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Autism Coalition Takes Secretary Sebelius to Task for Autism Epidemic Inaction

Sebelius pink jacketBarry Segal is Founder and Chairman of Focus Autism, a new charity dedicated to finding answers about autism causation. He founded Bradco Supply, one of the nation’s largest distributors of building materials. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about Barry’s philanthropy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Last month he wrote a pointed letter from a coalition of autism organizations requesting specific actions of Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, whose agency has ignored the urgent issues surrounding the autism epidemic. He received a verbose but insufficient response from Francis Collins, not from the Secretary herself. He responded to the Secretary inquiring about her lack of personal attention to the topic in a letter dated May 14, 2012.

April 4, 2012

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201

Dear Secretary Sebelius:

I am writing to you on behalf of a coalition of autism advocacy organizations representing more than 100,000 people. We held a press conference on April 2, World Autism Day, in New York City to respond to the alarming new autism prevalence rate of 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys born in 2000. Here is a link to the video for the live press conference: Autism is a national health emergency and we believe that HHS should treat it like one. We are deeply dismayed by the federal government’s failure to appreciate this crisis and to respond effectively. We seek the following:

1. That you, Secretary Sebelius, fire those who have been in charge of autism policies in this Administration, including Dr. Insel, chair of IACC. The new members of IACC should all be dismissed, and the new Chair of IACC should commence a new search for committee members.

2. That you, Secretary Sebelius, meet with a group of representatives from this coalition to discuss the autism health emergency. We do not sense that you understand the urgency of this situation.

3. That you and your Administration clearly understand that the federal government’s policies on autism are a Presidential campaign issue. What is more important than the cognitive health of our children? President Obama called himself “the Autism President” in 2008 on the campaign trail and said that he would help to solve the crisis. He will stand on his record. Please recognize that this is an issue that the autism community will vote on.

4. That the General Accounting Office study past autism funding to see why almost all money went to genetic research, which we now know, based on peer-reviewed science, is not the predominant factor – the environment is. We want to understand if corporate interests or other improper interests distorted research priorities.

5. That the Government Reform and Oversight Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives hold hearings in the near future on the role of federal authorities in this crisis. No Congressional committee has looked seriously at the conflicts of interest in federal activity on autism in almost ten years. As part of this process, Congress must examine the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and how it has been quietly acknowledging autism as a vaccine injury for almost 25 years. We need real inquiry by Congress into this debacle.

The grassroots organizations in the coalition include the Age of Autism, AutismOne, Autism Action Network, The Canary Party, Center for Personal Rights, The Coalition for Safe Minds, Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy, and Focus Autism.

Please know that the vast majority of members in these organizations are parents of children with autism. The members of the coalition will not abandon this issue. We cannot. We live with autism every day. We will not stop pushing until we get accountable leadership and until we reverse this devastating epidemic.

I eagerly await your response and will share it immediately with all members of the coalition.
Sincerely yours,

Barry Segal,
Founder and Chairman,
Focus Autism Foundation

on behalf of grassroots autism coalition
Cc: Kim Stagliano, Age of Autism
Ed Arranga, AutismOne
John Gilmore, Autism Action Network
Ginger Taylor, The Canary Party
Louise Kuo Habakus, Center for Personal Rights
Eric Uram, the Coalition for Safe Minds
Mary Holland, EBCALA


Here is the response from HHS's Francis Collins (click to enlarge):


Francis Collins to Segal 5-9-12 (1) Francis Collins to Segal 5-9-12 (2)

Below is Segal's terse response to Secretary Sebeliusm which crossed in the mail with the letter from Collins. If you can't read the photo well it says,  "I'm surprised that I didn't receive a response from you with my first letter. Per the attached,  I see where you're trying to purposely neutralize the press so the truth doesn't come out. Something is rotten in Denmark." 

[The "attached" included an excerpt from Vaccine Epidemic that referenced an interview in Reader's Digest where Secretary Sebelius said that she asked the media to not cover those individuals critical of vaccine safety. Specifically, in March, 2010, Sebelius told interviewer Arthur Allen, “There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines.”]

