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Bacterial Infection and Autism

Luc MontagnierBy Teresa Conrick

On Friday, May 25, I will be one of hundreds at The Autism One Conference, who will be listening to Nobel Laureate, Luc Montagnier, M.D., describe how bacteria can be involved in Autism:

"This correlation, which is based on more than one hundred children of European origin, naturally does not prove a causal relationship. However, a therapy first started by a group of independent clinicians and now performed in conjunction with laboratory observations reinforces the idea that systemic bacterial infections play a role in the genesis of symptoms of autism. Our GPs have observed that a long-term therapy consisting of successive antibiotic treatments with accompanying medications induced in 60% of cases a significant improvement -- sometimes even a complete resolution of symptoms.  These children can now lead a normal school and family life."

Needless to say, I am very excited to hear his talk and also find out about treatments aimed at helping so many sick children.  My daughter is one of them which is why I keep writing about Meg's long history of infections and her recent autoimmune diagnosis. So in keeping with that theme of infections leading to immune dysfunction and autoimmunity, I wanted to share some of what I have found as I continuously search both past and present for clues.

In 1999, as I was seeing my daughter's autism symptoms become more pronounced at age 6, The New England Journal of Medicine came out with an article entitled, "MOLECULAR MIMICRY AND AUTOIMMUNITY".  Of course, I never saw it until recently because back in 1999, I had no idea that Megan's Autism diagnosis could be related to her ear infections, Strep and sinus infections, and the many unnamed viral illnesses that were relentless to her body.  I would never have predicted that now, at age nineteen, she would have tested positive for an autoimmune diagnosis, so seeing this article made me wonder how was it possible that research and reports on autism since 1999 did not emphasize the IMMUNE SYSTEM?  Instead we are bombarded with expensive genetic studies showing little connections to the REAL issues of Autism. 

Here then is an excerpt from that 1999 NEJM study showing us a haunting connection to Autism today:

"AUTOIMMUNE disease is the consequence of an immune response against self-antigens that results in the damage and eventual dysfunction of target organs. Although the triggering event in most autoimmune diseases is unknown, an infectious cause has long been postulated to explain the development of autoimmunity. Molecular mimicry is one mechanism by which infectious agents (or other exogenous substances) may trigger an immune response against autoantigens."  That would be where my daughter is now.  So when I saw this next paragraph, I then realized WHY the issue of the immune system, infections and autism might be minimized and even denied:

"If molecular mimicry is a biologically important phenomenon, it has important implications for vaccination. It is possible that vaccination against infectious diseases activates pathways of molecular mimicry in genetically susceptible hosts, and this may be the basis of adverse reactions to vaccines."  Wow!  Really?  Gene research on Autism is hardly looking at genetically susceptible hosts and adverse reactions to vaccines. Many would argue too that since 1999, the increased numbers of children with an autism diagnosis may supersede a genetic influence of adverse reactions to vaccines and instead show a tipping point in number of vaccines and their ingredients.

I then found more current research implicating vaccination in autoimmune diseases.  This from Johns Hopkins CME program for doctors:

"Infectious agents contribute to the environmental factors involved in the development of autoimmune diseases possibly through molecular mimicry mechanisms. Hence, it is feasible that vaccinations may also contribute to the mosaic of autoimmunity....and the recent evidence for autoimmunity following human papilloma virus vaccine. ... Recently developed vaccines against human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) contain a novel Adjuvant System, AS04, which is composed of 3-O-desacyl-4′ monophosphoryl lipid A and aluminum salts.  In the Danish Civil Registration system, among approximately half a million adolescent girls, 414 autoimmune disorders were listed. The 5 most common autoimmune diseases occurring within 6 weeks of vaccination among 100,000 girls were: type I diabetes, juvenile arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Henoch-Schonlein disease, and ulcerative colitis......Given the background incidence of autoimmune disorders in some of the groups targeted for immunization with these vaccines, it is likely that autoimmune events will be reported in temporal association with vaccination, even in the absence of a causal relationship."

In addition to Autism and its connections to bacterial/viral infections, I have written about PANDAS and PANS as they too have their devastating symptoms related also to bacteria and viruses.  At the Autism One Conference in 2010, we heard about molecular mimicry from Madeleine Cunnigham, PhD and about autoimmunity and Strep infections from Susan Swedo, MD so the issues of bacteria and viruses setting up long term pathogenic residency in the bodies of kids is being investigated, yet the treatments and guidelines for prevention of this devastating process is excruciatingly slow to appear.  Dr. Cunningham made this enormously important statement -- “If autoantibodies are proven to affect behaviors, it will change the way we think about and treat mental disorders forever”  --  yet its importance seems to be minimized by those who may not want to let Autism, PANDAS/PANS and many other neuropsychiatric diseases out of the clutches of mental illness and the subsequent pharmacological goldmine being built around them.

Medical illness manifesting as mental illness is not new but the implications and loss of revenue as people begin to treat these disorders via the immune system rather than strictly with psychotropic drugs may produce some ill feelings from those invested in dollars rather than the value of human life.  Interestingly, some "mental illness" drugs may actually and secretly target the immune system, trying to get your dollars while saying they alleviate psychosis but really work on modulating the immune system :

Atypical antipsychotics suppress production of proinflammatory cytokines and up-regulate interleukin-10 in lipopolysaccharide-treated mice. 2009 Mar 17.

