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Revisiting Denmark – More Rotten Than Ever

DenmarkBy Brian Hooker

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is lying about Thimerosal in vaccines and the autism epidemic.  This is something that many parents, researchers and advocates in the autism community have known for years.  More importantly, there is not just one lie but a string of many falsehoods, starting as early as 1999. 

I am the proud parent of a wonderful 14-year-old young man with autism.  I also am a PhD Biochemical Engineering researcher.  As such I am trained to design, initiate, complete and evaluate research studies.  The studies used to exonerate the use of Thimerosal in vaccines and other medicines are just plain bad science, and worse - they are riddled with out-and-out lies.

To explain the totality of scientific and policy malfeasance in the CDC around Thimerosal and autism would take on the size of a PhD dissertation.  I personally have obtained many stacks of documents from the CDC via the U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) showing a consistent pattern of deception.  To give the AOA readers a taste of the blatant nature of the deception, I thought we could revisit Denmark…

In 2003, Dr. Kreesten Madsen and his coworkers out of Aarhus University in Denmark published a scientific paper in the journal Pediatrics claiming that after Thimerosal was phased out from infant vaccines in Denmark, starting in 1992, the incidence of autism, based on the Danish National Center for Registry-Based Research, actually increased significantly, rather than decreasing. 

This paper, completed in close collaboration with the CDC, was lauded as a “strong piece of evidence” to claim that exposure to Thimerosal in infant vaccines is safe and not causally related to autism. 

Subsequently, the publication was used in May 2004 by the Institute of Medicine Immunization Safety Review (IOM ISR) Committee, along with 4 other fatally flawed epidemiological studies, to proclaim that “The body of epidemiological evidence favors the rejection of a causal relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism” and further recommend that “the committee recommends that available funding for autism research be channeled to the most promising areas,” inferring that further research on the link between Thimerosal exposure and autism should NOT be completed.

Now, for most of you who have followed The Age of Autism (AOA) on a regular basis, including the Thimerosal-autism debate, this is OLD news.  Each of the 5 studies cited by the 2004 IOM report has been soundly thrashed on a scientific basis due to numerous methodological flaws and inconsistencies, which appear to “stack the deck” towards dismissing any causal relationship. 

In fact, if you visit the website Fourteen Studies, the scientific problems with these research publications are laid out in black and white.  Even my own brother-in-law (Jeff Trelka) and I wrote a letter to the editor of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, way back in 2004, in which we “dismantled” the Madsen, et al, 2003 paper due to gross methodological flaws.  But it gets much worse.

Back in 2004, I had the distinct fortune of meeting Dr. Mark and David Geier of the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD, Inc.).  With their encouragement and assistance, I started to submit a large number of FOIA requests to the CDC, including one that dealt with the Madsen et al. 2003 paper.  After waiting for two years, finally on September 8, 2006, the CDC released some heavily redacted email correspondences between the “Denmark group” from Aarhus University and employees of the National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) of the CDC.  Within these correspondences was a Nov. 13, 2002 email from Dr. Marlene Lauritsen (a co-author) to Dr. Poul Thorsen (another co-author), Kreesten Madsen (the lead author) and Dr. Diana Schendel (of the NCBDDD of the CDC) which stated:

“Attached I send you the short and long manuscript about Thimerosal and autism in Denmark. <REDACTED> I need to tell you that the figures in the manuscript do not include the latest data from 2001. I only have these figures as a paper version and they are at work <REDACTED> But the incidence and prevalence are still decreasing in 2001.”

At the time, I went back and checked the final published paper that appeared in Pediatrics just to find out that the 2001 data discussed in the email had been omitted and, sure enough, if the email was correct, would show a downward trend in autism prevalence in Denmark from 1999 to 2001.  Properly including these data would have nullified the paper’s assertion that the “rates went up.”   The appearance: These data were withheld with the full knowledge of the CDC to cover-up a downward trend in autism rates in Denmark since the phase out of Thimerosal.

Although there was no CDC employee listed as a coauthor on this article, the same FOIA request revealed that NCBDDD employees took an active editorial role in the publication.  In fact, Dr. Jose Cordero, then Director of the NCBDDD, wrote the cover letter accompanying the manuscript when it was submitted to the journal Pediatrics requesting an “expedited review”.  In the letter to the editor of the journal, he stated:

“Contrary to what would be expected if [T]himerosal was linked to autism, the authors did not observe a decline in the rate of autism with the removal of [T]himerosal containing vaccines.”

Now, wait a minute!  This statement is false!  The 1999 to 2001 incidence data show a clear downward trend according to co-author Marlene Lauritsen.  This disparity bugged me for some time as did the heavily redacted nature of the material that it took the CDC 2 years to produce via FOIA.

