Antipsychotics and Differences in Body Mass Scores in Pediatric Population

Katie Wright on The Congressional Autism Briefing April 28, 2012- Mission Impossible

UselessManaging Editor's Note: Dan Olmsted also provided his review of this Autism Speaks/CDC meeting in his post titled: Mush From the Wimps: Autism Speaks and the CDC Take Over Capitol Hill as Rep. Smith Bows Out

By Katie Wright

You have to see this to believe it. No transcript could do this briefing justice.

Thank God Beth Clay was there and filmed the briefing on her phone. I had been told that it would be too difficult to broadcast the briefing. Beth used her iphone and then put the footage on Facebook, not complicated, not expensive.

OK this was a joint CDC Autism Speaks briefing on the new autism prevalence numbers. Listen, I am sure Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp and Dr. Baio are nice people. The problem is that their understanding and conception of autism is both dated and deficient and, sadly, they are very bad at their jobs.

Yeargin-Allsopp is always polite with parents, but I am sorry to say she is incompetent. Yeargin-Allsop has been working in this job for almost 30 yrs and should have been fired 25 years ago. In the past 2 decades Yeargin-Allsopp has had access to tens of millions of dollars and could have been a hero to American families because she had the opportunity to change the face of autism and stop this epidemic. Instead Yeargin-Allsopp and her partner Coleen Boyle (another sad story) have spent decades devising and executing dreadful, wasteful research that has accomplished little. Just how many studies on parental age do we need? 10, 50, 100? Because we are on our way there! Yeargin-Allsopp has also authored a number of studies on autism and parental aggravation. This is very ironic considering the CDC is a tremendous source of parental aggravation. Let’s not forgot the studies on fat moms causing autism, either. CDC autism research is literally a treasure trove of nonsense.

The prevalence studies the CDC funds are a mess. When I imagine what goes on at the CDC autism offices I am reminded of the TV show “Hoarders.” I envision a giant messy office with papers up to the ceiling, files all over the floor, uncashed checks falling out of overstuffed cubbyholes, Christmas cards from Poul Thorsen, phones ringing off the hook but no one answering…And just like the on the “Hoarders” show, the CDC researchers are completely and totally disconnected from reality. The hoarders are terrified of change and angrily resist all outside attempts to help clean up their mess.

The CDC needs to clean house and clean house now. Congress has got to put a stop to the CDC’s autism research department’s waste of taxpayer dollars and progress free trajectory. When someone is in charge of solving an important problem yet does nothing but count the problem as the problem grows exponentially worse that = failure.

When asked why it takes so long to complete prevalence studies or why the CDC has made so little progress over the past 20 yrs there are always 2 answers, 2 very bizarre answers. Yeargin Allsop frequently states that they are actually doing a “great” job. Again, this woman lives in an alternate autism universe. All of Baio’s answers involved non- stop complaints that this is all “too complicated and too hard.” EVERYTHING is too difficult. You know what is hard? My friend Michelle Ioanardi is raising 3 boys with autism Dr. Baio, that’s hard. Another friend, Michael, has an adult son in the hospital, again, due to chronic infections, Staph and Strep, that’s hard. My friend Becky Estepp’s is raising two young boys, 1 with autism while her husband is on his fourth deployment to Iraq, that’s hard. Doing the best imaginable autism prevalence research for the CDC should not be a horrible chore, it is a privilege. Few of us get to do much meaningful work.

Dr. Yeargin-Allsopp appeared very scripted but behaved strangely during the briefing. Throughout the briefing Yeargin-Allsopp was happy, smiling and often giggling. I’m sorry maybe I missed something? I thought that the CDC was supposed to be talking about a tragic national health crisis that is robbing 2% of American boys of their ability to live a typical life? Yeargin-Allsopp and Baio displayed zero sense of urgency and almost no understanding of or sensitivity to the ongoing suffering of these ASD children and their families.

Then we heard from Dr. Andy Shih of Autism Speaks. Shih basically gave a recitation of numbers and many thank yous to Dr. David Mandel. Autism advocacy groups RARELY have the opportunity to speak in front of congressional staffers. When we do have that opportunity we need to make Congress feel our sense of urgency, make them understand how prevalent abuse and neglect of our children is on schools, help them to understand the physical pain so many children live with, how the near absence of biomedical treatment research profoundly affects our children’s future, how financial problems are destroying families. Yes informing the audience of the financial costs of autism is good but they are just numbers people forget if presented in isolation of emotion and the big picture.