"There is considerable evidence that schizophrenia is associated with immune system dysregulation. For example, blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels of proinflammatory cytokines are significantly increased in schizophrenic patients, and their normalization correlates with improvement in psychotic symptoms...... These results suggest the unique efficacy of atypical antipsychotics in the suppression of proinflammatory cytokines, and the increase of anti-inflammatory cytokine, IL-10."

The BIG problem - HUGE and scary side effects!  I just read up and reported on that plus it is becoming evident that those who have these "mental illnesses" are responding to true immune treatments with no side effects:

"Scientists shocked to find antibiotics alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia - Chance discovery of link between acne drug and psychosis may unlock secrets of mental illness"  - The Independent, Friday 02 March 2012

"The research follows case reports from Japan in which the drug [antibiotic] was prescribed to patients with schizophrenia who had infections and led to dramatic improvements in their psychotic symptoms.

The chance observation caused researchers to test the drug in patients with schizophrenia around the world. Trials in Israel, Pakistan and Brazil have shown significant improvement in patients treated with the drug."

One person who has been trying for years to stop the discussion of adverse vaccination outcomes and autoimmunity is Paul Offit M.D.  Here he tried to present evidence that vaccines DO NOT cause autoimmunity. The mere fact he is DENYING AUTOIMMUNITY should raise a red flag for all because if Paul Offit makes an appearance, rest assured, we are on to something important.

What this all means is that more truth, treatments and hope are on the horizon, my friends.  Never give up and see you at Autism One!

Teresa Conrick is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Thank you Sir. Teresa Conrick for leaving this article, i really enjoyed reading your post let me introduce myself before i come to point, I'm Jennifer Rodriguez a writer basically today i'm doing a research over infections people should aware of i know i'm not a professionalist like you but i read something really hard to understand a boy got infected with Staph Skin Infection From Bounce House, i won't you to describe it little bit somewhere, so people get aware of it.

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Thanks in Advance
Lots of love


H. Zane how about not ingested but injected.
As in my kids were fine until vaccine time and then they became so sick the weeks afterwards with ear infections, pneumonia, strep throat that I had to sprint to the doctor's office - twice --

Monday or Tuesday to be told it is a virus and it will pass only to return Thursday or Friday from not just not getting any better, but much worse.

H Zane

I do not have a medical background but I wholeheartedly agree with what has often been proposed as the cause of Autism. Even from the most basic, common-sense point of view, it is seems very obvious that the cause of Autism is something that has resulted from some substance which has been introduced to a huge cross section of children worldwide within the past approximately 35 years. It has to be something sitting right under our noses. What else would account for this huge spike in the numbers in very, very recent history??? You certainly don’t need anything close to a medical degree to see that this must be the case.

So what could it be?? What have our children recently started consuming on a large scale??? The increased multiple vaccine schedule might fit the bill. Or could it be something introduced into baby formula?? Possibly. But what I would suggest needs a much closer examination are these new studies about harmful intestinal bacteria being discovered in so many children afflicted with Autism. Where are these harmful bacteria coming from? I don’t know for sure but I do know absolutely that the administration of numerous courses of antibiotics to children has skyrocketed only in the past few decades. We as parents (unlike our parents and grandparents), literally sprinted to the doctor to obtain an antibiotic miracle cure every time our kids exhibited the slightest sniffle, sore throat, cough or stuffy nose. These antibiotics so willingly dispensed by the pediatrician certainly killed off the majority of good bacteria in our babies' and children's intestines multiple times over the course of their childhood years. So what type of pathogenic, toxic, harmful bacteria may have taken hold in their guts and leeched out to their brains when we did that?

I fully accept that the pathogenic intestinal flora theory could be wrong. However, I do believe that the cure to autism lies in a worldwide survey of families with autistic children to ascertain exactly what they were ingesting around the time of the onset of the illness. While I certainly hope and pray for viable treatments for those already afflicted, the ultimate cure lies in a detective's investigation and survey of those afflicted to determine the cause so we can remove the root of this terrible illness. Please, someone start a web site with a worldwide survey.

Throat Infection

infection was triggered by a disease... if you have infection go to a doctor for a check up...

Throat Infection

So bacterial infection and autism is connected?


Did Dr Montaigner presented in Autism One as anticipated?
If so, can you provide a link to his presentation. Thanks
[email protected]


Just who , I'm guessing those such as Offit, continue to spread lies information within the medical community? Today I was reading the "facts?" that measles vaccine does not contain infectious retroviruses, at least that's the "current" information. No need to worry about the isolated ancient virus particles, with today's testing not necessarily tomorrows, they won't cause harm. No one can say, in the presence of an already suppressed immune system these viruses will do no harm, because that isn't part of the completed studies. Yes, there are retroviruses in all of these types of vaccines. For NOW the claim is they aren't infectious, so when a doc tells us "there aren't retroviruses in vaccines" that is a LIE! The truth is, through limited testing, with no consideration to the variables of individual immune systems those viral particles aren't at this time considered infectious, but yes they are there. When was the safety study done that proved a small child could get an mmrv in one leg and a dtap in another and not possibly have an adjuvant designed for one have an unwanted effect on another or an immune system reaction so fierce as to destroy the entire system. But worse the sci fi horror of having ancient diseases come to life with no possible means of knowing. Chick embyos all contain retroviruses, all have an ancient avian virus, all have a sarcoma virus. Have we learned that retroviruses such a hiv simian 40 cause damage? No surprise that opportunistic infections hit our kids at high rates, strep, mycoplasma, epstein barre, shingles, and gut bugs not seen in well children. Sounds like AIDS? is it not an acquired immune deficiency ? I've heard time and time again, within days of vaccines kids get strep, and the moms say, well ya' can't blame that on vaccine. YES YOU CAN!


