World Autism Day: Light it Up Black and Blue?
Best of AofA: CDC What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

View Live Press Conference on Autism Rates

PressNow's the time to let Congress know, loud and clear, what we think about the federal government's anemic response to the autism epidemic.

Today, on World Autism Awareness Day, representatives from autism organizations from around the country are gathering for an 11:00am EDT press conference in Manhattan to demand an appropriate response to the autism pandemic.  You can help from home by calling your Congressmen early on Monday morning and voicing your support for this effort.

LET THEM KNOW YOU'RE CHILD IS ONE IN 88.  Tell them its urgent that they listen to this press conference and understand it's time for our federal agencies to be held accountable for being asleep at the switch while, for three decades, the most urgent health crisis facing the nation has spiraled out of control, already claiming a generation of children.

Watch the press conference live from Manhattan at 11:00am, EDT HERE.



flu AND DTap now recommended for pregnant women
The new site put out by every child by two is which put up the pertussis billboards.


Off subject...
This was the local news streaming across the bottom of the screen today..."MDs to cut medical costs- Old checklist for doctors: order that test, write that prescription. New checklist for doctors: first ask yourself if the patient needs it."
On another note concerning pertussis there is a huge billboard that was put up last week with a wincing baby that simply says, "Not Vaccinated? No kisses!"
It's a crazy world.

Eileen Nicole Simon

I am sorry I didn't go down to New York for this press conference. Thank you, Mark, Katie, and all of the other speakers.

I want to point out another horrific medical error, use of a surgical clamp on the umbilical cord immediately after birth. I would like to hear Ron Paul's comments on this. Mark mentioned the increase in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This and heart murmurs should be investigated as result of amputating the placenta before full transition from fetal to postnatal respiration has taken place.

The brain is also at risk, even if the newborn baby, desperate for air, somehow gets enough blood to the lungs to receive oxygen from the alveoli. The blood should have come from the placenta, but may be drained from the brain instead. Evidence was published over 50 years ago of the ischemic injury of brainstem nuclei that occurs with even a brief lapse in respiration. Sadly, this injury was referred to as "minimal brain damage" overcome by "neural plasticity". Wrong; Maturation of the cerebral cortex depends upon trophic neurotransmitters from brainstem nuclei.

Then, vitamin K and hep B vaccines are administered. Again, evidence from decades ago showed that brainstem nuclei, with impaired blood-brain barrier, will be affected by toxic substances introduced by injection into the circulation.

I have been investigating these issues for more than 35 years now, but clearly don't know how to be heard. I hope more press conferences will be held, and I will plan to attend.


OT... Upselling vaccines in the ER.
I had a run in with an ice bomb last week... it flew out of a passing car and into a crowd of people. My eye was the lucky recipient. So off to emergency I went. The ice was contained in a styrofoam 32 ounce cup before it shattered on my face. I did bleed and had a small cut below my eye. My retina was bruised and I could go on about the eye damage, but that is not the point here. Becuase of the small cut from ice and styrofoam, the nurse in ER wanted to order a tetnus shot. I said no thank you. A male nurse came over and tried to convince me of getting the shot. "No thank you." They kept at me asking 10 ways to Sunday when the female nurse popped in with, "Well it comes with a pertussis shot and you don't want to get pertussis. That's been going around." "No thank you," I replied again. The male nurse carried on, "So I need to log that you are denying your vaccine?" "Yes, I do not want a vaccine." He was pissed. What do they get a bonus if they upsell or something???


Today another doc's visit.
-The signs for get your flu shot were no where in sight.
-The black and white posture of the elderly man holding the baby was gone.
-The pamphlets were all displayed as usual but the Ped that is also in with this big group of docs had taken all his pamphlets about vaccines away????!!!!! All gone.
-The televsion on the wall that talks none stop about healthy recipes, things to do for arthriits, What to look for if you have diabetes, and -- two years ago celebrated autism awareness day for a total of two long years with the little short that said: "My friend's friend's son has autism, my nephew by my step brother has autism, my son has autism--- was gone today??? Nope not a word, not a sign.
I finally made one and folded the paper and put it on the bottem part of the television. Autism Awareness Day
New stats 1 out of 88.
Very quiet out here.


Thanks to all who spoke - fantastic job. Thanks, too, to all who attended.

Dan E. Burns

Mark, you said it in six memorable words: if you're pregnant, "Your doctor is not your friend." I'll be looking for that on a bumper sticker.

Steven Janak

The Live Conference Link is:

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