A number of parents asked Shih about the need for more environmental research. Shih responded, “AS is very committed to environmental research, we are doing a number of studies on parental age and prematurity.” I had to rewind because I was sure I had not heard that correctly. Did Shih just cite parental age research as a primary example of AS’ environmental research? Please…when will they get it? According to Dr. Hertz-Picciotto about 3-5% of the ASD increase can be attributed to parental age and about 1% of the increase is due to prematurity. Can we please get back to reality and study actual environmental research rather than overhyped nonsense? Conservative autism researchers love the parental age bugaboo. It is super safe, parent blaming, and a life preserver to those desperate to avoid real environmental research.

When I hear AS families speak about their desire for more environmental research I hear them cite: research on the effect of multiple vaccines on the developing central nervous system of infants, adjuvant and preservative research, household toxins, fertility drugs, mercury emission research…You what I never hear parents asking for? You guessed it, more parental age research. According to PubMed there are 2,038 studies on the relationship between autism and parental age but AS and the CDC want to fund more? Why? In the same conversation Yeargin-Allsopp spoke about the needs to address gaps in research- like parental age. Do they not have access to PubMed at the CDC?

When a parent addressed the overfunding of parental age research, rather than investing in real environmental research poor Yeargin-Allsopp gave a tortured answer about toxins in general, why this is not her area of expertise and why the CDC is not studying toxins. It made no sense at all. Another parent asked Shih why he, Yeargin-Allsopp or Baio seemed to be hiding from the issue of vaccines and didn’t he realize that this is an important environmental issue? Shih demurred saying basically no comment. The parent responded saying, “what do you mean, you are co-presenting a briefing about the astronomic rise in autism but you are unwilling to discuss vaccines?” Basically yes. AS has got to grow a backbone here. Can’t we all walk and chew gum at the same time. Shih said he was only going to speak about the cost of autism; his role was not discussing environmental factors- other than that hot topic of parental age?

Towards the end of the briefing Yeargin-Allsopp spoke about all the progress the CDC has made. At that point a parent injected, “I think you are wrong. You are not getting better at what you do, you are getting worse.” Thank God someone said it! This Mom spoke for all 2 million families affected by autism. Vaccine or no vaccine research is there an ASD parent in our entire nation who believes that the CDC has made meaningful progress on autism research? When asked if the CDC is now declaring autism a national health emergency they answer was no.  When asked if the CDC considered autism a national epidemic (like obesity) the answer was, naturally, no. However, and I love this part, Yeargin-Allsopp said that the CDC “is doing their part!” I feel so reassured.





Heidi, I couldn't agree more with you. We don't even need **new** research (ideal world and all...) but there is so so many Very promising studies that need to be followed up, confirmed and dissected (as in pinning down subtypes and relevance to treatment).

There are many many promising small scale treatment trials that urgently need to be followed up, expanded, subtyped. Some treatments that are useless (or of limited use) for many, but super useful for a minority - how can we figure out potential responders etc etc.

Even one study on paternal age is one too many in this context, as it contributes nothing to prevention and treatment. It has no real life value. So what if older dads are more likely to father ASD kids - do we stop them from having kids? So what if we recognise signs of autism in early infancy, if there is nothing on offer in terms of treatment (even early behavioural intervention is not offered where I am - there is absolutely nothing).

One good medical case study is more USEFUL to affected individuals, their families, and society as a whole (those who will be left with the problem on their hand once we are gone) then hundreds of paternal-age studies.

But as John said what is needed is the political will to divert research funds to where they could be of some use.

