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Autism Ages Out into An Endless Summer

Autism One and a Young Man Going the Distance


By Teresa Conrick

Autism One is always a superb menu of speakers and presentations and this year was no exception.  Listening to Dr. Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the 2008 Nobel laureate for Medicine, was fascinating and hopeful as he stressed how Autism has its roots in INFECTIONS, where bacteria, viruses and heavy metals cause the symptoms and behaviors.   For many of us, that is not new information but hearing such a famous and brilliant doctor present data on ill children getting much better and some recovering health and lost skills, was simply amazing.  Equally riveting and monumentally important, was hearing Dr. Andrew Wakefield  present evidence of GI inflammation/disease and the devastation they produce for so many with an Autism diagnosis.  This video, showed how dramatic and miraculous HEALING is when pain can be stopped and learning and functioning can then begin to advance.  Dr. Wakefield quoted from his most recent book, this clear association that so many of us know from having ill children with gut pain and the connecting behaviors that manifest  --  ....."the bowel bone's connected to the brain bone" .... a fact that most mainstream doctors have not yet fully acknowledged.

As fate would have it, I was to meet another inspiring and heroic man, this one was only seventeen-years-old, yet his mission and message equaled the two I have just described.  While I was waiting to talk to a presenter, I watched this young man make his way over to a space near me, talking to a nearby mother, I heard his words - "I am recovering myself from Autism."  I looked quickly as he smiled at me and I reached out to shake his hand, while I tried to hide my tears.  "How", I asked him, "are you doing this on your own?" He began to tell me his name, "Nicholas Glenski", and that he and his Dad were up from Springfield, MO.  (That's he in the photo with AofA's Jake Crosby.) I was so impressed that I asked if we could talk together, maybe I could ask him some questions for a blog about Autism?  He smiled again and was very happy to oblige.  Saying he was freezing in the air conditioning, with his dad's permission, we sat outside on a strip of warm, narrow grass, with the sun blazing above.

It seemed I was destined to meet this wonderful young man, as he reinforced what so many of us know  -- that Autism for many means a sick body accompanied by symptoms and behaviors that wreak havoc for that person.  He wanted help and healing from his Autism. 

Nick went on to describe his journey so far.  As a baby, he had been born premature by 15 weeks, so a tiny 25-week-infant who had detached retinas, corrected after birth, but with many other issues that developed.  He was initially "developmentally delayed" with speech and language issues.  That would later change by the school to a diagnosis of ADHD.  He had an IEP but was in mainstream classes, often having social/emotional behaviors at school as well as some incidences of aggression.  Nick related to me that when his mom remarried, his stepdad saw Nick's behaviors as being more involved, and so did a clinic, which then diagnosed Nick with Autism.  He was fifteen at the time and had been having issues at school and had also been home-schooled in between.  He described his behaviors that for him, made the Autism diagnosis seem correct :

--wandered, often not knowing where his destination was
--exhibited minimal eye contact
--felt anxiety
--would rage and sometimes be aggressive at home
--could not be touched and did not like hugs, kisses etc.
--would only eat  the color, "white" foods, like mashed potatoes, white bread (as in an OCD pattern)
--lived with horrible constipation then wicked diarrhea, often keeping him up all night
--had OCD, like smelling his arm repetitively
--had huge sensory issues with noises
--felt "not normal "and could not make friends

So at age fifteen, Nick found out he "had Autism," explaining to him why he had these behaviors, but the only help being offered to him was counseling, "community inclusive" type, to aid him socially but that was not the answer for Nick. He wanted to know what he could do about the behaviors and feeling "so different, " so he went on the internet and googled around.  There he found Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy and a DAN clinic in Missouri that he would later go to and find out that there are medical interventions to help him feel better and help rid himself of the illness and behaviors that plagued him for so long.  He discovered that he could not eat any casein (allergy, inflammation, GI) and that being near pesticides seemed to be a big trigger for him not feeling well, which is why he feels it is important he eats only ORGANIC foods.  Here, at age seventeen, he smiled broadly telling me that many of those symptoms had lessened a lot, yet he wanted still to make friends and continue to work on his health, the social pieces and the nuances to navigate in the world.  The vitamins, supplements and casein-free, ORGANIC diet made his body feel and function better!

