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Autism in the News Versus Autism in Real Life

To tell the truthBy Anne Dachel

I’m often struck by the stunning contrast between how autism is reported in the news and what’s happening to ordinary people everywhere. I recently had a conversion with a friend of mine whose personal experience is a chilling example of the truth about autism.

My friend works in a department of county government in New York State . It’s a county of about a million people.. My friend has two children with autism so it’s a big part of his life. He was stunned by the news around the office that a female employee just found out that her child had autism. We talked at length about the loss of a generation of children, no questions asked.

I asked my friend some questions.

Describe how you felt when you heard the woman’s news that her three-year-old had just been diagnosed with autism.

ANSWER: I felt terrible. This co-worker is an independent, mature woman who has worked hard to get this job and she is going to have a great career. She has been worried sick about her child and now she is going through what so many of us have: getting the diagnosis, wondering what treatment and therapy options will be available for her child. She’ll be asking herself whether her local schools  wo;; help her child or will they fight her every request. And she’ll want to know how she will afford this - all of it.

Right now I urged her to focus on building a network of services and support for her child and her self.

How many co-workers do you know with a child on the spectrum?

ANSWER: There are 12 other families in my department with children who have autism. We have just under 200 employees. I find this shocking and if this isn't an epidemic, I don't know what is.

What kinds of problems are these families dealing with?

ANSWER: The parents I know are dealing with a myriad issues. They’re trying to negotiate school services that meet their child's needs. Some are dealing with adolescent children who are seeking some degree of independence (the higher functioning ones) and how difficult that is to work out. One family is trying to get their 18 year old into a group home. Many are struggling financially due to all the extra costs for autism and the cost of lost time at work. I see everybody meeting these challenges as best they can but the toll is undeniable.

How many of these parents describe regression in their child’s development?

ANSWER: All of them report that their child was born healthy and normal. Some report that their child's development just shuts down at a certain point. Others report a clear regression after a triggering event. Vaccine injuries have been the only reported triggers of these regressions that I have heard about. None of the parents who told me that they reported adverse events following vaccines to their doctors reported that the doctors advised them to notify VAERS.

Do these people believe that nothing’s wrong, that it’s all just better diagnosing?

ANSWER: The recent announcement of the rate of autism only confirmed what everyone seemed to feel; something is wrong. Very wrong. One co-worker wondered how all of the psychologists, developmental pediatricians, child psychiatrists and neurologists who were practicing 20 years ago could have missed all these kids. Many of us feel that the medical profession is mired in a permanent state of denial.

I personally feel that those who are saying that there is no real increase are doing a profound disservice their country because we have all have to start doing something to prepare for what is going to happen.

Now that we’re on a second generation of the autism epidemic, does any of this make sense?

ANSWER: We know our kids and we know they were not born this way. They became this way. That means something that our children were exposed to, injured them. What we are seeing does make sense to us because we are open to seeing the world as it is and we listen to each other. The national response to autism does not make sense. All the people I know are now trying to help their kids and that is a huge struggle. Nothing comes easy. The only people who get that and respect that are the people around us who have also been going through this struggle.

Watching our leaders abdicate responsibility, cling to denial and protect their policy interests when they should be offering reasonable assistance and seeking autism's causes is disheartening. These people should spend one day in our shoes. They might walk and talk a bit differently if they did.

I feel like I could talk to almost anyone about the people in their workplace and I’d hear similar stories of families dealing with a child who has autism—a disorder with no known cause or cure nor any expectation of a date when officials will know anything for sure. While experts are clueless and disinterested, the nightmare continues—everywhere.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism. Subscribe to her news feed at



Thanks Benedetta, I had forgotten it was a chlorophenol, how warm and fuzzy is this that so many daycares, moms, grandmoms may have used agent orange identical contaminants on the babies well as the little nursery bed units in every hospital. Monsanto , much like the pharmaceuticals got away with this it seems.


Barbara J

I didn't mean to dismiss your suggestion that lysol maybe part of the problem for Kawasakis at all.

You shocked me when you mentioned it and I reponded immediately of what I knew about it and how my family is connected to it.

It is something though when you think about a common house hold something like lysol is so good at killing germs - and it is - might not be the best thing for a home.

