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How Long Will the Worst Cover-up in Health-Care History Go On?

HindenburgBy Anne Dachel

The latest stunning autism numbers have officials scrambling for some sort of explanation to allay the growing fear out there that something really bad is happening to our kids.  All the major newspapers and networks are working hard to downplay the one in 88/one in 54 bombshell.  I’ve been looking at endless stories and it’s incredible to watch TV broadcasters smiling as they once again attribute the numbers to better diagnosing and a broader definition of the disorder.

I was especially interested in the story that CNN put out.  In “Searching for the why behind rising autism rate,” by Catherine Lord, director of the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain, New York Presbyterian Hospital, we’re given some information that’s really hard to swallow and it shows just how desperate officials are getting in their attempts to make the autism epidemic go away.

Lord wrote, “Does the new figure indicate that we are seeing an epidemic of autism, as some have speculated?

“At this point, it's not clear.

“One possibility is that we are seeing the result of better detection rather than a real surge in autism.”

Lord was skeptical about the new numbers because of the disparity in the rates from around the country.  What does this mean?  Are some places just better at better diagnosing?

Lord: “If the rates are really increasing, does it mean that many more children, particularly those from ethnic or racial minorities who are often missed, could have autism and we just don't know yet? If we do a better job of identifying children with autism, the rate will certainly continue to increase. How do we address this issue, which is not unique to autism?”  It sounds like her goal is simply to find all the autism everywhere without asking what’s causing it.

Back in February, I wrote this story about Catherine Lord and the changes to the DSM definition of autism that she’s been working on. 

At a time when experts are no closer to finding the cause of autism than they were 20 years, redefining the disorder threatens to disqualify a lot of kids from receiving needed treatment.

 I wrote:

Now Dr. Catherine Lord, one of the experts working on the DSM changes, hopes that won't happen. She was on CBS News on Jan 25 saying, "Families are very, very concerned that their kids are going to lose their diagnosis. It's really important to reassure people that there's no intention that that will happen. ...The intention of the new criteria is to better describe children--and adults--who have autism, Aspergers Syndrome, PDD-NOS, ... We don't want criteria that diagnose everyone as having autism. We want to do a better job of diagnosing the people who do. We're not trying to exclude anyone."

In her recent CNN story, Lord claimed that the new rate may be just better diagnosing and she wants to identify even more undetected kids with autism at the same time she’s working to limit the definition that will cut out lots of kids with milder symptoms.  It’s really hard to understand how any of this makes any sense.

Lord included Dr. Thomas Insel, head of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee created by Congress to deal with autism, in her article:

Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, commented that the most useful approach right now is to assume that there is an increase in autism and try to figure out why this is happening. Since we know the disorder is a neurobiological condition, could it be caused by environmental factors? Many researchers are trying to find out.

I’m baffled by Insel’s question, “Could it be caused by environmental factors?”  Two years ago, Insel lectured on autism at MIT and he was adamant, "I said before this isn't just genetics... There have to be environmental factors. We have barely been able to scratch the surface."

"There are something like 80,000 potential toxicants."

That was in 2010 and back then he stressed that there had to be environmental triggers.  Suddenly now he’s talking like he just came up with the idea.

At the end of her piece, Lord wrote, “Regardless of all the unanswered questions, we should keep in mind that autism is a common condition. More children need autism services than ever before. We need cost-effective ways to identify the disorder at early ages, provide adequate support and work with affected families to help “

How does this fit with her efforts to redefine autism so narrowly that thousands of children lose vital services?

Lord claims it could be "better detection rather than a real surge in autism." It’s the same thing we’re being told everywhere in the news.

Officials and the media must be hoping that the public has a very short memory.

In 2004, the autism rate reached one in 166 and it was "better diagnosing."

In 2007, it became one in 150 children, still because of "better diagnosing."

In 2009, it soared to one in every 110 children all because of "better diagnosing."

Now it's 2012 and the rate is one in 88, one in 54 and we're still being told not to worry because there's even more "better diagnosing."

It's clear that no one at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cares what's happening to our children. On Thurs., March 29, 2012, CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden announced the newrate of one in 88/one in 54 boys, not at a well-publicized official press conference covered by masses of national news people, but with a hastily announced conference call. Frieden couldn't even take the time to publicly face the cameras and advise the country of yet another jaw-dropping autism increase for which he has absolutely no explanation.

