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Autism and Nutrition

We know that dietary interventions are an important part of the healing equation and they often improve the quality of life in even the sickest of children, setting the foundation for therapeutic and biomedical treatments to make a bigger impact.   So many families have not yet heard that message, or maybe they’ve heard it but were told it couldn’t possibly be true. 
Author of the book Nourishing Hope for Autism, and creator of an education and cooking class program called Cooking to Heal, Julie is an engaging speaker who makes the food connection very concrete and understandable for new parents and practitioners while still challenging and teaching the old-timers among us who might be stuck in a food routine that could stand some improvement.  Her practical approach goes well beyond GFCF.
The fact that Julie  is travelling is traveling to five different cities during Autism Awareness Month strikes me as a great opportunity to mobilize folks in five different communities, families who might not have the opportunity to travel to national conferences, families who might not yet know how to access the remarkable resources this autism community has to offer, families who should be working together in their own communities to halt this epidemic before it goes any further.
So please, if you can, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, email and old fashioned flyers too (access the flyers from this link)  – but spread the word across these five cities as a simple but concrete way of helping just a few more precious children and their families.  Think schools, churches, health care providers, community centers, playgroups and more.

Because let’s face it, with 1:88 diagnosed with full blown autism, and so many more just perched on the edge, you can’t move an inch these days without running into someone whose family could truly benefit from learning something about autism, nutrition and childhood development.  Helping even one of them, now that is the sort of autism ‘awareness’ I like to see.
Josie Nelson n is an autism advocate with a background in history, ethics and holistic health.  She is the grateful mother of two healthy children and she lives in Northern Virginia.


Arthur : Lynds - Savage

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Thank you for sharing this information!!

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