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Comment on IOM Study Designs for the Safety Evaluation of Different Childhoood Immunization Schedules

Speak outThe Committee on Assessment of Studies of Health Outcomes Related to the Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule has commissioned a discussion paper from a consultant, Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., titled, Study Designs for the Safety Evaluation of Different Childhood Immunization Schedules. This paper will be available on the project’s website on May 14th. We will be inviting comments and reactions to the paper to inform the committee discussion. The comment period will be open from May 14th until May 31st, 2012, and can be accessed on"

from the document:

"To date, much of the debate on vaccine safety in the context of autism has focused on the safety of individual vaccines, the adjuvants used (e.g. mercury, aluminum) etc. The childhood vaccine schedule currently followed by the CDC requires that vaccinations start at birth and calls for ~48 doses of 14 vaccines prior to the age of six. Some people believe that the rate of increase in autism is directly correlated to the vaccine schedule, and changes made in this schedule over the last few decades. In other words, some people believe that the autism epidemic is caused by the vaccine SCHEDULE and the neuro-immunological consequences of giving many vaccines at once, with the first one given at birth. Their contention is that the current vaccine schedule has not been adequately evaluated for risks due to the age at which vaccines are given, the effect of giving several vaccines at once etc.

To understand whether this is true or not, the vaccine schedules as well as vaccine-vaccine interactions will have to be studied. The IOM is inviting public comment on a study on the safety of various vaccine schedules through May 31st."

"Most post-marketing studies evaluate the general question as to whether or not a vaccine causes an adverse event among the majority of children receiving the vaccine. Very few post-marketing studies have evaluated whether the risk of adverse events depends on the scheduling of the vaccines. For example, very few post-marketing studies have evaluated whether the risk of adverse events depends on the age at which a vaccine is given; on the relative timing of two different vaccines; or on a combined cumulative effect generated by the timing of dozens of different vaccines."

full IoM document



Anyone with a half a brain could understand why vaccines autism, but people prefer to be sheep. Sad, simply sad...


Timing of the release of this document, late Friday, is an attempt to avoid the news cycle- always break bad news late on Friday, long holiday weekend even better.

Why? Because this document issued by IOM is indisputable proof that your pediatrician is lying when he/she says,"these shots are safe." Of course they want to avoid the news cycle.

Spread this as far and wide as you can. Demand an explanation from your pediatrician. This document is downright scary, it gives lie to every reassuring thing your pediatrician ever told you about vaccination.


The 4 dose hep b vaccine, starting the day of birth in the United States is a "2 dose option" in Canada, starting at age 12.

Someone... has to be "rather the hell all wrong" on this issue.

Seems the IOM might simply review this item, if they can find the time....


I think you're right Benedetta, given the Urabe evidence, there seems to be a problem with quality consistency from one shot to another. This little excerpt from a study "shouts" there is a problem with the mumps portion, and it doesn't seem like a fix is in place. So much more money and study SHOULD have been put into this mmr, Wakefield was so VERY correct in saying we need single shots, at least with singles reactions can be monitored as to ingredient.

Differences in the neuroinvasiveness of various strains ofmumps virus have been demonstrated in monkeys,149–152hamsters,153 marmosets,154 and in neonatal rats.155 In the latter,the presence and severity of hydrocephalus in rat brain wasproportional to the severity of the strains’ known neurovirulencein humans, indicating a potential use of this model in assessingthe neurological safety of candidate mumps virus vaccines.Recently, the rat assay has been used to study the molecularbasis of neurovirulence, a much-understudied area. Based onthese and other studies, a number of nucleotide and amino acidchanges throughout the virus genome have been associatedwith neurovirulence. Most of these studies have focused in themultifunctional HN protein. For example, amino acidsubstitutions in the HN protein at position 335, 464 and 498 ofthe Urabe AM9 vaccine,156–158position 360 of the Kilhamlaboratory strain159,160 and position 466 of the 88–1961 wild typestrain161 were all associated with neurovirulence. However,genomic changes in the NP, M, F, SH and L open reading frameswere also associated with neurovirulence.161–164 Taken togetherthese data suggest, perhaps not surprisingly, that no singlemutation is wholly responsible for the overall virulence or of aspecific virus strain.11


We have a crisis of autism...everything should be on the table - with fair and honest research. Not all vaccines have been tested for safety. They told us that they took out the dangerous thimerosol, but some vaccines still have heavy metals, aluminum, human DNA, etc. Parents are told they are safe, but there is no proof that the number of vaccines given at once are safe. And for children with medical challenges, the odds are even worse. What about MTHFR genetic mutations that about 1/3 or the US population has in their genetic code. Have vaccines been proven safe for all of these children? What about those low in vitamin D? There are so many variables. What baby needs HepB? Why don't we let our babies get stronger, and check their blood and their health before assaulting their bodies with dangerous chemicals, live viruses, and heavy metals?