We had well water and lived out in the country - so the ped gave my daughter flouride drops- that very spring.
And being the best mommie ever - they were part of the daily regiment.

When my son came along - I still had the flouride drops, and I used them.

I use to think maybe the aluminium in the vaccines and the flouride drops.

But my husband reacted to his vaccine at 28 and 34 and he was not taking flouride drops unless he was eating his toothpaste.

So that gets us right back to the whooping cough vaccine.

My son had the Diptheria and tetanus as his last two vaccines in this series without the whooping cough added in and he had no problems what so ever, that I know of. At least no big high fevers - afterwards. Of course it was already too late about having periodic fevers and seizures and all that.

But a separate Diptheria and tetanus shot - what else did it not have besides the pertutsis, did thay also decrease the amount of alumiunium or leave out the mercury?


lysol, cholorphenol
very toxic to fish
toxic to fowl
mildly toxic to humans

1920s used as a douche for women.

Microbiology labs use it a lot. Before you begin work on the microbes and after you finish - wiping off the counter tops.

I certianly used it enough during school and when I worked in the microbe lab for reclaimation of stripped coal mine land.

But I never used it later - when my kids were born. Soap and water with occasional bleach and sometimes ammonia - but not together : )

Not till much later in thier teen years did I finally start using pinsol (which is not the same thing) to clean my bathrooms - and they do make them sparkle!


Autism Grandma, I think your numbers are far more on target than the CDC's. In fact my "nt?" child (by today's standards) , and this could be because of his brother? has brought home a few on the spectrum this year . One, age 16, told me this was his first time going to visit a classmate's home.( his mother picked him up in 90 minutes! He had stories of being assigned an aid in school, psychiatric meds, and now he's very close to nt. My son noticed nothing , I was happy to have the visitor , it gave hope that more may shed the heavier symptoms and blend a bit. 1996 was a particularly heavy hit year, jmo, and it then continued until 2001, I, just as an observer, see less among the little guys.and....I HATE that the CDC has deliberately mislead the public into believing this current count suggests thimerosal wasn't a factor..NO ONE who isn't involved sees it any other way. 2000 was a bad year,maybe the worst! similar to the historical winter of 1964/65 when extraordinary numbers of rubella syndrome children were born. Now with rubella in a shot those numbers of the past are much smaller than our current ASD victims.
Benedetta and Birget, one often overlooked pesticide is lysol and products similar, my daughter can NOT go into a hospital without developing a fever. KS is a strange disease, one that seems to leave many victims chemically sensitive ( again just my experience)..a reason perhaps for Birget's son getting more ill in a hospital room. In my research I found some ugly info surrounding lysol, one was monsanto that provided the phenol for lysol knew it was contaminated with dioxins , yet continued to advertise it as a great cleaner for cribs, pails and the air in children's rooms..kinda makes me shudder. The vaccines surely seem to set the stage for KS, no argument here.


Re: "There are 12 other families in my department with children who have autism. We have just under 200 employees."

Where's my calculator? This is 6 cases of autism per hundred, not "1 in 88", but 1 in 18. As usual the statistics are manipulated to reflect a much lower incidence than what factually exists in reality.

Then they blame the autism incidence on "better diagnosis and reporting", and just to make sure that this epidemic is not recognized by the public for what it really is, they are going to revise the Diagnostic Criteria to exclude many children with autism, according to one major study, 60% of ASD diagnosis will be removed, resulting in lost support and therapies for all of these children who will then no longer qualify for insurance coverage or state funded speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and ABA therapy.


I had to look up ITP - but once I saw purple at the end (I know that is not what it is really called) but the purple noses I see on three of my fellow church goers that has it - I cannot help associate purple noses and the last word that resembles the word "Purple". It is suppose to be rare but it is not. Go figure?

Between the two evils of Kawasakis and ITP - I would have to take Kawasakis.

Poor little boy.

I can understand why so many think vaccine plus something else. I too thought that for years and years. It was almost 7 weeks after my daughter's fourth DPT shot that she came down with Kawasakis.

She was sick the whole time, and I dragged her around like all busy parents do - I was trying to finish a masters degree and all that. I use to think I caused it by taking her here and there too much. That is what the ped said at the hospital, but I look back on it now - it may have been me that should have been run down - because I was going to extraordinary lengths to make sure it was my parents that did all the baby sitting - and they were good and loving - and it made a very long commute and stress on me but not my daughter.