When Offit made the claim that Wakefield failed to distinguish between wild and vaccine measles virus he LIED?


To Jeff C; : I am very confused : my preceding commentary is nonsense since the words I supposed yours ...were those of Pr Montagnier himself ...as I read on the URL you mentionned : http://montagnier.org/To-autistic-children !!!!


To Jeff C. : According to what you wrote , you were instrumental in enabling Professor Montagnier to speak in front of the Academy of Medicine : wouldn't your words get more weight if you would use your real name ? ( But I know it could be ,very,risky ....![ especialy in this country of Louis Pasteur;) you cherrish ]).

I share your opinion on Mr Nau comments on Montagnier ( http://blog.ehesp.fr/mediasantepublique/2012/03/21/antibiotiques-contre-lautisme-ou-les-troublants-mysteres-de-luc-montagnier/ ) [ but Mr Nau's opinions were still not very correct during the H1N1 buzz , or were they ? -not to speak of the Hep B vaccine episode - ]

To Teresa Conrick - and others - : On the reverse , aren't glucocorticoid antiinflammatories said to have,sometimes (?),...psychological effects ? cf http://psychiatryonline.org/article.aspx?articleID=519047


Yes,the immune system goes haywire,because it is hyper-stimulated and damaged in the process.This damage also happens when their brain is so vulnerable.The fontanelle
is not closed and the brain expands and the "wirings" are
being completed and then your body and your developing immune system gets bombarded with heavy metals,detergents,
with multiple toxic ingredients.Combine that with early
clamping(hypoxia and anemia);not breastfeeding(weaker immune/gut system);and add the constant chronic stimulation
(repeat vaccines)so there is a chronic inflammation.What happens to the developing brains??? You only need to open
your eyes to see the results.It is heart breaking.


Vaccines have been known to trigger autoimmune diseases - my neighbor was in a wheelchair from Guillain-Barre for three years following the Swine Flu vaccine back in '76. (She's lucky - 30 people died from the vaccine)

Just recently in Finland a version of the swine flu vaccine manufactured by Pandemrix caused an especially virulent form of narcolepsy, an autoiommune disorder, in children. Now, many Fins received the shot and were just fine. But the victims all shared a genetic type and were aged aged 6 - 14. What's interesting is that 1/3 of all Fins have this genetic type, but 1/3 of Finns aren't falling asleep at the Nokia factory. But something about the combination of the shot given at a certain stage of development of their immune system in a genetically predisposed population triggered an autoimmune disease.


A very cogent theory of autism, or the epidemic that is most likely being mislabeled autism, is that it is an extremely complex, multifactorial autoimmune/neuroimmune disorder in which the immune system malfunctions and begins shutting off blood flow to key parts of the brain. Inflammation and microglial activation also results. Once the immune system goes haywire it opens door to all sorts of viruses and bacterial infections (HHV6, Epstein Barr, Lymes) that further wreak havoc. The result is a devastating disease process that manifests itself in autistic like behaviors. The growth is most likely due to the increasingly immune reactive world we are living in - our compromised diet (read Wheat Belly, a book about the toxic plant that we've bred wheat into), toxic burden, GMOS, AND, perhaps, a vaccine schedule that has quadrupled since 1980, when the epidemic really began to take off. (1 in 10,000 to now as much as 1 in 36 boys in CA. Yet many experts will argue that this is just an expansion of the diagnosis, and then wonder why the public won't trust them. "Nothing to see here, folks! It's ALWAYS been this way...Yet people know what they see with their own eyes.

Interestingly, many children with 'autism' have a family history rife with autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes 1, Celiac, Crohn's), which suggests a genetic vulnerability to an immune system malfunction.

J Drayson

An interesting paper from Bransfield http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17980971

For those parents whose children respond well to antibiotics ie symptoms improve then make sure they find a Lyme literate doctor affiliated with ILADS - for some of us Lyme patients it can be years of antibiotics to recover and even then a relapse can occur - Lyme Disease is Borrelia - all Borrelia according to NIH researcher Ben Luft are relapsing illnesses that is what they do - periods of wellness followed by periods of not so well.

Only this year did Embers et al release their non human primate study ( about 12 years delayed but that is another story) They found that even after 1 month IV antibiotics plus 2 months of doxycycline spirochetes could still be harvested from vital organs.

Lyme disease is a stealth organism, a spirochete similar to syphilis but far more complex- on a par with TB and Leprosy.

Thank goodness pioneering doctors are recognising how to treat this illness and such as Montagnier are standing up to be counted- he has devoted his life to dealing with another immune suppressive illness HIV and is familiar how these stealth infections work

J Drayson

Some time ago on my blog I posted about Dr Bhakta http://lookingatlyme.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/treating-autism-with-antibiotics.html
Dr Bhakta is a Dan doctor who is finding more and more cases of Autism related to Lyme Disease.
She recently featured in Dr Phil program in USA about Lyme Disease.( not Autism)

J Drayson

I posted about the French research with TV interview on my blog but also about Dr Jones who has been treating Autistic children for many years finding some actually have Lyme Disease - Lyme Disease can be found throughout the World and is not so rare in UK as HPA would have us believe. Parents who have an underlying infection which can be passed to a baby may find that such as vaccines can re activate that underlying infection( this applies to other infections too)

J Drayson

What an excellent article - I come from the perspective of Lyme Disease but I am aware of the connection of Lyme Induced Autism so was impressed to read about this French study which Prof Luc Montagnier is involved with.