Nick also revealed his feelings that vaccines were a huge reason for his Autism and the health issues associated.  He was so upset to learn that he had had the same vaccines and schedule as 40 week babies,  though he was so very small as a preemie.  He also shared that he lived with his mom and stepdad and that his mom, a nurse, is skeptical of his biomed journey and the role of vaccines. She sounds like a wonderful mother who wants her son to keep going with biomed, though it is not something that she has totally embraced, but she does see his progress.  I told Nick that I could relate a bit as my father had been a doctor and I was a believer in vaccines until I saw that they had injured my daughter.  Nick felt a prenatal flu shot may have also been involved and then became very scared and nervous discussing a more recent vaccine exposure.  It occurred about two years ago, when it was all over the news and papers about giving Gardasil to boys.  Nick received the first dose of the Gardasil series, which was to become the last for him. He vividly remembers that the Gardsil vaccine made him so sick.  He ran a fever, kept losing his balance, had bad allergy issues, stomach issues and had "sensory hell."  He described calling his Aunt Patty, his very sweet and helpful Aunt, who I also met at Autism One, because he was so scared of the way he felt.  Aunt Patty is not a vaccine believer and is not skeptical at all about biomed treatments.  Nick calls her a "warrior mom."

Years from now, Nick would like to see himself helping others as a nutrition expert or as a biomedical doctor helping those with Autism or other disorders.  He asked me if "recovered" meant "cured" as he wants to be cured.  I described my daughter and her many health issues, especially seizures and an autoimmune diagnosis.  "Cure" for her may be a lifelong journey and "recover" may more aptly be reserved for what we do each day, to get her body to not attack itself, and help her immune system heal.  For Nick, "cure" could very well be an obtainable goal, especially as we continue to see that the immune system is very involved,in those who have an Autism diagnosis, so research and treatments should be evolving more specifically for that.  He is a huge fan of the Canary Party because he wants to "do something about all of this."  He also got to meet Jake Crosby and watching the two of them talk about their recovery journeys was inspirational.

I am so proud of this new friend to the Autism community. He shows maturity, determination and passion plus he is a super nice guy! Against many odds, Nicholas Glenski is pursuing his own health, his own future and his own destiny.  As he put it, he is "going the distance."  All our best to him.

Teresa Conrick is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and the mother of an affected adult child.




What an inspiration. Go all the way, Nicholas!!!

Sandra Lopriore

I sent this article to Alisyn Camerota at Fox and Friends. I asked her if she would try to follow this young mans story.

Wade Rankin

I, too, had the great fortune of getting to meet and talk to Nicholas. He would be a remarkable young man under any circumstances, but especially given what he has already overcome. I believe we'll hear a lot from him in the years to come.


Reading this and so many other stories, its abundantly clear, that many of us are on journeys away from what we have been mislead to believe. For most of us, looking back is painful, looking forward, well, we have no other choice.

Teresa, thank you for opening the door ever wider.

Becky Estepp

Meeting Nick at AO this year was one of the highlights of my trip. It was hard to not to well up with tears while talking to him. I was so proud of this young man! Nick was so no nonsense. He asked several times why there weren't more teens like him at AO trying to recover themselves. I told him that I hope someday that there would be, but maybe first they needed one remarkable young man to pave the way of self-recovery. I am sure I met that young man last weekend. Bless you Nick!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

NIcholas, At a very young age you are facing up to and winning against the adversity that life has thrown your way. You are obviously going to succeed and you have a long and satisfying life ahead of you, helping those who have not yet found this path and who are suffering as a result.
Friends, just look at the evil result of the autism disaster. Parents dont even look for medical ways of helping their suffering children, because the people who have caused this disaster, have been successful in convincing people that vaccines have nothing to do with it. If you dont know the cause, you cannot find the effective treatment. I am in the US now, and see cases of this all around. It is very disturbing.

