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The Canary Party: CDC Announces New Autism Rate of 1 in 88

Canary deadMinnetonka, MN (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

The CDC today announced a  new autism prevalence rate of 1 in 88. As boys are diagnosed with autism at four times the rate of girls, this translates to 1 in 54 boys. That new rate is an increase from the previous 1 in 110 reported two years ago by the CDC’s ADDM (Autism Developmental Disabilities Monitoring) Network. This is only the latest uptick in the autism rate reported by CDC, as the disorder was diagnosed in 1 in 10,000 in the 1960s, and the rate was virtually zero before 1930.

The Canary Party also expects federal health authorities to continue to downplay the seriousness of the skyrocketing autism rate, just as they have done for the past two decades since the rate began rising dramatically. Canary Party Chairman and autism father Mark Blaxill, drawing on his own experience working with federal agencies on autism for many years, commented, “No matter how high the autism rate soars, the CDC’s continued denial of an autism epidemic is certitude comparable to death and taxes.”

History shows us that Polio was called epidemic when the rate was only one in 2,700. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently called trampoline injuries epidemic, even though that rate was only about one in 1,200 children for the year that those injuries were reported (1996). By these measures, The Canary Party holds the position that autism should have been declared an “epidemic” many years ago. Some have offered the excuse that only infectious diseases can be called epidemic, but as the CDC has announced that obesity is epidemic in the U.S., the Canary Party believes that this leaves the agency with no good explanation for failing to characterize autism as such.

Ginger Taylor, Executive Director of The Canary Party, echoes the questions that autism parents have been asking for years: "How did we go from one in 10,000 children born 50 years ago being diagnosed with autism to 1 in 88 diagnosed today? Why do the Centers for Disease Control refuse to call the avalanche of autism diagnoses in the U.S. anything more than an “urgent public health concern?” Why is the federal agency downplaying a national emergency with special wording created just for autism – Urgent Public Health Concern – a label that is not used to describe any of the thousands of other disorders and conditions the agency tracks? When dozens of published research papers and multiple congressional hearings have shown that the primary causes of autism are environmental, and include vaccines and their components, why has CDC failed to offer any advice to new parents on how to decrease the chance of a child developing autism? Why has CDC chosen not to even attempt to identify which children are the subset vulnerable to these environmental exposures so that they can be handled with greater care?"

Taylor further said, “We hold the CDC accountable for failing to warn parents about the risks of these exposures, and especially for CDC’s own bloated, one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule – which exploded in the late 80’s after vaccine makers were indemnified against litigation by Congress.”

Canary Party member Lisa Goes added, “The vaccine schedule – never tested for safety as a whole - is a vast, uncontrolled human experiment on a generation of children.”

The Canary Party calls on Americans to demand that federal health authorities call this what it is, an autism epidemic, and to demand that government take action to make our air, water, foods, medicines and vaccine program safer. Please contact your legislators and President Obama.

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Tyler P

Why are very few people seeing the connection here with GMO's? This is not an problem in other developed countries that have GMO's banned. In testing on rats who were fed GMO based diets, they had similar syptoms to Autism.

People need to really start waking up. Our entire food system is owned by huge biotech corporations, lobbying for profit, not our health.

antoinette f.

I have sat here and read all of your comments. Shock. Disgust. I have a 3 1/2 year old boy with High Func Autism. I had NO IDEA we got our meds from other countries, though I suspected since everything else comes out of there. That CNN article from Cherry left me numb.

Why? Ok, on a long road trip, my husband and I, talking about what else but autism...I said to him, "OK. I'm going to go out on a conspiracy theory here." Please note, I am NOT one of THOSE government-conspiracy-theory-people, at least I wasn't, but this is what I came up with. (and I may be ignorant--sorry, I'm not so versed on "government things" though I'm quickly educating myself!!)

I never ever thought I would share this to anyone but my husband that day in our car, but after reading all your comments, it's time to think outside the box!!! This is what I said to him:

Just like 9/11, it took years of planning to commit such a terrorist attack. So what if these vaccines are being made outside the US, with toxic stuff in them that will slowly disable our children? It may take years, but soon every boy or girl that wants to join the military to fight for our country will not be able to since they are "disabled" whey they are autistic. Next thing you know, as fast as the rates are climbing...Our military will consist of just a few people!!! Perfect time to attack the US since no one can defend it--our children and their children are disabled.