Why bother giving us the updates if they don’t mean anything?  How much of our money is spent on coming up with statistics that no one takes seriously?  I’m sure that when next we hear that it’s one in 50 or one in 25, Frieden, Insel, and Lord will be right there professing their continued ignorance with absolutely no alarm over the numbers.

Why should we listen to the people who’ve presided over the loss of a generation of children to autism and done nothing to stop it?  Why should we believe anything from experts and officials who can't even give us an estimate of a date when they might actually know something for sure about autism (except that their ever-expanding vaccine schedule isn't responsible)? How long will the agency that gets billions to run health care be allowed to cover up the worst health care disaster in our history?


Anne Dachel is Media Editor of Age of Autism 




I have 2 autistic sons... one is 37yrs old, the other is 34yrs old. When my first son was diagnosed I was told that only 1 in 10,000...that's ONE IN TEN THOUSAND... children were born with Autism. That was 1977-78. And do you know what? Autism was rare. I'd never seen or heard of anyone with Autism. Neither had a large number of health or education professionals. I am dead serious. If I had a dollar for every time I told someone that my sons were Autistic and they thought I meant ARTISTIC... I'd be a rich woman today. Now "autism" is like a household word or something. What the heck? And we are to believe that better diagnosing has increased the incidence of Autistic children from 1 in 10,000 thirty plus years ago to 1 in 88 in 2012? Don't think so! In the meantime the only answer "they" can come up with is to REDEFINE Autism! Wow! This makes me so upset. You can't or won't find out what the heck is going on with this astounding increase but you will put your efforts into streamlining the definition...that's one way of cutting the costs of caring for these kids. This really sucks! Thank you Anne. Thanks everybody.

kathy blanco

When they blame shift autism to genetics, I go with, well, what happens to mutate your genes? Here's a few that we all know we are exposed to from time to time, sigh...

I know that enviromental factors can cause genetic mutations, like cigarret smoke, forein DNA injected through vaccines, irradiations, genetically modified foods, exposure to heavy metals and other substances, .... but viral infections can cause that too. "Mutations are caused by radiation, viruses, transposons and mutagenic chemicals, as well as errors that occur during meiosis or DNA replication" Wikipedia.

Induced mutations on the molecular level can be caused by:

Hydroxylamine NH2OH
Base analogs (e.g. BrdU)
Alkylating agents (e.g. N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea) These agents can mutate both replicating and non-replicating DNA.
Agents that form DNA adducts (e.g. ochratoxin A metabolites)[23]
DNA intercalating agents (e.g. ethidium bromide)
DNA crosslinkers
Oxidative damage
Nitrous acid converts amine groups on A and C to diazo groups, altering their hydrogen bonding patterns which leads to incorrect base pairing during replication.
2- Radiation
Ultraviolet radiation (nonionizing radiation). Two nucleotide bases in DNA – cytosine and thymine – are most vulnerable to radiation that can change their properties. UV radiation, particularly longer-wave UVA, can also cause oxidative damage to DNA.


Better at diagnosing? These children were born in 2000, it was clear back in 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 when these children were diagnosed. They are talking about kids that are 12 years old now! They are portraying this as if these are a current diagnosis for a child born in say 2010.
Doctors did not have autism on their radar back then. Autism Speaks wasn't even founded until 2005. My grandson was diagnosed in 2008 and the doctor did not recognize his autism. It was his parents. They need to stop portraying this as if these are current diagnoses.


I need a list of states that do and do not mandate Medicaid and private insurance coverage for ABA, FloorTime, or similarly prescribed autism therapy.


Also, what is the prognosis of classic autism with ADHD? Was classic autism just considered mentally retarded in years past? Is autism now a euphemism for MR? How do you assess IQ in the low or non-verbal??


