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A Hurricane of Blue

Blue_Storm_by_neXarBy LJ Goes

Blue.  Everywhere blue.  Buildings downtown.  T-Shirts.  Toys-R-Us and every chain restaurant in you neighborhood. Everyone is Lighting It Up Blue for Autism.  "Care to donate for autism research?"  Your waitress with shiny blue salon manicured nails asks. "You know autism is just a terrible disease. Those poor kids.  You wanna help the kids, right?" She bats her blue mascaraed lashes. 

During this month, the powers that be ask us to simply be aware of autism.  Don't do anything.  Well, if you've got some cash to donate for "research", you can certainly fork that over, but don't ask us who it's going to or what we are going to do with it. You probably wouldn't understand it anyway.  Autism science is super complex mom and dad.  You've got your hands full with junior anyway.  Leave the science to the experts.  Just keep the faith that the money you give us is going to help the kids.  Probably not this generation, the previous, or the next even...but someday maybe someone will be helped.  Perhaps.  Possibly.

This, in a nutshell, is the Light It Up Blue Campaign.  Celebrities, fanfare.  Lots and lots of big corporate sponsors.  Parties.  All in the name of helping the children.

Let us have a metaphorical look at how the real autism community (i.e. activists and parents who know what happened to their kids) feel about LIUB.  

Imagine your life is thrust into shambles by a hurricane. Yes, you live in an area where hurricanes have happened before.  But never to you.  To other folks you know, sure. Never you though. Imagine, you've lost your home, your family, and you've spent the last two days pinned under the wreckage formerly known as your neighbor's garage, screaming for help (for many of us autism parents this is a very true word picture). Finally, under all that detritus, you hear muffled voices, people working toward you.  All is not lost.  Someone is here to help.  You are starved, dehydrated, and your body is broken in too many place to even begin taking inventory. The pain is unbearable. You cannot move or speak. 

"They really did a nice job with the swags over there."  

"Yeah, so vibrant.  I love the way the blue shimmers when the light hits it just the right way!" You hear someone respond to the comment.  

"I heard there's going to be a champagne toast at the big brunch today to celebrate all our hard work.  I guess even the White House is going to  put up blue light bulbs or something?  It's a really big deal."

You must be hallucinating.  Either that or you are crossing over.  Is one of these jokers your spirit guide or is there seriously a party going on out there?

Finally several  slabs of wet, damaged siding give way, and you see a glimpse of the blue the voices are talking about. Blankets of  decadent azure fabric cover the carnage.  Homes literally turned upside down are swathed in yards of the stuff.  Are all those swags made of blue velvet? Whatever it is, it's everywhere.  Floating on the snake, bile and bacteria infested waters.  Hanging from the tops of damaged trees.  Some of it appears to be covering bodies. A large tent made of the stuff has a sign that explains everything, "Celebrate Hurricane Awareness Month!" 

A worker wearing a cotton version of the same blue lunges toward you.  He seems downright affable. "We got another one here!" The first voice you heard belongs to him. His colleague yells back, "Alive?"  

"Not sure."  He responds.  He leans in to check your vitals when an impressive looking person catches his eye. 

"Hey Mr. Pharma!  Good to see you!" he yells to the very important looking man who is wearing the same blue shirt, only his is obscured under a silk Tom Ford suit.  You can tell it's custom.  "Nice work on the buttons! You know the message really reaches the people!"  Mr. Pharma squints and nods in the workers direction.  He has a clipboard an iPhone and an entourage.  They too are clad in blue tops with suit coats and executive bottoms. Mr. Pharma waves but doesn't bother looking at the worker. He's getting ready to motivate his people. "Now, this charity gave us $500,000, he says, pointing to a name on his clipboard.  That's great, but I know you guys can do better.  We are saving lives here.  Children. Families.  It's about the people and you need to remember that.  I only put my name on things I can really get behind. So, when you think you can't possibly ask for another dime look around you.  Look at all these signs, swags, t-shirts and buttons.  Blue is the color of natural disaster.  It's like the whole world thinks, blue - hurricane! You good people, you did this.  Now, keep it up.  I am working on some very important research with some bigwigs that will help us identify why so many people died from this particular hurricane.  It is very complex, super-science-y, but I will dumb it down for you. My investor, I mean, scientist friends and I are trying to ascertain if the people who died directly as a result of this hurricane had a genetic predisposition to death by natural disaster.  If they did (which we all believe wholeheartedly our research will reveal) how do we identify the Natural Disaster Gene?  This is going to be huge guys. Everybody who's anybody wants in on this research!  We need millions. So get to work!!"  