'They’ll be scrambling, I’m sure, to produce some population studies showing that even 10,000 vaccines at once is as safe as rain water.'

There is some pretty strong evidence to support that:

stephanie miller

The IOM is meeting is complete and utter b/s. Their first speaker is Dr. Margaret B. Rennels, she has VERY strong ties to the pharma companies - complete conflict of interest.

Dr. Margaret B. Rennels: The Wyeth Lederle-Prevnar-RotaShield Connection. Dr. Rennels was instrumental in getting RotaShield to market and was involved with Prevnar. Her university receives a total of over $2.5 million from various drug and vaccine companies including Wyeth Lederle, Prevnar’s manufacturer. She is also one of the twelve members of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, the committee that makes vaccine recommendations as part of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


I went to the website and filled it out, using my full name and email address that will not be held in confidentiality. Under the questions I filled out my greatest concerns and included the need for Transparency from the IOM.

When it asked for other suggestions I am sure I joined a monotony of parents who want a section of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations studied. I also asked that anecdotal evidence of vaccine injury be allowed since many of us did not end up on VAERS or reported to our insurance companies.

The drum roll of pressure is beginning to be heard. I believe the only reason they are even thinking of doing this study is because of how much the public truly distrusts them. This study won't change that perception. It's too much of too little, too late.

no vac

IOM can’t be trusted, plain and simple. They are sold out to pharma cartels. They will manipulate and cheat to "prove" that vaccines are perfectly safe for infants, although all independent evidence shows that they are toxic. They plan this study to cover their behinds. Only trust your instincts, do not believe anybody from medical establishment.


What a pile of crap. There is NO justification for assaulting most children with hep b series at birth. Especially when they can check the mom prenatally for exposure. And really, it's not brain surgery to realize that before a child's brain has matured (blood/brain barrier-wise) it's just not sensible to give many vaccines, if any, before that developmental milestone has been reached. BUt they will never consider that. That would effect their bottom line and is tantamount to admitting failure. Also, isn't it just so convenient now that they have umpteen zillion shots on the schedule for infants today that they think they can just shuffle a few around and the biological effects will not be felt. As one "science"blogger always says, "the stupid, it burns."


What is really clear from this Urabe strain of mumps is that not all vaccines are created equal.

In the the general population - they can give what ever. Cheap Urabe mumps, A cheaper vaccine that has lots of Aluminium. In the early 90's they increased the mumps part of the MMR here in the United States. These vaccines change from year to year, stays on shelves forever because nothing is wasted, all the while new vaccines are added to the shelves --

and although I don't believe hot lots caused my kids reactions -- just the fact there was something about my family that made them react sooner than everybody else - they had a "FASTER" immune system and in time something is going to happen to everybody else too.

But my pitiful poin is --- So if they do any study - On the test subjects - how do we know they don't use the very best of the vaccines that they know are safer???

Anne McElroy Dachel

The IOM wants to hear from YOU! The chilling line in there is, “To understand whether this is true or not, the vaccine schedule as well as vaccine interactions will have to be studied.”

Seriously? WILL HAVE TO BE? I think the IOM knows they don’t have the science to support the claim that the ever-expanding schedule is safe. They’ll be scrambling, I’m sure, to produce some population studies showing that even 10,000 vaccines at once is as safe as rain water. The fact that they asking about this is typical of government organizations who put the interests of corporate America before the health and safety of our children.

Anne Dachel, Media


"..To understand whether this is true or not, the vaccine schedules as well as vaccine-vaccine interactions will have to be studied. ..."


What really needs to be studied is:

- why the IOM is only now starting to question this unconscionable lack of due diligence??

- how is it that their oddly belated concerns, have resulted in nothing more than the muted commissioning of a "discussion paper" ??

- if the IOM has made a formal decision to look into this, then they obviously have concerns about the safety of our childhood vaccine schedule. Shouldn't main stream media outlets be informing the public about the IOM's new concerns??


"Background: In the CDC recommended vaccine schedule, many different vaccines are given on the same day. It is plausible that two vaccines, if given separately from each other, do not increase the risk of adverse events, but if they are given on the same day, there is a vaccine-vaccine interaction effect, leading to increased risk. It could also be that one or both of the vaccines, when given separately, leads to a modest excess risk of the adverse event, bur when given together, leads to a much higher excess risk."

But pediatricians recommend multiple shots despite the fact that the IOM cannot certify that this is a safe medical practice?


From the document: "The potential adverse event studied can either be very specific, such as febrile seizures or autism, or it could be more general, such as all cause outpatient physician visits, emergency department visits, or hospitalizations. "

The IOM is not stating that autism is adverse event, however, it is startling to read that sentence in the document (page 7 paragraph 4).

I attended the February meeting. Two schools of thought:
1) The IOM is genuinely interested in this
2) The IOM is preemptively whitewashing due to the fact that well constructed studies are soon coming from university level labs conclusively demonstrating a vaccine/brain damage link

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