In 2008 I went to a lYme disease conference where Dr Robert Bransfield presented twice that was the first time I heard of a connection between Lyme Disease and some cases of Autism

here is a link worth looking at http://www.lymediseaseaction.org.uk/what-we-are-doing/conferences/2008-2/
Check out Bransfield's presentations

no vac

If chronic infections typify autism, they may have two likely sources.
1. Microbes may come directly from vaccines.
2. Vaccines damage the immune system, so it is unable to fight infections. One way or another, vaccines are probably involved.

This is the reason why Dr. Monagnier is ostracized now as Dr. Wakeflield. The medical establishment does not want autistic children cured, they want them permanently damaged and chronically using toxic neuroleptics. Profits above all.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Tami,

Yep, I do know and will be there, as will many others I am sure. Thanks.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Many of you would already be familiar with this, but for those who may not be-- If you want to improve your child's immune system, you may not succeed without getting your child out in the sun for more than 20 minutes each day. Most people associate sunlight with Vit D, but it is also beneficial for the immune system. And getting enough sunlight is a problem in northern states, where the sun's rays are longer in winter and hardly simulate the cells in the skin. In my nursery school in India, I advise parents to take the child out with sleeveless tops and short pants whenever possible or feed the child meals in the sun.
The general belief is that the poor people of India are constantly keeling over dead from disease, but in fact these people, who often spend a great deal of time out of doors, are noticed to be sick less often than children and adults from well to do homes. The sun also results in perspiration and we know that small amounts of mercury come out of the body in sweat. One important point is that it takes about 20 minutes for the cells in the skin to begin production of Vit D.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Cycle3man, It is true that we should all be wary of Denmark with regards to autism, but to be fair, it was the CDC which misused their data, AFTER learning from someone in the Danish public health arena that autism rate and incidence had been falling for about 7 years after the mercury was withdrawn from Danish vaccines. Please see the articles by and about Dr. Brian Hooker on this topic.


Hi Teresa,

You might have missed the other PANDAS/PANS talk this year at Autism One- Dr Trifiletti, who spoke in 2010, is back this year. He and I are speaking on Saturday at 1:30. I hope you will come!


Yeah! Let's turn to the Danish Data Collection System.

Scam me once "Shame on you".
Scam me twice "Shame on me"

Jeff C

Dr Montagnier is definitely looking like one of the good guys, check out this open letter from his website:


April 2nd, 2012

Are we still in France, the country of Claude Bernard and Louis Pasteur ? Or are we back in the land of Diafoirus in an intellectual dictatorship that sterilizes any medical advance that upsets the establishment ?

A terrible disease that affects more and more the behavior of young children, autism is declared irreversible, and it would be a sacrilege to try to cure them. But I say yes, let us try to cure these children, and as fast as possible !

And this is what a group of general practitioners is trying to do, with considerable success : they have helped over 200 autistic children, by simple treatment with known medications .

I wanted to be their spokesman to my peers in the Academy of Medicine, supporting their results from laboratory studies detecting infectious agents in the autistic children.

This was too much for some who can not openly deny the essential, the dramatic improvements of autistic children. They therefore transform their bitterness into ad hominem attacks.

Among these detractors, I was dismayed to find Jean-Yves Nau, once a brilliant chronicler of Le Monde in the ’80s who had courageously and objectively reported the French discovery of the AIDS virus.

That time is long gone, and the new Mr. Nau permits himself to drum up all the gossip about me , stemming from jealousy or ignorance.

I will not answer to that but I will continue to defend the collective work of my fellow physicians that this attack is, in fact, designed to destroy.

This work was not born today. It follows from patient observations made over the years by doctors, who dared not to follow mainstream antibiotic use. The very rapid progress resulting from careful use of antibiotics in these autistic children exceeded the expectations of both the doctors and the parents, attested by numerous videos and testimonials.

Of course this approach does not always work. We must confirm this breakthrough by controlled double blind clinical trials, but within the rules of medical ethics.

I support this approach even more as it coincides with another breakthrough, the science that I am developing, supported by an international network of physicists and biologists : detection with biophysical methods of latent infections by viruses and bacteria. These very infections are identified in autistic children, and also in neurodegenerative diseases, joint diseases, and certain cancers. Early detection will allow new approaches to prevention of these diseases so very prevalent in our population.

I wish France not to be the last country in the world where these advances will be used for the well being of all !


Bacterial Infection? Why all of a sudden??????

Teresa Conrick

Hi Benedetta,

Thanks so much for all of your comments and very helpful thoughts. I was just reading up on Giardia as it's been awhile and it is a nasty parasite.


Giardia infection - years ago I remember reading that this thing was in a cyst like capsula that could resist stuff that water treatment plants threw at it and it was also small enough to slip through the filtration systems.

Milwaukee with all the dairy cattle grazing around the area and the stuff running from pastures to stream had a large outbreak. But it was only people whose immune systems were compromised to begin with that was the most ill!!!!

Since that out break- I have noticed that there are tons of programs trying to get wild unused wet land borders between fields and streams.

I am sorry Tereasa - Many is a time I too felt like getting my kids out of public school and away from all the germs. But with your family it seems to have come right on in through the pipes.

This new drug they are talking about for this periodic fever is - anakinra, a drug that prevents interleukin-1 from binding to its receptor.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Beth,

Yes, I am very familiar with your book and courageous journey with your son. I know you have been inspirational in the PANDAS/PANS movement and continue to advocate for proper medical and immune treatments. Thank you!

