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Penn Prof. Paul Offit to GW Grad Student: “Get the f*ck out of here! Piece of sh*t!”

Offit standing

By Jake Crosby

That's what millionaire vaccine industrialist Paul Offit said to me following a talk he gave at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology, endowed by Merck. But that was not the only abusive thing he said to me. He also called me stupid, lied that I don't have Asperger Syndrome and labeled me with a new diagnosis after again calling me a stalker.

Offit's talk was part of Penn's Microbiology Seminar Series sponsored by PENN Infectious Diseases. It was titled “Rotavirus Vaccines: From Bench to Bedside.” Throughout the lecture, he talked about the different rotavirus vaccines: RotaTeq, Rotarix and RotaShield – the vaccine pulled for causing intussusception, which is a potentially fatal condition in which the intestine turns inside-out. He even discussed how he was going to lobby to bring back RotaShield in 2000, but that it was already too late and he blamed the harm to RotaShield's reputation on the ensuing controversy over mercury in vaccines. Offit also admitted that his own vaccine, RotaTeq, can cause intussusception.

I was especially surprised to hear him reveal an insight about pharmaceutical executives putting money before health:

“You never say at a pharmaceutical conference, 'it's the right thing to do.'”

At the conclusion of his talk came the Q/A session. When the moderator finally called on me, I asked:

“Hi Dr. Offit,

You didn't talk about your involvement in approving RotaShield. You told an autism parent you did not get to vote the rotavirus vaccine onto the schedule, but you voted for it three times leading up to the CDC's decision to adopt your committee's recommendation into its schedule. So how could you say you did not vote it onto the infant schedule when you clearly did?”

Offit sneered at my question and then snickered and shook his head when I mentioned the autism parent.

He replied:

“Jake! How are you buddy?”

“I'm fine.”

“Ladies and gentleman, this is Jake Crosby – my stalker!”

I called him out, “That's libel!”

Someone then shouted from the audience, “Are you serious?”

So I said, “This is constitutionally-protected free speech and a public event.”

“Oh really,” Offit said sarcastically.

But then surprisingly, he attempted to answer my question:

“I did not participate in the first vote to get Rotashield onto the schedule. I did participate in the vote to get it into the Vaccines For Children program [free vaccines], among other votes. Prior to my voting, I consulted the chair Dr. John Modlin [who is also conflicted with Merck, and was reprimanded for it by Congress], and he said it was okay that I participated. So I did because I was not working on a competing vaccine at the time. Ours was still many years away from completion.”

“But you were still...”

I was going to tell him that he was still working on a competing vaccine and that he still voted RotaShield onto the schedule, but the moderator cut me off:

“Let's continue talking about this afterward.”

Offit said, with a big grin:

“Oh, we can talk about this endlessly.”

Though we did talk after his lecture, it would not be about RotaShield.

Then another graduate student asked a question. While calling people like Donald Trump “idiots,” he said there are some people who have legitimate questions about vaccine safety and wanted to know how to engage those people.

Offit replied:

“You have to use reason! But there are some people who will never stop believing,” gesturing toward me.

At the end of the talk, the woman sitting next to me asked:

“So who in your family has autism?”

“I do.”

Paul Offit beckoned me to the podium with his finger and then I made my way down the aisle.

When I reached the podium, I said:

“You call me a stalker and then you tell me you want to speak to me.”

He extended his hand, wanting me to shake it.

I hesitated.

He asked with a big smirk, “Aren't you gonna shake my hand?”

“I think it would be better to not shake your hand since you've complained of receiving physical threats,” I told him.

“Shake my hand Jake,” he insisted.

“No, I won't.”

He then lost his temper very quickly.

“You vilify me online! You call me names! You say things about me that are false! You question my motives and claim I am doing this for money! I am not doing this for money, I do this to help children! You call me a millionaire vaccine industrialist! You have to stop!”

“I represent you fairly and accurately.”

“No you don't! You write about my motives! How could you possibly know what my motives are?! You don't know my motives! You don't know my motives!”

“I write about you only based on what you do and what you say.”

“No you don't! You call me a millionaire vaccine industrialist! How am I a millionaire vaccine industrialist?!”

“You made millions of dollars from the vaccine industry.”

Millionaire vaccine industrialist implies motive! How could you be so stupid to not see that?!”

“It means someone who's made millions of dollars from the vaccine industry.”