After receiving their marching orders the entourage quickly disperses.  Punching frantically into their handheld devices many of them step in puddles of filth. One executive lands face down in some bacteria laden muck. She tripped over a body.  Like the now famed Honey Badger, she pops back up undaunted, straightens her soiled skirt and gets right back to her iphone. She has blood, mud, and excrement all over her face. With a smile in her voice she reaches her intended party and inquires about monies promised to her for this very worthy cause. You think the body she tripped over may have been the little boy who delivers your morning paper.  It's hard to tell because death distorts things.  The voices of the other victims are now in earshot.  You hear babies screaming, parents crying, grandparents wailing. So many injuries that could have been avoided if only they'd have listened to the warnings. You hear a mom plead as she balances a toddler on her hip, "Our home has been destroyed. I can't find my husband.  We have nowhere to go."  A smiley worker-bee responds. "No worries!  We've thought of everything, hon."  He ushers her into a damp blue tent with a dirt floor.  "You guys can stay here!  Put these on, K?  I got one for your little peanut too!"  He hands her two blue buttons that have a big red line through a frowny face with the caption - Celebrate National Hurricane Awareness Month With A Frown Turned Upside Down! A doctor enters as soon as the voluteer departs.  He's carrying syringes.  The mom asks, "What are those for?"  He looks at her and her child and says, "You've been exposed to countless bacteria. You have several deep cuts. You are both going to need tetanus shots.  They come with the added benefit of coverage against diptheria and pertussis. He pricks them both. A teenager and his father enter the moldy tent.  The boy is sweating, bleeding profusely from his midsection.  His breath is shallow and his language, incoherent.  His father, whom he leans into for support, speaks on his behalf.  "Doctor, please can you help my son?  Glass from a window is lodged in his stomach and we can't stop the bleeding."  

"Oh my Goodness!"  The doctor proclaims.  Yes, lay him down on the floor here and I''ll be back with my medical bag. He returns with some rubbing alcohol and a band aid.  The band aid is impressive.  It's blue with the NHAM acronym emblazoned in bright gold letters across it.  He can't remove the glass.  He doesn't know how.  So, he just puts the band aid over it.  "There you go son!  Good as new!  Here's a little something to keep you motivated!"  He hands him the same blue button the volunteer gave to the mother earlier. The doctor musses the boys hair and tells the mom to see her physician if there is any swelling at the injection site. All the color drains from the teenagers face and he dies in his father's arms as the doctor exits the tent.  "Good luck you guys!  No need to thank me! Helping people is my passion!"  The doc checks his watch and heads to the other tent. The decadent one, with the pleated blue velvet, candles, porcelain place-settings and chandeliers hung by party planners.  He is hungry and looking forward to today's spread. 

None of this is making sense, you think.  This is all so horrible.  Is it really happening?  Is anyone going to tend to you? Afterall, you are dying, too.

Just as the worker who dug you out turns back to help you a hysterical man approaches him.  "Raw sewage!  It's everywhere! I'm housing survivors! Children! I have a supply of uncontaminated food and water that could  last for days if we can keep the sewage at bay. Please, help me! These people have nowhere to go and I can keep them alive until help arrives!"  "No problem. Calm down." Your worker responds.  He digs into a sack he has by his side and hands the man a roll of paper towel and a Hefty garbage bag.  "It's two ply for tough jobs. There you go, Buddy!"  