Our journey started over 12 years ago and my daughter is still very ill and affected. She had been sick so much as a child, which was most evident after her MMR vaccine, but in 2000, at age 7, she somehow got a Giardia infection http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giardia That was our Ground Zero when behaviors and symptoms became odd, concerning, and showed she had pain. She has had what I would call "remission" of her symptoms and behaviors many times but then she becomes ill again and then back to being sick. It seems autism and the very affected children have medical pieces just now being recognized,,,and some still to be discovered in order to treat all that has been damaged. Vaccines seem to be a big part for many and that truth needs to be exposed more as well as increasing environmental pollutants.

Donna L. - Yes, I agree that antibiotics are not the magic key for all, but the fact that they do help leads us to the immune system - a big step away from the state mental hospital and just "sick brains". These kids are very ill and though that's not new news to many of us in the autism world, it is to mainstream medicine and the media and we need to keep getting that truth out there. Now, knowing that, we need to explore those avenues of treatments and create even more. I do look forward to this keynote speech as more successes gives us more data. We too, saw much improvement over the years when Strep episodes were fought with antibiotics but the effects also left. The gut, I believe is a key in many of our kids.

Thank you all.


Great article! Circling in closer and closer.

I wonder if it's more likely the immune impact of neuroleptics is kept a secret because the immune system may be the means by which neuroleptics kill by inducing lethal neuroleptic malignant syndrome. http://www.cmaj.ca/content/182/18/E834.full

"We propose several mechanisms for the induction of the acute phase response in neuroleptic malignant syndrome: autoantibody production, virus–drug interaction, heat stress, muscle breakdown and psychological stress. Some of these conditions may occur in concert and may together result in the crossing of a threshold and the generation of neuroleptic malignant syndrome.
Autoantibody production

Demonstration of the acute phase response occurring in neuroleptic malignant syndrome points to involvement of the innate immune system. Additional evidence suggests there is also activation of the adaptive immune response. Patients with a history of neuroleptic malignant syndrome have been shown to have autoantibodies against neurotransmitter receptors, with indices more than four standard deviations above the mean of healthy control patients.16 The antigenic stimulus for induction of the immune response could be the antipsychotic medication itself, interacting with an endogenous protein in the brain. The example of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia may be instructive in this regard. In that disorder, patients transiently produce immunoglobulin-G antibodies against heparin bound to platelet factor IV, which activates platelets and leads to thrombocytopenia.17 As in neuroleptic malignant syndrome, heparin-induced thrombocytopenia can occur at any time during treatment with heparin, and may not recur with subsequent exposure to the medication. These characteristics provide a useful model when considering neuroleptic malignant syndrome.
Virus–drug interaction

In the last several decades, it has become apparent that viruses can interact with medications, resulting in adverse drug reactions. It is likely that the viral infection alters immune regulation, leading to decreased tolerance to the medication. We propose that neuroleptic malignant syndrome may be associated with a virus–drug interaction, in which a predisposing viral illness triggers a fulminant acute phase response to antipsychotic medication. In our original case series of neuroleptic malignant syndrome, 29% of patients had clinically obvious rash,1 suggesting a possible co-existing viral exanthem.

A well-known example of a virus–drug reaction is the development of maculopapular erythematous rash in virtually all patients with infectious mononucleosis treated with ampicillin.18 Most of these patients have a history of tolerating ampicillin in the past. On re-exposure to this medication in the absence of Epstein-Barr infection, they do not develop a rash, suggesting that active infection with the virus produces an interaction with the ampicillin and results in a fulminant drug reaction. Likewise, in Reye syndrome, patients develop fatty degeneration of the liver and encephalopathy when treated with acetylsalicylic acid during the course of a viral illness.19 In both of these examples, viruses and medications interact to produce an adverse drug reaction, raising the possibility that something similar may trigger neuroleptic malignant syndrome.
Heat stress

There is considerable evidence that heat stress is capable of inducing the acute phase response.12 Most instances of neuroleptic malignant syndrome occur during the summer months in settings that lack adequate air conditioning,1 suggesting impaired regulation of body temperature. This impairment could occur through a hypothalamic failure to sense elevated temperature and activate the appropriate mechanisms for heat loss, or through direct stimulation of hypothalamic thermoregulatory centres by prostaglandins. In addition to such central mechanisms, peripheral heat may be produced (as a result of extrapyramidal side effects such as akathisia) at the same time as sweating is impaired by the anticholinergic properties of many psychotropic medications.

Several conditions associated with psychiatric illness may lower a patient’s safety margin for developing neuroleptic malignant syndrome as a result of heat stress. Psychiatric patients, particularly those with schizophrenia, have abnormal thermoregulation, including elevated baseline temperature, abnormal circadian variation in body temperature and impaired tolerance to heat.20 Excess clothing, poor hydration and comorbid illness may also contribute to development of hyperthermia.
Muscle breakdown

Acute muscle injury resulting from strenuous exercise21 or myocardial infarction22 has been shown to initiate the acute phase response. Based on similarities with malignant hyperthermia, it has been proposed that patients with neuroleptic malignant syndrome may have abnormal calcium channels in skeletal muscle.23 In a series of eight patients with neuroleptic malignant syndrome, six were found to have evidence of elevated levels of free calcium in myoplasm.24 Three patients with neuroleptic malignant syndrome had a mean resting calcium level more than four times that of normal in skeletal muscle, even after recovery.25 These findings suggest that patients with neuroleptic malignant syndrome may have abnormal calcium metabolism, perhaps reflecting a distinct channelopathy. In these susceptible patients, the acute phase response may be activated in the periphery by muscle break-down associated with dystonia, parkinsonian rigidity, akathisia or psychomotor agitation. Subsequent damage to muscle (reflected in the consistent finding of elevated levels of muscle enzymes) during neuroleptic malignant syndrome may then prolong an acute phase response.
Psychological stress