But I have had time to think on that one, and plus I had my son to show me the light!

He too came down with atypical Kawasakis 7 weeks after his third DPT shot and stroke. And then 7 more weeks past and here it came again and that is how it went for a very long time.
His first DPT shot his left ventricule swelled up and he developed a heart murmur from an inflamed heart valve.

When my daughter went in to get her fifth DPT shot - 106 temp, passed out, rapid breathng and then atypical Kawasakis-- but on the mild side ever so often.

So I do understand how synergy might be thought of here.
Because there is a time period there.


I understand, in these formulations, the chemicals phenol , the metals mercury and aluminum , provide the same synergy. So yes, I can understand a vaccine alone causing KS. As with birget, the possibility of extra mercury may have been the tipping point. The interesting thing with my daughter concerned a little boy who was in the office, who received his mmr within ten minutes of ours, was back in on my schedule over weeks with a diagnosis of ITP. The hepb shot, while hep b as an illness can cause vasculitis, there should be no denying that the reported cases of KS after these shots is real ,as well. I almost laughed tonight when reading of the increase, 500 percent in India, the report suggested it was due to better diagnosing. Like autism, we all ,as this original post suggested see and know more victims than what the counts suggest.


Do not send your children to a math class based on the same curriculim used by the phantom genious who advised the CDC that 1 in 88 families with autism would cost less than had they just come out and killed a child. Admission of guilt makes no difference so by all means, tell it like it is. Better book deal.


Barbara J and Birgit :
Mine were not around any pesticides, nor cleaning carpets.
Not saying that pesticides/spraying lawns is not involved - just not in mine.

I blame the vaccines 100 percent!
1983 and 1986 for me.

Mercury maybe but Aluminium too, maybe even more so.

What I find interesting is that kawasakis is included in the Vasculititis diseases.

And did you all get to watch "The Greater Good".
It had a little teenage girl that had a Gardisil shot and she was really sick - taking 2000 dollars worth of medicine a month - and of course the parents have lost their house, and gotten a divorce.

What the girl is dignosed with is vasculititis.
But Joe's is for keeping the lid on by using people that seem to be ordinary bloggers but they are more than they seem. They tell them to keep vaccinating. Momcat vaccinated her teenager with the flu shots, and gardisil and I think more of everything else. This girl (I am beginning to wonder if she is real) she continues to have huge aneurisms, and they keep growing - and still she vaccinates and comes on the site and tells of her adventures at the doctors office, and how safe it is and how well the girl is doing.


Birgit Calhoun, that is a similar fashion that my daughter got kawasaki and my nephew came down with autism. My daughter had heavy exposure to pesticides first, as did my nephew who was nursing when my sis sat through a class with pesticide soaked shoes after walking across a newly sprayed campus. However, within that same time frame they received their mmr's, I continue to believe vaccines in synergy with pesticides are responsible for both ,with different organ systems taking the hit. They DID test for mercury with my nephew and called my sister in for a heavy metal test as well. Nothing. My best friend lost her seven month old to KS that same summer, he had three rounds of vaccine, and she recalls him in his playpen on the deck while her neighbors yard was sprayed. Another friend's twelve year old had his mmr and chased bees with a can of bug spray in the woods days before his onset. He has had a cardiac twelve! While it's easy to punch "vaccine autism" on google, it's becoming as easy to punch "vaccine kawasaki" and get info. I wish there were answers, certainly moms don't have the ability to force their experience into the picture and science is failing or not attempting. Many a broken thermometer before KS came on the scene. What is new is the schedule of vaccines, and the soup of toxic pesticides sprayed recklessly all over suburbia. I find this interesting, yet have no idea if it's a clue or not, Increased percentages of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha+/Interferon-T+ lymphocytes and Calprotectin+/Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha+ monocytes in patients with acute Kawasaki disease.
A high prevalence of elevated TNF-alpha/IL-12 production by GI (+) ASD PBMCs with CMP and its major components indicates a role of NFH in GI symptoms observed in children with autism spectrum disorder.....are these diseases caused by the same environmental exposures?


Interesting news on the Whooping cough vaccine's ineffectiveness today in Australia.