Seagal to Sebelius 5-14-12 (1)

 Stay tuned for more.


Simpson Wood

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant ! Together we will bring these thieves down . The end is close ! They havent reckoned on how much stomach for the fight , that we have !And I can tell we are merging into a decent fighting unit at last - when I read an article like this . Denmark be very ashamed of your role in all of this - shame on SSI .
Salisbury in the UK must be getting worried now , Offit in the US , we have a cross to nail you guys to - ready and waiting . And all the others , we know ALL your names !shame on you !


Parnoid everyday, and I have to give myself a good shake everyday and tell myself nope - they the powers above us are some really, really greedy, idiots that just don't know.

But it is hard to think that there are not these people in high places plotting to reduce the population.

And why wouldn't it be hard?
The DPT shot in the 70s turn into a shot from hell, in which vaccine companies/doctors/nurses or the hospital janitor (I reckon) were given indemiity from any injury.

And then they started piling on the boosters and more new vaccines of stuff to diseases I guess was around but I had never heard of them

And I keep thinking surely they did generational test. I mean - I thought the EPA had guidelines and they had to test to see how things reproduce?
and for sure they did long studies -- didn't they?
Surely they made sure to watch that mouse and see what happens to that mouse that lives past three months, six months, or a year, or a year and half .

And all I see in America is from sea to shining sea - autoimmune problems up to our eyeballs.

Carolyn KylesMom

I hate to be paranoid, but it occurred to me that

IF the powers that be including smarter doctors KNOW that vaccines cause autism

Wouldn't it explain their rabid new attempts to get rid of exemptions?

That way they can fudge the records for THEIR children while being fairly sure other children don't spread the disease. . .

Christine Thompson

Oh, please any parent of a child with ASD should check out "Change of Habit." It's a groovy romp with Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore... music too! They find love (do they?) curing an autistic child in 1969. The therapy, called "rage reduction" features the social worker with ABA vs. the doctor's treatment. Just watch. Nothing's better than watching Elvis (the doctor no less) tickling the autistic child until she's "good and mad." "Just let all the hate out! Fight as hard as you can. You weren't loved... so you cannot express love!"

Later after the torture session (Rotenburg Center anyone?), the child begins to eat ice cream, form attachment and expresses vocabulary in the ABA/Pavlovian model. hell, if that's how they treated autisim symptoms in '69 etc. my undying gratitude goes out to those who came before and were subjected to this barbaric treatment.

Check it out... this is no "Clam Bake."


Frances Collins to Autism Coalition, "Don't bother me, I'm too busy pretending to do something." and for record, my boss, Kathleen Sebelius, "thinks I'm doing a great job pretending to do something." Have a nice day.


I would involve NIEHS Director Linda Birnbaum in a meeting with Sebelius. She at least gets it. Others to include: Isaac Pessh, UC Davis and Paul Anastos, US EPA.

she needs some good old fashioned ABA

I don't understand why the autism community hasn't pounded the drum harder to get a one on one with her. Yes,,, she doesn't want to hear it... yes, she is told to ignore... but the louder the drum beat, the more likely the peeps with the good science will get a hearing. She ignores the autism community since she is allowed to. If you look at it behaviorally... Her reinforcement comes from ignoring it. When she ignors it, she is doing a good job as a puppet. The other side needs to find a way to reinforce her attending behaviors to people other than the drug corperations


I bet Sebelius was told to just keep her mouth shut in Instanbul. I have a feeling the population control agenda will go forward no matter what.


Kathleen Sebellius is nothing but a pretty Mannequin all dolled up in a store front window. A daughter to Ohio governor with not much science in her college courses, but lots of political classes. She might get interested if her grandkids comes out having such a problem. Has either of her two sons had any kids yet? she might get interested if she thought old vaccines can lead to bad things later on - but she probably don't know that.

So, with a back ground like that of course Francis Collins would have to answer such a heavy weight letter. Dr. Collins is up to his eye balls in genes, genes, genes. And when he is not thinking genes, or the human genome project,or finding the gene for Huntingtons or finding the gene for cystic fibrosis then he is eager to discuss evolution (is it by intelligent design or not),or playing music.