Becky H-A

"Did Shih just cite parental age research as a primary example of AS’ environmental research?"
I'm sure he must have just forgotten to point out the obvious environmental reason why increased age appears to be a risk factor--older moms these days have had more years of blindly buying into the hype of getting their annual flu dose of mercury toxin than younger moms have. That and their mercury fillings have increased in number and the older ones have off-gassed longer. And, they've lived longer in a poisoned environment. Thus while it appears that age correlates with risk, in reality its extended time for aquiring more toxic exposures and build-up that is the true risk.
At least with these age studies they now know where they can redouble their efforts in finding and identifying the autistic adults to further their claim that there is no epidemic. Autistic adults should be more prevalent in populations born before effective birth control became available in the early 1960s. While my aunt and uncle, born when my grandparents were in their early 40's, have no trace of autism, I am sure there was a high enough percentage of other "oops's" born to 40-somethings prior to the 1960's for AS to find the age-impacted ASD individuals. The fact that the toxic load of premenopausal women back then was negligilbe compared to today shouldn't matter much if autism is age-linked. With all AS/CDC's $$ and resources and this targeted population group of the age 50+ adults, they should have no problem finding older adults whose development inexplicably derailed in toddlerhood and have needed to live with caregivers or in institutions their whole lives. Thats because they've been with us all along--they just weren't "seen" at large nor properly diagnosed. THen for a couple decades the ASD numbers decreased when women were finally able to prevent additional pregnancies in their later reproductive years. ASD only appears epidemic lately because with the more recently available and fairly effective fertility treatment options, more women have been able to successfully delay starting, or restarting/further spreading out their families, thereby increasing parental age. Yeah, that's the right spin. I can't wait to read their next groundbreaking study about all those aging ASD adults born of old parents they've finally found and properly identified. When that taxpayer funded study comes out it will complete our guidebook to prevent autism! I'll be able to tell my NT sons and daughter that so long as they finish having children by 30 (and avoid living near freeways and don't get fat before then) then they need not worry about having an autistic child like I did at a physically fit (but mercury flu-shot and amalgum riddled) old age 34.


",... Unlike you, I think lies and ignorance are a distraction...."


Lies, ignorance and the distraction they create are probably the biggest reason why the autism epidemic rages on. And COMBATTING lies, ignorance and the distraction they create is one of the single biggest reasons why this site exists.

It easy to full some people qwerty, but you got your work cut out for you if you think you're going to pull that nonsense here.

For  Qwerty


Katie may have got this wrong but tax payers dollars are sure as hell being wasted on something, not looking in the right direction, and sneering arrogantly at parents' concerns and experiences. The giggling Yeargin-Allsopp is one thing and you are something else.


Hi "For Qwerty",

I'm sorry you find pesky facts to be so distracting. The problem Katie describes in her article is EXACTLY the issue I addressed in my comment. She argues that tax payer dollars are being wasted on research directed at understanding the contribution of parental age to autism, and then she goes on to grossly distort the number of published studies in this area as evidence of her claim (and went so far as to emphasize this by putting it bold). Unlike you, I think lies and ignorance are a distraction.

For  Qwerty

Qwerty as ever trying to distract from the bigger problem.

NC Mom

I would like an "Occupy Pediatricians" day. They need to start taking some responsibilty instead of turning a blind eye. Changing the cdc will be like turning a tanker.... you need to start with the smaller boats


Raymond Gallup,

Can you give us a synopsis of what happened to Dr. Vijendra Singh?




You emphasize that Pubmed shows over 2000 articles on the "relationship between parental age and autism". This is an absurd statement. Indeed, if you simply type "autism AND parental age" into the search bar in Pubmed and hit return you will get over 2000 results. But even a cursory look at the results should've revealed to you that these papers merely had these words mentioned ANYWHERE in the body. A more careful search reveals only a handful of studies on maternal or paternal age and autism (the exact number depends on the types of studies and papers you include). Apparently folks at the CDC not only have access to pubmed, but they also know how to use it properly.

Raymond Gallup

Vaccine Explorer and Kathy Blanco are right. The Dept of HHS that includes the CDC and NIH are just a waste of taxpayer money. I defy anybody to show me what disease/disorder the NIH has cured with their research....nothing, nada.

By the way, Shih, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp and Baio are useless. They should get jobs with the pharmaceutical companies where their friends at the CDC and NIH go when they leave these two Federal agencies and want to make higher salaries. Shih, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp and Baio are useless idiots.

I number of years ago Dr. Vijendra Singh approached Shih at Autism Speaks (AS) about funding as did I by letter. Need I say, it was a waste of time on my part and Dr. Singh's part.


I wonder how many parents would even consider vaccines at all if they knew how inept the CDC is?

Katie Wright

Sarah I agree with you about Isaac Pessah.
He really gets it and is totally honest about the neurological damage caused by Hg.
But Linda Birbaum and Cindy Lawler of the NIEHS, no thanks. I wanted to hang myself after listening to them at the last AS/NIEHS mtg. So afraid of vax issue and hysterical about Hg in
vaccines being totally fine. Plus they almost never actually attend IACC mtgs.


"... Shameless. Simply shameless. How many people following this actually believe the CDC doesn't know whats going on?..."


The CDC not only knows whats going on , they are RESPONSIBLE for whats going on.

I don't know what the motive could possibly be, but there's no way that the poisoning of our children could possibly be happening by accident. This would imply that the same brilliant scientists who supposedly saved us from all manner of infectious disease.... are too dumb to see a connection between children with failing immune systems, and the fact that they now receive 40 or more vaccines before they even make it to pre-school!

