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Congressional Briefing on Current Status of National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

SafemindsCongressional Briefing The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Addressing Mismanagement Issues and Providing Legislative Recommendations

Please join SafeMinds and the Vaccine Injured Petitioners Bar Association at a Congressional Briefing on May 18 at 10 am. The Briefing will discuss the current status of National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and provide legislative recommendations to address a number of serious management concerns in the program.  There has been no Congressional Oversight in more than a decade. SafeMinds is requesting that Congress hold investigational hearings on the VICP and work with the community to critically evaluate the program’s failures to provide accessible relief to victims and to address ongoing concerns regarding vaccine safety.

About the VICP:  In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The Act had three purposes: 

1)    Provide liability protection to manufacturers and medical personnel who give vaccines as a means of protecting the vaccine supply. 

2)    Enhance the operation of the nation’s immunization programs. 

3)    Provide fair, expedited compensation to those who suffer vaccine injuries. 

The program was designed as a ``no-fault'' alternative to litigation against vaccine manufacturers versus an exclusive remedy to civil court. It was envisioned by Congress to compensate ``quickly, easily and with certainty and generosity those individuals who are injured or die as a consequence of our universal vaccination policy” and to provide an opt-out to civil court if the litigant disagreed with the ruling. When there was doubt, the program was intended to err on the side of the injured.

Please join SafeMinds to hear from families who have filed petitions within the program and attorneys who represent petitioners in the VICP. 

When:  Friday, May 18, 2012 at 10 am

Where:  The Rayburn Gold Room

                (2168 Rayburn House Office Building)

For More Information, please contact Beth Clay at 202-498-4461




Tara, Sorry my keys are sticking and plus I get all passionate and type fast and make lots of mistakes. But you probably know all about what I typed anyway.


Not only that but just because you see some seizure like activity after a vaccine at nine months or a year or two-- a parent is holding out hope that it will be out grown.

The three years is up before you can turn around because you are into speech thearpy and even though your kid is on epliepic medicine the docs assure you that it will be outgrown and they will retest at four years ol or five. EEG comes off okay and your kid goes off of it and then by notice things but the docs tell you - that you don't.

Three years from the the very first signs of an injury is just one of many in the bag of tricks.

At the time it was going on for us; The temp would not be over 102 -- oh Lordy but it was way over that - not that I was taking it at the time. It has to taken and recorded by the ER or doctor (oh - back to the doc again). Rural hospitals did not and probably still don't keep records.

Bags of trick abound - three years is just on of em. Which to me means they never ever meant to be fair.

Tara McMillan

By the time a parent " figures out" that their child is suffering from a vaccine injury, (because doctors will not admit it) and parents just don't know- the statute of limitations will be up, and there is no hope of compensation for a vaccine injury. I wonder if this is why doctors give parents such a hard time with admitting that there is a vaccine injury epidemic. I wonder if the doctors know this and are stalling to get to the time limit where nothing can be done.


They see nothing wrong with it.
However they don't drink tea or coffee.
A very good thing they do though is fast a couple of days a month. Fasting does help on inflammation so perhaps if we can get a national observance for two days a month of fasting - it will help?

research; show Mormon men less likely to have heart disease than other folk here in the United States.


Since vaccine fanatic epidemiologist dr. William Foege (former CDC director, current advisor of Gates foundation promoting vaccinating humanity to extinction) is also Obama's advisor on vaccinations (he recently received presidential award for his activities), there is little hope that this president will support autistic, i.e. vaccine injured children.

I wonder if Mormons vaccinate their children. Anybody knows?



I guess you are right. This WH does not seem care about the health of American children (except for his own).


Remember the light it up blue campaign last year? The White House declined to participate even though they lit the WH up pink for breast cancer, green for St Patty's day and orange for Halloween. Autism awareness didn't rate I guess. I think that is telling. Their lack of engagement on the autism crisis is appalling.


@ All,

Have you contacted the White House about autism epidemic and a necessity of the President to act quickly to stop it? I did, but I have not heard from any of his staff. I wonder if anybody received a response from the President on this issue.


Can we sue the CDC for promoting an untested schedule? That's what I want to know.

Bob Moffitt

The VICP .. "was envisioned by Congress to compensate quickly, easily and with certainty and generosity those individuals who are injured or die as a consequence of our universal vaccination policy” and TO PROVIDE AN OPT=OUT TO CIVIL COURT IF THE LITIGANT DISAGREED WITH THE RULING. (CAPS are mine)

The US Supreme Court recently violated the "spirit and intent" of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program by issuing a ruling that DENIES parents their right to "opt out to civil court if the litigant disagreed with the ruling".

Indeed .. not only did the Supreme Court majority violate the "spirit and intent" of the VICP .. they also violated the "spirit and intent" of the CONSTITUTION .. which sought to guarantee citizens their right to seek justice in FEDERAL AND STATE COURTS.

If the Founding Fathers had wanted to create COURTS meant to protect "critical" industries creating "unaviodably unsafe" products .. rather than citizens .. the Founding Fathers would have made certain THOSE COURTS would be protected by the CONSTITUTION.


I understand that ANY STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL can file a suit against a drug or vaccine manufacturer that may be harming children/ adults in their STATE.

ANY member of Congress could probably be re-elected if they would state their top mission would be to figure out the American Autism illness /100 times more common than polio.

Tara McMillan

I would love to go to this. I really think there needs to be an advocate for vaccine injury in each hospital, and there needs to be more education about vaccine injury- and it doesn't just happen less than 2 days after the shots. I think that doctors should not ignore the problem , and let parents wander what happens to their kids, until the statute of limitations is up- then nothing can be done.
I strongly advocate no limitations of time, and a parent can file a neglect claim against the hospital for the doctors failing to address the real problem of vaccine injury.


If possible Safe Minds should get the actual number of claims filed by families. How many of those successful and those denied. I surmise they'll see a pattern where children with "autism" described in the claim are more frequently denied than those with other disorders like chronic seizures. This is blatant discrimination.

I think I heard the number of unsuccessful petitions dwarf those that are awarded. So, why are some families awarded and others denied? Is it because of the "A" word? Is that what makes or break a families success in filing a claim with VCIP? So much for an easy (or fair) process.


When Dr. Sarah Bridges whose son is severly injured by vaccines, spoke at a EBCALA press conference in May 2011 she described how "acrimonious" the VICP process was. Her exact words. Why do the Special Masters have to make it so difficult for the parents who are already under so much strain. Be good to hear from the parents who've been through it. My other concern is why is their a time limit of filing a claim? There should be NO time limit.


I once up on a time read a lengthy tale some one had written that was around 50 years old, had moved to a new job, bought a cabin and living her dream.

Work required a tetanus shot, and as soon as she got it her shoulders began to ache, lost energy, sick, lost her job, and she tells in detail how she went about getting compensation from the vaccine court.

She said that they required her to go through a medical procedure that would do her no good what so ever in curing her -- it turned out to be a muscle biospy- same as my husband - only he had to have it done twice - so he has four scars - Two on each side.

They were looking for mitochondria myopathy --- this was just a few years before Hannah Poling's case.

I should have put it on my favorites.


Yes release the records!

Lisa Colin

Tell them you want the decision makers: CDC, HHS, DOJ, Special Masters, West Wing etc., to release the vaccination records of their children and grandchildren - let's see if they walk the walk or just want us to live by their edicts to protect their own health and family.

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