He looks down at you.  He seems annoyed.  It's been a long day for him, you guess. But still, he's got you now.  Everything is going to be okay.  Just as he reaches for your pulse someone yells out to him. "Hey! Come on dude! It's time to celebrate National Hurricane Awareness Month!"  

You can't talk.  You can't move.  You can't communicate. You're just another body.  He looks at you.  Who's going to know?  No one, he thinks. Just another body in the rubble among thousands.  What's one life when champagne and celebrity await? 

He washes up and arrives just in time for Mr. Pharma's first toast.  "Thank you all so much for you commitment to saving the lives of these poor unfortunate people during Hurricane Awareness Month.  We don't know why these things happen.  Why all these poor people have to suffer so.  No one ever knows why.  We could all drive ourselves nuts asking why, right? Well! So many have been saved because of your hard work hanging those blue swags, wearing those t-shirts and passing out those pins. Pat yourselves on the backs, enjoy the drinks created by our expert mixologists, and go take a picture with one of the many celebrities on our bank roll.  Remember, Hurricanes are dangerous.  Spread awareness."  Clink.

LJ Goes is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism and Co-Founder of The Thinking Moms Revolution.


Judy Brasher

Vincent Iannelli, MD….. I can tell you who we want to be our spokesmen or spokeswomen. We want the thousands of pediatricians who hear the thousands of parents telling them that the child was OK until vaccines.
I had worked with my grandson’s pediatrician for 20 years before his vaccine injury. We had mutual respect for each other. I have gotten a copy of my grandson’s records where on the day that the 9 vaccines were administered there is a notation by the pediatrician pertaining to my grandson being a well developed toddler. He was. He had a vocabulary of 20 words at 12 months and was ahead of other milestones. When I called the pediatrician about the regression about 2 months after the vaxs, he used his influence to get us a quicker than usual appointment with a developmental pediatrician. In this same patient record there is a letter to the pediatrician from the developmental pediatrician with a diagnosis of autism. This letter is dated 5 months after his notation of a normally developing toddler on the day he received 9 vaxs. Still he denies that there is a connection in the vaxs and the sudden onset of autism.
Most US pediatricians have blood on their hands for:
• Marginalizing parents when they give a history of regression after vaccinations. Patient history is of paramount importance in every illness except for autism.
• Not demanding safety studies on vaccines being tested in conjunction with other vaccines before they are added to the schedule.
• Not demanding a study of the health outcome of vaccinated children vs. vaccinated children.
• Juvenile diabetes is rising at alarming rates and the MMR package insert lists diabetes mellitus as a adverse reaction. The physicians of these children with diabetes should be advocating for these children asking if there is a connection.
• Recommending Tylenol for vaccine discomfort instead of calling for more vigorous studies after preliminary studies suggest a higher rate of autism with a Tylenol and vax combo.
• Knowing that there is a rate of 1:6 children having a learning disability. Knowing that aluminum is a neurotoxin but being content with the fact that there has not been a study to determine the level of aluminum that can be safely injected into a child.
• Not demanding that children with a history of regressive autism be studied. What is different about these children that made them regress?
• Not personally analyzing the studies being used to defend the vaccine program. It doesn’t take much digging to find the conflicts of interest and the flaws in methodology.
Most of the pediatricians I know are really nice people. The problem in my opinion is that they seem to have a greater allegiance to their professional organization and big pharmaceutical companies than they do to the children entrusted to them.


What comes first: the chicken or the egg?

Are vaccines safe?

Do children with mitochondrial disease have a potential to develop autism, or do children with autism have an underlying mitochondrial disorder?


Jim Thompson

Wakeup Parents, here is the response on NPR by Dr.Dawson of Autism Speaks:

“There is no evidence that the increase in prevalence that we’re seeing in autism spectrum disorder is linked to the MMR vaccine. If vaccines play a role, and there has not been any evidence thus far that shows that is has, it would be with a very small minority of individuals who have an underlying medical condition where the vaccines have triggered an onset of symptoms for an already existing condition or vulnerability. So we do not believe vaccines are an explanation of the increase and we strongly encourage parents to get their children vaccinated. “Starting at 41:00 in the April 2, 2012 NPR interview at

That’s it? No mention of mercury in flu vaccines? No mention of VAERS? No mention that controlled studies have not been done for vaccines? Never mind that therefore there is no evidence that vaccines are not a contributing factor? That’s it, just send money for exclusive scientific research?

