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Age of Autism Contest: The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (And Their Parents)

SurvivalGuideKidswithASDsWe have a copy of a new book for a lucky AofA reader.  Called The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (And Their Parents) by Elizabeth Verdeck and Elizabeth Reed MD from Spirit Publishing.  Leave a comment to enter.

This positive, straightforward book offers kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) their own comprehensive resource for both understanding their condition and finding tools to cope with the challenges they face every day.

Some children with ASD are gifted; others struggle academically. Some are more introverted, while others try to be social. Some get “stuck” on things, have limited interests, or experience repeated motor movements like flapping or pacing (“stims”). The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders covers all of these areas, with an emphasis on helping children gain new self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Meant to be read with a parent, the book addresses questions (“What is ASD?” “Why me?”) and provides strategies for communicating, making and keeping friends, and succeeding in school. Body and brain basics highlight symptom management, exercise, diet, hygiene, relaxation, sleep, and toileting. Emphasis is placed on helping kids handle intense emotions and behaviors and get support from family and their team of helpers when needed. The book includes stories from real kids, fact boxes, helpful checklists, and resources. Sections for parents offer additional information.


Ljubinka Stevanovic

Two mums with own expiriienc and knowing their children with autism,psychiatrist and advocate for kids and parents in the autism community-Must be benefit for whol famili who have child on ASD.


I have a 22yr old child, was diagnosed pdd-nos at 3yrs. She is now about to graduate college with honors. Hard to say what will happen with any child, I am very very lucky and blessed. I tell you this to give hope to you all.

Ted Van Oosbree

I'd love to talk to my sons about this book - if they could talk.

Amy in Idaho

Looks like a great read. Still learning - day after day, year after year.

Julie Horton

Have Triplets - two ASD - looks like a wonderful book to add to our library! Thank you!

Nicole Dumond

Just at the stage where we will be talking with him about his diagnosis. This book would help us so much...!


I'd love to win this!


This book looks good.


As a mom of triplets, one with ASD and one with high-functioning autism, this would be a great resource for them and also for their brother who doesn't understand why they need more attention sometimes. I think this would be a valuable tool for our family! I would love to have this book!

wendy teague

This looks like a book we need in our personal library!!!! Please let us win!!!!

Kathleen Lord

What a fantastic gift for all from a truly dedicated parent. As an OT working with families I would definitely recommend this book, without having read it!

Melissa vega

This looks like a great resource! We could all use a survival guide on this journey! I would love to win a copy!!!

Trina Aurin

I would love this book - I look for ideas and help everywhere and this sounds like a good book.

Lori Orrico

Looks like a great addition to our autism arsenal!


I would LOVE a copy!!!! hope I win!!!

Michelle B

My daughter is starting to realize she's 'different', this would be a great tool for her!

Dawn Barnsdale

This looks AMAZING! The cover alone caught my eye- and the synopsis - sounds right up my alley!! I can fit this in with all the "required" reading I have to do to finish my special ed degree!!!!

I sure hope I win!!!!

Lysa m.

This looks amazing, fun to read with tons of information. This is the kind of basic " what do I do now book" we all need. If we don't win it, it is still going on our wish list. :-)

Isabella Gunawan

Hi,I'm from Jakarta,Indonesia who has a 3 years old PDD-NOS son.How can I get this book in my country?How much is it? Thanks

Emily Kreifels

Oh this book looks amazing! I would really love to win it and if not, please tell me where I can pick up a copy. I have a 6yr old boy with ADHD and he's on the Autism Spectrum.... he's a bit of a handful and sometimes I feel completely alone in the world of parenting!

Monika Brooks

This Looks like an awesome book. I have a 12 year old and this would be perfect for him

Mocha Autism Network


Sounds perfect!

Barbara Bucknam

I would love to read this book1!


my 4 year old son was just diagnosed with pddnos and I can use all of the information I can get my hands on

jill klink

Survive and thrive....everyday! Thanks for putting this book together. I have a son with ASD as well as teach middle schoolers with ASD. Sounds perfect.

Michelle Wandrack

This sounds like a great book to read to my son, Noah, and his brother, Micah. Micah is very protective of his brother. It would help explain their differences. And assist both in the challenges of autism. Thanks for the offer!


This looks like a great book! I would love it!

katie kelley

Pick me! Pick me!


I would love a copy for greater understanding of our adult son with autism!


Oh wow! This book looks amazing! I would LOVE to win this! It looks like a fantastic tool to help my son understand why he is different, and perhaps give him some help as he grows older. Thanks!

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