And how many of the 1 in 88 / 1 in 54 are due to fathers over the age of 40? And what were the statistics of older fathers and autism for each of the last seven decades?
What are the rates of autism specifically as compared to PPD-NOS and Aspergers? Is it just Aspergers and PDD-NOS increasing or classic autism? All three? I bet the answer does not really lie so much in a rise(?) in the numbers of older fathers as in a toxic overload environment, possibly higher stress of mothers in a poor economy, and most likely, a coverup of effects of vaccines on susceptible children. Just because the Wakefield study was falsified - or was it really just a study of the association between GI problems and autism - what studies have been done comparing rates of autism in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children? How can we believe there is no other falsifactions in reporting? So now there will be an autism industry like a cancer industry whose profits perpetuate in prolonging life or quality of your life during your illness but not in finding a real cure??

Marie-Anne Denayer

1981: I graduate from med. school. Autism affects 1 in 10,000 to 50,000 kids, with onset at birth. I am told that the condition is so rare that I will probably never see a single case in my career,
1987: Stephanie my second of 3 children is born. She will be ahead in all developmental milestones for her first 14 months.
High fever after MMR. Probably acquired Lyme disease that same summer. Remains at a plateau(which in a developing toddler is in fact regression)for 2 months then rapidly loses all previously acquired language and social skills.
1990: Enters the preschool Special Ed program in our Connecticut town: Is the FIRST child with autism ever enrolled in the system.
And the rest as they say is history. There are now so many kids with autism from preschool through high school that in the lower grades especially, they have had to put in place several classrooms devoted to the autistic population.

It will probably take a child with autism in the White House or in Buckingham Palace to bring full attention to our plight.

Raymond Gallup

I went to my primary care doctor today for an office visit and I told him about the study by the CDC that autism was 1 in 88. He laughed a bit when I mentioned the CDC but when I told him about the study Dr. Yazbak and I did in July 2008 per..............

1 in 88 Children With Autism/ASD In Military Families
By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP & Raymond W. Gallup
July 09, 2008

He laughed even more and said it figured that the CDC would copy the data and then claim that they had these figures from 2008 data. Even my doctor knows the CDC is useless. If he thinks that way I wonder how many other doctors out there think the CDC is a useless Federal organization???? I'm sure lots of doctors think the CDC is a useless Federal bureaucracy!!!!!!

Raymond Gallup

Julie Leonardo

Those of us with kiddos with the dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and autism may be getting even scarier news. The 1999 estimate was anywhere from 5-10% of our DS population. Then I heard 18.2% last year at Autism One with Laurette Janak. Now a friend of mine has a child who is taking part in a study with a researcher studying Autism and Down Syndrome. Her estimate (and I want to see the hard data) is something to the effect of 33%!!!!! Almost one third of children with Down Syndrome also have Autism if she is correct. And our population tends to be lower functioning. Do you know what kind of supports OUR kids will need?!?! This is INSANE! And one of the big problems is that the DS community is behind in terms of the most recent treatments (and the lack of desire to support biomedical treatments) and the experts don't want to "put another label on these kids" like it's something unnecessary and too troubling for us. So the numbers of affected kids is astronomical and nobody wants to give the diagnosis that could get the needed extra treatments and funding through insurance. It is a crime and very discriminatory. With the right help, kids with DS can do so much, but it's like our kids with the dual dx are a hopeless cause, so why bother:(


Mr. Gallup ~ I was shocked and saddened by the Yearly increase in the number of children with autism age 6-21 in US Schools Since DSM IV numbers - can you get me a source for that please? Thanks! I think I would like to start including that chart when I write to my government officials.


Thank you for saying how it is and representing exactly how we feel about this situation. Oh the nasty web they weave when they practice to deceive. I have the theory that if the CDC and IACC, then they will create a new industry. It they don't get to the root cause it will create the industrial-autism complex, much like the cancer industry. It will focus on band-aid treatments with lots of drugs to test out controlling behaviors, instead of prevention.

How do we turn this freight train around? Its absurd! It was so clear to me the my son's Autism occurred as a direct result of his DTaP shot reaction. And the conversation grows in the back yards, playgrounds, talking to grandma on the phone, and husband in the bed at night - "I feel that our son/daughter changed after the vaccines..." Its going to be grass roots David v. Goliath of our era. Let's roll!

Angus Files

Autism the sound of silence..


Carolyn M

You're welcome, Benedetta, but I did not do any in-depth analysis. I also made one mistake: for Colorado, they used 7 counties (not 1). Sorry for any confusion.