Terri Martino

Please tell your friend to contact the Dreamweaver House in Islip Terrace, NY. I have heard wonderful things about them. Autism care is financially devastating. They will help her and it's free! Here is the link- or PHONE: 917-576-0585.


I don't understand why the press, the pediatricians, and the government have taken the side of the pharmaceutical companies. Recently the European Union investigated the "sleeping or nodding illness" in children that were given the H1N1 flu vaccine. The kids who did not take the flu shot had a tiny incidence compared to the children who took the vaccine. Then there is a region in Africa that is suffering from an epidemic of "nodding disease" which might have been where the H1N1 vaccine was tested. No amount of "good" can justify the "bad" that these companies do. Why is this not obvious to everyone? But maybe there is a shift going on under the surface. Recently a doctor friend of my husband casually remarked that the smartest doctors are the endocrinologists and the neurologists, and the stupidest are the pediatricians. This doctor is always getting wined and dined by big pharm so he is definitely not alternative. He added that "well baby visits" are a scam. My child, an 80s baby, has autoimmune disease but is not autistic so this doctor might have been thinking of his grandchild. Avoid the pediatrician and you might just be able to avoid autism, auto-immune disease, and all sorts of other horrible outcomes including cancer. The word might be getting out.


That is the one.
I can't go to it though because I have been banned.

If you read through it you will find back last summer they decided they were going to push it is genetic.

Someone came on and said they did not want their kid around another kid that had Kawasakis because it might be catching and a parent with twins replied that it was not catching.

Then out of the blue some one attacked her - trying to hurt her feelings so she would stop coming there.

Just before I was banned they were saying that one kid would have full blown Kawasakis and the other kids such as a twin would just get atypical Kawasakis.

Then they started up that the great Dr. Burns that has been researching this disease for the last 40 years (and knows very little more than she started with)noticed that Kawasakis occured in the fall and winter when the winds were blowing from the west.

Mine got it in July - but never mine that!

They make you think that a lot of it is out in the LA the west coast because of MomCat. d.

They also at one time had a nurse practioner on there -- at first she came on and answered questions about Kawasakis and I talked to her some and then one day she came on and wrote: "I gave my kids autism". And explained that she finally realiazed it was the vaccines that caused it and she came to realize there were a lot more lingering problems, and she was starting the diets for her two kids, and sent me a bunch of information about methylation. She and her doctors she worked with was thinking about setting up a neuro immune center in California.

But I am wondering, and thought I saw some where that this site is some how connected with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and wished I could just recheck that again?

Birgit Calhoun

My son Erik was the 5th case of Kawasaki's ever diagnosed in the U.S. That was in 1978. He was 8 years old at the time. Erik stayed in the hospital for six weeks. He had a very severe case of. But he did survive. He did not start out with Kawasaki's.

Initially we took him to the hospital because he was foaming at his mouth, his legs became rigid, his arms and hands became contorted, and his head tilted far back in a stiff position. The tetany was at first mis-diagnosed as a seizure for which they gave him Phenobarbital in a drip. I don't believe that it contained even a saline solution. A day later they realized that his potassium was at 1.6 mEQ, which was life-threatening. The water from the drip had caused his already depleted minerals to go down to next to nothing. That's when it was decided that he had potassium deficiency. He was treated in intensive care with.

The Kawasaki's disease showed up a couple of days later. He started to have all the lab values that confirmed that that's what he had. He had petechiae all over his body. He bled from his lips and tongue. His eyes were bloodshot, and he had a fever. The skin on his feet and hands was peeling and it was touch and go for about a week. He was checked whether he had leukemia. He did not. That was a relief. But it was a harrowing time.

At the time we asked the doctors and nurses what they knew about this ailment. Very little was known at the time. But they did say that this was the second case of Kawasaki's at the hospital and occurred in the same room where Erik had stayed. So Erik was the 5th U.S. case of the disease and the 4th case had been in that same hospital room.

Much later we found out that they had also tested Erik's blood for mercury poisoning. It turned out to be negative. But the testing was done about four weeks after Erik had arrived at the hospital. That was too late for a good result.