Our kids are being poisoned right under our noses, by people who have convinced us that their toxic vaccines are a medical necessity.

There's no such think as a beneficial poison. Just like there's no such thing as a vaccine that has ever prevented a disease of any kind.

Joseph Goebbels held the position of " Reich Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda", and was widely regarded as Hitlers right hand man. He was quoted as having said " “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”.

That simple technique, singularly accounts for societies belief in the MYTH that vaccines prevent disease.


The criminals very rarely admit to committing their crimes. It has to be proven to them. These criminals are the CDC officials responsible for pushing toxic vaccines on children, but also politicians, so eager to give full immunity to vaccines manufacturers. I think only a massive boycott of all pediatric vaccines will work.


Why bother with these people? We should work with/ listen to the people who get it. Experts like Linda Birnbaum, NIEHS, Issac Pessah, UC Davis and Paul Anastos, US EPA.

Here's a recording of their expert testimony on August 3, 2010 - Subcommittee on Children’s Health hearing entitled, "State of Research on Potential Environmental Health Factors with Autism and Related Neurodevelopment

Lets direct our energy at toward those who are most responsive instead of those who are not.

Marie-Anne Denayer

Autism research will remain a case of the blind leading the blind until every "expert" is fired and a new team put together.
Although to us parents, autism is clearly the result of an immunological disturbance triggered by the combined effects of excessive vaccinations, heavy metals, infections such as neuroborreliosis in genetically predisposed individuals, the medical establishment continues to ignore what has become more obvious with the passing years. My Stephanie will be 25 years old on May 27, with 23 and 1/2 of her years trapped in autism. Nearly a quarter of a century has gone by, yet not a single groundbreaking study has come out. Where do we go from here?

John Stone

I am happy to announce that the missing article by Ed Yazbak about Yeargin-Allsopp and Cordero is now available again on Vaccination News.

Eileen Nicole Simon

No one in these federal agencies seems to have any understanding of neuroanatomy or the need to know what impairment in the brain prevents normal language development.

What qualifications do they have? Decades ago I had to take a civil service exam (in biochemistry) to qualify for a Research Assistant position at the Bronx VA Hospital. How are these agency heads chosen? Epidemiology and more epidemiology is all they know how to do.

We need research with laboratory animals. We need to subject them to two or more injurious factors: suffocation at birth plus hep B vaccination, or antibiotics plus bilirubin, etc. etc. Clearly vaccines do not cause problems for most children. Hypoxic birth is not desirable, but we are assured most children do just fine after a little asphyxia at birth, but what about asphyxia then hep B, or asphyxia plus medications given to infants who suffer respiratory depression?

I posted my proposal, with many references that clearly point to the vulnerability of brainstem nuclei in the auditory pathway at I will keep trying to point this out.

Heidi N

Sometimes I think that absolutely no autism funding would bring much more progress. Instead of plugging up the journals with insignificant studies, the studies which are significant can be given attention. And with people concerned about job security (if they keep autism around than they can keep their fluffy no-help jobs), they are not really trying to end autism or any of the other maladies like cancer, MS, etc. It's just a bunch of people paid to tally up rates. If we didn't have these no-help governmental agencies, then we would listen to the private organizations, who donate their time, and actually have helpful information.

One thing I learned in the various jobs I have had is the only way to make changes is to change policy and/or make the complaint to the right person/agency. So, if policy were to change, such as that you have to be voted in to govern agencies that are suppose to help foster a decrease in diseases/conditions; or the people can vote for who gets the funding, etc. Come on, we all know it's a bunch of who-you-knows right now. Or maybe, at the very least, we mandate that research has to be done by agencies who have applicable results. Telling a person that they have a slight increase risk of having a child with autism if they are older has no application. I am sickened when I think of the movie, Lorenzo's Oil, where it was clear that most agencies don't want to decrease diseases/conditions; they just want to profit. I am sickened.

The other way to make changes is to complain in such a way as to get results. Who you make the complaint to is everything. I remember people would get into trouble based upon who the complaint was made to, not on what they did. So, we need a strategy. Voicing our opinions here and the thousands of other sites currently doing so is a start, but what we really need is to change policy.


After reading about autism, CDC, NIH, FDA, etc for 3 years now, one thing is crystal clear to me:


They cannot afford to. The US government cannot afford to.