Prior to developing neuroleptic malignant syndrome, patients are often agitated, psychotic and under marked psychological stress, which is a known trigger for the acute phase response.26 An additional contributor can be catatonia, which commonly occurs immediately before neuroleptic malignant syndrome27 and is associated with intense fear.28 Animal studies have shown that acute stress, such as immobilization and inescapable shock, increases indices of interleukin-1b in the brain,29 suggesting that the stress-induced acute phase response can be activated centrally.
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Therapeutic implications

Currently, the treatment of neuroleptic malignant syndrome is largely supportive and involves cessation of antipsychotic medications, rehydration, cooling, judicious administration of antipyretics, low-dose heparin when immobility is prolonged, and benzodiazepines to control agitation and anxiety.

The possibility that the acute phase response plays a role in the pathophysiology of neuroleptic malignant syndrome has important therapeutic implications. Given that prostaglandin E2 is a critical mediator in the function of many cytokines, prostaglandin E2 inhibitors (e.g., salicylates, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) may be effective therapeutic agents in addition to providing symptomatic relief. These agents inhibit cyclo-oxygenase, the rate-limiting enzyme in the production of prostaglandins from arachidonic acid. Identification of the acute phase response as the biologic substrate of neuroleptic malignant syndrome could potentially lead to the development of novel treatments, including agents that block leukocyte activation or modify cytokine action. If the acute phase response in neuroleptic malignant syndrome is found to be triggered either by autoantibodies or a virus–drug interaction, this finding could also lead to preventive and therapeutic strategies, such as closer monitoring of patients treated with neuroleptics during viral illness and use of immune-modulating agents.
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Although we have presented a rationale for how the acute phase response can result in all of the core features of neuroleptic malignant syndrome and described the current evidence that supports our theory, more studies are required to test our hypothesis. We have shown a consistent, precipitous decline in serum iron levels in a large number of patients with neuroleptic malignant syndrome, pointing to activation of the acute phase response. However, the full profile of acute phase reactants has been measured only in a single case. In addition, the acute phase response itself does not directly explain the extreme rigidity, staring and mutism that are observed in neuroleptic malignant syndrome. We have proposed that these symptoms are best explained by altered function of dopamine D2 receptors resulting from acute phase-related decreases in central iron levels and occurring in concert with dopamine receptor blockade caused by antipsychotic medication. Although we have measured only peripheral iron levels, there is strong evidence that these levels correlate with dysfunction of the central nervous system, suggesting that peripheral measures may be sufficient to support our hypothesis.30
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Testing our hypothesis

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome is uncommon and requires prompt treatment, which poses problems for the study of this condition. A prospective multicentre study would be needed to allow serial measurement of acute phase reactants over the course of illness in a large number of patients. This type of study would also allow measurement of autoantibodies to both antipsychotic medications and neurotransmitters in patients with active neuroleptic malignant syndrome, as well as screening for evidence of a viral infection that might trigger a virus–drug reaction. If our neuroimmunologic hypothesis of neuroleptic malignant syndrome is supported by further study, multicentre therapeutic trials would be warranted.

Key points

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome is an acute and life-threatening reaction to antipsychotic medications.

There is growing evidence that the immunologic cascade known as the acute phase response may play a role in development of neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

We propose a neuroimmunologic hypothesis to explain the pathophysiology of neuroleptic malignant syndrome and suggest several mechanisms by which the acute phase response may be activated.

This hypothesis may have substantial implications for treatment.


Oh look something new. They have a cure for this periodic fever PFAPA
Last year they said that if they were fast enough they could remove the tonsils and would sometimes help.

Hmmmm what were those U tube stuff I looked at about vaccine saftey in Jamica.

Aluminum travels fromt the injection site to the lymph nodes - (tonsils are sort of lymph nodes) then to the spleen then to the bones and then to brain. Do I have that chain of event correct?

But now they are injecting something -- article is talking T cells and white blood cells and immune stuff.

And the cause? It is genetic and an infection brought it on.

Nope, nope, Nope - I know what brought it on in mine.

Here is the article it is a very interesting read.


Donna L.

No doubt in my mind that bacterial infections are playing a huge role. The closest my son ever got to autism recovery was while we were doing long-term antibiotics for Lyme. After six months of antibiotics, he went from severe, mostly nonverbal autism to speaking in sentences, fully engaged socially, energetic and healthy and I thought we were well on the way to recovery...and then WHAM, almost overnight, he lost everything and completely regressed. Lost all speech, withdrew into a sensory overloaded nightmare, wanting no contact with anyone at all. It was almost worse than his initial regression into autism.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this talk will be live-streamed. I'd love to know how they are using this approach without losing kids all over again.


