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Mayer-Johnson to Offer $10,000 Donation Match for Autism Awareness Month

Slidermayerjohnson3Mayer-Johnson to Offer $10,000 Donation Match for Autism Awareness Month


Boston, MA – The National Autism Association (NAA) announced today the launch of a $10,000 match donation program supported by Mayer-Johnson, the maker of products to support participation, communication and learning for students with autism.
“We are delighted to have such a generous corporate sponsor during autism awareness month,” says NAA President Wendy Fournier.   “This effort not only shows their commitment to the autism community, but indicates their desire to get others involved by supporting our organization as well.”

This matching opportunity will allow NAA to raise a total of $20,000 in the month of April.  For each donation made through the dedicated portal, Mayer-Johnson will match it dollar for dollar.  Donors may visit the official NAA web site at  for information on how to make their donation beginning April 1.

“We are proud to partner with the National Autism Association during Autism Awareness Month,” said Michelle Heying, President and COO of DynaVox Mayer-Johnson.  “The funds raised through individual donations - and matched by Mayer-Johnson - will help support the many families affected by autism by providing access to resources, information, and grants that are so desperately needed.”

Since 2003, NAA has been providing advocacy services, direct assistance and valuable resources to individuals with autism and their families. Donations received continue to provide the much needed funding to support NAA’s grants for financial assistance for therapies and treatments as well as autism safety initiatives like its Big Red Safety Box program.
Autism affects 1 in 88 and is the fastest growing developmental disorder, yet continues to be the most underfunded. To make a donation and receive the match, please click here.

About DynaVox Inc.
DynaVox Inc. (NASDAQ: DVOX) is a publicly traded holding company with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, whose primary operating entities are DynaVox Systems LLC and Mayer-Johnson LLC.  DynaVox is the leading provider of speech generating devices and symbol-adapted special education software used to assist individuals in overcoming their speech, language and learning challenges. These solutions are designed to help individuals who have complex communication and learning needs participate in the home, classroom and community.  Our mission is to enable our customers to realize their full communication and education potential by developing industry-leading devices, software and content and by providing the services to support them. We assist individuals, families, and professionals with an extensive field support organization, as well as centralized technical and reimbursement support. For more information, visit

About Mayer-Johnson
Mayer-Johnson LLC is the leading provider of special education software that enables educators, speech-language pathologists and parents to created adapted activities and lessons that enable individuals with complex learning and physical needs to reach their education potential.  Mayer-Johnson is an operating entity of DynaVox Inc. (NASDAQ: DVOX), a publically traded holding company.  For more information visit

About National Autism Association (NAA):
NAA is a parent-run nonprofit organization and the leading voice on issues related to autism safety and crisis prevention. The organization’s mission is to respond to the most urgent needs of the autism community, providing real help and hope so that all affected can reach their full potential. For more information on wandering prevention, visit NAA’s Safety Site at, or its sister site at


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