Tell Politicians, President, HHS About NYC Press Conference for World Autism Day
Fool Me Onceā€¦

Olmsted and Blaxill Talk Shocking Autism Rates with Gary Null and Robert Scott Bell

Radio micEDITOR'S NOTE: The shocking new autism numbers from the CDC were discussed by Dan Olmsted on the Gary Null radio program, and Mark Blaxill on the Robert Scott Bell Show. You can listen at the links below -- both load quickly and you can jump to the interviews. It's great that health freedom champions like Gary and Robert are giving attention to autism and reaching a huge audience of natural allies.

Dan Olmsted on gary null, at 39:30

Mark Blaxill on robert scott bell at 37:30



to 4bobby

That post of yours makes too much sense, we can't do that.


Thank you to Dan, Mark, Gary and Robert. Much appreciated.


I wish the government would impose a 20 year moratorium on all vaccines for infants under age 36 months of age, and settle the matter once and for all.


Highly sensitive people are born with a nervous and immune system that is innately more sensitive to all kinds of stimulus, than that of people who are not born highly sensitive. The highly sensitive, (sometimes introverted, sometimes gifted) person can have difficultly handling bright lights, noises, smells etc, anything that for them is over-stimulating. They also usually require smaller doses of medications, than the average person who is more likely to be a non-HSP.

I believe it is these people HSP's because of a biological difference in the way their brains are wired (seen as more frontal lobe activity on PET scans) are most likely to develop illnesses caused by an up-regulated nervous and immune system; illness like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, MS, RA, ASD and they are also more likely to develop allergies and asthma. Exposures to repeat vaccinations and toxins are far more likely to harm HSP's than their non-sensitive counterparts.

Heidi N

I once saw a report by a doc who said that those with certain genetic weakness are developing immune dysfunction from environmental causes. He said that the rate will climb until 1 in 20 have autism. But. . . . with the amount of toxins we have in our daily lives climbing, won't the rate keep climbing? I say until mainstream medical starts looking for causes and stops diagnosing people with things that have no agreed upon cause, such as autism, ADHD, mental illness, chronic fatigue, MS, ALS, etc., we won't get anywhere. We must look for causes of all diagnoses and stop being pessimistic about them.

Dawn Emrys

I think what is frightening is that these statistics are for 2008!

4 years to publish these findings is questionable!

And if the rate has increased so much from 2000 - 2008, what are the real figures for 2012! Thats whats frightening.

Angus Files

Well done Gary and Robert ,but the US Media still stay silent..

shame on them!!



Fox News gets it right, Manny calls it

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