Yes! and thank you Benedetta, I've considered many things with vaccines, and as you know our kids kind of lead us with their odd symptoms. One thing I did a long time ago was toss the tylenol. My kids could have a 103 the docs would dose them right there with tylenol and it would be a 105 in minutes. Yes they saw it for themselves. Aspirin for my girl, yes, but for the boys who never had Kawasaki I've always been a bit fearful of trying it, so I give them motrin. I've considered many things, with the mmr I thought the symptoms seemed almost like a rendition of graft vs host disease and while on that tangent almost convinced myself with the aborted fetal tissue being used. Somewhere in the moms' experiences there are huge clues, being ignored, and this is so wrong, moms have uncovered many connections that have lead to curing their children. Thank you for the PAFPA information, that is something I did not know. She's had many a trip to the ear nose and throat specialists trying to cure a lifelong sinus problem never mentioned to be connected to her Kawasaki. In fact if she isn't up spitting out blood and green , from the time she was five or so, it would be an unusual time. At eleven she had a burst ovarian cyst complete with hemorhage, and now suffers from pre diabetes and cystic ovary disease. Ah..and what is all of this for..not to come down with measles?


By the way; when my daughter graduated from nursing school, I got to meet her classmate and her little boy who had autism and she said she thought it was the DTaP.

The little boy had been sick a few days pior and the mother had to miss a graduation party that my daughter and a few others that were close put together.

The night of graduation, he still looked ill. He was running around looking at the ceilings ; but I noticed - I knew that look of that fever. I think that during this fever if when there is more seizure activity -

I noticed he ran off from his grandfather - and back down the isle to the place where his aunt and grandmother was sitting and then stopped and stared at nothing. I think he was having an absentee seizure at that very moment. It lasted for about three minutes and then he was back.

He needed help - he needed medical attention, he needed IVIGs or what ever it took to stop this cycle. His mother was a graduating nurse, with a room full of professor nurses with masters and probably PhDs and there was in that room full of medical people - nothing.

Although when he went upon stage to be with his mother and then refused to leave her side - and she looked helpless at the professors and embararressed that she could not get him to do what she wished - they were kind enough to insist that he stay up on the stage with her.

It is a mad/mad/mad world.

I am sitting down there and I knew he needed asprin if nothing else!


Barbara J.
The immune system all by it's lonesome can make a fever without a bacteria or a virus or a pathogen.

There are such things as serum sickness and it is a cycle.

I think that our kids are on a cycle of making antibodies and then resting and building up again.

Those fevers - yes - my kids had them and we went often to the ped be told it is a virus - but after a while I began to recognize them M.O. and was able to tell most of the time between those and get out the asprin or strep/sinus infection/ear infection - which were often too.

I think they call this cycle of fever of unknown origin - periodic fever - in Kawasakis - it is narrowed down even more to be called; Periodic fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis and adenitis or more simply(PFAPA) syndrome.

You might be interested and look it up. Asprin works great for this one - but not tylenol - Asprin makes the fever shorter lasting (two or three days) were as tylenol allows it to drag on for a week or even two.


Multiple sclerosis and hepatitis B vaccination: Adding the credibility of molecular biology to an unusual level of clinical and epidemiological evidence

"Summary In spite of a huge number of reports of severe hazards after injection of hepatitis B vaccine (HBV),the issue is regularly raised that no mechanism is available for the development of central demyelinating disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS). A number of convergent facts, however, suggests that the manufacturing process could introduce HBV polymerase as a contaminant, and then trigger an auto-immune process against myelin in some vaccinated subjects. Of great significance, this hypothesis is likely to give the missing link to account for the considerable body of clinical and epidemiological evidence documenting that, for a drug used with a preventive purpose, HBV has an unusual potential to induce central neurological disorders amongst other unwanted side-effects."



Teresa thank you! I am reading this after JUST getting off the phone with my son's (main stream)psychiatrist, who God love him 15 years ago agreed that my son's Autism was most likely a result of an autoimmune reaction to his MMR vaccine at 16 months old.
I just finished telling him he HAS TO read Dr Herbert's book. Now I am printing your article out and sending it over to him.
Thank you!


My kids, each of them, with the exception of unvaccinated four year old, get "scary fevers". When little they were called FUO's, yep, fevers of unknown origin, I can only remember my little 2000 baby on the spectrum , did seem much more together when he had a fever, perhaps it was lessening a bacteria load? I throw my anecdotes out, not for coverage, hoping only someone says..oh yes! me too..us too. Now we have to wonder, given some of the recent stories on overgrowth of gut bacteria, if they aren't literally steeped in pathogens they can't fight. My little guy, the asthmatic, so little, smallest of my kids, always on some kind of med to breathe, was given the recalled hib contaminated with bacillus cereus, now of course I have been assured, not his shot, bs again, how many wild mixtures of murine viruses, animal sourced bacteria and more exotic African monkey garbage, are we really shooting into our kids.

Ask just one question

Teresa - would these ideas cross over into viral territory? Specifically, I'm wondering about the XMRV angle that Kent Heckenlively has discussed in the past. If there is such success in the mental/behavioral aspects when antibiotic treatment is used, could another large percentage of children w/autism respond to immune treatments tailored to viral infections?

Beth Maloney

Have you read Saving Sammy by Beth Maloney? It's what the book is all about and has been instrumental in the recovery of tens of thousands of children. I also spoke at the 2010 Autism One conference. Saving Sammy, followed by all of my personal appearances and speaking engagements, is what entirely energized this area of medicine which had been dormant for years before publication of the book. Beth Maloney www.savingsammy.net


Our son, who was diagnosed on the spectrum at 2.5 years just turned 10. My husband and I still can vividly remember the day when he was 3 years old and received antibiotics for the first time, for an ear infection. After the first dose he had an incredible reaction. He was engaged, verbal and connected in a way we had never seen. That response lasted about 24 hours, then faded. At that point we began our biomedical journey. We have never seen the response we witnessed that day, even when we pursued treatment for Lyme disease and he received oral antibiotics for about a year. I know that bacteria and viruses play a role in his autism as clearly as I know they play a role in my rheumatoid arthritis. We support his immune system and feed him a healthy diet. He is doing well but still on the spectrum and struggling. Not a day goes by that I don't think about underlying viruses and bacteria and the role they play in. Your post was very affirming.