We hypothesized that a mercury sphygmomanometer had broken in that room and contaminated the place with mercury vapors. But we don't know that for sure. It is hard to tell whether Erik's neurological problems worsened because he was already severely affected by that time.

barbaraj this the site? I don't see anyone yet mentioning a cause, but I will read more today. One person was suggesting he "old stand by" rug shampooing, which always made sense to me, with the tracking in of lawn chemicals the steam cleaning would serve to aerosolize any imbedded along with formaldehyde and other petro chemicals in the fibers. I do see a reason for Japanese children being more affected, they have a tuberculosis vaccine that for some reason inflames at the site at the beginning of KD. I do believe there is a synergy a dangerous one between pesticides and vaccines.


That is real life autism - and all the stuff that goes with it.
Have you been over at Joe's Kawasakis lately?
If you look would you tell me how it is going over there.
They cookied me, so I cannot even read - but really it is a blessing to ME that I can't.
But I do wonder if they learned anything new? Like Kawasakis is a life long thnkg that brings on behavior problems and SED rates yet?-

Wonder how that theory that the winds are carrying Kawasakis to Japan and on across to the United States?

I wonder if that website is part of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and where Paul Offit resides ?


I know at least 7 coworkers with kids on the autism spectrum. I am convinced that we are dealing with mass poisoning. I have been doing research on counterfeit drugs coming into the US from China. Counterfeit drugs have been linked to mass poisonings around the globe including a mass poisoning in Panama where hundreds of elderly and children were poisoned, some killed, by toxic cough syrup that was found to contain ethylene glycol (anti-freeze). The cough syrup came from a counterfeit drug factory in China.

Watch: "The Panama Syndrome"- A New York Times News report

China has poor quality control over drug quality or safety and corruption is rampant so oversight is unreliable . I think there is a direct connection between counterfeit drugs in the US supply chain and the rise in autism here in the US and Canada. We get 80% of the active ingredients in our drugs from China and India. 80%!!

Due to free trade agreements, the FDA CANNOT control the flow of these toxic products into the US. These poisons are getting onto store shelves and into our medicine cabinets as well as doctors offices and pharmacies (see John Dingell's article below).

Read more here:

"Dubai Rx: Conduit for Fake Drugs"- NYT news report

"A Toxic Pipeline" - New York Times investigative series

"Are We Sure Our drugs Are Safe?" - John Dingell, CNN

Terri Lewis

I agree that anyone who maintains the position of epidemic denier is a part of the problem.

Carol (and all)--the old news is propaganda. WE are the news now and need to work faster and smarter than them.

AoA, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all good places to start.

I also believe in having just a simple phrase or two ready for any new parents or parents-to-be: they are beginning to understand the situation, in spite of all the phony, so-called "science."


Speaking of "news," searching for "Andrew Wakefield" in Google News brings up stories every day in various news outlets all saying essentially the same thing. Slate had a review of two books about science, neither one of which mentioned Wakefield as far as I can tell, but the review featured him prominently. Three days ago The Vancouver Sun published the usual dreck defaming Wakefield and praising Brian Deer. The Independent has a review of a new book by Daryl Cunningham, both the book and the review are Wakefield-heavy.

Why is everybody so interested in Andrew Wakefield all of a sudden? None of the stories mention his lawsuit against Brian Deer so that can't be it. You'd think that all these Wakefield-obsessed journalists would want to find a fresh angle, wouldn't you? Instead they repeat the same old song over and over and over and over. And that's because each one of these articles is planted by a public relations apparatus. New angles are not wanted because the number one principle of propaganda is that people will come to believe things asserted repeatedly.

I think it would be great to have a feature on Age of Autism highlighting these daily "news" stories and how similar they all are. It could be a sidebar. Show people how propaganda works. I didn't understand anything about this until after the Iraq war. I bought that conga line of neocons hook, line and sinker.