Fortunately, through the assistance of Lyn Redwood at Safeminds, I was very recently fully able to view the unredacted email traffic between the Madsen et al. 2003 paper coauthors and CDC AND especially the redacted portions of the Lauritsen email above.  It turns out that Dr. David Weldon, the former congressional representative from Florida who had fought hard to understand the vaccine-autism link during his tenure in Congress, requested and had received the “unredacted” version of the same email traffic that I obtained via my FOIA request.  When it was fully “revealed”, this key portion of the Lauritsen email stated:

“Attached I send you the short and long manuscript about Thimerosal and autism in Denmark. The long manuscript has been submitted to JAMA and includes data on both the incidence and prevalence of autism.  The shorter version includes only incidence data and has been submitted to Lancet.  Unfortunately, both manuscript (sic) have been rejected.  I need to tell you that the figures in the manuscript do not include the latest data from 2001. I only have these figures as a paper version and they are at work while I am working at home these days. But the incidence and prevalence are still decreasing in 2001.” (emphasis added)

Wow!  The paper had been rejected by two front-line journals (the Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet) prior to publication in Pediatrics.  As I stated before, the final version was riddled with serious methodological flaws so this was not that much of a surprise.  Despite these rejections, Dr. Cordero again in his cover letter for the manuscript makes two key statements:

“The Danish study is a powerful epidmeiologic (sic) study of this issue” (i.e., [T]himerosal and autism)


“I feel this is a very important study that deserves thoughtful consideration by the Journal.  Its findings provide one strong piece of evidence that [T]himerosal is not causally linked to autism.” (emphasis added)

Hold on, now!  How is a paper that got rejected by JAMA and The Lancet a “powerful epidemiologic study” and a “strong piece of evidence”?  To quote Dr. Weldon, who on Dec. 6, 2006 wrote to Julie Gerberding, then head of the CDC, “The study is neither.  It had just been rejected by two journals.  The last thing that it should have been subjected to was an expedited review.”

Incidentally, this is the same Dr. Jose Cordero that was recently appointed to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee by Dr. Thomas Insel.  Cordero has absolutely NO experience with autism (he was the Deputy Director of the National Immunization Program of the CDC before he was hastily shuffled over to the NCBDDD in 2001) and shows here that he is clearly committed to indemnifying Thimerosal to the point of lying.

Included in the Weldon information was the peer reviewers’ comments from the original submittal to the journal Pediatrics.  One of the reviewers, regarding the 2001 data that was apparently in the manuscript at that time, stated:

The drop of incidence shown for the most recent years is perhaps the most dramatic feature of the figure, and is seen in the oldest age group as well as the youngest. The authors do not discuss whether incomplete ascertainment in the youngest children or delay in recording of data in the most recent years might play a role in this decline, or the possibility that this decrease might have come about through elimination of Thimerosal.” (emphasis added)

Since the reviewer states the possibility that the data could be construed as supporting a causal relationship between Thimerosal and autism, the authors removed the offending data points in the final published paper.

Problem solved!  Rather than letting the data stand as is and allowing the public to know the truth, this group of researchers, with the full knowledge and support of the CDC, buried the information.

Again to quote Dr. Weldon’s letter to Gerberding, “These actions by the CDC call into question the integrity and objectivity of the CDC’s scientific investigations.”

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  In fact, each of the 5 epidemiologic studies cited in the 2004 IOM ISR Committee report to exonerate Thimerosal not only has been directly tied to the CDC but also was produced under rather dubious circumstances.  Much of the information I’ve obtained via FOIA outlining this is featured on the website, which was assembled by JB Handley and Generation Rescue back in 2006 (Thanks, JB!). 

And it gets worse…

In most instances, the emails that the CDC has released to me in response to my FOIA requests are devoid of any text and look like this:

The bulk of the correspondences are blocked out, buried and hidden from public view.  How do we get that information?

BH post

Stay tuned!

Dr. Brian Hooker has over 20 years of experience in biotechnology and has advocated for the removal of mercury in vaccinations since 2004. He has a 14 year old son with autism.



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Adam Testad

Hope it helps. Have a list of good and bad for Autism at

and a page about vaccinations in general

with lists of possible symptoms, lists of Experts, recommended videos etc.

By the way Aluminum (Aluminium) might also play a big role. That might be the main reason they now seem to go back more towards thimerosal again since the number of problems were perhaps larger with Aluminum than with Mercury. But I am not an expert. Just an amateur collecting information about similar things since 1997.


Matthew Herper at is touting the Madsen MMR study as definitive in disproving an association between MMR and autism ("Why Bill Gates is a Hero and Donald Trump is a Zero").

Given Madsen's machinations detailed above, I'm guessing that this paper, "A Population-Based Study of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccination and Autism," also suffers from a truth deficit.