Jeff C.

Okay, here is a full serving of crow for me, GH's quote is from the Autism One write regarding Dr Montagnier's research. Yikes, my apologies GH, I thought you were a troll trying to sidetrack things. Next time I'll google first, before commenting. Mea culpa.



GH was quoting from this..


Jeff C.

Well GH, maybe it's not so crazy after all, although I don't know where you were quoting regarding a link to autism. I did some googling and found the study regarding bacteria and EM waves. It's from Luc Montagnier, the homeopathy guy. Not really relevant to this post, but you are correct in that it is interesting.



Please remember that maybe we are immuno suppressing our children with so many supplements and vitamins (it seems that feed the bugs - parasites, bacteria). Vit D is specially bad - research in the VDR and chronic bacterial infections (line of Marshal Protocol)
Google in MMS, Kerry Rivera is going to be an speaker in Autism One too.

Jeff C.

GH - Maybe I just missed it, but I can't find what you are quoting anywhere on the page. Sounds interesting? Nutty might be a better word.

I'm as convinced as any person on the face of the earth that vaccines are not safe and are the cause of the epidemic and autoimmune and neurological conditions affecting our children. That being said, not every tin-foil hat conspiracy warrants our attention.

What is the point of your comment other that to distract from Teresa's thoughtful post?


"Autoimmune hazards of Hepatitis B vaccine" by Marc Girard:


'There is in the blood of most autistic children -- but not in healthy children -- DNA sequences that emit, in certain conditions, electromagnetic waves. The analysis by molecular biology techniques allows us to identify these electromagnetic waves as coming from already known bacterial species. '

Can you post a link to that study? It sounds interesting.


I have chills and tears, this is what many of us have known! As Benedetta I have a KS child, her disease followed her mmr at age two. Her second middle school shot brought her back to the office so consumed with infection that blood work was done and she was found to have neutropenia. I zeroed in on the mmr, found journal evidence of horrific damage to the immune systems in the children followed within that study, immune damage that set these kids up with an acquired immune deficiency for up to FIVE years, not three the way I find bits of the journal article now here and there. These kids were dying of opportunistic infections all the while the unimmunized kids were experiencing health. Again, when my mother told me she had NEVER seen a child as sick as my son, during his regression time, sick with bowel disease, fevers, green gunk coming from every orafice, eyes, throat, nose, croup,not a week..MONTHS!..I searched through again and found t cell depletions matching aids. My little asthmatic, whom I waited until his age 2 1/2 to start his rounds, the same, a kind of RSV developed followed by asthma forever! My little heart patient who I waited until his age FIVE to receive his mmr, spent the next four months in incredible gastro pain, accompanied by high fevers. When I took him in for that shot, I TOLD the pediatrician he would be back with his first ear infection within a few weeks, he was! I knew, yet I didn't know it was going to almost kill him and still may. There is MORE to this immune system damage, as Benedetta and I have experienced with our KS kids, it's life long, as with autism.My little four year old, I worry so much about tetanus, yet there isn't a one ingredient clean shot, and he has experience such health, he doesn't even catch things from his sibs? and he shares a bedroom with two others! I was so fearful of the shot nazis I made signs all over his basinette in the hospital, NO VACCINES! and still couldnt' trust, I made my husband watch him while I went to the bathroom and insisted that my husband watch through the glass at his first checkup. Again, however bad we believe the shots are, they are worse, they are dirty, with contaminants, unnamed pathogens and bits of animal garbage, the methods are questionable as to maintaining quality control with issues as important as attenuation...anyone want a rabies shot that wasn't attenuated properly..they've been marketed before! It's dirty and unscientific and the bullies that force many to believe otherwise surely must be highly compensated to knowingly spread their propaganda all the while killing and maiming our children!


This makes perfect sense to me. Dr. Mario Capecchi, a geneticist and researcher at University of Utah, also talks about the link between mental illness and immune dysfunction (see full interview with Dr. Capecchi on link below). He says scientist have known for a long time there is a link that this is well known. People with MI often have immune problems. He said in order to effectively treat MI, we must treat the immune system and SSRI's are not effective in most cases.

"Utah scientist makes breakthrough in mental illness research" (watch full interview)



Got to love this title of this study

"Increased Production of Serum IgA-class Antibody to Lipid A in Kawasaki Disease"

This is what I know and barely at that:

Imunogloblins given intervenously in the treatment of Kawasakis - IVIG-- are the IgG part of the immune system.
If a child has a bad reaction to the IVIG treatment it is because the IgA part of the immune system is reacting to the IgG.


"Some vaccines contain a novel Adjuvant System, AS04, which is composed of 3-O-desacyl-4′ monophosphoryl lipid A and aluminum salts."

Hook an aluminum salt on to a lipid.

Kawasaki syndrome is associated with important abnormalities in lipid metabolism.

Hannah Poling's mitochondrial cytopathy/myopathy or what ever -- oxidation phosphoralation - something messing up the energy cycle or chain in the complex I and complex III. But what? An auto antibody to a lipid?


My daughter - the nurse - and sufferer of acid reflux - surprised me by telling me that most of the GI meds are anithistmines.

like Prilosec!
an like zantac!

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