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Rep. Dan Burton Calls for Autism Hearings - Take Action!

Get involvedRep. Dan Burton Calls for Autism Hearings   
Take Action! From Autism Action Network.

Please Take Action to Support his Appeal   
Representative Dan Burton recently published the letter below in The Hill calling for Congressional hearings into the causes of autism (including mercury and vaccines), the inadequacy of the Federal government’s response to the autism epidemic, and the failure of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to assure a safe vaccine supply and provide justice to those injured by vaccines. No hearings by Congress have been held on these topics since those chaired by Burton himself more than 10 years ago. Burton is one of the few elected officials in the United States to have the courage and intellectual honesty to confront the autism epidemic and the many, many questions raised by a honest review Urgent-Actions-WBMd of the facts. But he needs your help.
What You Can Do:
1) Please click on Take Action to send an email to your representative asking for support of Burton’s call for hearings, and to support Burton’s newly introduced bill, “White House Conference on Autism Act of 2011” (H.R. 3489), calling for a conference lead by the Whitehouse on the autism epidemic.
2) Congressman Burton is no longer the chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, though he remains an active member.  He is requesting that Chairman Darrell Issa hold hearings on the VICP.  However, given all the competing interests in Washington, we need to support Congressman Burton’s leadership by showing broad community support for these hearings.  We need every single one of you to go to these Facebook pages, the first is for the Committee, the second is for the Democratic Party members of the Committee, and express your support for hearings and a White House Conference on Autism.
 We specifically want the following:
The U.S. House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee should initiate promised hearings as soon as possible on the failure of federal health agencies to appropriately respond to the autism epidemic. It has been ten years since this Committee examined the role of the federal authorities in the autism epidemic.  We can think of no other instance where any comparable epidemic has gone on for so long without Congressional oversight. Bill of rights
3) Please share this email with friends and family and please post to Facebook and other social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network Please consider making a donation at www.autismactionnetwork.org/donation.org.
The original letter in the The Hill can be read here:
It is time to re-engage on the autism epidemic

Dan burtonBy Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) – The Hill, 04/24/12 09:15 AM ET

On March 30, 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their latest figures on the number of autistic kids in America. The numbers are sobering. Thirty years ago it was estimated that autism affected only 1 out of every 10,000 individuals. The latest CDC figures put the number at 1 in 88 American children (one in 54 boys); a 550 percent jump in cases since 2000. We are literally in the midst of a nationwide epidemic.
In the late 90s, my grandson was diagnosed with autism.

Like other family members who have been touched by autism, I wanted to know more about this condition. During my tenure as Chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform (1997-2002) and the subcommittee on Human Rights & Wellness (2003-2004), I held no fewer than 20 hearings examining the state of federal scientific research into the cause of and treatment for autism. I am proud of the work we did to raise awareness of autism and draw more attention to the need for research; and I am firmly convinced that the work we did back then laid the groundwork for the historic Combating Autism Act and for the $1 Billion in Federal research into autism that is happening today. 

Unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation has been thrown around in public and private about the Committee's focus on mercury in medicines as a possible factor in the autism epidemic. I’m not a scientist, but the Committee heard from many credible scientists and experts who are convinced that mercury is a contributing factor; and the theory is no less worthy of exploration than the theories being propounded today that the pregnancy weight of the mother or the age of the father at conception influences whether a child becomes autistic. When you have no idea what is causing a disease, policymakers and scientists should never be afraid to investigate any plausible theory. In fact, researching possible environmental factors is a central component of today's research on autism.