Brian In Fear

The strong arm approach the criminal establishment is taking is quite amusing to me . The idea that vaccine refusers will be refused entry at their doctors surgery or the idea that vaccine refusers children will be refused schooling is totally laughable to me .
Well ,I know you people are monitoring us , so hear this , if refusal of vaccines means no doctors & schooling = then so be it . My wife is already on strict instructions to self medicate at home (doctors & hospitals are very much a last resort to us now - mainstream medicine has entirely lost our trust). And if you are asking my kid to take a syringe full of poison for a bit of schooling , I think you can guess my answer . You also need to know my contempt of the lying evil govt\medical establishment is complete .FYI I tell everyone I meet of my views on vaccines(every time I pass a young child and mother , I tell them to boycott all vaccines .) The days of the vaccine lies are numbered .Someone needs to tell dear old Bill .


@Abstract Scanner

I could only see the abstract, not the study. It did not look like there were any unvaccinated in the study. The non-autistic controls were "volunteers," which opens the door to cherry-picking based on what outcome they were looking for.

Were you able to read the actual study?

I certainly think its possible that genetics, diet, sunshine exposure (vitamin D), etc, could be part of the puzzle, and that those could be factors in potential for vaccine reaction, autoimmune disorders, and heavy metals toxicity. Also notice the relative lack of gluten in the typical Japanese diet.


Fiona Godless,

You have just named the few.... I am glad that you came to your senses and I hope that now you will be fighting with us for vaccine safety;-). In my opinion, the worst criminals in this case are those in administrative and political positions, who enforce the insane policy of "preventive" toxic vaccinations. (Preventive of life and health, I must add). These, whose ignorant or cowardly decisions/policies result in killing and crippling millions of children with poisonous vaccines, are equally guilty as those, who manufacture, sell and promote them for profits. Do you really think in the 21st century humanity will tolerate children's genocide for profits or mad ideology?

Mercury Dad


That is not my experience. I've published about 50 scientific and technical articles in peer-reviewed journals and have only had 1 of those publications rejected outright before it was published in another journal. My research colleagues share my experience as well.



Mark Struthers

Ms. Godless displays an appalling lack of respect for a world renowned safety vaccinologist, a pillar of the medical establishment...

... and a very big British fish. Arise Sir David ... a knighthood is a certainty.

PS. The fish rots from the head down ... and not just in the 'state of Denmark'

PPS. Rotten fish get knighted: GSK was last year fined over $3 billion for a variety of big-fishy-misdemeanours.... the CEO got his knighthood this year.

Fiona Godless

Veritas . I couldnt agree more but I suggest you start naming names . Because I've noticed these criminals are already diving for cover . They'll be running to Bolivia next . So for instance in the UK , David Salisbury (no title given because all he deserves is a prison number) , he is taking more of a back seat nowadays whereas before he was brave enough to meet us head on , now he sends his mindless servants along .Paul Offit has to be very worried indeed , that he might lose that big lottery win he mentioned in NewsWeek . I see Gorski\Orac is telling his own friends to duck the vaccines ...we have them on the run already but we must finish them off . Hopefully we are talking a revolution in allopathic medicine right to the top . I want to see the dissolution of many of the Pharma Harma's and questions for the kings of the castle (the Bildeberg crime syndicate) .


The emails tell the story. My firm has been advised many times by legal coucil on the content of email. These criminals jacked up the studies with a clear intent to deceive. The question is "are children healthier today or before the jacked up vaccination program"?



There's one major point in your article that is extremely misleading. As a Ph.D. yourself you should realize (and convey in your piece) that scientific articles nearly ALWAYS get rejected from one (or more) journals before eventually landing somewhere. This is, in fact, what makes the peer-review process so arduous, and it's precisely why we scientists are skeptical of non-peer-reviewed journals...."



in 2003 , a rather presumptuously titled article appeared in the journal Paediatrics. It was called " Safety of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines: A Two-Phased Study of Computerized Health Maintenance Organization Databases."

This article was based on a study that was written BY the CDC. A study who's lead author, Mr. Thomas Verstraeten, started a new job with Glaxo SmithKline shortly after the study was written, but before the study was actualy even published.

I realize this is just one study, but it was a pretty big part of the CDC's argument that it was safe to inject thimerosal into the bodies of little children.

Considering the weight that was given to this study, I can only imagine that the peer review process would have been an especially arduous one. And it would would surely have been bounced as you suggest from journal to journal , before finally being picked up by the journal Paediatrics.

Being a scientist in this field, with a PhD no less, is there any chance that you can verify ( .. with details) that such an arduous process was in fact followed for this study?


Do you just read the articles on "Age of Autism", or are you able/capable of reading the comments too?