Am I completely insane and radical to entertain such a thought?!!!


Do we really believe if the government says it is 1 in 88 that the number is true? I bet it is closer to 1 in 44 if they are saying 1 in 88.
When has the government ever been 100% truthful?


rrrlll, I used to work in an institution and honestly (though this is admittedly anecdotal) most of the kids there had cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, down syndrome or other syndromes that were known as a cause of MR. Sure, there was the odd kid back in the day for whom they could not find any etiology for their developmental delay (and some of those kids would be found to have a syndrome that has been more recently identified). Also, there is the pesky problem of the regression that so many parents see. Did you really hear of so many kids who were developing normally, then bam, they aren't the same? Other than Rett's syndrome, probably not. I realize that some of the childhood illnesses (measles) can result in brain inflammation but this whole vaccine agenda (with so many neurotoxins in the vaccine and many viruses combined) has caused a whole lot more problems than it has solved, I fear.


how do we change the n#s, we stop consuming the product, that is what hurts their bottom line..and is theonly thing that will turn this epidemic around..the schools are bankrupt now homeschool or alternative schools are the way to go...these are the only way to stop this insanity...


in 1952, at the height of the polio epidemic, around 60,000 cases of polio were reported in the United States.

The US population in 1952 was around 157,000,000, which would put the incidence of polio.... at the height of the epidemic, at around 1 in 2600.

Am I missing something here????

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To the Editors of Age of Autism, I feel that now is a good time to ask Dr. Boyd Haley to write once again on the topic of mercury being the leading suspect as the cause of autism. People are getting somewhat distracted on this topic and his explanations of what we need to look for as a cause of autism and how mercury fits that are just as valid today, and probably he has some new comments to make as well.


read this from a CNN report on drug oversight called:

"Are we sure our drugs are safe?" by John Dingell

"What most Americans don't realize is the staggering fact that the number of drug products manufactured outside the United States has doubled between 2001 and 2008. Nearly 40% of all drugs taken by Americans come from overseas, and nearly 80% of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used to make these drugs also come from foreign countries -- mainly China and India.

I support the global marketplace, but we must be aware that without the proper enforcement of quality standards, the trust we put in the safety of the prescriptions we take can be broken at any time by a supplier in China, a counterfeiter in India or an importer from Thailand.

Too many people believe incorrectly that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has the authority to properly monitor our drug supply system for safety. Under current law, the FDA does not have the authority to require a manufacturer to notify the agency if a drug has been corrupted, to recall pharmaceuticals that the FDA believes are unsafe, to refuse imported pharmaceuticals that are counterfeited at the border or to ensure that drug manufacturers are responsible for quality controls throughout their supply chain. These are authorities we must give to FDA if we are to truly oversee the safety of our drug supply."

read more:

In other words folks, the FDA has no control over trafficing of toxic counterfeit drugs into the US from overseas. Comforting thought huh?


Kevin, I know what you mean. Everywhere I go I see these kids.... their parents always looking like they are trying to keep the fizz in the soda before it explodes.... or desperately trying to get their kid off the floor or chair to move. ... It scares me when the parents don't realize their kid doesn't want to move becuase they don't feel good. The kid looks like death warmed over and some people don't understand why they don't act like normal children.

Ray Gallup

The sad part about these numbers going up is that nothing will change. Obviously the Dept of HHS (FDA, CDC and NIH) are funded by the taxpayers who always get screwed since the Dept of HHS has close ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The politicians don't answer to the people/public/taxpayers, they answer to all the lobbyists that have offices in Washington, DC.

Those in the autism community that have the voices to be heard, well most of them are linked to the pharmaceutical companies. The names Geraldine Dawson of Autism Speaks and Alison Singer of the Autism Science Foundation come to mind along with the rest of the people in those two organizations.

Nothing will change. There will be no funding of immunology research by any of these organizations mentioned. One could go to sleep today and wake up 50 years from now like Rip Van Winkle and one would read stories that autism is 1 in 5, and there still would be no answers. Of course you would hear that the numbers are so high because there is better diagnosis....same refrain we here today.