It's about time to just stop expecting ANYTHING from CDC et al and just treat them as a hostile entity.

Anything else is simply a waste of energy.

John Stone


Not only do they not have any answers, they are proud of their record!


Anne Dachel

This is the most pathetic response imaginable from those who call themselves "experts."

They hold what amounts to a closed door briefing about a national disaster happening as they speak.

And they have no answers.

This is blatant neglect. The government partnering with Autism Speaks doubly insures that nothing will be done to help a single child.

I can't compare this to anything in our past. What if, after Pearl Harbor, all we'd done was clean up the mess, bury the dead, and treat the wounded?

Anne Dachel, Media

Vicki Hill

"when homeless adults are in the streets with nowhere to go"...Anne, homeless adults are already on the streets with nowhere to go. Most of them suffer from mental illness. This country has already closed the places that housed these people and left merely a theory of community housing in its place. The community housing wasn't there, more wasn't funded, and so they wander every major city in America. And advocacy organizations scream and shout...but nobody does anything.

I commend those who try to raise awareness of the crisis in autism, but I am very fearful that the same deaf ear will be turned again.


Thank you for your efforts to keep the community informed. I only feel sad and completely let down by AS and the CDC. AS will never get a penny from me or anyone in my family.

Fat Old Mom

kathy blanco

CDC has no interest in making our population well. They work intimately with pharmawhores to makes sure of that. Some cases in point. XMRV, AIDS, LYME...they all have common bonds...vaccines, biowarfare...and yet...they will not talk about that...and then offer POOR testing, and guidelines for doctors and researchers alike so they spin in circles with their feet nailed to the floor. So it is with autism...they don't want the public to know what EXACTLY is going on here. The environmental gene interactions can be a combination of many things, however, the one tipping point has and will always be, BRAIN INFLAMMATION at a key critical time, and vaccines CERTAINLY and DOES do that. AKA,
A study on primary immunization of 239 premature infants with gestational ages of less than 35 weeks by M. Pourcyrous et al. (Journal of Pediatrics, 2007) [23] was conducted to determine the incidence of cardio-respiratory events and abnormal C-Reaction Protein (CRP) elevations associated with administration of a single vaccine or multiple vaccines simultaneously at or about two months of age. The vaccines given were: DTaP (Infanrix), Hib (ActHIB), HBV (Engerix-B), IPV (Inactivated-IPOL™), and PCV7 (Prevnar).

The truth is, if they hid this from our views, what else are they hiding? The average american will not access this information because it hasn't hit them yet. But it will, it certainly will... They must have Obamas birth certificate and college records in the same place if so...sigh...good luck with that, LOL.

Anne Dachel

"I had been told that it would be too difficult to broadcast the briefing."

Why weren't networks there covering this along with major newspapers?

So why couldn't this have been recorded with real equipment? The briefing included terms like "autism epidemic," a "national emergency," and a call for a "national strategy" and it wasn't worth having it accessible to the public?

Experts telling Congressional staffers that autism is going to bury us financially and that we have a critical lack of services should have gotten major coverage.

This way, when we're finally bankrupted by autism, when homeless adults are in the streets with nowhere to go, Andy Shih will be able to say, "See, I told you this was going to happen." (Same thing Thomas Insel is up to.)

Anne Dachel, Media


Thank you Katie, for speaking Truth to Power. How sad that our children aren't important enough for the CDC to do anything that may be 'hard.'
Kudos to the parent that interjected “I think you are wrong. You are not getting better at what you do, you are getting worse.” We need to fire these people!

Terri Lewis

Jennie French:

The leaders you're looking for are at The Canary Party. Just google to find their main page. They also have a Facebook page. I'm proud to be a Canary Party member!

Jennie French

So when do we say "NO"?
What will it take for us to reach such a critical mass that all we need to do is step out of our homes to create a spontaneous "Occupy" event?
How long are we willing to wait?
I need a's really not me, i'm being honest, I'm a follower!


Is there anyone in Washington DC who might think the CDC or someone/ anyone ? should be able to figure out an illness 100 times more common than polio ???

They cannot even figure out WHY some countries have Autism rates 100 times lower than the US of A.

The search for the Autism gene has been a nearly 10 year billion dollar waste, but I would suppose those involved need ongoing funds to keep up payments on the "gene machines" to provide dividens to the proper shareholders.