He really probably does not know.
As smart as he is - he is not smart enough.
Experience is every thing.
JenPen is right - it is going to come from a ground swell.
Donald Trump did more for America/the world/the human race this year with his annoucement than the last three presidents all together.

Janet Presson

Sebelius is an idiot and always has been. She is so busy promoting and protecting abortion rights that she hasn't even stopped to realize that when the autism rate is 1 in 1 no one will be having sex and there won't be any babies to abort. Therefore her entire life's work will be wasted!


Barry had it right. Something is wrong in Denmark. . .and the U.S. and the U.K., etc.

Denmark is ok...

These are the happiest countries in the world.

1. Denmark
> Life satisfaction score: 7.8

(only 12 vaccines to age 5...)

2. Norway
> Life satisfaction score: 7.6

3. Netherlands
> Life satisfaction score: 7.5

Posted a day or two back but very handy to reference


Mary, I won't pretend to understand the issues surrounding Bilderberg and if not for the blatant refusal of acknowledging vaccine as the cause of regressive autism by pushing fraudulent Danish studies into our journals, I wouldn't have given her connection to this group any weight at all. But, when you said , "deep pockets" I remembered a concern I had with Sebelius being a Bilderberg attendee, at their Istanbul conference. While about a third of the participants are government connected , two-thirds are from finance, industry, labour, education and communications. Meetings are closed to the public. Moneyed people often influence our government officials.



Population control. I think that's why Sebelius and others aren't responding to the autism crisis. The code of silence. I think the US, UK, Canada and other world governments signed onto to a global plan for population control. I like to think that perhaps some of our leaders didn't fully understand what the method would be (ie. maiming babies) perhaps now they are realizing what was meant. Perhaps they were lied to.

Theodore Van Oosbree

Please understand that Sec.Sebelius is busy dealing with a real national emergency - the lack of contraception coverage for employees and students at Catholic universities; therefore, she has no time left for minor matters like the autism epidemic.


In 2009, Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Christopher Smith (R-NJ) introduced the “Comprehensive Comparative Study of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Populations Act of 2009,” HR 3069,

This legislation would require the Secretary of Health and Human Services ( .... the honourable arse dragger herself) to conduct a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, comparative study of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, which has never before been completed.

"... we owe it to parents and children to study and resolve the questions that have arisen over the possible link between vaccines and neurological disorders,” said Maloney. “What is ultimately needed to resolve this issue is a comprehensive national study comparing outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. As the most scientifically advanced country in the world, we should be jumping at the chance to resolve the questions that have been raised. Parents deserve answers, and children deserve no less than absolute certainty and safety.”

This study would be the cheapest, quickest, and most effective way to silence any and all vaccine nay sayers.

That alone should make anyone wonder why after 3 years, even legislation can't convince the Secretary of Health and Human Services to do this much needed study ..


My question is who is controlling Kathleen Sebelius. Is her apathy of her own doing or is she just the mouth piece of not just the administration, but of some deep pocketed interests?

Barry had it right. Something is wrong in Denmark. . .and the U.S. and the U.K., etc.

no vac

Pitiful response of Collins and lack of any response from Sibelius tell us that they knowingly participate in this vaccine-mediated holocaust of American children. They don't care at all. For profits they will do anything. It may also be that this is depopulation by design.