“And how am I an industrialist?! Should I not have gone to a pharmaceutical company?! Should I have made the vaccine in my garage?!”

“No, but it didn't matter where it was made. It's still a conflict of interest with the vaccine industry.”

His fury only escalated.

“What are my motives?! What are my motives?!”

He continued pointing at me, shouting. I continued moving back and he continued to move forward, seemingly wanting to physically intimidate me.

He yelled:


I put my hands up, trying to calm him:

“Easy, easy,” I said.

“WHAT ARE MY MOTIVES?! Tell me what you think my motives are!!!”

“Your motives are that you enjoy working on rotavirus vaccine development as you said at the NIH talk, and also for the money...”

“NO!! I do NOT do this for the money! That is wrong!!”

“You told American Medical News that protection from vaccine litigation improves vaccine industry profits. That's making money off the backs of vaccine-injured children.”

Here is the exact line, from American Medical News, 2008:

But other advantages to vaccine production have become increasingly evident, Dr. Offit noted. "There is a fairly beaten path in how to make them, and there is, to some extent, protection from liability in children's vaccines," he said.

But he continued the abuse:

“No, that is bullshit! I don't do this for the money! Get out of here!”

And then he said:

Angry doctor“Get the fuck out of here! Piece of shit!”

He gestured to the door in a fashion similar to what he did at Yale when he threw me out.

Stunned, I walked over to the moderator, introduced myself and asked his name, shaking his hand.

He replied, “Harvey Friedman.”

I commented on how appalled I was at Offit's behavior.

He agreed with me that it was not right but also said, “this is not the right forum.”

I can't imagine what is. Then Paul Offit approached me again and continued to go at it:

“You owe me an apology!”

“You owe me an apology for telling me to get the fuck out of here and calling me a piece of shit!”

Of course, those aren't the only things he owes me an apology for.

“Fine, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, now you apologize to me!”

“I'm not going to apologize to you for representing you accurately.”

“No, you do not represent me accurately!”

Then someone came up to him and said:

“He doesn't like to be shouted at; he has Asperger's.”

Then Paul Offit attempted to undiagnose me:

“No, he doesn't have Asperger's; he's got paranoid schizophrenia is what he has!”

I was stunned.

Attempting to defuse the situation, the moderator then introduced me to the graduate student who asked the question after me during Q/A.

We walked out of the auditorium to a nearby Au Bon Pain restaurant. As we were walking, he told me his name was Jonathan. I didn't get his last name; he said it too fast. He did say he was involved in vaccine research.

But I was still shaken up by what just happened:

“How could you listen to that evil man? How could you listen to him spread his lies on television and in print?”

He agreed with me that what Offit said to me was wrong, but added that I “clearly agitated him.”

I told him that Paul Offit knowingly cites tobacco science and that Institute of Medicine of which he is a member said it would never come down that autism is a true side-effect of vaccination in a meeting that led up to the 2004 IOM Report.

Jonathan told me he never heard of the report – the bible for today's vaccine injury deniers! I brought up Marie McCormick's quote on the IOM's preconceived position on autism and vaccines that, “...we will never come down that it is a true side-effect...”

“So you're saying they already came to a conclusion before looking at any evidence?”


“Well, IOM has done a lot of good things, but they are not an ancient organization. They also have some major flaws.”

I asked him:

“What was your name again?”

“I told you my name already.”

“I didn't get your last name.”

He quickly tried to change the subject:

“Let's go inside and get some coffee,” referring to the Au Bon Pain restaurant we were right outside of.

After we went in, I had the displeasure of coming across the man who Paul Offit told I did not have Asperger Syndrome, but “paranoid schizophrenia.”

After telling me he read my writing, he commented:

“I think you're a liar and I think you're despicable.”

As I was writing down what he told me, he said:

“Off the record.”

“Too late,” I said back.

He sat down with Jonathan and me. His name was Jeff Bergelson.

Dr. Jeff Bergelson,” he emphasized to me.

Then again:

Prof. Jeff Bergelson.”

“I'm glad you're not my professor,” I told him.

“I think that feeling is mutual,” Jonathan observed.

After listening to Offit's abuse, I then had to put up with Bergelson's rant.

“Age of Autism is nothing but complete bunkum!”

He said this many times.

He added:

“I don't know if you are completely misguided or lying, but your writing is complete bunkum!”

“How is it 'bunkum,'” I asked him multiple times before he finally gave some examples, but they weren't much more specific:

“It is anti-vaccine!”

