CA Senator Wolk Receives $58K from Vaccine Manufacturers and Sponsors Restrictive Exemption Bill
Action Alert: Vermont To Lose Philosophical Vaccine Exemption

Vermont Seeks to Terminate Parental Vaccination Rights

Vermont-capitalBy Robert Schecter

According to Vermont's Bennington Banner [1]

The Vermont Senate on Friday passed and sent to the House a bill that would end the philosophical exemption from the requirement that parents get their children a series of vaccinations before they enter school.
The public health police state is yet again attempting to trample parental rights.

According the blog [2] State Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen is “concerned” about Vermont’s dip in vaccination rates. The amount of vaccines pushed on to parents in Vermont is just not to Dr. Chen’s liking. Rolling out one of his establishments’ most cherished talking points, Chen pronounced, “The challenge is that these vaccines are so good that nobody knows what these diseases is[sic]. We’re seeing a product of our own success.”

Despite his distorted view of vaccination, Chen’s real challenge is to rewrite history and make trivial to mild illness of childhoods past appear as if they were actually death sentences.

In actuality, Chen’s lucky there are no more cases of the mumps, chickenpox and German measles, for if there were, parents would see the dire claims emerging from the public health machine as the fantasies they are. Besides, we see the flu today. It’s hyped as the killer of ~24,000 people in an average year, yet despite the relentless pushing of the vaccine, less than half of all Americans choose it for themselves.

Since parents seem to be seeing through the vaccination scam and because they appear to be exercising, in still small numbers, their rights to exempt their children from vaccines, those rights must now be stripped before others follow suit.

As such bills must be written and laws passed. Enter State Sen. Kevin Mullin. Mullin, the chief sponsor of the aforementioned Senate bill killing philosophical vaccine exemption, is quoted as saying:

"many of us may not be in this chamber today if our parents and grandparents, great-grandparents had taken such a lenient approach to vaccinations and refused to be vaccinated for diseases like smallpox, polio, tuberculosis,"[3] 

Mullin appears to be totally ignorant of the issue about which he’s legislating. The senator does even appear to comprehend that there was no tuberculosis vaccine contributing to any decrease in mortality in either his home state of Vermont or any other part of America.

According to Paul Offit's own Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:

The United States is one of only two countries that have never routinely used the TB vaccine (The Netherlands is the other). [4]

So according to medical historian Mullin we took a lenient approach - if not forcing unwanted medications upon innocent children can be called lenient - with a vaccine that was never routinely used in America. Brilliant, senator. I’m sure your public heath masters are exceedingly proud of you.

Moving on to polio, the disease was, in its day and according to numerous mainstream accounts of the era wildly over-hyped [5]; incidence had dropped approximately fifty percent [6] before the vaccine was introduced in the mid-fifties[7]; the disease was, at its height in the early fifties, only responsible for about three thousand deaths[8] (many of which were the result of unnecessary treatments perpetrated by the medical profession [9]: the entity from which Mullin appears to get his marching orders) and finally, the disease's elimination – credited to the Salk vaccine - occurred without the forced vaccination policies favored by politicians such as Mullen.

Besides there’s no polio in California and guess what Senator Mullin. We have the type of philosophical exemption law that you want to dismantle in your own state.

Finally, the prevalent form of smallpox in America circa 1900 had a mortality rate of one percent[10]. Having been in decline since the 1850s (Hopkins – The Greatest Killer – P287), it was by 1900 about as much of a threat as the measles - this despite the fact that (according to the textbook, Vaccines, 4th ed. P145) widespread vaccination did not occur until the 1900s.

And even that one percent mortality rate is probably misleading since mortality rates from almost all infectious illnesses of the time plunged dramatically prior to the introduction of vaccination [11]. As such, there is no reason to believe the smallpox would not have become even less serious over time.

But how can a law be passed when its author is so breathtakingly ignorant about the issues surrounding that law. It seems inconceivable but politics has no respect for logic or reason. When vested interests meet ignorance and the public’s reaction is apathy bad laws emerge and freedom disappears. But there is still hope for Vermont families. This bill must now go to the house and eventually to the governor for signature. Perhaps, with a reminder from the people, someone will recall the words of Ronald Reagan who said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Fight for freedom Vermont and demand your government reject this misguided bill. Let’s win one for the Gipper!

Robert Schecter is the parent of a fifteen year old unvaccinated daughter; a stock & commodities investor, writer, and founder & editor of The Vaccine Machine: a blog challenging the vested interests dedicated to vaccinating our children by any means necessary. Visit us at the blog or on Facebook.















The "live free" slogan belongs to New Hampshire.

VT license plates have had two slogans displayed at one time or another:
Vermont, naturally
The Green Mountain State

The first one is ironic in light of the pharmaceutical drive to inject everything that moves with every vaccine they can create.

Robert Schecter

I was not aware "Live Free or Die" was on the states license plates. It's ironic. Sadly in this vaccination crazed world it seems nothing is more important than the number of citizens upon which a government can foist it's vaccines. If freedom gets in the way, too bad.


I believe the vaccine mandate bill would also then require the "Live Free or Die" slogan to be removed from Vermont license plates and similar items.

It would be replace with " Pharma forever! "

Bob Moffitt

State Sen. Kevin Mullin. Mullin, the chief sponsor of the aforementioned Senate bill killing philosophical vaccine exemption, is quoted as saying:

"many of us may not be in this chamber today if our parents and grandparents, great-grandparents had taken such a lenient approach to vaccinations and refused to be vaccinated for diseases like smallpox, polio, tuberculosis,"[3]

I suspect State Sen. Mullin would not be in that chamber TODAY if parents and grandparents had known the Senator would seek to deny their universal humanitarian right to "informed consent" regarding vaccination of their children.

I would ask State Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen what he means by "We’re seeing a product of our own success.”?

By "success" does he mean our dismal infant mortality rate compared to other less wealthy, less technologically advanced nations that do not vaccinate their children as we do?

Does "success" mean 1 in every 6 American child with a chronic autoimmune disease .. such as .. autism, allergies, asthma, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, infant strokes, seizures, ADD, ADHD, etc. etc?

With so much "success" already accomplished .. and . the numbers of vaccines growing daily .. I shudder to think what "success" awaits the future health of generations to come.

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