Vincent Iannelli, MD

"The messages, the blogs, forums, yesterday were all aflutter with the Donald's step into autism."

Have you noticed that very little of the response, even in the Fox News forums, is favorable?

And are you guys that want Trump to be your spokesman going to buy into his birther ideas. Trump claimed to be pretty familiar with that subject too.

This is what Trump said last year at about this same time of year:

"I have a birth certificate. People have birth certificates. He doesn't have a birth certificate. He may have one but there is something on that birth certificate — maybe religion, maybe it says he's a Muslim, I don't know. Maybe he doesn't want that. Or, he may not have one."

— Donald Trump, March 30, 2011


Thank you Mr. Trump, you have very quickly made a few million new friends.

Donald Trump for HHS or VP?

The Fox News crew thought that Mr. Trump would "not have a clue" of the Autism / vaccine connection.

They thought he would say "Yes, I love the pretty blue la la land buildings..."

Sadly Gretchen is programmed, as they all are, to go into the "save our Pharma bucks" talking points.

The children born in 2000 very likely got the "full load of mercury" in every vaccine except for the live virus vaccines.

The most recent CDC rates would STILL reflect that.

Someone clip this to youtube before it is destroyed.

Can we hold an Autism convention at a Trump facility ???

Who else will fund the research?

I like to hear both sides of every argument. Since many of my friends are 'lighting it up blue' I have looked at exactly where the money for Autism Speaks is going. On their website, they list over 450+ research grants that they have contributed to and to my surprise many are in the area of epigentic and environmental research. My question is what other autism organization is funding research? Perhaps each autism organization needs better branding? For example, I see NAA and TACA as using their fundraising to directly help families. I am not saying I support AS, but who else will fund research and has the capability of getting the big celebrity and philanthropic donors?

Heidi N

How can we as an enormous autism arena, with lots of word-of-mouth connections to the latest and greatest concerning autism recovery, not have heard about the "Blue campaign" till 2 days before? Just wondering who are these guys, and how come they don't speak to those of us in the autism community who are actually doing things to recover kids?

no blue here

The "let's light it up blue" parents are the same ones who walk in the rain to line the pockets of Autism Speaks. They are either:

A. parents in denial
B. parents who just love seeing themselves on blogs rambling on and on about how wonderful they are or
C. just plain ignorant


They might be taking pot-shots at Donald Trump right now, but "too many, too soon" is a very valid argument, when it comes to an overload of vaccinations and the right/wrong genetics, whichever way you want to look at it.
A much larger percentage of the population than previously thought has some form of mitochondrial dysfunction which might leave them open to developing various medical conditions. It seems like childhood viruses and vaccines (particularly when many are given close together) are likely triggers for mitochondrial dysfunction in those with susceptible genetics. What the research demonstrates is that contrary to what the medical experts were saying, mitochondrial disease and milder dysfunction is in fact NOT a rare occurrence. This remarkable finding could be a key piece of the puzzle, not just in autism, but in a host of other unexplained diseases.

Results of a study by the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) reveal that at least one in 200 healthy humans "harbors a pathogenic mitochondrial mutation that potentially causes disease." The landmark study is published in the current issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics.

In children whose brains are developing rapidly and require vast amounts of energy it seems that mitochondrial dysfunction leads to developmental disorders such as autism. In adults however other conditions may result, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.



Trump really said that? Holy $( )!T, I might have to really like him now!


Whhooa there Carly, all that makes way too much sense and pharma may lose revenue from all those basic measures. You might put most special needs teachers out of work, too ; )


I have a great idea!