“No, it isn't!”

“You advocate treating autism with nutrients!”

“And people have improved from that,” I said, myself included.

“You advocate homeopathy for autism!”

“Well, I don't advocate that.” I think the one time that I brought up homeopathy was when I quoted Kevin Leitch of all people talking about how much it has helped his autistic daughter.

“Homeopathy is complete and utter bunkum!”

I turned to Jonathan and asked: “Do I need to hear this after what I just put up with from Offit?”

Jonathan replied, “I think it's important.”

I brought up Offit's abuse, but Bergelson went on “What Paul Offit said to you was wrong, but the things you say about Paul Offit online are bunkum! He's done more for public health than everyone else in this room combined!”

“No, he has not.”

“Oh C'mon! I'm just expressing my views about Paul Offit! You'd probably say the same about Andrew Wakefield!”

“Well, you're right about that.”

But he then went on to say:

“Andrew Wakefield's work is a load of bunkum!"

Jonathan, who was mostly quiet during this exchange, said “He did do it for money.”

“No, he didn't,” I said, “he donated that money to a project to build a new GI clinic for sick children.”

Bergelson went on about Desiree Jennings, “that crazy lady who claimed she got hurt by a flu shot! I know people who wouldn't get vaccinated against influenza because of her!”

“She did get hurt after it, she got dystonia!”

“She did not have dystonia!”

“Watch the videos of her!”

“She did not get dystonia! It's a load of bunkum!”

At one point, I asked Bergelson if he can tone down his voice.

His excuse?

“I'm a Jew! I make big hand gestures!”

I was not commenting on his hand gestures, but his volume. Regardless, I was shocked that he used being Jewish to excuse his bad behavior. I am sure my maternal grandfather – who passed away last November and was Jewish – would have been disgusted by this.

Perhaps realizing his mistake, Bergelson quickly changed the subject to my great great grandfather, Captain Edward Crosby:

“And I'm sorry your grandfather went down on the Titanic!”

“Great great grandfather,” I corrected him.

“Great great grandfather,” he reiterated.

“Thank you,” I said.

Suddenly, Paul Offit showed up attempting to “apologize” again:

“I'm sorry for what I said, I hope you can forgive me.”

“Okay,” I said back, not that I forgive him, but that I hear him.

Offit left and then returned yet again, angrily apologizing “I'm sorry! Okay? I'm sorry!” That was probably when he realized the full extent of what he had done and how it could damage his reputation.

I just wanted him to go away, “okay!”

After bidding a happy farewell to Bergelson and his “bunkum” rants, I went outside with Jonathan and we continued our conversation. We walked to the train station while discussing Offit's rant about me.

I complained about how Paul Offit was probably hiding something by the crazed, angry way he was acting.

Jonathan said, “Well, that's one way to look at it, but not the only way.”

I told him:

“Watch the video online of Andrew Wakefield's lecture at Brandeis and compare how he deals with critical questioners with what Paul Offit said to me today, and you'll find a stark difference.”

Jonathan promised he would.

As we walked to the train station, we had a somewhat interesting talk – about how breast feeding has an inverse association with autism, about what we thought were the top three public health issues facing the world (I said they were chronic illnesses, living conditions and health disparities), and about his participation in the never-ending quest for an HIV vaccine. I told him HIV discoverer Dr. Luc Montagnier would be speaking at the AutismOne conference later this month.

As we were approaching the train station, I told Jonathan that Paul Offit tacitly admitted the MMR vaccine causes autism, having made an oxymoronic statement on Medscape about a compensated case of vaccine injury; Offit remarked that a case of measles encephalopathy can fall in the autism spectrum without being autism (even though a disorder that falls within the autism spectrum, by definition, would be autism).

“So how do you define autism?”

I said, “Any collection of behaviors that would fall within the autism spectrum”

Then he asked me, “And you had the MMR?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Well, I had the MMR and I'm not autistic,” he said.

“That's because it only causes autism in certain susceptible people,” I told him.

As we were entering the station, he rehashed the fact that I call Paul Offit a millionaire vaccine industrialist by comparing him to Jonas Salk, inventor of the first effective polio vaccine:

“You know, you could argue Jonas Salk was a millionaire vaccine industrialist.”

Jonas Salk was one of Jonathan's big heroes. Until fairly recently, I had been on the fence about Salk. Then I heard that he experimented on some disabled patients, giving them an experimental flu vaccine and then exposing them to the flu. That's when I decided Salk was no longer a hero.