I heard Dr. Yeargin-Allsop speak nine years ago at the first AO conference as she went on to boast of how the CDC sponsored the Dutch study on autism. The audience gasped. I then asked from the audience "You mean the study that is factually incorrect?" She hemmed and hawed an answer and then a parent in the front row battered her with an angry tone that resembled heckling, letting her know that the CDC was not doing enough. She was asked about Brick Township and other pockets around the country, yet her answers were parsed and all too nice.

We were looking for a sense of urgency, and even outrage, at the rise in autism. What we got was a woman who seemed out of her league as the spokesperson. When she walked out into the hallway she was visibly shaken and angry. I saw her in the bathroom later trying to regroup. She was not ready for this reaction from autism families.

Sad to see she still does not have the fire in her belly to find the answers. She needs to leave and stop wasting time and money.

Liz P

...Should be called a closeting, rather than a briefing...If you ask me, it is time to clean out the skeletons in the closet! My money stays in my community for good reason!

John Stone


No, that's a different piece, I believe. I have a copy of the correct one and I hope we can put it back on line soon.



John Stone,

Is this the article you speak of:

The CDC, Spinach and Autism - Vaccination News

Just google the above and you will get the doc form.


I wouldn't assume they're nice people. See Mark Blaxill's article:

Baio's not in it, but Yeargin-Allsop is.

"'Hi Sallie, Happy New Year! Frank Destefano has asked me to respond to your question about rates of autistic disorder for Brick Township.
They are: (per 1000), rounded

3 yo 2.5
4 yo 6.1
5 yo 7.8
6 yo 7.0
7 yo 6.4
8 yo 2.0
9 yo ----
10 yo ----
TOTAL 4.0'

This was even more of a shocker. What Yeargin-Allsopp had revealed was that there was not a single case of full syndrome autism in the entire Brick Township population of nine and ten year olds. This was a different case definition than the one DeStefano had given us, which included PDD NOS and Asperger's cases. But it provided clear statistical support for the parental concern over the unusual number of cases in the younger children. And here it was in black and white -- the CDC had this data all along.

So on the second crucial part of their charge, the evidence was clear. The CDC knew there was an autism epidemic in Brick Township in 1998. And they neither said nor did anything about it. In fact, they did exactly the opposite: they used a clever bit of statistical trickery to cover it up."



You must have been joking when you asked when Autism Speaks is going to "get it". Oh, they get it all right. We all know they "get it".

Parents want vaccine research. Autism Speaks ignores that request and instead looks at parental age and calls that environmental research. How pathetic.

Autism Speaks is intentionally misguided. They do not "serve" the population they claim to represent. They "serve" the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. How do your parents stand it? How can they continue to support Autism Speaks? Each and every day more and more children are harmed by our reckless vaccine schedule. Their lives and health forever altered. In some cases completely destroyed. And AS is looking away from vaccines and at the parents to place the blame for their kids' "autism".

It's disgusting.....beyond disgusting.

Adam M

Thank you Katie.

Shameless. Simply shameless. How many people following this actually believe the CDC doesn't know whats going on? Someone needs to bring up Simpsonwood at one of these meetings along with copies of the transcript to handout to everyone. We're not going to get any help from them. Their job is to lie and create confusion. Anything to avoid the inevitable. When that day comes their agency is finished. Several of them will face jail time. And its not just them. All their accomplices in other government agencies and industry will face judgment too for helping cover it up. There will be no way to restore the public trust that never should have been there to begin with. We should have always been skeptical about a marriage between government and industry.

John Stone

To recap it was Dr Yeargin-Allsopp who initiated the Madsen MMR study through Poul Thorsen with Dr Jose Cordero (who has also just been appointed to the IACC):


'As we discussed on Friday, we have become aware through Poul Thorsen of an exciting opportunity to study the role of MMR vaccine and autism using several registries/existing studies and the repository of biologic specimens and laboratory capabilities in Denmark. Attached below is a proposal for such a study. Poul will be leaving on Thursday to travel to Denmark where he will be meeting with the PIs for the proposed study on June 6th. We would like to be able to have Poul say whether it is likely that CDC (NIP) can fund the study, if NIP is interested. The proposed budget is included; there may be additional sources of funding (in addition to NIP) but we are not certain at this time. Unfortunately, the DD Branch does not have much (if any) $$ to fund the study, but we do have the expertise that we have developed due to the autism surveillance in Atlanta and the MMR/autism casecontrol study. I will be out of the office tomorrow, but you may contact Diana or Poul if you have questions. Thank you so much for considering this proposal.


Unfortunately, Ed Yazbak's article in which this email was originally reproduced has disappeared from the web, but I hope to locate a copy.

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