Did you see antoinette f comment?

If trust goes and it has - a long 30 years it took to erode it too- by putting the peddle to the metal after 1986 with indemity given (you do understan slang, I hope?) it -- all the logic and stats you want to quote; test in

But once the trust is gone all the high labs of the land you want to test in, publish in the most prestigous journals will be like trying to trap wind in a bottle.

Best quite quibbling quirky qwerty - and get busy with the truth and what can be done about it.

For qwerty


Very nice, but there are two key points here.

1) The article was turned away despite CDC patronage.

2) The article falsified the data.

You are quibbling, and this is a distraction.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for a review and added info on the Danish studies.

In view of the quality of the "fourteen studies" I can't help but suppose all the pretense resisting retrospective research with a never-vaccinated control group is actually due to uncertainty of ability to contrive the "right" answer. I have to think that genetic differences in the Amish or other "strange" lifestyle choices of non-vaccinating parents wouldn't stop a negative or neutral study from publication.

If politics plays as strongly in the remainder of western medical practice, what "mainstream" medical advice can one trust?



There's one major point in your article that is extremely misleading. As a Ph.D. yourself you should realize (and convey in your piece) that scientific articles nearly ALWAYS get rejected from one (or more) journals before eventually landing somewhere. This is, in fact, what makes the peer-review process so arduous, and it's precisely why we scientists are skeptical of non-peer-reviewed journals -- we known that papers published in those journals have not been subjected to the same level of scrutiny. Having a paper rejected doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of the work. There are a zillion reasons papers get rejected, ranging from being "riddled with serious methodological flaws" as you suggest, to simply being judged as not being of sufficient interest to the general readership of that particular journal. As a general rule, scientists will aim for the high impact journal with the first submission, then work their way down a long list of journals from there.

Terri Lewis

Final comment on this topic from me (promise):

"Defending ideology" to the extent that people are currently doing so. . .and, in my opinion, this does include murder in various ways and forms (no doubt, in fact)--this is the very definition of evil.

So banal; so consistently banal throughout human history.

A refusal to look at it--and call it evil, nothing less, nothing more--just leads to more of it!

John Stone


The trouble is with vaccine programme in its present form is that it depends on ideology. No one publicly must doubt its safety or its effectiveness and it makes it very hard to admit in any real way flaws and deficiencies. I have seen British health officials defend the programme using Paul Offit's '10/100,000 vaccines' doctrine, as if the very concept of vaccination was so safe that these products did not have to be tested.

The point is that if they ever began to question the seamless perfection of it all in public they would be on the brink of their own self-destruction, and therefore everything has to be aggressive assertion and denial, and they are remorselessly locked into the cycle. Meanwhile, the industry has its endlessly expanding "boondoggle". Again, the ideology of "preventitive medicine" (which goes beyond vaccines) is sold as a way of saving money, when of course it is causing widespread chronic illness in the population and costing us all progressively a lot more.

After toxic debt we have toxic toxicity. The bankers didn't mean to get themselves into so much trouble (even if they did not care about us), but they were delusional.



John, I wish to believe that this is only an official ideology or religion that drives the govt. officials to lie and manipulate about "vaccine safety", but I have problems with it. If that was true, they would embrace safer, toxin free vaccines and would immediately order rigorous independent studies evaluating safety of many vaccines given at once with frequency recommended in the US, as well as the study comparing health of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. But they are aggressively against it. And why they reintroduced mercury to vaccines given to infants and pregnant mothers? This to me looks as deliberate attempt to harm. Nonetheless, I hope you are right that they are just brainless, ignorant, sociopathic fanatics and not evil. I also hope we will finally win, but I do worry about the tragic fate of millions of children, who are victims of their crimes.


I don't think "they" intend to kill any of us off. Call them evil because they have ill-will toward anyone who blocks their intent to pursue an aggressive vaccine agenda, in spite of the massive side effects. But to go to the extent to say they intend to hunt down those of us who disagree with them is ludicrous.

There are more surreptitious ways to silence our voices that they are trying. Murder is not one of them.

Heading down this path makes us irrelevant in a hurry because we lose sound mind and argument credibility.

Terri Lewis

antoinette f.--

If you want to do something, do something! Check out some of the political action going on at The Canary Party and start networking with like-minded people on FB. Or use

Learn how to stay anonymous to the extent that you need to, to feel safe. And of course there are people who speak out and then mysteriously disappear or die. But they can't get all of us, and it's easier than ever to make waves.

 antoinette f.

In reading the most recent posts, and someone saying we should petition....I thought...Yes! We can start a petition on!! I was going to spear-head it and create it and then this thought popped into my head:

These people...they are beyond evil...I wouldn't be surprised if they found me and actually killed me off. If they are fine with slowly disabling our kids, why wouldn't they put a hit out on me??!!

