he didn't need this vaccine, and it certainly wasn't REQUIRED! He thanked me for saving him money (never mind his health) for the vax. I asked him how much the school was charging for the shot...



Anne McElroy Dachel

A potentially damaging product, mandated by the state, and for which neither the manufacturer nor the doctor is liable.

Of course they'll promote it. Who wouldn't?

Anne Dachel, Media


Anti- vaccine revolt, it's music to my ears. Good for those students and the band!


I was at the pediatricians office last week with my son. A mom was there with her college age daughter who was told she must repeat the Hep b series for lack of immunity. She was going to nursing school. The mom asked what type of reactions her daughter could get from the shot. The nurse practitioner at the desk told her there were no reactions to hep b immunizations. "The shot is so safe that we give it to newborns." Without any type of exam, or even asking if the girl had been sick, they were taking her into a room to give her the shot so her requirement could be fulfilled. I know there are risks to the hep b, even in newborns. I don't know why I was surprised. It makes me question everything these doctors tell me.


We live in WV and its a misdemeanor to not vaccinate. We do not have a philosophical or religious exemption so school administrators can deny enrollment (private or public).

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