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Thinking Mom's Letter to The Pediatrician She Fired

Letter to CDC's Yeargin-Alsopp "Why isn't SEED looking at vaccines and toxins in autism?"

Louise_habakusManaging Editor's Note: Below is a letter sent to Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin- Alsopp, Medical Epidemiologist and Chief of the Developmental Disabilities Branch of the CDC. We'll let you know if Louise Kuo Habakus (in photo), co-editor of Vaccine Epidemic and Executive Director for FocusAutismInc., receives a response.

May 15, 2012

Marshalyn Yeargin-Alsopp, MD

Chief, Developmental Disabilities Branch, NCBDDD
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30333

Re: Congressional briefing on new autism statistics – April 25, 2012

Dear Dr. Yeargin-Alsopp,

I was glad for the opportunity to meet you at the congressional briefing sponsored by Autism Speaks on April 25 in Rayburn.  My boss, Barry Segal, was on an extended trip in the Far East and I wanted to update him before sending this letter.

Thank you for your presentation about the new autism prevalence statistics.

During the Question & Answer period, you called on me.  I said that I come from New Jersey, where autism affects a shocking 1 in 29 boys.  In your Study to Explore Early Development (SEED), you will not be studying toxins.  I expressed deep concern that the CDC is not investigating vaccines as a possible link to skyrocketing autism rates, especially in view of peer-reviewed science that raises grave concerns, and numerous parental reports of autism diagnosis following their children’s post-vaccinal regression. 

After the meeting ended, I introduced myself to you and you were kind enough to address my question. You explained that you had neither the marching orders nor the funding to pursue a vaccine causation hypothesis. You said that you were sorely in need of additional funding and suggested that I contact your boss to make this recommendation.

As you suggested, I am copying Dr. Frieden.  Barry and I are eager for his and your reply.

My best wishes,

Louise Kuo Habakus

Executive Director

C: Thomas Frieden, MD, MPH

     Barry Segal, Founder, Focus Autism


kathy blanco

Big Pharma will only provide funding if the study proposal is to show NO link. Any study that is aimed at establishing the truth, presence or absence of link, will not be funded since it creates 50% chance of the vaccine product pulled from the market.Every R&D director wants every damn product launched so they don't get the grilling from the CEO.They want their bonuses. You just can't afford one failed project today. Good product, bad product everything gets launched. Watch out.

Simpson Wood

With regard to the planned Rotavirus rollout in the UK .
2 robotic doctors who have put their names behind it can be petitioned at these email addresses : Pleae campaign , people of the UK ......fight for your lives !
George Kassianos (email address: [email protected])
Dr Saul Faust(email address: [email protected])

David Salisbury is the lead as usual (not worth talking to in any form whatsoever.)

Gail Gurley

They have plenty of funding; it is just being mismanaged!!!

CDC Funding map - 2009



Waste of time and energy, isn't it?

Asking Marshalyn Yeargin-Alsopp to study what she's trying so hard to cover for more than 12 years now.

Katie Wright

Excellent post Louise! I am still waiting to hear Marshalyn answer the question.

Jeannette Bishop

The autism epidemic with all the co-morbid conditions seen to increase in this generation of children should be opening the eyes of many to the extensive cost of "trace" toxic exposures, particularly injected ones, but our "healthcare" officials at best seem only interested in safeguarding healthy pharm profits.

I bet they don't even consider seriously looking at non-pharmaceutical exposures. They know they won't find much, and anything they do find will implicate the injected toxins that much more.

@barbaraj: I'm not familiar with MMR research, but I do know they caused increased mortality through the use of a high measles titre vaccine.


ASk her this.... The human diploid cells that are being used today are from the 60's. What science has been done in modern times on those lines of dead baby. (God rest their souls) I have asked the CDC this question and they got very angry at me for asking.. sent me to some website, where I asked again,,, and they got very angry at me. Why the cover up on the science behind the dead baby dna shot into children daily. How do we know they were normal when the science of the 60's is far different from today.


lol She'd get marching orders alright-out on her you know what if she ever suggested such a thing! It's a shame how some people sleep at night with so many children's blood on their hands, but we know that they do. The research is there if they cared to look at it, but like most other things it's easier to deny the truth. If you want to explore early development, then you have to explore ALL of early development and not just the pieces that are of interest or concern to you. Vaccines (sadly) are part of almost every developing child's medical life. We should be looking at EVERYTHING. God, these idiots can't even pretend to fake the funk! The CDC doesn't even care how they “appear” enough to just SAY that they are encompassing vaccines as part of looking into children's medical backgrounds as they pertain to their development. They just outright say they are not going to do it!


Marshalyn says she needs marching orders from her boss.
"Political translation":
No way! But to keep on my happy, smiling maks face on I'll appear to pass the buck to someone else.

And that buck is being called out by Louise Kuo Habakus -- good job - hold those feet as close and as long as you can to the fire.

Make the mask give way to the really ugly soul that deals beneath if if you can.

I read one of those - (I think) Is it the one that vitamin C was needed to be given to the Aborigine children so they wouldn't have so many that had reactions? That a high percentage of them were - oh- horror were dying?