So I haven't created the petition, because, honestly and pathetically, I'm scared.

Is my fear valid? Jeesh. I don't want to sit and do nothing!


I'm concerned with language, is the wording deceptive? "In this study, there were not any convincing evidences that MMR vaccination and increasing the number of vaccine injections were associated with an increased risk of ASD in a genetically homogeneous population. Therefore, these findings indicate that there is no basis for avoiding vaccination out of concern for ASD."
Does this suggest there is evidence, yet it's not convincing ...isn't convincing subjective...a step down from scientific..if it's not a problem shouldn't it be "conclusive"?


Please forgive me if I missed it, but has anyone ever considered consulting with the ACLU regarding forced vaccination? Vaccines should be, after all, a matter of Civil Liberty. Any history here?

John Stone

The new Japanese study is based on a pre-1992 cohort. It is very small (about 200 cases against controls) and somehow contrives to have a 95% confidence interval.


Re: MMR Japon abstract. Here's a link to the updated immunization schedule over there, from the WHO site. Don't know what age they studied, though, or past schedules. Looks rather different from ours.

John Stone


I still don't believe you need that explanation. By coincidence I was watching video footage of Arthur Miller talking about the Crucible last night and one of things he was trying to say - and it was originally as commentary on American politics of the 1950s that people get enmeshed with things - some go along willingly, others don't feel strong enough to do anything about it, and in the end no one can. Of course, we have political trials today of various sorts which give bureaucratic stamp to untruths which become "official truth". There is an official belief system (an ideology), which has nothing to do with objective science, that says vaccines are universally safe and effective.

What we can say now about this is that such is the nature of political and medical patronage that no one caught up in it can turn back. But if we stand our ground we will eventually win.



No doubt this is all to reduce the population and cripple people so they can't fight back against this government tyranny.


Reply to Abstract Scanner

I didn't believe that MMR vaccine was part of the current Japanese vaccine schedule ?

That would then make the conclusions made about MMR somewhat irregular.



You may be right, but pure greed does not seem to explain why the politicians or health officials from the HHS/NIH collaborate with a few CDC criminals in poisoning the American children and older people with toxic vaccines. And why they insist in injecting mercury to the bodies of infants and pregnant women. This surely looks like the execution of a deliberate plan to poison the innocent.

I propose that we write a collective open petition to the president Obama and the whole Congress, which we would publicize everywhere in independent media (corporate media are accomplices of vaccine criminals, hence they can be ignored and shunned). We should collect many thousands of electronic signatures from the US parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, therapists etc., who have witnessed vaccine-induced autism, other types of injuries or deaths.

We should demand from the politicians to conduct an investigation of why the powerful toxins are still being injected into infant bodies (often against their parents will), and why nobody was prosecuted and punished for these crimes against humanity. We should request severe punishment of all individuals involved in these crimes and demand total vaccination freedom, like people in Japan or western Europe enjoy. May be we should bring this issue to the Supreme Court or have the FBI involved? After all, their children and grandchildren are also being poisoned and crippled with toxic vaccines. Certainly, we cannot afford just to complain to ourselves. The future of American Nation may depend on our decisive actions. The politicians talk about the need to improve American education, but they totally ignore the fact that most American children are now permanently damaged, crippled and chronically ill due to poisoning with toxic vaccines. Many can’t learn effectively and never will be productive members of the society.


Julie Gerberding should be serving time!
May she never have a peaceful day for the rest of her life!


There are so many morally bankrupt people involved in this that is hard to believe. I am not sure these doctors should be classified as people. The article is well written and I am looking forward to reading more.

Abstract Scanner

Can someone review/comment on this study I saw on Pubmed today:

Many here can spot design/ omission issues from a mile away. Thoughts?

Leslie Bradley

Why aren't we suing the CDC for fraud. Or would any class of children whose parent's claimed they went forward with vaccination based on the CDC's misrepresentations and thereafter developed brain injury (lets not call it autism) be pushed right back into the no man's land of vaccine court?


Were any of you at the 2004 Autism One Conference, which just so happened to occur right after the IOM report came out? Speakers at this conference included Dr. Kathleen Stratton from the IOM autism committee, Dr. Roger Bernier from the CDC and another doctor (name escapes me) from the NIH. Dr. Bernier and Dr. Stratton were completely unprepared for the reaction from the AO group, which included physician parents and very with-it advocates like Beth Clay and Mark Blaxill. The crowd's animosity left them stumbling for words, especially when Dr. Wakefield stood and dressed down Dr. Stratton for the failure of the IOM committee to review his work seriously. She was condescending toward him and received a justifiable rebuke. The crowd cheered Dr. Wakefield's remarks.