Sad???? Yes!!!!!

Any one that has a child/adult with autism with an autoimmune link like our family realizes that news items will come out talking about the increase in autism. We also realize that nothing will come of it. At the end of the day, our kids will live permanently disabled for years to come and that they will never be helped by the likes of the Dept of HHS, Autism Speaks or the Autism Science Foundation. All of these organizations are in the business of keeping autism alive and well; and to thrive with increasing numbers of more disabled kids 10,20, 30, 40, 50 years and beyond. That is the nature of the Beast.

In a sense, it is pathetic that the CDC says they have these numbers and it is from data that they have from 2008. It is 2012, four years later and they have nothing in the way to end this epidemic??? What if this was a disease killing off adults and children and the CDC said they had these figures with no answer to ending it??? How sad is that??????

Unbelievable!!! Pathetic!!! We, the stupid taxpayers are funding this Dept of HHS that the CDC is part of. Why are they getting millions of dollars??? Do they deserve this funding?????

Raymond Gallup


Reportedly 80% of the active ingredients in drugs sold to the US come from China!! yes, we get our drug ingredients from China- Land of Melamine and toxic drywall.

Even the Chinese won't buy Chinese baby products. In fact there's a big demand in China now for American brands like Gerber b/c US brands stand for safety and quality.

Check out the FDA's import Refusal reports from China here:

China has 214 import rejections just in the month of February 2012 which reflects only a fraction of the imports. Read what the FDA inspectors found in Shortbread butter cookies from China... Melamine..yummy!!!

From the US FDA import refusal report: Shortbread butter cookies from China

Violation Code Section Charge Statement

MELAMINE 402(a)(2)(C)(i), 801(a)(3); ADULTERATION The article appears to bear or contain a food additive, namely melamine and/or a melamine analog, that is unsafe within the meaning of section 409 [Adulteration, section 402(a)(2)(C)(i)].

POISONOUS 402(a)(1), 801(a)(3); ADULTERATION The article appears to contain a poisonous or deleterious substance which may render it injurious to health.

UNFIT4FOOD 402(a)(3), 801(a)(3); ADULTERATION The article is subject to refusal of admission pursuant to section 801(a)(3) in that it appears to be unfit for food [Adulteration, 402(a)(3)]

CT teacher

It isn't just a generation of children who have been harmed by vaccines. It would be more accurate to say that several generations of children have been harmed by them. Autism is the most devastating and the most visible, but as someone already stated, there are many other kinds of vaccine damage, and until we get that vaxed vs unvaxed study done, we'll never know. That's the point. They don't want us to know what they already know. And, the longer they wait, the more obscure it all becomes, because I suspect that we are passing our vaccine damage on to our offspring. So, let's many generations have been damaged by vaccines? When did it all begin? I was born in the early 40's and everyone had to have smallpox immunization before going to school. I don't know if mine was the first generation to be required to get vaccinated, but I think it might have been.

Juniper's Mom

I don't think that enough people realize that the rise in Autism is intentional. I know people get tired of hearing about Big Pharma, but the truth is that they are directly culpable. Why is aluminum in vaccines? They say it is to help the vaccines work. Well it does! Not to protect against disease. Everyone knows that vaccines DO NOT WORK as advertised for that. Diseases are now higher than in the last 5 years. and worse ones, too, like MRSA, TB, Dengue fever, and cholera. But that isn't the real purpose. The real purpose, which has now backfired, spectacularly, is to create a more docile population. For YEARS, Big Pharma has known about the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's, but they got the nefarious idea to inject it straight into the blood streams of innocent babies. Babies who scream in agony. Babies who change before the eyes of their horrified parents. Then, with their totally uncontrolled, unverified, and untested regimen, they discovered that it caused Autism, ADHD, leukemia, MS, and even Down Syndrome. And they created VAERS to cover it up and keep us all like sheeple eating out of their hands while they sit on their big fat piles of gold from their sales of ADHD meds, anti-depressants, chemotherapy. It's gotten so that our children are so medicated and toxic that their blood would be condemned by the EPA (if the EPA wasn't in the pocket of Big Pharma, along with congress) Dan Burton is being forced to resign. Why? Because he is one of the only dissenting voices, and he knows that they will go after his family if they can't shut him up. There are definitely reports of families being paid hush money for vaccine complaints. I even know personally a courageous mom who was fighting for her precious, vaccine-injured boy when she was run off the road and killed. The killer drove off in an unmarked black car. One week before trial. She was pregnant. Big Pharma is merciless. They have no regard for human life or dignity, they only prey to the almighty dollar. I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to detoxify by poor, beautiful, damaged daughter. She was not "born this way" She was perfect, advanced, and in a moment of weakness, I caved to the scare tactics of the pharma shill "pediatrician" that my MIL insisted I take her to. One vaccine later, and within 3 months, she stopped talking, refused eye contact, and started banging her head. All because of aluminum.