I think most of us understand by now that the government is part of the coverup, and will NEVER do anything to investigate the correlation between vaccines and autism. They know the truth, and they have chosen to suppress the truth. We are going to have to do this one on our own, which is pretty much what is happening now.
What must be determined is how to reach the rest of society, the ones who have no incentive to scour the internet for unbiased information, before it is too late. I do not have an autistic child, nor do any of my friends, but that is because all of us chose not to vaccinate (or stopped when we began to see evidence that it was harming our babies). My heart breaks every time I realize how few parents question the vaccine dogma until their child becomes a victim. I don't know what it is going to take to move this from wonderful online sites like this one to the mainstream streets, but it has to be done. Rallies, conventions, marches - I don't know what will wake people up, but it is going to have to be a movement of the people.
I believe that there are many, many doctors, nurses, etc. that have secretly realized that vaccines are causing this damage, but they are so brainwashed into "the greater good" lie that they are afraid to speak up. They have been convinced that mass epidemics will sweep across the globe if we do not continue to vaccinate our children, and this lie needs to be addressed. We have to go beyond the damage that is caused by vaccines and educate people to the truth that there is very little, if any, scientific evidence that vaccines are in any way effective. The benefit is not worth the risk. There is no "greater good" for which all these damaged children are being sacrificed.
When I began my research into vaccine injuries many years ago I already knew without a doubt that vaccines could be very harmful. What really stunned me was to discover how much evidence there is - however it is suppressed - that vaccines are not nor have ever been effective. Qualified medical professionals have been fighting to prove how ineffective vaccinations are since their very inception, but few people know this. It is a two-pronged battle, and I do not believe progress will ever be made on the 'safety' side until progress is made on the 'efficacy' side. Vaccines are dangerous, and vaccines do not work!


Does Kathleen Sebellius even know that the Director of NIEHS Linda Birnbaum testified before a US Senate Subcommitee two years ago that chemicals in the environment play a significant role in the autism increase. Birnbaum is a toxicologist. NIEHS is a research institute and is part of the HHS. Does Sebellius ever listen to those who work under her? One would get the impression from the letter that these people never talk.


Should you correspond again you may want to send Ms. Sebellius this testimony.

Subcommittee on Children’s Health hearing entitled, "State of Research on Potential Environmental Health Factors with Autism and Related Neurodevelopment Disorders."
Tuesday, August 3, 2010
10:00 AM EDT


Thanks for nothing, Kathleen Sebelius! Closely spaced pregnancies? Hadn't heard that one yet. Get a grip!

Anne Dachel

From the lists of factors associated with autism noted by Collins---gene mutations, older parents, maternal obesity and all the rest, it's obvious that HHS will waste money researching anything--as long as it doesn't include a thorough and honest study of the most commonly cited factor in the development of autism in a child---an out-of-control vaccination schedule.

Sebelius and Collins are willing to sacrifice a generation of children because of the fear that to honestly look at this epidemic will lay the blame on the doorsteps of our public health officials. And by this blatant and well-orchestrated cover-up of a health care disaster, the American people are being lulled into believing that all is well with the health of U.S. children. The media meekly publishes any press release from HHS/CDC furthering the deceit being perpetrated on the American people. Within the next five years children everywhere will be aging out of the overburdened school system and they will easily bankrupt social services. Maybe when the cost of autism threatens to turn the American dream into a nightmare, the lies will finally stop.

Anne Dachel, Media

Anne Dachel

One has to wonder why Kathleen Sebelius couldn't respond herself to the concerns of a coalition of autism organizations.

In looking over the letter that Francis Collins wrote in response, it's clear that HHS intends to marginalize autism while pretending to be do everything for those affected. It is especially telling that Collins uses the terms "people with autism" and "individuals affected" seven times in this letter and only mentions children once in the phrase "ASD among children."

March 29, 2012 CBS News ran the story, CDC sees autism rate rise 25%

We were told, "Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, said in the CDC statement. 'That is why HHS and our entire administration has been working hard to improve the lives of people living with autism spectrum disorders and their families by improving research, support, and services.'"

Both Sebelius and Collins want us to believe that autism is found across the population. Officials at HHS refuse to acknowledge that when we talk about autism, we're talking about children with autism. The fantasy that all the autism overwhelming our children is the result of "better diagnosing" of a condition that's always been around is perpetuated by the absurd claim that autism is just as prevalent among adults---although no one has ever been able to find the one in 88 forty, sixty, and eighty year olds with the disorder.

Anne Dachel, Media

John Stone

I have just been dismayed and fascinated to hear this extended interview with Prof David Crews on Natural News. This is research which bears on the terrible toxic burden of our society which is being funded by the NIH:

You wonder for how long.