The end result was that the two doctors asked for security to escort them off stage to a conference room where they would continue the debate with a handful of attendees.

They really thought that because they said "vaccines are non-causation" that we would take their word for it, in spite of the fact that we KNEW otherwise.

The year before a woman from the CDC spoke at AO and was shocked when the audience peppered her with questions on the dubious results from the Dutch study. They also questioned why the CDC was not looking more thoroughly into Brick Township and other clusters right here in the U.S. This woman left the podium shaking.

They don't want to hear from us because we are exposing their lies.

 antoinette f.

AARRRGG. Should've known that article was too good to be true! And Barry, you always blow my mind with your posts!!

And seriously, I want to become a pilgrim too! I can't believe the control they have over us!! Seriously! Apparently they can even control Donald Trump!! He mentions his opinion on vaccines and the loud-mouth is never heard from again on the subject!! His "Rosie" comment took years to drop off the map!! His vaccine comment? What? Like a few hours?!!

I am livid tonight!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi N

Since you are on a roll, Brian, let me share this. About five years ago, I looked at all the special needs rates and incidents in the schools. And it had gone down for a while as well. I am guessing they have since gone back up. But, if you look at the vaccine schedule of mercury (with an emphasis on the slight break in mercury when it was reduced for a while before being upped again with the introduction of several flu shots) you will likely see a direct link. Interestingly, there was no increase in MR that I could find. There were distinct areas of increases. There is a website that the government runs that has all the special needs children figures by year and by state. Each state has to report such figures each year. I knew then that mercury was high on the charts to blame. But, at this point, those with the weaker immune systems are the ones falling. Just like in the LD50 science rule, each toxin only poisons so many with a certain dosage.

Adam M

@ Barry
Spot on Barry, spot on. But don't forget the all out assault on traditional whole food diets that would eliminate the pharmaceutical industry.


Every year we get a bit closer to the "tipping point" of this issue... thank goodness some in Congress understand what a tipping point is...

Hank Johnson (Congress D-GA) - Warns Guam May Capsize from too many soldiers on the island...


"... "So how have drug companies managed to get round this system designed to protect patients? ..."


By designing, creating, and then totally controlling the "Regulating Agencies", that the public believes have been set up to guard our safety.

Therein lies the very simple, yet very ruthless truth abut how we arrived at this sickening chapter in the history of our society.

Agencies like the CDC and the FDA guard one thing, and one thing only. And that's the financial well being heath of the pharmaceutical industry The sicker we are, the richer they become. Wellness has nothing to do with current health care system, because the eradication of illness would inevitably destroy all those billion dollar markets for prescription drugs.

We didn't get here by accident. This plan was hatched a long time ago by some pretty sick people, and it basically went like this:

- first they used their enormous wealth to control how medicine was to be taught in universities
- next they used their wealth on advertising campaigns, designed to convince people that every new health ailment was just the lack of a new pill to take
- next they used their wealth to control the media, which thereby allowed them to sensor any critics who tried to contradict their message
- next came the media scares for epidemics that were likely made up. Their real purpose was to scare people into lining up for vaccines that actually to cure nothing, but are truthfully intended sabotage your immune system
- next they just sit back and wait for the autoimmine disorders to develop. It might be a fast process for some, or a slow process for others. But most vaccinated people will eventually develop them
- The final stage is when patients start showing up at the offices of the doctors that these bastards trained. All the patients want is relief from the symptoms of their autoimmune disorders, for which the doctor will oblige with a prescription for a drug designed to treat but never cure them

The reason so few peole are aware of this, is that big phrama owns both our main stream media, and all those "regulating agencies" who are supposed to be warning us all about it.

Linda Higgins

These people suck! I wish I could become a pilgrim and move to a new world. I am so tired of being lied to and then expected to take it happily as it relates to my kids. Why does everyone who has the ability to help my kids seem to think it's just fine to screw them over? Of course those who charge an arm and a leg do great things - and I don't blame them for making good money, but everyone in the schools is either shoddy or evil, as are any others that are covered without our spending a fortune. We already spend almost $1000 a month just for things that should be covered by our schools and that doesn't come close to meeting our kids' needs.

For Antoinette.F


Unfortunately, the Refusers superb Offit story was dated April 1.

 antoinette f.

Is there any way to get our anger out there? I mean, truly heard??? Anyone who is not us just gives me the blank stare! I'm so shocked that parents of "neurotypicals" or those without kids yet---they seem unbothered, unphased by all of this!!!
I feel we're only ranting and raging to each other!!

We decided NOT to vaccinate our daughter thanks to our son with autism. I feel such a burning inside! When will this all blow up?!

Also, not to change the subject, but has anyone else read this?