kathy blanco

I don't know why, but I do, get emails from Autism Speaks (cough cough)...I do it so I can spy on what they are thinking...anyways, I got a grand and glorious email from them today, as if they are HAPPY almost Zealoutrous with the numbers, but, this is the email I sent back to them. I hope you all get a kick out of it as I did, LOL...

This is truly is pias psuedo concern email, when you don't do vaccinated unvaccinated studies, nor immune system autoimmunity studies the homework and as you do, watch your funding go only towards research running in circles. Watch the autism rate jump EACH and every year. Autism is essentially a gene-programing disorder -- A condition in which environmental insults have altered chromatin bookmarks that determine genetic expression. Since the deviant marks survive cell division, the disorder doesn't go away by "just leaving alone to genetic mistakes". Methylation is the number one factor in epigenetic programming of genes, and nearly all ASD kids are undermethylated. In-utero undermethylation results in hypersensitivity to environmental insults, and weakness in combating oxidative stresses. Research has shown that cumulative oxidative stresses can reach a threshold in which gene marks are changed, resulting in a suddenly-appearing disease condition. This could happen in utero or after birth (regression event).

There is a good chance that deviant marks in autism may be normalized by future epigenetic therapies. Unlike genetic disorders that are extremely difficult to combat, epigenetic abnormalities are relatively easy to correct. Several years ago, it was discovered that many cancers are epigenetic in origin, and there are several experimental epigenetic therapies that are promising and undergoing FDA trials. They are getting quite good at identifying the specific DNA CpG island and histone tail abnormal marks. I wish these researchers would start similar research for ASD. Interestingly, XMRV, the retrovirus known to be in autism, and CFS (both methylation block disorders), affect DNA at CpG islands. By the way, you and others at AS shot that one down with all your chronies at CDC and NIH. You also shoot down that may of these kids have lyme, and other co pathogens, and you shoot down well OB GYN visits which include thyroid function analysis, proper birthing in hospitals (if there can be one), and or if the HEP B vaccine causes autism in monkey studies.

I see a future in which newborns will be tested for deviant epigenetic bookmarks, and aberrant marks corrected during the first few months. This new technology has potential for eliminating the onset of autism, and also improved treatment for children and adults who have the condition. Are you brave enough to WORK YOURSELF out of your SIX FIGURE JOB? I knew Geraldine In Washington, she saw my children. They are no better if I were the type of mom who believed it was all in their genes...but I knew better...thankfully not listening to the likes of these emails. I knew my kids had a biomedical condition that had promising treatments for them. I may not wish like Allison that I could get in a car and drive off a cliff with my kids (her words), and I will never give up making sure AS never has MY CHILD's VOICE~


Will's mom

But how can we wake up this society, this government, and this country?? How can we make such a havoc, that each TV station starts sounding an alarm? Yes, we are all concerned here on this website. But most people outside our community (of families with ASD children) sleep very peacefully through the night, they do not care. Americans were more concerned about cantaloupes or celery than they ever were about autism. And the data does not even account for my severely disabled son, who was born 2001. How many more kids are sick who are younger than 8? When will that data surface? When someone gets sick form a cantaloupe, the data is known and reported on each TV and radio channel within a week. We can talk here as much as we wish, but out there -- if one has no sick child or grandchild, they do not care.