I chose not to share my feelings about him with Jonathan, however, because I did not want to risk completely alienating him. So instead I brought up that famous interview Salk had with CBS “See It Now” news anchor Edward R. Murrow, who asked him who owned the patent on the vaccine, to which Salk replied, “Can you patent the sun?”

Jonathan admitted, “Well, he was paid a lot of money to make that vaccine.”

But Paul Offit did make millions from vaccine earnings, which he likened to winning the lottery.

Inside the train station, Jonathan and I finally parted ways.

“I hope we will get back in touch some day,” he told me.

“I hope so, too,” I said back, “Good luck with your research!”

I do hope he'll watch Dr. Andrew Wakefield's lecture at Brandeis.

If and when he does, he will not see a doctor who curses at his critics and lies that they don't have Asperger Syndrome, but paranoid schizophrenia. He will see a doctor who shows respect for his critics and fully answers their questions, unlike Paul Offit.



Jake Crosby has Asperger Syndrome and is a contributing editor to Age of Autism. Jake is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He currently attends The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services where he is studying for an MPH in epidemiology.

















I don't doubt for a nanosecond that someone in the legal department spoke to Offit a.s.a.p. after that outburst. His incessant apologies sounded just as manic as his accusations.

Anne Dachel

I wonder if Offit realizes the tide is going against him. We're not blindly accepting the tired claims of the "experts" anymore. The public is getting educated and the autism community is everywhere ready to expose the lies. Thank you, Jake. You've one incredible voice speaking for us all!

Anne Dachel, Media

Harry T

JAKE !!!! The late Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes would have been so PROUD of you !!!!


Yeah I know....just having a rant about BD. Any opportunity!

Kathleen Eickwort

There must be something in the medical code of ethics that would make labeling somebody a paranoid schizophrenic in public and denying their true diagnosis a kind of medical malpractice. Maybe Offit spoke to his lawyer before coming to "apologize."

Very sad. I think perhaps I had a debate with "Jonathan" about these issues online at some point. At least it may well have been the same Jonathan. Very good point about only some patients being at risk of developing neurological side-effects from the vaccines..


Patricia.... I understand.... I was just thinking out loud that Jake could have said that to Offit. Jake is a journalist and should be respected as one. He has a right to ask questions.


I think that Paul Offit is not the only one who is losing it. David Gorski (Orac), for a cancer surgeon, seems to be obsessed with defending the vaccine industry. It looks like the vast majority of his blog is about vaccines compared to any other health topic. Why? Traffic there seems to be down- I guess many people cannot be bothered with them, it's wasted energy. Some old nurse named Lilady has a particular fascination with Jake Crosby and really likes to analyze anything to do with him. It borders on obsession.


Millionaire vaccine industrialist sounds like a fair description to me.

Thanks for all you do, Jake.

Ginger Taylor


"Our children's health has been put into the hands of raging infantile tyrants and it shows."

Victor Pavlovic

Dr.Offit should be facing charges for bulling people on the autism spectrum, my question is how many more people has he been bullying? is he bullying people that are severely disabled as well? Either way, he needs to be removed from his highly public position. How long will the law allow something like this to go on?

Daniel Park

Mr. Crosby, when Dr. Offit called you a stalker, it was most assuredly NOT libel. That is patently false! How dare you make such an outrageous claim!?

(You see, libel only applies to falsehoods in print. When it's only spoken, it's slander... ;-)



Of course Brian Deer is a stalker. Silly question. It goes with his job and my how he loves his job! It also suits his personality perfectly, ergo - he is not just any old stalker, he's a great stalker.
He is also a pathetic piece of warped personality who detests people like Wakefield - people who are honest, open, trustworthy, talented and well, just plain nice, - i.e. everything he himself is not, because they reinforce his own feelings of absolute inferiority.

Hey, Doctor.... Recovery happens!

One of the sickest parts of all this is that there are doctors who still believe there is no recovery happening. Recovery is everywhere, but they won't acknowledge it... Why is that? It's like admitting some kids recover would take away their manhood or something. I wish they would open their eyes and see the beauty of recovery. They aren't living as doctors unless they acknowledge healing. It's so sad to see them cover their faces in pride. It will turn to shame later. It will, indeed. However, admitting kids recover would mean they were recovering from an injury. What a twisted circle they choose to live in.