Is this true??? The fact that all types of vaccine injury stories are out there and don't get major exposure just solidifies in me that our government is just as evil as any of the tyrants we send our troops out to kill.

I'm disgusted.


Thanks, Brian, for this concise description and your no-holds-barred first sentence. Yes, the CDC is lying... and you'd think that journalists would be up in arms about it.

Instead the media takes a pass, the CDC trench workers remain in lockstep to their religious paradigm, and the average Joes line up each fall for their annual injections of mercury, aluminum and disease-prevention mediocrity.

The evidence is ample and readily available; the trick is to get people to look at something they don't want to see. I hope that legal action can move forward to bring this nasty network of co-conspirators to justice.

Cady Stanton

It's hard to keep up to date on the many complexities of the situation. I appreciate your writing such an informative article that pulls so many details together in one place.

I wish there was more we could do. I hope you'll have an opportunity to post on that topic for us.

John Stone


Even with capitalism some things are given away free. Presumably, they can't sell the stuff but international and national agencies have still to be persuaded to purchase it (with our money), which gets tougher if no one in the US will touch it. This was one reason why they were very slow to get rid of mercury in the US and Brtish infant schedules because it would have been tantamount to an admission that the developing world programmes were tainted.

But the fact that they are trying to give the vaccines away now is in itself very good news.

PS Disposal is also a difficulty. If you can't inject the stuff into humans the mercury then becomes an acknowledged hazchem problem!

John Stone

Veritas, Sarah

I think these people are so far up to their ears in malfeasance that they don't know what they are doing and they don't how to stop.

I would still ascribe the main motives in this inhuman juggernaut to greed, power-lust and fear.




I would like to add that in my CVS pharmacy they are now giving away flu vaccines for free. They are begging each customer to take the injections. This is the best proof that they want to exterminate American people. Capitalists never give anything for free to anybody. Somebody has a vital interest in injecting poisons to bodies of Americans. I wonder who pays for these free vaccines and I bet, the globalists arranged that the society pays for them with public funds. The good thing is that there seem to be no fools around anymore to take these gifts of death.



you nailed it. That is why 1 in 88 children with autism is not a crisis to them. It's by design.

Julie Obradovic

He who has nothing to hide hides nothing. That's really all there is to it.

Terri Lewis

You tell people the CDC is a thoroughly corrupt, lying, murdering government agency, and they just. . .blink and stare.

I keep saying it anyway!

Younger parents are catching on. Check out the support on Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children on Facebook. Even if you don't take a totally anti-vaccine stance, if you take a stance for parents to *choose* whether or not their children receive vaccines, and which ones, then you'll be encouraged to see what new parents (last 5 years or so) are doing.

Mercury Dad

Hi Pamela

We have a FOIA lawsuit in Federal Court right now. We've tried to settle out of court with the CDC but they are unwilling. Right now we're waiting for the judge to rule. Stay tuned!

Blessings on you!



I believe, the main reason why the criminal scientists, pharma-corporations, health bureaucrats and politicians falsify autism data, lie, manipulate and deny well documented link between autism and vaccines is that they are involved in hiding a true conspiracy of globalists to eliminate from life a substantial fraction of American and world children. This is holocaust of XXI century. We should remind president Obama about this crime against humanity ongoing on American soil, as he is recently in a holocaust mode. The children are crippled and killed only because they are children and because a few mad globalists decided that they are too many of them. Naturally they exclude their own children and grandchildren from the pool designated for extermination.


Brian, it would seem as though you may have a good case for a FOIA lawsuit. Seems to me CDC has violated the laws pertaining to when it is legal to 'Redact" information.

John Stone

Cordero is also, of course, on the board of Autism Society of America with its specious billboard reported here by John Gilmore last week "1 in 88 children are born with autism":

There is one answer to this statement "No, they aren't".

call the police!

Call the police,,,,,,, I'm serious! Call the police and put in a report against the people who are hurting children. If there were some crazy person poisoning children in they Halloween candy, the police would be called. Call the police and file your report.


By reducing the amount of mercury in many shots to a "trace", and by pushing those poor little asthmatic children toward a thimerosal shot for the flu ( they can't have mist) and presenting only a thimerosal laden dt shot for children with severe reaction to the "p"...our government is not STOPPING the damage in the way it is continuing the use of these poison products to skew numbers , to show a decrease at some point yet not a halt to autism. Isn't this assault and battery, a felonious crime?


I can only hope and pray that there IS a hell, as there will plenty of people involved in this scandal who richly deserve it.


"Incidentally, this is the same Dr. Jose Cordero that was recently appointed to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee by Dr. Thomas Insel. Cordero has absolutely NO experience with autism (he was the Deputy Director of the National Immunization Program of the CDC before he was hastily shuffled over to the NCBDDD in 2001) and shows here that he is clearly committed to indemnifying Thimerosal to the point of lying."