John Stone


You may like to read Dan and Mark's seven part series on The Age of Polio particularly with reference to Roosevelt:

Of course, without indulging in party politics it would neverthess be hard imagine a more ethically minimal generation of politicians than the one we have at present.


Raymond Gallup

AS OF DECEMBER IN 2002 - 2010

As Of December For Year Children 21 and under Adults 1/ All Recipients

2002 38,324 7,360 45,684
2003 44,076 9,282 53,358
2004 51,581 11,450 63,031
2005 59,479 13,647 73,126
2006 68,050 16,190 84,240
2007 76,448 19,139 95,587
2008 88,734 22,993 111,727
2009 94,725 34,988 129,713
2010 103,700 41,462 145,162


Yearly increase in the number of children with autism age 6-21 in US Schools Since DSM IV (1994 to present)

Year Students Increase
1994 22,780
1995 28,813 6,033
1996 34,082 5,269
1997 42,487 8,405
1998 53,561 11,074
1999 65,391 11,830
2000 78,717 13,326
2001 97,847 19,130
2002 118,603 20,756
2003 140,920 22,317
2004 166,302 25,382
2005 193,481 27,179
2006 224,415 30,934
2007 258,095 33,680
2008 294,302 36,207
2009 335,199 40,897
2010 369,664 34,465

Raymond Gallup


Perhaps if we had a president with autism, like Roosevelt and polio, the powers that be might look into the epidemic a little deeper.

Bob Moffitt

The sad truth is the "Worst Cover-up in Health-care History" will go on and on .. until future generations .. already destined to inherit vaccine induced chronic autoimmune disorders from today's generation .. will have no choice but to finally end the madness.

Jesyka TredWay

Thank you Anne,

I'm sure people have already thought of this but I will write it anyway; reguarding the increase with minorities. That could be contributed to greater access to vaccines. Where before it was the 'party line' that they needed to increase access because it was cruel for the middle and upper class to only have access. Now vaccines are free. Where the contaminated water and crappy chemical food, polluted lands etc. has always been accessable to the lower class.


Just wondering why nobody here comments on the nutritional aspects. Children thrive on a high animal fat diet that delivers vital nutrients to every part of the body, most importantly, the brain and not processed foods that most of the time the body doesn't even recognize as food. Check out the Weston A. Price Foundation and read that historically, a people group thrived on traditional foods. I can't believe the amazing amount of insanity that goes on just because everyone wants a grant to continue doing their research and if they found the answer, they don't get paid anymore. It's getting back to the real basics of nutrition, family, God and nature.
Another thing, I believe strongly that the right amount of non-processed animal fat and tropical oils, like palm and coconut can protect our children even when the officials force them to get distructive immunizations.
A healthy, strong individual can fight off bad organisms if the factors line up...low stress, rest, fresh air, wide range of whole foods prepared right with probiotics, fats, enzymes, non-polluted water (w/o chlorine, fluoride, splenda..come on they're all killers)

first do no harm

I saw a woman in the store today with two adorable one-month-old twins. I warned her about vaccines and she smiled knowingly and said "Oh yes! A number of people have told me now." Then I gave her and she was very interested.

It's happening. Slowly, it's happening.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks as always for providing some real information with every MSM disinformation campaign.

Insel 2-3 years ago:

"As far as I can tell, the burden of proof is upon anybody who feels that there is NOT a real increase here in the number of kids affected..."

I wonder officials were hopeful at the time that they had environmental sources on which they could pin much of the blame without implicating themselves?

Where I have been it has looked like 1 in 88 was the "conservative" estimate that should have released about 8 or so years ago with the under-diagnoses and delayed diagnoses of the time. I don't know if that has really changed much, despite all the claims of better diagnosing and implications of over-diagnosing that the new DSM-V supposedly needs to fix.

One question I want an answer to: What is the rate of autism among children who received the full load of TCVs along with MMR+V at the tender age of 1 year? 1 in 30? Is there any way we could get the CDC to release that?

In any case, as long as the CDC cannot tell us the rate of autism among never-vaccinated populations, the media should be making it clear that rather than claims of no scientific link being found, there is actually no evidence of honest scientific inquiry (from these "experts") to be found.

