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Autism Research Institute Spring Conference April 26 Newark NJ

ARI sidebar logoWe're fortunate to have conferences year round from organizations seeking to provide the best in treatment, education, living, employment and other pressing topics in autism. Traveling isn't always easy for us though - goodness knows.  This year, the Spring 2012 ARI conference is in Newark, NJ at Liberty International Airport. That means you can hop onto AMTRAK from almost anywhere on the Eastern seaboard and chug chug right to the conference. No airlines, no taxis, no hassle.

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From ARI:

We've brought back our popular "Buddy Pass" rates exclusively online. Pre-register a group of two or more online to attend a General, Science or Diet Session, then add as many friends as you want for the sessions they want, and you'll all save 25% on your registration.

Note: 25% Discount does not apply to practitioner seminars, fees for continuing education credits, printed books or special events. Discount is automatically applied at checkout when you register online.

Registration, Exhibit Viewing, Hosted Coffee, Cash Breakfast
Welcome Announcements
SPEAKER  Stephen Edelson, Ph.D.
The Time Is Now
SPEAKER  Andrew Levinson, MD

Behavioral Support for the Treatment of Autism
SPEAKER  Ivy Feldman, PhD, BCBA-D
Morning Break & Exhibit Viewing
Sensory Smart Strategies for Real-life Challenges
SPEAKER  Lindsey Biel, OTR/L
Q & A with Morning Speakers
Cash Lunch and Exhibit Viewing
Diagnosis Matters
SPEAKER  Pamela J. Compart, MD
Why are Diet & Nuturition Particularly Important in the Treatment of Autism?
SPEAKER  Peta Cohen, MS RD
Afternoon Break & Exhibit Viewing
How to Get The Most Out of Your Practitioner
SPEAKER  Nancy O'Hara, MD
Q&A with Afternoon Speakers

Registration, Exhibit Viewing, Hosted Coffee, Cash Breakfast
Keynote: The Autism Revolution
SPEAKER  Martha Herbert, MD, PhD
Treating the Whole Child
SPEAKER  David Berger, MD
Morning Break & Exhibit Viewing
Evidence or Anecdote? How to Choose the Right Interventions When the Options Seem Overwhelming
SPEAKER  Vicki Kobliner, MS, RD
Cash Lunch and Exhibit Viewing
12:15-1:00: Brown-bag option (grab your lunch and meet in Ballroom C) Meeting the Needs of those Living with Autism Across the Lifespan
SPEAKER  Peter Bell
Immunology and InflammationIntroduction
SPEAKER  Judy Van de Water, PhD
Gastrointestinal Issues in Autism
SPEAKER  Elizabeth Mumper, MD
Nutritional Supplements: What to do First and Symptom-Specific Recommendations
Afternoon Break & Exhibit Viewing
Diet Panel with Samples
SPEAKERS  Vicki Kobliner, MS, RD; Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN; Pamela Ferro, RN; Dana Laake, RDH, MS, LDN; Liz Lipski, Ph.D, CCN, CHN; and Tom Malterre

Registration, Exhibit Viewing, Hosted Coffee, Cash Breakfast
Making Evidence-Based Choices on Behalf of Your ASD Loved One
SPEAKER  Denise Fulton & Anissa Ryland
, Everyday Tips for Parenting a Child with Autism: Parenting, Teaching, & Coping
SPEAKER  Robyn Catagnus, EdD, BCBA-D
Education Plans: Early Intervention for a Young Child with ASD (lunch break for parents of 'school age' children)
SPEAKER  Melissa Olive, PhD, BCBA-D
Education Plans: School-Age Children with ASD (lunch break for parents of toddlers and preschoolers with ASD)
SPEAKER  Melissa Olive, PhD, BCBA-D
Dietary Management Success: Tips for Navigating Intervention
SPEAKER  Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN
SPEAKER  Andrew Levinson, MD

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thank you for this.

Never Forget Bernie

"I've never heard an autistic person express a serious desire to not be autistic, nor have I heard *of* such an event. If you can provide evidence that autistic people who wish to be "treated" actually exist then I'll consider your mission valid, if somewhat dangerous for the rest of us in the long term."


Just google "I don't want to be autistic" and you'll find your proof all over the internet. Here's one:

“Mom, I don’t want to be autistic any more. I want to be like all the other kids.”

I can't imagine why it's dangerous to you if this child is treated for his autism. What you should be worried about is how mainstream medicine is currently treating people for autism. If an autistic person is placed in a mental health care setting, you can bet he or she will be plied with heavy duty drugs with dangerous side effects. Your fears are misplaced. No need to worry about the vitamin/gfcf/natural food crowd on Age of Autism. Be worried about the white coats. They can cause real harm to people with your diagnosis.


I honestly don't care what the cause of autism is. I've never heard another autistic person express concern about what the cause of autism might be either. What's important, when you come down to it, isn't whether parents or medical professionals or businesspeople or politicians want "treatments" for autism. All of their opinions are irrelevant. What's important is whether autistic people want these "treatments". I've never heard an autistic person express a serious desire to not be autistic, nor have I heard *of* such an event. If you can provide evidence that autistic people who wish to be "treated" actually exist then I'll consider your mission valid, if somewhat dangerous for the rest of us in the long term.

Never Forget Bernie


Scientific consensus now holds that there is an environmental component involved in autism causation. That means a poisonous exposure (or exposures) of some kind play a role in causing autism. People have a right to seek recovery from the ill effects of a neurotoxic exposure that caused them harm if they so choose.