Insel makes no pretense of his intent to use the IACC to vindicate himself, his brother and his vaccine industry cronies. The current IACC has absolutely no other purpose. It is a sham organization that must be revealed to the public for what it is.


Thank you for your efforts to uncover the rotten truth. Keep it up.


Brian, how is your case going against the CDC?

Jenny Allan

This is more about pills than vaccines but makes plently of relevant points:-
Professor David Healy
From above:-
"So how have drug companies managed to get round this system designed to protect patients?
The simplest way is just not to publish unfavourable results. Another way is to publish negative trials but to make them look good. There are plenty of cases on record of senior consultants being paid handsomely to present findings from trials in a favourable light. Meanwhile, doctors who speak out about drug dangers can be vilified and journals who try to publish their work can be threatened with litigation.
As a psychiatrist who has spent nearly 15 years uncovering concealed evidence of how SSRIs can cause patients to commit suicide, I’m very aware of the ability of drug companies and drug regulators to keep asserting there is no problem in the face of the most damning evidence.
In a system committed to patient safety."


"In the wake of overhauling the FDA, lawmakers are also cracking down on conflicts of interest within the Centers for Disease Control.

Last month [July 2006], Representatives, Dr Dave Weldon (R-FL), and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), held a press conference to announce the introduction of a bill that would give responsibility for vaccine safety to an independent agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, and remove most vaccine safety research from the CDC.

Specifically, they said on July 26, 2006, the 'Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Assurance Act of 2006,' will create an independent office to address, investigate, and head off potential safety problems like the use of mercury in vaccines, in an objective and non-conflicted office whose sole purpose is vaccine safety and evaluation.

According to Dr Weldon in a prepared statement, Federal agencies charged with overseeing vaccine safety research have failed. They have failed to provide sufficient resources for vaccine safety research. They have failed to fund extramural research and they have failed to free themselves from conflicts of interest that serve to undermine public confidence in the safety of vaccines, he said."

Read the rest of the article here:

Weldon's bill, H.R. 5887, died in committee. Reintroduced as H.R. 1973, it again died in committee. That was the end of it as far as I can tell:


What? Is this a matter of national security? What possible reason could that claim for removing that information? Are there any penalties for not complying with a FOIA request? And yes it is sickening that our government cares more about a bunch of dumb athletes or oversexed government employees than our precious children. But then these same government officials don't rely on those two groups for money to keep getting themselves elected... I do not believe they will ever bite the hand that feeds them.

Jenny Allan

Great article Dr Hooker and you are DOES get worse!!
From above:-
"The Danish Aarhus University (AU) was so pleased with epidemiological autism research produced within its halls at the beginning of the millennium, that the man behind the studies, Dr. Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen, was given an award for his PhD dissertation in 2005.
Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen, who graduated as a medical practitioner in 1996, was awarded a PhD in 2004 for his dissertation, “Vaccinations and autism”.
One of Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen’s most famous conclusions is this statement: “Danish data do not support the hypotheses, that the MMR-vaccine and the mercury-containing vaccines are causing autism.”


I wonder how they could come up with decent stats since there is a huge delay when a child is born and then diagnosed with autism. I am sure it is not as bad as the CDC but it takes the CDC about 12 years on average (e.g. the most recent stats reflecting 1 out of 88 for kids born in the 2000). Have they published data from 1999 to present? Can we get that data somehow?

Bob Moffitt

Is there ANY politician .. of EITHER political party .. including our President .. that has the courage and integrity to call for "bi-partisan" joint Congressional and Senate public hearings .. in front of that same bank of major media cameras that assembled to investigate steriod abuse in baseball .. where every one of the individuals mentioned in this compelling article .. Dr. Kreesten Madsen and his coworkers out of Aarhus University in Denmark, Dr. Marlene Lauritsen, Dr. Poul Thorsen, Dr. Diana Schendel, Dr. Jose Cordero, Dr. Thomas Insel .. and .. those at JAMA and the Lanchet who peer reviewed original study and found cause to reject it?

We are presently witnessing politicians vying for "face time" in front of cameras to denounce a few flawed Secret Service Agents who have embarrassed themselves as well as their country .. yet .. those very same politicians cannot find the time .. nor the will .. to investigate a possible conspiracy within the public health scientific community to promote a study exonerating a substance .. thimerosal .. that continues to damage children the world over.

Our world has gone mad.......


I believe, we should take the CDC folks to tribunal for crimes against humanity committed on American and world children. Seriously.

Adam M

Thank you Mr Hooker for exposing this. Makes you wonder what other conversations took place that there is no record of. Maybe one day there will be a Nuremberg trial for these wicked, godless fools and we'll hear the whole story.

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