Benedetta, Kawasaki was one of our issues here that pointed toward vaccines as the cause, specifically MMR . However not alone, in synergy with lawncare pesticides. It could be that one or both hit the immune system hard, or that the chemicals mutate or potentiate the pathogens in live vaccine. No one has ever studied the safety of most of these chemicals, they stand until the facts pile up for causing cancers or worse, I believe they play a part in ALS ,as well.It seems our bugs are bigger, and cancer is hitting our children at alarming rates. Example, a "very" close family member here has a brain tumor, while researching this particular cancer an interesting fact was noted. Having had chicken pox is protective for this kind of cancer and sure enough this person never had chicken pox. We surely continue to "screw" with mother nature and cause monstrous disease to develop. Autism is bad, but are the vaccine gods causing brain tumors and myriad other cancers ,as well. Interesting with Kawasaki, since the physical symptoms closely parallel the method of twisting and killing the root systems in dandelions , but instead the arteries in small children, should perhaps make some consider the effects of chlorophenoxy chemicals. The fact that the next live virus roto came along with a rise in KS is interesting as well. The physical illness is so acute rarely does anyone mention the behavioral effects of Kawasaki. And as you and I know, they are there and life changing.With autism the behavioral symptoms overshadow often the devastating physical illnesses, the chronic eczema , gastro problems , eye problems etc. As with my son, who has crohn's following mmr, there too were behavioral problems , add, that developed in sync with the gastro, yet weighed in lighter and were ignored. While Kawasaki stands as the leading cause of "acquired" heart disease in children it is far too often considered as an illness that one gets over, and that is far from true. Many of these kids have high sed rates throughout their lives, and many experience atherosclerosis at young ages. Something is wrong with medicine, it's become a vaccine, antibiotic pushing assembly line with no consideration for achieving health.These companies have hijacked our doctors and brought about a new church completely faith based completely lacking roots in science. If nothing else, when science finds a truth, it should be on the label..."receiving varicella vaccine increases the risk of brain tumors" ..would we be then forced to sign a waiver?

Sandy MacInnis

Thank you Anne. Your friend's comments are very similar to what almost every one of the autism parents I know would say. The truth is very stark - the autism epidemic is a very serious problem, their children are seriously affected, they regressed, and in many cases the parents suspect vaccines as a cause. It's incredible that the press and the quoted experts keep saying that we don't know whether there's a real increase, the reported increase is probably due to people with very mild symptoms if any, the high prevalence of autism has always been with us, etc. Such opinions fly in the face of the facts and the experience of many many thousands of autism parents. But that pits opinions against opinions.

It would be good to do a scientifically valid survey of autism parents to ascertain how serious their children's conditions are, how they were at birth, whether they obviously changed, how old they were when they changed, and what if any suspicious events preceded their child's onset. No matter how many autism parents hold the views similar to Anne's friend, and no matter how strongly, they will be disregarded by determined skeptics unless there is scientifically valid data. That should not be too hard to find, if someone would run such a study, however it would be expensive.


Bob Moffitt'
The scientist, researchers, doctors, the regular citizen off the street, have no respect for VAERS.
Timid, tender fresh parents just home from the hospital with a sick child with Kawasais on another website - often asked "Anybody can report it to VAERS?"

In which a troll says - anybody, anything with no restriction can report this

Catch 22. Physcians will not reported, and when put in the hands of witnessing parents VAERS is not respected.

Bob Moffitt

"Others report a clear regression after a triggering event. Vaccine injuries have been the only reported triggers of these regressions that I have heard about. None of the parents who told me that they reported adverse events following vaccines to their doctors reported that the doctors advised them to notify VAERS."

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)has proven itself either .. incapable or unwilling .. to fulfill their assigned critical task of "post marketing safety surveillance" by "collecting information about adverse events that occur after the administration of vaccines for use in the U.S."

That parents reported adverse events following vaccinations to their doctors only to have those doctors NOT forward the reports to VAERS is a common practice .. which makes VAERS passive-voluntary reporting system more problem than solution.

After all .. these parents reported their child "regressed" following vaccinations .. and .. if VAERS were a truly diligent "post marketing surveillance" program .. they would have realized by now that pediatricians and doctors are NOT reporting adverse events that TENS OF THOUSANDS of parents believe were precusors to their child's "regression".

VAERS was established in 1990 .. and .. the pitiful "post marketing surveillance" performance of VAERS over the last twenty years .. raises many serious doubts regarding the CDC's insistance "the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks".

Indeed, there is nothing to stop VAERS from gathering that very same data .. even years after the child "regressed" .. to ascertain whether thousands of "unreported mild adverse reactions" provide enough "circumstantial evidence" to immediately require MANDATORY reports by pediatricians and doctors.

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