Sandra Lopriore

What a great gives all of us hope. To be able to hear from the older kids who can describe what they are feeling/experiencing is very valuable. I look forward to reading your PANDAS articles Teresa--thank you. My daughter is improving on biomed but we keep getting slammed with bouts of PANDAS. We had reduced her OCD to tapping the garbage can at school with her foot after she threw something away--that was it!! Teacher told me her OCD just "disappeared"....then came a bout of PANDAS and it came back in many different ways. It is shocking what PANDAS can do.

J Drayson

Some doctors have been treating Autism with antibiotics for some time now in the US and these two videos from Dr Bhakta who was/is a DAN practitioner will interest some of you

J Drayson

Nick Congratulations to you.
I am sorry to highjack this excellent post about your progress baut as it also mentions Prof Montagnier's presentation I am sure anyone reading this will be interested in a recent presentation by Dr Horowitz on MSIDS - Multi-systemic Infectious Diseases syndrome - there is much here that crosses over with work with people with Autism and I understand Prof Montagnier is also in communication with ILADS doctors.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Nicholas, for sharing your personal experience. It may benefit others in the future. I, too, hope you find helpful knowledge and healing!

Teresa Conrick

Hi Nick,

Do you prefer Nicholas, as I have been calling you Nick?

I totally agree that everyone at A1 and here on AoA is wonderful. We all think you are, too! Read us daily and feel free to comment whenever you like. You have a lot of support here!


Nicholas, it was hilarious that you just said,' what don't kill you makes you stronger' because my son and I were just talking about his back to back scrimmages tomorrow and that's exactly what I said to him (then he started singing it!) Go Devils!

Jake Crosby

Great meeting you, Nicholas!

Nicholas Glenski

This is such a great organization!!! Such wonderful people at Autism One and Age of Autism!!

Nicholas Glenski

This is Nicholas Glenski Thank you all and it has bee a amazing journey and will continue to be one. In simple words! What don't kill you makes you stronger stronger!!!


Best wishes for you, Nicholas!

J Drayson

Studies Prof Montagnier was involved with for anyone who hasn't seen this video
Translation of an interview with Prof Montagnier with links to the videos


Thank you Nick, you are an amazing person! All the very best for you and your dreams and God bless you more!


I have known Nick for about a year via Facebook. He is an AWESOME dude! I was blown away that someone who is the same age as my oldest son had so much insight and drive to improve his health. He is quite a remarkable young man indeed!

Thanks for telling his story Teresa!!!

Cat Jameson

Meeting Nicholas was one of the highlights of my trip to AO. He is a beacon full of positive energy and hope. Thank you for sharing his story, Teresa!

Terri Lewis

Honesty and truth.

Thank you.

Autism One rocks!

"Listening to Dr. Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the 2008 Nobel laureate for Medicine, was fascinating and hopeful as he stressed how Autism has its roots in INFECTIONS, where bacteria, viruses and heavy metals cause the symptoms and behaviors."

Let's not forget....he included vaccines on the list of autism's roots.

Nick, keep up the great work. You're an inspiration.


Nick you are an inspiration and I'm so proud of you even though I've never met you! Your determination and self awareness will serve you well in life. I know your path has had, and will continue, to have obstacles BUT you are already proving that you have the tenacity and strength to over come those obstacles.

I hope we do hear more about, and from you, here on AOA.

Best wishes,



Nick, if you are reading this heads up for being so brave!

I wish you all the best on your journey of recovery, and hope that through finding answers to heal yourself you can one day help heal others (and you already are doing that, just by speaking up! :)

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