Anne Dachel

Kathleen Sebelius and Francis Collins are among a number of U.S. health officials whose goal is to cover up the epidemic
On Thurs., March 29, 2012, CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden announced the new rate of one in 88/one in 54 boys, not at a well-publicized official press conference in Atlanta covered by masses of national news people, but with a hastily announced conference call. Frieden couldn't even take the time to publicly face the cameras and advise the country of yet another jaw-dropping autism increase for which he has absolutely no explanation. The agency that gets billions to run health care has never had any answers about autism at the same time, no matter what the rate, they've never called autism a crisis.

Mar 29, 2012 on Discovery News Frieden claimed, "It's possible the rise is entirely due to better detection of autism."

Anne Dachel, Media


If there was some bad spinach making people sick the HHS would be on the front lines going after the national emergency.
Multitudes of vaccine damaged autistic children does not even get a mention as being an emergency because its "all hands on deck" to protect pharma from "day 1".

John Stone

This is, of course, a re-run of when I wrote to Collins a year ago and he delegated Dr Volkov to write to me, not of course responding to any of my points but listing all the pointless things they were doing instead:


Thanks, Barry, on behalf of all of us who work with children in the schools (preschool, early intervention, elementary etc.). We see the urgency in this! Sebelius and all the peds need to visit the schools and talk to some teachers!

Not an MD

The response letter from Dr. Collins roughly translates to, "Thank you for your concern, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Everything we are doing amounts to absolutely nothing at all, but it should satisfy you, regardless. We are busy pushing paper around our desks to give the appearance we are communicating with the autism community and are doing something significant, even though we are not, and we are funding lots of meaningless studies, too, that will never prove anything regarding the causation of autism. Just forget about this issue, and look the other way, please. We sure have. All the best to you."


Wow . . . can Mr. Segal run for office? He will certainly have my support.

Jake Crosby

"Inaction" is putting it kindly. She has admitted to systematically covering up vaccine injury in the media!

no vac

The striking thing in generic and trivial response of Francis Collins is, that he never talks about autism prevention, which is the most important issue for the whole nation. He talks about finding treatment (I am sure only with toxic pharmaceuticals), because it will generate billions for big pharma. This is the only aspect of autism, the HHS establishment really cares - big profits.


First do no harm;
I too like the terse letter.
After all the letter they sent her was already written long ago so they could have sent it immediately -- no waiting at all.


The NIH if nothing else could start telling everyone about the new discoveries of stopping carbs when a person finds out they have an auto immune disease.

That way I won't feel guilt for not telling them, or broke from buying and printing off educational materials, and looking like a wild eyed nut, that has self proclaimed myself as a doctor without a degree.

BUt that would probably mean a lot of uncomfortable questions of why that is.

I can hear Francis Collins discussing that one. "Well the energy cycle is no longer able to break down carbs and make it glucose so those patients must now use the other pathway of energy that is not damaged."

Well how come it is damaged?

In which they could and will still hold the position that it is Geneticcccccccs and there will be more studies.


What Autism groups or individuals has Secretary Sebelius "met with in person" since she has been in office ???

In case she does not know, Autism is nearly 100 times more common than polio in many states.


Put Francis Collins on my very long list of people who helped continue this horrible mess after vaccines have long been recognized as the seat of the problem.

Yesterday a church friend I meet at the Dollar Store tells me her 34 year old daughter was dignosed a few weeks ago with rhuematoid arthritis. I try not to appear the wild eyed radical that I truly am. I found a neurtral place to say autoimmune diseases in my family was always brought on by vaccines and I often wonder that if mine just reacted immediately to what others will take years to do.

I also found out that a very old friend and co-worker of my mother's is losing her mind really bad. I spent the afternoon mowing - which leaves too much time for me to think.
Now I have to struggle with action or no action.
Do I stop over there and give them a gift of an Atkin's cook book, a copy of John Hopkins study on the diet for autism, alzieheimers, vasculitis, arthritis,-- perhaps a free jar of MCT oil. Then maybe it will not work anyway and who would believe me that an apple, or a carrot has too many carbs--- at least for awhile - like a couple of years..

First do no harm

The response Barry received is very much like the letters I receive from my legislators every time I write to them about vaccine injuries and autism.

I love the terse letter from him that crossed in the mail with hers. Even with her reply, it's still apropos.

Stay tuned for more? Great!

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