Angus Files

It`s the Genes..stupid!!!


kathy blanco

I agree with Eileen, some common bonds other than vaccines is kids being born in hospitals in over medicalized birth settings, and some of them completely unnecessary. I also see the common bonds of common municipal waters full of aluminum fluoride. But let's be even more sysinct, vaccines are probably the most common finding, and also observation of all these families.

Dr Walsh sent me this one time when I had questions of etiology, and this was his response. Autism is essentially a gene-programing disorder -- A condition in which environmental insults have altered chromatin bookmarks that determine genetic expression. Since the deviant marks survive cell division, the disorder doesn't go away. Methylation is the number one factor in epigenetic programming of genes, and nearly all ASD kids are undermethylated. In-utero undermethylation results in hypersensitivity to environmental insults, and weakness in combating oxidative stresses. Research has shown that cumulative oxidative stresses can reach a threshold in which gene marks are changed, resulting in a suddenly-appearing disease condition. This could happen in utero or after birth (regression event).

There is a good chance that deviant marks in autism may be normalized by future epigenetic therapies. Unlike genetic disorders that are extremely difficult to combat, epigenetic abnormalities are relatively easy to correct. I've described this in my new book that should be out in about 6 weeks.

Several years ago, it was discovered that many cancers are epigenetic in origin, and there are several experimental epigenetic therapies that are promising and undergoing FDA trials. They are getting quite good at identifying the specific DNA CpG island and histone tail abnormal marks. I wish these researchers would start similar research for ASD.

I see a future in which newborns will be tested for deviant epigenetic bookmarks, and aberrant marks corrected during the first few months. This new technology has potential for eliminating the onset of autism, and also improved treatment for children and adults who have the condition.

Note, it is all accumulative aberrant events, not just one event. I think if we look the major players, we might be able to stave off this epidemic...but as you know, methodologies and regulations and products are all wrapped into BIG PHARMA MEDICO systems....good luck with that...

So it comes down to parents education levels. It comes down to knowing what can happen, and avoiding them.


Carolyn M
Thanks for breaking this down for all of us.

Raymond Gallup

The cover-up will go on for decades to come by the powers that be. Why go to the truth that an environmental agent like vaccines is causing the autism epidemic when the old standby "better diagnosis" works. They even drag out genetics as a link when we all know that there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic except for the ignorant public at large.

I would like to be positive but after living through the 1990s and now the early 2000s, how could anybody be positive when they see this constant drumbeat of bullshit by the media explaining it away along with their allies in the medical community and dare I say assorted politicians and wingnuts.

Raymond Gallup

Carolyn M

Part of the disparity of rates that she is using as a reason for skepticism is accounted for in the report itself. Under "Case Ascertainment":

"All ADDM Network sites have agreements in place to access records at health sources; however, four ADDM sites (Alabama, Florida, Missouri, and Wisconsin) have not been granted access to records at education sources, and in one site (Colorado) parents are notified directly about the study and may request that their children's education records be excluded." (For Florida and Colorado they only collected data in ONE county in each.)

Also, under "Evaluation of Missing Records and Expanded ICD-9 Codes":

"The majority of sites estimated that the total number of children identified with ASDs might potentially have increased <5% had all records been located for review. However, it is estimated that ASD prevalence would have been 9% higher in Utah, 13% higher in Pennsylvania, 16% higher in Alabama and Maryland, and 26% higher in Florida.

"Among the 12 sites reviewing records based on an expanded list of ICD-9 codes, five sites did not identify any children with ASDs solely on the basis of the expanded code list, whereas six sites identified approximately 1% or fewer, and Arkansas identified approximately 4% of the total number of children with ASDs solely on the basis of the expended code list."

There are also other factors than these flaws and the ridiculous excuse of "better diagnosing" that could account for variability in prevalence. (If using the "better diagnosing" excuse, then why are doctors in Alabama so much worse in diagnosing autism than doctors in Utah? Maybe she needs to go investigate that possibility?)

Catherine Lord appears to be either ignorant (charitable interpretation) or purposefully engaging in disinformation.