Oh my God, Jake, what an unsettling encounter! I am so glad you had the presence of mind to state that it was a public event and your free speech was constitutionally protected. I cannot believe he called you a stalker again! Libelous indeed and I'm glad you named it as such, especially when he invited contact and physical contact, at that. He called you a "piece of shit" and a "paranoid schizophrenic." I am in shock of his brutal behavior and you are right, Andy Wakefield, Dr. Wakefield, would never act like that- when he has had so much more cause to lash out. Jake, you handled yourself more than admirably and I now think you may want to consider defamation claims. I'm glad you brought up the Desiree Jennings situation. She has been much maligned and we know there are many flu vaccine victims- victims that are old enough to know something happened to them and to articulate it.


So Brian Deer is a stalker???


Considering Offit appears to peruse AofA he is no doubt reliving his outburst by reading this article.

Jake, you are to be admired for your courage and commitment to the truth.

Terri Lewis

Thanks, Jake.

Offit's comments will be everywhere within the next 48 hours or so.

Nicely done.


I think of many reason why some are perfectly fine after an MMR and some are not.

Try this one, just as an example: CONTAMINATION. Contamination of the MMR by unknown viruses and infectious agents would be erratic: some batches are contaminated, some aren't. Some manufactureres are better than others at keeping this in check. This plant has problems, this one hasn't. Some years there is a lot of contamination, some years there isn't. Etc...etc...

Having an MMR shot would be like playing the russian roulette: you don't know if you're going to get something extra in there that's going to damage you.

Mark Struthers

The Penn professor says,

“Get the f*ck out of here! Piece of sh*t!”

And with this unpretty outburst of professionalism deficiency, Prof. Paul Offit provides pudding proof of the truth that he peddles piles of poop as an industrial snake-oil salesman.


Jake-- when I read the first paragraph I was going to make a joke about Offit curing autism-- or at least performing diagnostic substitution-- but the whole thing makes me ill. Our children's health has been put into the hands of raging infantile tyrants and it shows.


Is there a list of documented CDC Vaccine Court cases in regards to "death by intussusception" from the Offit RotaShield vaccine ??? Any awards ?

Dr. Offit might enjoy answering a few questions about those issues.

Of course if 1000 vaccines are given, and three children die, Dr. O thinks he has saved 997 lives...

Angus Files

Great Jake ..fantastic shows the things ,real personality...a abusive bully...

Brilliant made my weekend..

Keep up the work ..no doubt he has all the autism parents down as abusers as well ...what size are the jails in the U.S. going to lock us all up...

He is the one that needs to be locked up..


Joan Campbell

So proud of you Jake, well done
Sharing this widely


Jonathon's question of why he did not react to the MMR bugs me.
No, mine did not react to the MMR either, never broke a sweat -- of course I was not watching them three weeks later. I was watching them a few hours after a DPT shot and noticing though.

I am sick of this question, and observation.

And why is that?

Because it is not our question that should be put to us.

It is a question that the lazy bums should have found the answer for us immediately -- the medical community and not brought before Congress and Congress deciding that we will sacarfice children for the greater good in 1986.

Now they are asking the victims that question. A question they should have been asking themselves - they should have been pulling up at my house with a barrage of blood test, questions, curiosity.


It kills me that Offit says vaccines don't cause autism, but he writes books about autism. How is he an expert on vaccines and autism when the two supposedly have nothing to do with each other? And since he writes books relating to autism, that means he makes MONEY off autism. Really clever, Offit, if you can get away with it. I have a feeling that Jake's going to makes sure he doesn't. Thank you, Jake, from this mommy to a vaccine-injured child with autism.


So they have been reading your articles?
That was how they knew about the Titanic?

Jonathan did not react to his MMR shot because;
1.) It may not have been the one with the increased Mumps n it.
2.) He may as of yet not have a long list of ancestors that have taken vaccines - maybe only one or two generations - building that immune system higher and higher from previous vaccines.
3.) His immune system maybe slower, and it may take 20 years instead of immediately before he comes down with mitochondra cytopathy or myopathy, which could lead to early diabeties, heart attacks, thyroid trouble.
4.) You may have received the bottom of the jar DPT shot/more mercury, and then went on to react to the MMR shot
5.) Never mind the rest -- I like number 3 and it is the most probably. He is in a profession - in which he will be receiving more vaccines - so there is plenty of more times to get his immune system up there on the edge untill it goes over.