Regrettably, lost in the controversy over mercury are two other issues the Committee explored. First, in the 1980s, Congress created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VCIP) to shield medical professionals and vaccine manufacturers from liability if an individual suffered an injury from a vaccine. The compensation fund, which currently contains over $3 Billion, was created to protect the vaccine supply and to insure that all who were injured by a vaccine received compensation in a no-fault, compassionate and easy to use manner.
Congress intended for families to be compensated quickly and fairly; and when the evidence was close as to whether or not the medical condition in question was vaccine related or not the court should always err in favor of the injured. Our investigations found that over the years the system had broken; and what was supposed to be quick and fair became slow and contentious. There has been no Congressional oversight of VICP in the last decade, and the system has not improved; if anything it has gotten worse. It is time for Congress to revisit this issue and consider substantially reforming this program. For the public to trust vaccine policies, it is vitally important to have a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that is efficient, effective, and fair to those who may have suffered injury from vaccines.
The other issue we dealt with is how do we help the millions of individuals and families afflicted with this disease. Autism has no cure and it is not a life-threatening disease. That means that the autistic children of today will be the autistic adults and autistic seniors of tomorrow. Our nation is ill prepared to deal with the complex challenges posed by a generation of autistic individuals. There have been far too many stories in the media of police, firefighters, and teachers ill-prepared to cope with an autistic individual and tragedy has resulted. We need to change that. We need prominent and influential leaders to step forward and spark a national debate on autism.
That is why I introduced the “White House Conference on Autism Act of 2011” (H.R. 3489). It will require the President of the United States to convene, no later than December 31, 2012, a White House Conference on Autism charged with developing policy recommendations on ways to address the autism epidemic and its impact on Americans. I hope to see this bill signed into law before I retire from Congress at the end of this year. Although I am retiring from Congress, I am not retiring from the fight against autism, because I firmly believe as a nation we have a collective responsibility to do everything we can to not only stop the further spread of this disease but to help the millions of children, adults and families afflicted by it. 

Rep. Burton (R-IN) has chaired the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform from 1997-2002.


Lisa Bryan

And don't forget our military who are losing autism services upon retirement.
Thank you for caring for our children with Autism!


I believe we should also contact the President and ask him to declare a serious war on autism, which will have to include a war with child poisoners.


Thankyou Carol:
I enjoyed the post.


I understand Dr. Vijendra Singh testified before Burton's committee. In Paul Offit's book, _Autism's False Prophets_, I found this challenge to Singh's work:

"Finally, the work of Vijendra Singh came under closer scrutiny. Singh had testified in front of Dan Burton's committee that MMR had induced unusual levels of antibodies against measles virus as well as antibodies against nerve cells. But a closer look at Singh's science revealed two critical flaws: children with autism didn't have evidence of nerve cell damage and, according to measles experts, the test that Singh had used to detect measles antibodies didn't detect them."

Hm. Can you vague that up for us, Paul? Who are these measles experts? Where were these criticisms published? The endnotes shed no light. Nothing much on the internet about it and I'm pretty sure there would be. And if the criticisms could stand up to scrutiny, they probably wouldn't be so greyed out in Offit's book.

So here's a 2009 article by Dr. Singh where you can read about his research yourself: https://www.aacp.com/Pages.asp?AID=7937&issue=August%202009&page=C&UID=


Thank you Congressman Burton.
We must act now.


Thank you Dan Burton. We are so grateful for all you do.


Thank you Congressman Burton for all your efforts.

The "Vaccine Court" was created in the days of the DTP vaccine which was found to be a damn disaster and removed from the market.

...."The compensation fund, which currently contains over $3 Billion, was created to protect the vaccine supply and to insure that all who were injured by a vaccine received compensation in a ..."no-fault" ....compassionate and easy to use manner."

"No fault becomes fault" when pharma demands vaccine mandates for 36 vaccines by age 5 (up from the number 10) and also demands to use ingredients.... banned in other nations.... for 20 years.


Representative Dan Burton, Indiana United States Congress
Dan Burton's grandson became "suddenly Autistic" after receiving 9 vaccines on the same day...

2002 Governmental Reform Investigation-Mercury/Vaccines/Autism / Dr. Wakefield of the UK



Dan Burton. Thank God for an honest, caring politician! Thank you.

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