Maurine Meleck

Thanks, Anne. It;s hard to believe that the public can accept this nonsense from health officials and the like. As the lies continue, so do so many families and their suffering. Even the Mpls Star and Tribune today is carrying that genetic story recently reported by The New Yiork Times. The poisoness mushroom just keeps growing and growing.


Did the CDC announce the new Autism rates "live and in person" or simply pass out a memo ???

By the new numbers, Autism is about 100 times more common than polio. Even if you give them a break, and say they are off by a factor of 50% Autism is 50 times more common than polio and it might nearly be time to figure it out.

The typical American has been told over and over, that Thimerosal was removed from vaccines in 1999, which actually means this process took until about 2003. ... which actually means the children were still getting Thimerosal in their damn flu shots.

The "four year delay" on the release of Autism rates of eight year olds, born in 2000 is simply a part of the fraud. Most of these children would have received a "boatload of mercury" in their vaccines.

The American public will think these new higher rates reflect post Thimerosal children which is certainly not the case. At present, they are in the process of "moving the goalposts" for the diagnostic criteria which will further cloud the issue again in a matter of months.


For me it's not even just about the rate (although it is astounding). It's that fact as Dana's photos point out, so many kids weren't born with it. Other than Rett's syndrome we didn't see perfectly normal children change drastically for the worse. This whole "unfolding of a genetic expression- similar to how schizophrenia develops later" bullshit (mentioned by people like 'Josephius'') is a really blatant lie.


I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. People are dumb!! There is no way that the old "better diagnosing" gambit can fly anymore. The numbers are far to high! My God folks, how stupid do they think we actually are? Not to mention that little ol' crisis of that old 1-150 are graduating this year and there are no funds and programs worth anything to pick up the slack once they are out of highschool!

I would like someone, just once, besides me, to listen to the moms! Listen to the parents! (I call all the moms my Autism Moms by the way, lol, hope no one minds)


In order to get an autism diagnosis from a Doctor they ask the parents a series of 12 questions regarding the child like: does the child engage in repetitive behaviors,does the child line things up in a row, is the child verbal? To my knowledge this is how they have diagnosed autism for the last 30 years and this has not changed. How can they be diagnosing better if nothing has changed?


Thanks for not letting Insel's letter go without a good very well thought out response. It was just another insult telling us all how autism is going to be many different types of genetic disorders and evenually they will find them all????? Good luck in getting them to look at the brain stem. Dr. Wakefield, I noticed in spoke about accumalation of research that he is studying that implicates it all starts in the brain stem.

I predict:
They will recall the Hep B after two and half decades for the worse, horrible (I have no word for it ? infantcide)and proclaim very simple that the problem is solved, and all is well. That is about like it was when they changed the DPT to the DTaP (only it is still a bad- very bad vaccine that is still causing plenty of heartache) Maybe that is what they will do for the Hep B -- change it to Hep b.

No one will be called up and have their knuckles even smacked with a ruler for allowing this to happen. the attitude will be - things happen sometimes, it is life, not our fault. Things continue as they are right now.
Well it is their fault, and I want some punishment!

The autism rates will go down, but the reasons for vaccine injury will be ignored and forgotten by the government and govenment agencies. They always claime Americans have short memories - that is not true unless you work for the government. Amnesia must be a requirement to work for the government. Plenty of Alumiunium will still be in the vaccines, making them cheap, Mercury will quietly be put back in (they like it for some reason and we are suppose to be "ashamed" that we threw a fit to get it out.) How dare we to complain about science.

The diabeties, obsesity, thyroid epidemic rates will still sky rocket and alziehiemers too. If you do not have these four things you will be looked at in wonder and awe. Boy you sure have some good genes.

Vaccine injuries from the DTaP will continue at the lower rates that no one cares. MMR vaccine will have fewer kids reacting to them because the Hep B is out of the schedule, but for the kids that sitll do react - they will be slower rate and so who cares. - Except the parents, families, and the kids themselves; but they will soon be dust too and life will go on with a nation full of autoimmune diseases- waiting for the next vaccine.

Time will go by and they will add another just as bad as the Hep B. or they will add two or three together that add up just as bad as Hep B.

Nothing has changed except the Hep B and for many of a child that will be enough to get them by.