The term "cure movement" was coined by the autistic pride movement - a group of people so small, Autism Speaks probably outnumbers them in one "walk" alone.


The commenters here seem to be under the impression that (despite being autistic) Ne'eman has some inexplicable desire to ruin the lives of autistic people (or should I say "children"?) and their families. Maybe before dismissing him as some sort of cartoon villain, you should stop to think about *why* so many autistic people are so vehemently opposed to any attempt to "cure" autism, and for that matter why you so rarely if ever hear any autistic person speak out in favour of the cure movement.

Never Forget Bernie

p.s. Read #7 and tell us Bernie would have approved.

Never Forget Bernie

Ms. Johnson,
Thank you for responding and letting us know you were unaware that ARI promoted Ari Ne'eman's research advisory committee. You have been a tremendous voice for our cause, but with all due respect, your explanation is woefully inadequate and I implore you to examine the facts and reconsider.

Ari Ne'eman is an "influential critic" alright. However, him teaching people to evaluate research proposals could only mean one thing if the research proposal involves a study of the vaccine/autism link or a study of hyperbaric oxygen therapy or chelation therapy to treat autism. The proposal is dead, at least in his committee.

Ne'eman doesn't acknowledge an environmental trigger for autism and in fact has stated that he considers being autistic akin to being Black (which is pseudoscience). What person would approve research proposals to determine why some people are born Black and how one can recover from being Black? How can you and Dr. Edelman honestly believe Ne'eman's pseudoscientific views would allow him to approve ANY of the research we so urgently seek in a favorable light?

Furthermore, although I don't recall the exact words, his ad essentially said people who apply must subscribe to his views. Where is the diversity in that? It's another obvious propaganda program to "train" people to think like him and work directly against our efforts and the recovery of our children.

Let's not forget he has said autistic people, not parents, should be speaking for our kids. His wish seems to be coming true. We are not allowed on his research advisory committee unless we're autistic and we think like him.

I very seriously doubt if the qualifications to be a member of his advisory team involve a medical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. There is no evidence of such a diagnosis being required to participate in any of his efforts. This means "self-diagnosed" people will be among those deciding about research for our children while we are not allowed to be on this research advisory team. Self diagnoses are not always accurate as anyone involved in the medical field should know. A person with social anxiety, for example, but not ASD - but who thinks he has ASD could probably serve on this committee and be empowered to affect autism policy.

Where is the research advisory group for people who want to prevent autism and recover themselves or their children from autism? You should be advocating for such a group - and fighting against the very group you're now aiding. We already have almost no representation on the IACC. But Ne'eman has 3 or 4 like-minded members on that committee.

How easily you ignore the fact that Ne'eman advocated against the wandering code, as well as the rest of his abysmal track record for people who seek recovery, treatment, cure and prevention. It's hard to believe you defended biomed to Trine Tsouderos or wrote this impassioned piece:

Many would vehemently disagree with you and Dr. Edelman that Dr. Rimland would support Ne'eman's initiative "in the interest of moving things forward." (What things? Forward for whom?) Ours is a well-networked community, and ARI will lose its base if it continues to promote this type of "advocacy." And that would be tragic, considering all that ARI has done for so many families.

Please withdraw efforts to aid Ne'eman's cause that run directly counter to your goals and ours.

Everyone can understand and forgive a mistake.

Jane Johnson

I work for ARI, and I must admit, at first I was confused when I read this comment as I didn’t recall seeing this reference. I asked Dr. Edelson if he knew anything about the email mentioning Mr. Ne'eman.

He responded that AGI (the Autistic Global Initiative, a self-advocacy project for adults on the spectrum that is associated with ARI) mentioned an event in which Mr. Ne'eman and his group plan to teach adults with ASD how to evaluate research proposals in their e-news. Dr. Edelson commented that he feels that Dr. Rimland would be supportive of this *specific* self-advocacy initiative despite obvious disagreement with Mr. Ne’eman about the suffering so many individuals and families living with autism endure.

Dr. Rimland excelled at finding the touchpoints where even the most disparate camps disagreed in the interest of moving things forward.

So much excellent science is emerging. It occurs to us that if people with autism are being encouraged to evaluate the science by an influential critic, there is hope some individuals will start looking at the latest research, and, on reading these new findings, come to their own conclusions.


I don't know if its just me, but ARI does not look like it did when Bernard was alive.
Sure miss him, all that he stood for, and all he fought for....

Articles found on Ari Ne'eman

Never Forget Bernie

This looks like an excellent event which I plan to attend - though one thing now gives me pause about Autism Research Institute. They should not be promoting the work of Ari Ne'eman who opposes almost everything the organization stands for and whose group of NDs tries to stand in the way of parents recovering their children, calls our doctors quacks and helped campaign for the removal of the dietary supplement OSR from the market - a supplement that I purchased (and no longer can) that has helped many children.

I actually got an e-mail from Autism Research Institute that included a blurb promoting Ne'eman's next propaganda program which is bound to hurt us and our kids. Ari Ne'eman even disparages ARI's own founder, Bernard Rimland. How they could promote Ne'eman's work I cannot even comprehend. Let's not forget he tried to stop the wandering code from going into effect which may well save autistic children's lives.

I hope ARI sees the error of their ways and makes corrections quickly. This is no way to honor Bernard Rimland or help families struggling with autism.

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