Above all Jake, the immune system does not do well when there is a lot of bad things happening. You had best watch your health, and I really mean that! As much as I love to hear this stuff --- I don't like to hear that you were shaky and upset. I can well see and understand that too. If you are anything like my son and you are - you have more aneixty that most people to begin with.
But I suppose you are like all of your proceeding family - the movers and shakers of the world - except with with a disability.


It is unconscionable that a person on the autism spectrum is being treated with such hostility by a man who is so revered by the mainstream medical establishment. A man who falsely projects an image that he is some kind of autism expert. He went out of his way to bully and intimidate a young man with Aspergers. Good job, Dr. Offit.

At first I laughed at the title of this piece, upon further thought, there isn't a damn thing funny about any of this.

I'm sorry Jake you have been bullied and verbally abused by this man. The more I learn about this guy the more frustrated and upset I become that he is in a position to influence people (parents) to permit all these vaccines to be given to their children.

He can't even hold a civilized discussion on the topic. Why is he not confident, calm cool and collected?

He really should observe Dr. Wakefield and his calm demeanor and ability to convey and impart information without "losing it". I suggest Dr. Paul watch the Brandeis lecture as well.

Keep exposing these people Jake. Don't let up. Your efforts are appreciated.


Jake I also meant to add that your calmness in the face of this assault, which as others have said bordered on the paranoic, was the perfect response - impressive and extremely powerful, another reason why Offit and his supporters were so losing it. And also very important was your succint reply to Jonathon when he said that he'd had the MMR and hadn't got autism - that only SOME children are susceptible, why is this such a blind spot for so many people? As if to say that hell yes, maybe one or two get it, so what - it's the greater good that counts..here we go again eh? 1 in 88 not high enough for them yet?

No indemnification equals more profit. No getting away from it Offit. It's on record. It's pure evil.

I love rereading the whole sad sorry saga Jake. Thankyou again.


I think that Offit is coming unhinged. To be so completely out of his mind to speak like that in public?!?! Wow! I'm wondering if he is on some medications? He either a) shouldn't be - they are making him crazy or b) should be, because otherwise he is going to have a nervous breakdown. Truly. And for the record, I am NOT mocking him for being on the verge of a nervous breakdown. As much as I think he is an awful person, I would not wish a mental breakdown on anyone...


Offits intentions were never good, and I seriously doubt that his vaccine actually helped any children.

He knows that vaccines sabotage our immune systems, because that's all they've ever been designed to do. This sicko actually played a part in designing one for infants and young children, knowing full well that it would bring serious harm to many of them

Offit is a sociopath, because even that wasn't enough for this piece of work. He also decided to become an outspoken advocate for vaccine safety, in spite of knowing all along that he was lying through his teeth, and that his actions would be directly responsible for countless cases of vaccine injured children.

The only reason he's upset right now, is that he's knows his crimes are coming into full view. And although he's never been worried about the victims of his crime, he knows that the end of the game will bring an end to the millions that he's made from it.

Poetic Justice

Is Offit cracking or was this a planned (and failed) attempt to put Jake in a position to do something physical?

Jake you are brilliant. unyielding. Heroic.

It is so ironic that a smart man with high functioning autism is "The One" who is bringing the millionaire vaccine industrialists to their knees.


Jake- this guy has jumped the shark in an unusual way. Many docs simply have a God complex. Offit thinks he is God, vested with the authority to decide how many live and die for "herd immunity." He decides, not the parents, get it? Leave the science to the scientists.

Offit believes that he can engineer a child's immune system better than God or nature, and when he is questioned, he takes great umbrage. That goes beyond hubris to messianic.

The promo material for his book/lecture series shows Offit now is a raving paranoiac. He sees all around him an "anti vaccination" movement that is "the most powerful and disturbing citizen activist movements in our nation’s history." What anti vaccine movement? The people who watch a child come out of a well baby visit brain damaged or dead? Are they the "anti vaccination" movement? Offit would fail a fitness to practice hearing because he is obviously mentally disturbed. Seeing imaginary bogey men behind every corner should tip most people off.

Victor Pavlovic

Offit is one of those people you encounter every so often, that when confronted, and can't cover up his lies further he starts to attack the person questioning him, he is definitely a liar and vaccine industrialist at the least, I guarantee you that he is having nightmares about Jake. Dr.Offit is a pathetic individual that can't admit to the fact that the very vaccines he is promoting are causing lifelong damage to millions of children, if he did then he wouldn't be able to live with himself, and just maybe this is where he's at or at least getting there with Jake's honest, and fair questioning. Thank you Jake for your efforts.