We can easily figure out whether it is better diagnosing or a "real increase" in numbers. Let's do a study on 50 year olds and see what the numbers are.

Oh...wait. Can't do that. Just like we can't study vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. Can't have the truth come out.

enough of this better diagnosis bullshit please

If these autism "experts" (oh the irony!) knew anything about autism in the real world they would know that these kids could not possibly go unnoticed in the past for one simple reason: a great majority of ASD kids (even most of those on the milder end of spectrum) simply CANNOT go through the mainstream education system without lots of help, they CANNOT follow school curriculum unaided.

Did we really have 1 in 88 children in special education or dropping out of primary schools for no reason and without diagnosis? If all of those were misdiagnosed instead, did we really have 1:88 kids with diagnosis of mental retardation in special schools back then??


I live in a pretty small area, and our last autism meeting was standing room only. The room was filled with parents who had never even heard of autism, much less seen it before it mysteriously appeared in their normally developing child.

That's hardly a rare occurrence any more, and it would appear to expose the ridiculous nature of the genetic excuses.... like seriously, how can genetics be blamed when there's no-one on either parents side to have inherited it from??

What is most annoying though, is that none of the children from the parents in that room, has a form of autism that can in any way be described as subtle. Their autism is as obvious to a stranger on the street, as it would have been to a doctor in any of the past 5 decades. Not one of these kids would have ever gone unnoticed, because their autism would have been easy to diagnose by any of the definitions that doctors have been using.

Supposed experts Catherine Lord are really no different than Brian Deer: high paid mouthpieces hired to lead the public away for a truth that's almost too horrible for words.

Although resistance from the guilty parties ( medical community) will be enormous, an honest study of vaccinated and COMPLETELY unvaccinated children is the only study that really needs to be done. It will immediately show that vaccines have caused this terrible disorder in our precious, innocent children.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Anne, thanks as always. Yesterday in response to the AOA article on brain damage, Benedetta provided the following link to Dr. Insel's most recent statement:

I also received the same email from the Office of Autism Research Coordination, and I have just responded with the following email:

Dear Office of Research Coordination, and Dr. Insel,

This morning in PubMed 258 citations came up with a search for: autism loci.

Citation 258 (last in the list) is the paper I wrote in 1975, Echolalic speech in childhood autism. Consideration of possible underlying loci of brain damage (Simon N. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1975 Nov;32(11):1439-46).

Most of the other 258 citations are to reports of the hunt for gene loci on chromosomes. But, the brain should be the focus of research on autism. I perused the three letters in Nature cited by Dr. Insel (by Neale et al., O'Roak et al., and Sanders et al.), and find all three very weak in explanations of how the brain might be affected by the de nova mutations reported. O'Roak et al. mention a possible "role of synapse formation and maintenance," and Sanders et al. "brain-expressed genes" and "established lists of synaptic genes." How do these vague concepts in any way begin to explain the most serious handicap of children with autism, developmental language disorder?

One seminal paper on blood flow in the brain, by former NIMH director Seymour Kety, explains why nuclei in the brainstem auditory pathway are susceptible to injury by toxic substances in the circulation, or by ischemic injury with disruption of blood flow to the brain. Blood flow is greater in brainstem auditory nuclei than in any other area of the brain. Please read Kety SS. Regional neurochemistry and its application to brain function. Bull NY Adad Med. 1962 Dec; 38:799-812, available online at

Toxic and or anoxic injury of brainstem auditory nuclei should be a primary focus of research on the language disorder in autism. Kulesza et al. (Brain Res 2011 Jan 7; 1367:360-71) reported malformation of the superior olivary complex in 9 cases of autism, and Lukose et al. (Brain Res 2011 jun 29; 1398:102-12) were able to produce the same malformation in laboratory rats exposed to valproic acid during gestation. Please read these reports and compare them with the blood flow data of Kety from 50 years ago. I hope that Dr. Insel can comment on these three papers in a future blog.

(Eileen) Nicole Simon

Adam M

Thank you Anne.

And just to make the point again with the new rate. Where are the 1 in 88 / 1 in 54 thirty year olds and forty year olds and fifty year olds?????????? At the new rate its even more incredible to think in the 1970s and 80s society was that oblivious to not see it. Better diagnosis ? Yeah right.

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