Sarah L'Heureux

In 13 years, I have grown from a believer in the American "Health" system into a Conspiracy Theorist Mom. As I look at today's CDC report, then to the new autism definition coming up one year from now (upon the release of the DSM-5), I see another huge government fabrication in the wings. Can you imagine the headlines in 2018 or so? "Autism Numbers Plummet, Proving That It Was Never Vaccines, Only Faulty Reporting!"
Yeah, my boy is a 99-er too.

Heidi N

Mebetree: It has been my experience where I live that the schools are much more likely to not diagnose autism, even after other professionals outside of the school district do. So please don't generalize.

John Stone


1 in 48 was an error in the original Canary Party press release which very swiflt corrected - check above.



Can someone direct me to studies showing that diagnostic substitution is NOT the reason for the rise? I'm on a doctors' chat group that is glibly talking about the decrease in MR as an explanation.


I'm wondering--if the official numbers are 1 in 88 children, with 1 in 48 boys affected, then why does Insel say, "1 in 54 boys affected?"

Is there a typo somewhere, is he trying to soften the blow--or cover things up?

If autism affects boys 3-4 times as many boys as girls, shouldn't the rate of affected boys be more like 1 in 33? Or did the rate of affected girls increase?


I'm wondering--if the official numbers are 1 in 88 children, with 1 in 48 boys affected, then why does Insel say, "1 in 54 boys affected?"

Is there a typo somewhere, is he trying to soften the blow--or cover things up?

If autism affects boys 3-4 times as many boys as girls, shouldn't the rate of affected boys be more like 1 in 33? Or did the rate of affected girls increase?


well since it's not really such a big deal forthe CDC maybe they can take over education and rehabilitation costs. Then they'll care.


This isn't very reassuring about the accuracy of the figures, and suggests the real numbers may be even higher:

'On average, estimated ASD prevalence was significantly higher in ADDM sites that had access to education sources compared with sites that relied solely on health sources to identify cases (RR: 1.5; 95% CI = 1.4–1.7; p<0.01). Relative differences among sites in prevalence estimates and 95% CIs are compared by access to education records and population size covered (Figure 1). In sites with access to both health and education sources, the proportion of ASD cases identified exclusively from education sources ranged from 10% in Arkansas to 72% in Arizona. One site (Colorado) was able to access education records in only one county but completed the study in six additional counties based on health records alone. In the one Colorado county with access to both education and health records, estimated ASD prevalence was almost twice as high (11.8 per 1,000) as in the six Colorado counties with access to health sources only (6.4 per 1,000). For this reason, Colorado results from the one county with access to both education and health records are considered to represent all children with ASDs more completely than results from the remaining six counties.'

They did at least make a partial effort to correct for the previous changes in the reporting base:

'Funding for most ADDM Network sites participating in the 2008 surveillance year was awarded for a 4-year cycle during 2006–2010, during which time data were collected for the 2006 and 2008 surveillance years. However, three additional sites (Arkansas, New Jersey, and Utah) were funded during 2009–2010 to collect data for the 2008 surveillance year only. These three sites also had participated in the ADDM 2002 surveillance year and were able to compare their 2008 prevalence results to those from 2002. However, because only 1 year of funding was available to complete the study, these three sites covered smaller surveillance areas in 2008 compared with other sites and with the earlier surveillance year(s) in which these three returning sites participated. This enabled the three sites to complete surveillance year 2008 on the same timeline as other ADDM Network sites. However, this abbreviated timeline required that population denominators for each of the three returning sites be fewer than 10,000 children, potentially yielding less representative prevalence estimates for Arkansas, New Jersey, and Utah.'


Better watch out if your child displays any of these personality traits as a baby (introversion)... some so-called expert may decide your child is showing signs of autism, when that child is actually just showing signs of introversion. Your introverted child may be more vulnerably sensitive to environmental injuries because of a biological difference in the brain seen on PET scans as more frontal lobe activity. And when, that introverted child is damaged from repeat vaccinations, they will tell you, that your child always displayed signs of developing autism and that vaccinations had nothing to do with it.

Is Your Child Introverted? A Quiz

Just Curious

I've been asking the same question for over a decade now.

What number does the CDC actually believe constitutes an epidemic?