Offit may well have started out trying to help children and I do not doubt that the vaccine that has made him millions has helped many children. The problem with Offit is that he is finally realizing that the belief he so desperately clings to that all vaccines are great and the more vaccines we develop the better of we will be is being exposed as "bunkuem". Vaccines do cause injury. More vaccines are not necessarily better and somebody needs to finally study whether all these vaccines, in combination, have contributed to the fact that 1 in 88 children have autism. Offit reminds me of the character in The Raven and we are watching him unravel as the evidence keeps coming in that prove the damage he and certain of his colleagues have inflicted. The bird ain't going anywhere Dr. Paulie. Keep up the good work Jake and thanks for all you do.

CT teacher

You are a courageous and persistent young man, Jake. You have obviously rattled Offit's cage. Still, I am concerned that you go alone to these lectures and meetings, or that you are not recording some way. These people are not trustworthy, as Offit's behavior clearly indicates. He should not be calling you a stalker at these public events. That is indeed injurious to your reputation. He was so out of control after you refused to shake his hand, which was very smart, that he resorted to nasty name calling. I think he is a dangerous man, in more ways than one. Please take someone with you next time who can act as a witness. Who knows what these powerful people will try to accuse you of? You have them off balance because you speak Truth to Power. Watch your back.


Jake that is a very fine article. It needs to be broadcast as widely as possible.
Offit is very clearly close to breaking point for whatever reason that may be - and we can all think of one or two. Karma at work in its own waonderful way.
No speaker should ever behave in this fashion in public, no wonder he came to apologise afterwards (how did he know you were in that cafe?)he was afraid of the consequences of his actions. And rightly so.

I fervently hope that your friend Jonathon will watch that video.

Keep up your excellent work Jake. This account stands as a fine piece of journalism.


Maybe Offit should work in a group home so he can look at his handy work everyday. People really get defensive when they know they have created the problem.


Paul Offit is a liar, and he knows he's a liar. But for the first time in his career, someone is trying to hold him accountable for it.

This snake has been in bed with big pharma from day one, and that relationship has worked extremely well for him. He lies to the public about the dangers of vaccines, and for that he's been rewarded with millions from vaccine sales, and more importantly he's been shielded from all forms of meaningful debate.

Jakes' only motive is pursuit of the truth. For people like Paul Offit, pursuit of the truth is very scary prospect.

Jenny Allan

Offit is plainly rattled---and is behaving like a rattlesnake!!
For goodness sake Jake, WATCH YOUR BACK!! I worry about you. This vile profane 'apology for a human being' just isn't worth risking your neck for. He is the PAST-and good riddance!! You, and your young convert called Jonathan, are the FUTURE.


Good for you Jake. And smart for not shaking his hand. Who knows what he would turn around and say, maybe that you grabbed him and tried to hurt his "miracle working" hands? Also, handshaking is for civil people or friends, he is neither... Keep up the good work!


Go Jake! Amazing how you can think on your feet in the wake of a screaming rant from a vaccine industrialist! Please don't ever stop.

Mark Struthers

Actually, I think it's very fortunate that Offit is seen to behave like this, because it shows him up for what he really is: a piece of poop, spreading dung on an industrial scale.


I hope you had a witness to these encounters, preferably one with a video or audio device...

Kub Marshman

Without a doubt this was my favorite Jake Crosby article. I especially enjoyed the part where you wouldn't shake his hand for fear of a being a physical threat. Jake agitates Offit because Jake exists. All of us probably have an Offit in our lives who are agitated whenever they see us coming. Too bad. I'm not here to change the world; just my corner of it. Let Jake's encounter be a lesson for us all; never give in, never apologize for your condition. You didn't cause it.


The problem I have with Offit is that he knows vaccines can and do cause harm and he lies about it. That's despicable.


I was laughing out loud reading that. WELL DONE.

John Stone

Of course, it is very unfortunate that Offit should behave like this: critics are not stalkers, and it is right that speakers at public events should be prepared to answer difficult questions as well as easy ones.

It should never have come to this: those of us on the receiving end should be entitled to an opinion too. The key to this is not so much that Offit was upset and behaved badly but that this is what happens on one of those rare occasions where there is at least possibility of open dialogue. He can't have it all his own way. The propaganda that 10,000 vaccines are safe surely justifies his "industrialist" title.

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