Rebecca Estepp on Fox News "Autism Is an Epidemic"
Tell Politicians, President, HHS About NYC Press Conference for World Autism Day

Watch Fox & Friends Sunday On Lack of Government Response to Skyrocketing Autism Rates

Life preserverWatch EBCALA's Communications Director  Becky Estepp on Fox and Friends on Sunday, April 1st

with Alisyn Camerota at 8:45am EDT on Sunday, April 1st.  Becky will be talking about the new autism prevalence of 1 in 88 kids and discussing what the federal government should be doing and isn't.  Tune in to watch and please comment after the segment on the Fox and Friends Weekend website at:





Great job, Becky, and our continued thanks to Allison for allowing you to answer the Right Questions! No matter what one thinks about Fox News, their viewership is Large. Thanks for putting yourself out there.


just saw it. Yes! Becky got in the one common ingredient for all kids- vaccines.


I think it was put up late.

The message was there, this is a vaccine induced epidemic, however, the word MOM was clearly pushed to the front. As opposed to what, Doc, it bothered me a bit in that I was afraid it was used to take away a bit of credibility. Moms have solved many medical mysteries for doctors, certainly their input has been valued....until now. Becky Estepp was clear, to the point and credible!!


Ahhh, Got it, saw it, watched it!
Becky Estepp you cute little thing with your cute little voice -- Excellent job!


I cannot find this video.
I have looked untill I now have to go take a nap!
All I can find is Dr. Seigal telling us the vaccine issue (MMR) has been debunked.
Probably because it is the whooping cough vaccine that is setting up the child for it's reaction to the MMR. So he is not lying (basically)
BUT Estepp segment is no where to be found!


Is it just my computer piece of crap?
I can't get to the link.
This time I had to listen to them talk about having sword fights with palms on palm Sunday????

What am I doing wrong?

Adam M


Great Job making the point that the cause is environmental and the common denominator in all fifty states at exactly the same time is the VACCINATION SCHEDULE!!!!!


The link is taking me to a segment on zoo turns around pranks on April the 1st.

I missed it this morning. I had to take my daughter to her her.

But my husband as soon as I got home came running out all excited and told be that the lady - he did not catch her name he called her East Step he thought!!! : ) She said it is an epidemic, we are not all drinking the same water, breathing the same air, eating the same food -- what is it that we all have in common!!!

I want to hear this really bad.
So please fix the link.

Mindy Poist

Excellen job Becky! Excellent!!


Paul A. Offit, MD, FAAP, is the chief of Infectious Diseases & director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia says that anyone claiming that Vaccinations are involved in causing Autism in children or claiming that they have found a cure, like enny McArthy or Victoria Becham, are the equivilant of a “Snake Oil Salesman”. Every study he quooted from showed absolutely NO connection between vaccinations and Autism. I am a parent of an Autisctic child. I believed the scare tactics being used with parents concerning vaccines. I was deceived by others claiming that their opinion was medical fact when it was completely false. At 1in 88 children, this epidemic is worse than any other, including AIDS, CANCER and more! The Governement needs to pour funding into finding the true cause, then find a CURE! I call on Obama to pass a stimulus bill, not for our economy, but for the lives of our children!

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