Let's go to an imaginary land for a minute, and pretend the government did a legitimate vaccinated vs unvaccinated study. If the rate of autism in unvaccinated children was 1 in 10,000 what explanation might 'they' offer?


@kathy blanco: I agree with everything you say, but please please PLEASE don't use or quote

They may have accurate info about vaccines, but they are a Hate Site, with an entire section devoted to anti-semitism and Holocaust denial. Because of this, if we quote them, we drastically weaken our argument--it's like quoting the Ku Klux Klan as authority on vaccines. If we even click on them, we are actually supporting the hatred.

If you must, go there to get your information ONCE--and then use Google to help you find the same studies from a more reputable source.

Quoting them is worse than not speaking up at all.


What is the new stat on developmental disorders? It was 1 in 6. What is it now? 1 in 5? 4? and I wish the word would get out in the public that these numbers only count for the children who are diagnosed. There are tons of kids out there undiagnosed for various reasons. I wish Katie's parents would get madder than hell.... but I think they are the gate keepers in someway.... or at least that is how they appear. They need to rant! If they ranted, they would be debunked from their positions, and the world will have more sunlight on this tradegy of errors.


@ What happened to 1999 - I agree- my son was also born that year.


You know, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to diagnose a kid with autism. I can walk into any store, restaurant, or public park and pick 'em out.

So why does the study and Dr. Insel's blog seem to think that it is "better" diagnosis, oh and by the way, MAYBE more are affected???

Holy Crap, MAYBE they should do something about it!!! I'm sick of studies that just cause more controversy...

Bob Moffitt

1 in 10,000. 1 in 750. 1 in 250. 1 in 110. 1 in 88.



They announced it on a Thursday, not a Friday. That makes us so wrong about CDC!!!!

Fox news announced it about an hour ago. They had an emergency room doctor on and she says it is better dignosis.
She said it use to be just rich, educated white people because they got the help that was needed -- but now it is in the hispanics and the blacks so you see it is better dignosis you bunch of sillies.

Media Scholar

Get it while you can see from the charts the CDC is cooking the books. They call it cherry-picking and the things they call the cherry-pickers at CDC aren't too nice. :-)

Media Scholar

More stupid shock and awe by the media. I also would like to know what the real rates are now.

Bird Flu. Swine Flu. And suddenly the CDC is capable of telling the truth? Classes are consolidating. Reports across the country continue to express high-functioning, quirky kids are being pasted with ASD to maintain disability dollars that will be fall into the hands of general ed.

We see this numerical manipulation every year. Many times it's the same year re-fabricated to put figures on the cash barrel head.

It is impossible to not be able to see the entire picture.

More US CDC fraud because they're still causing Autism with Thimerosal-containing vaccines.


Introversion is hard-wired in the brain from birth seen on brain scans as more frontal lobe activity. The whole spectrum of autism (ASD) is based upon degrees of introversion. While some children may be born with autism, some introverted children may develop autism, or environmentally induced brain damage after a trigger of some kind, including repeat vaccinations in the vulnerable child.

What happened to 1999?

What happened to kids born in 1999? In my neck of the woods, 1999 was a bad year to be born male. My county has the most boys born in 1999 with severe autism. Thimerosal was in all the shots and HEP B at birth was routine in all the hospitals at that point.

My calculations in my county show 1 in 22 boys with autism born in 1999. If I were the CDC, I'd skip that year, too.


Its not just vaccines. Poisonous pesticides are being sprayed on imported food shipped and sold in the US. Poisionous ingredients are being added to medicine and adulterated counterfeit drugs are being sold over the internet to unsuspecting Americans. The FDA is aware but cannot stop it. Globalization is killing us and our kids. Buy local. Avoid any med or food item from overseas.

Please watch this 60 Minutes piece:

The fight against counterfeit drugs- 60 Minutes report
March 13, 2011

candace passino

next step will be we are not counting autism anymore..sort of the swine flu fiasco..they really dont care about autism long as they get to keep pushing their pharm products and keep there fat cat status they simply dont care. Thats why parents have to take back control, if it mean no public school so be it, keep your off spring healthy and away from this danger.

kathy blanco

This Autism Rate thing

They base it on 8 year olds who were born in 2000. So therefore the numbers stats are from 2008. Why does it take them 4 year to figure it out? As well as the fact that they are very selective of which States they get their stats from leaving out the States with the highest prevalence of autism rates. They should be frightened by the numbers in California, Oregon and New Jersey. Interestingly, those are also the highest prevelances of lyme, low Vit D people (I know, California?), Low Selenium soils (which is required to build glutathione), and High Toxicity Rates (aka, pesticides, growing rates). Talk about a methylator having problems in that stew and slew of toxins and deficiencies! They also have high uptake of vaccine rates.