There were two studies that I recall surrounding the mmr, very old studies ( wish I could find them) where science acknowledged the need for tweaking the vaccines to make them safer. One was a study of Aborigine children who died shortly after receiving the mmr, the other was a study, a following, of a group after receiving the mmr, which concluded that the children died of other illnesses at a much higher rate than unimmunized children. It questioned the effects on the immune system following mmr , a type of deficiency that persisted for five years. Both I believe were in JAMA, could they have been pulled? I would like to re-visit them , does anyone know where they can be found?

F. Edward Yazbak MD

Dear Louise

Dr. Yeargin-Alsopp should have known that she will NEVER get "marching orders" to look at vaccines and Autism. The IOM Immunization Safety Review Committee (ISRC) guaranteed that at its February 9, 2004 meeting and the IOM promptly anointed the committee findings in its May 2004 Report.

On May 18, 2004, the following statement appeared in the National Academies News: “Based on a thorough review of clinical and epidemiological studies, neither the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal nor the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine are associated with autism, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. Furthermore, the hypotheses regarding how the MMR vaccine and thimerosal could trigger autism lack supporting evidence and are theoretical only. Further research to find the cause of autism should be directed toward other lines of inquiry that are supported by current knowledge and evidence and offer more promise for providing an answer.”

On May 11, 2005 I wrote a letter to IOM President Harvey V. Fineberg asking him to withdraw the report of the ISRC Meeting of February 2004 and listing the research that had been published in the following 12 months. (See below)

He never answered!

1. Goldman GS, Yazbak FE: An Investigation of the Association between MMR Vaccination and Autism in Denmark. JAmPhysSurg 2004; 9(3):70-75 http://www.jpands.org/vol9no3/goldman.pdf
2. Stott C, Blaxill M, Wakefield AJ: MMR and Autism in Perspective: The Denmark Story. JAmPhysSurg 2004; 9(3):89-91
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6. James SJ, Slikker W 3rd, Melnyk S, New E, Pogribna M, Jernigan S. Thimerosal neurotoxicity is associated with glutathione depletion: protection with glutathione precursors. Neurotoxicology. 2005 Jan;26(1):1-8.
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15. http://www.ewg.org/reports/autism/execsumm.php
16. Bradstreet JJ, El Dahr J, Anthony A, Kartzinel JJ, Wakefield AJ. Detection of measles virus genomic RNAin cerebrospinal fuild of children with regressive autism: a report of three cases. JAmPhysSurg 2004;9(2):3845 http://www.jpands.org/vol9no2/bradstreet.pdf

david burd

People who have misplaced faith in our Health Leaders recite their dogma that damage by vaccine has been studied and found exonerated.

Of course the Ages 0 to 6 years Immunization Chart is NEVER shown by said Health Leaders. After seeing the Chart's 26 injected doses by 7 months (2 flu shots to the infant, 1 shot to the pregnant mother), 43 injected doses by 18 months, the question should be "How could hundreds of injected toxins into newborns NOT cause serious and/or permanent damage, or death by SIDS or SUID?"

Recent specific journal papers by Tomljenovic and Shaw clearly spell out the extreme toxicity of aluminum adjuvants so prevalent in many vaccines.

Here's the Schedule:


Again the question, slightly reworded: "Why would these injected toxins NOT cause serious damage?"

Victor Pavlovic

We as parents of vaccine injured children of course understand the mentality of the people in charge of autism research, and its causes. They still either think or act like mercury is safe in vaccines, not to mention the other toxins in the formulation, so therefore they refuse to look at it, because they are happy with the fraudulent studies done by Big Pharma. This is the CDC method for some time now, not based on science rather, its based on convenience, in other words what ever type of excuse they'd like to use, and lastly the money factor.

Christine Thompson


Thanks for your attempt to hold these hucksters to account. However, after watching the AS sponsored giggle-a-thon congressional hearing, well I think I know what their response will be. As a matter of fact, I can hear the guffaws, snickers and outright belly laughs over your reasonable follow up. Inadequate funding? more like inadequate gravitas.


The only reason the CDC is STILL not investigating the vaccines/autism link, is that they already know the answer.

And that answer will put them in a position of having to answer a lot of hard questions, from a lot of incredibly angry people.

Its also a shame that main stream media continues to shield them from having to that face up to what they've done.

Bob Moffitt

Louise ..

why in heaven's name should Marshalyn Yeargin-Alsopp, MD, Chief, Developmental Disabilities Branch, NCBDDD
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .. require "MARCHING ORDERS" .. before urgently researching "peer-reviewed science that raises grave concerns, and numerous parental reports of autism diagnosis following their children’s post-vaccinal regression?"

After all, that is HER job .. no?

Okay .. let's assume the chief of the CDC's development disabilities branch cannot "march" forward until ordered to do so .. who then .. pray-tell .. is responsible for issuing her "marching orders"?

Either way .. parents do not deserve .. nor can parents afford .. having a person occupying a position that requires courageous "leadership" .. when that person admits she does not have the courage to lead on her own.

John Stone

Marshalyn 'never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity', notably when she fixed up the Madsen study with Poul Thorsen and Jose Cordero (lately also appointed to the IACC).


You wonder what she knows about the financial irregularites surrounding Thorsen.

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