Let's NOT use pesticides
NOT give our kids 3 million vaccines
Not feed our kids artificial Crap
Not use plastics that leech dangerous chemicals into their foods
NOT build schools on chemical waste dumps
Let's not use GMO

What we should do instead?
Give every pregnant woman a blood test that screens for Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin B deficiencies, thyroid issues, lithium issues(elemental), check for lead poisoning/heavy metal poisoning, send every pregnant woman to a nutritionist or hey include it in those classes the hospital gives
Use natural cleaning products
Allow pregnant women 2 months of paid pre and 6 months of post maternity leave to cut down on premature births
Give women who breastfeed a tax credit to promote it(having a child w/teeth attached to one's boob is something it takes perseverance to do let's promote it)

For babies/Toddlers
How about ORGANIC FOOD for all children under the age of 3
Cloth diapers
Clean Water
Doing Routine screenings for food allergies the big 8
Basic Immune system testing
Toys that are certified chemical/heavy metal free
How about it be illegal to have toys from China for children under the age of 5 and for special needs children's therapy toys.
Clothing that's not drenched in chemicals
Checking baby for vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems, and Doing Faster referral for children and none of this wait and see garbage

Oh and what could we do with pediatricians?
Let's make it illegal for them to receive kickbacks from big pharma, pediatricians should receive NO money for every child they vaccinate. Send pediatricians for more training on developmental disorders and the IMPORTANCE of early intervention.

As for the vaccine schedule
If we have to vaccinate it should be one at a time with no dangerous chemicals in the vaccines.
It should be done after the age of 3 and surely we could all do with a little less regimentation of childcare and more of having kids at home with their families.

As for light it up blue how about let's light it up blue with RESPITE CARE.


Barbara J
Gretchen did do her mummbling, didn't she.
I think I will never like her again.

cia parker

Tell Gretchen that my daughter was in the 2000 generation that was counted for this 1 in 88 figure. They had been talking about removing thimerosal from vaccines for years, had a sub-congressional safety hearing on the hep-B vaccine in May 1999, which found that it wasn't safe, and said they should take the mercury out of the damned vaccine, which was still unsafe at any speed. A moratorium on its use lasted only a few months, and hospitals evidently decided they needed to use up the mercuty-containing shots they still had on hand, waste not, want not, gave it to my daughter in May 2000, and caused her encephalitis and subsequent autism.


Donald Trump is my new hero after his autism comments on Fox News. He told Gretchen Carlson at Fox almost flat out "frankly my dear I do not give a damn about being demonized I will tell the truth,it is the current vaccine schedule causing the autism rates to go up" I watched my employees son regress into autism before my eyes after his vaccinations!!!
He should be approached to be our spokesperson.

wake up parents

Did anyone hear Geraldine Dawson on NPR (On Point I believe) yesteday when asked about the vaccine connection? She flat out denied it and said there is no proven link. Who the hell would want to donate to an organization with such a closed minded, ignorant person at the helm?

thanks AOA

Thank you for this. I am very tired of the Pollyanna type parents who think lighting it up blue or donating more and more hard earned money to Autism Speaks is doing our children ANY good. It is not benefitting anyone except the so called experts making big $$$ off the children. I recently heard an Autism Speaks maniac mom defend them by saying "I choose hope". Yeah, well I choose reality and believing in organizations like Autism Speaks and this light it up blue campaign is like believing in Santa Claus.


The messages, the blogs, forums, yesterday were all aflutter with the Donald's step into autism. Gretchen the anchor, kept mumbling things like.."well this proves it wasn't thimerosal, this new study is NEW, thimerosal was taken out years ago. NOT doing her homework, not for a second realizing the children in this study were born YEARS ago ,as well.Titled with the words "dubious connection to vaccines", couldn't match up to the Donald being labeled stupid, overstepping, etc. all day, yet no one called Gates anything short of a hero for taking our poison to third world countries. Trump himself name dropped at the prospect of "blue" day, telling of his friends the Wrights, I wonder if they approved of him coming right "out with it" VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM. I don't know what happened overnight, if there's a retraction somewhere, but IMO, it was a high spot in an otherwise "blue day".

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