You know why it's happening like this, deflection from the truth, and how bad things REALLY ARE. Go to Oregon, New Jersey and California and freaking ask the school stats (at minimum), because that would tell you the truth....better yet, why not ask the SCHOOL DISTRICTS what they are seeing? Also, isn't it interesting, my son and daughter won't be counted....apparently when you turn 21 and fall off the edge of earth you are truly invisible and non concerning anymore. This doesn't as well, take into account, the kids who's parents got wise and got them out of public schools into private settings, or home schooled. Scared yet? You should be~ Next on the agenda...YOUR CHILD, your GRANDCHILD~

And as far as I am concerned, the minimally brain damaged child, but who squiggles in their chairs with an ADD diagnosis, and have hard times making friends and can't read till sixth grade and have the emotional level of a four year old should be counted in this spectrum. I see plenty of those know you hear of them in the news, the ones who don't comply with parents in sitting in their airplane seats? Even Harris Coulter knew these things when he wrote an expose of what happens when you vaccinate children.


What are we doing to our children is truly evil. All for the sake of profit. Personally? I would love to reverse time and have the good ole measles (which many in the fifties lived through just fine), than a lifetime of autism, seizures, and numerous health problems associated with mankinds idea of "THE GREATER GOOD"


Mother of two adult children with autism, who were NOT COUNTED in this latest stat.

Not an MD

Yikes! That is one scary looking, gigantic canary. Too bad the epidemic of autism is not yet impressive enough to our public health authorities. Too bad our public health authorities are so blinded by their power and scant vaccine-industry-funded research, that they cannot see that injecting aluminum and mercury into a babies on the scale they do, by adhering to the CDC approved vaccine schedule, is brain damaging lots and lots of babies.

My guess is that one day, very soon, the CDC will approve a bunch of new vaccines for children, likely with lots of antigens and lots of aluminum. These new vaccines will be thoughtlessly and recklessly added to the already overwhelming vaccine schedule. When that day arrives, the new vaccines will maim and kill enough babies and young children right there in the pediatrician's offices, before nary a Sesame Street sticker can be handed out. At that extraordinary tipping point, there will be no doubt as to the causal connection of the vaccines given and the deaths of those children. That day is approaching due to the alarming lack of concern shown by pediatricians to children who are harmed by vaccines. I do not look forward to that day when pediatricians realize with horror what they have done to our children, because when they finally "get it" it will signify that so many more children will have been harmed irreparably.


As a mother of a 4 year old with "educational classified" ASD but ruled out of ASD by 2 other profeasional teams outside the public school early education program, I would like to know if data was used from the public school psychologist reports that place children ages 3-5 in early public special needs classes? Considering the broad criteria used under Idea 2004 to " classify" children ASD for public achool funding This is one Mom who can not wait for the DSM 5 to be releaswd ao that real ASD kids can get my kida funding when he gets " reclassified" upon entering kindergarten. Something is very wrong but school data skews the real numbers bigtime!!

cia parker

Lyn Adams:
Dr. Leo Kanner published his landmark study in which he used the term "autism" to describe the children with this new disorder in 1943, but he had been studying them for several years. The prototype of the pertussis vaccine had first been used on a very limited scale about 1903, followed by several experimental versions, given to children of rich, well-educated children to protect them from whooping cough with this new medical technology. It caused autism at a rate of about one in ten thousand for several decades. The first children with autism were probably given the vaccine and developed autism in the late 1930s.

So Tired

When they reach adulthood, the majority of our kids will likely not marry and reproduce so in the context of population control, the fact that the autism numbers are increasing is just fine. There are influential people on a very high level who desire to reduce the global population hence there is "no autism crisis" see? Its called a hidden agenda and it explains all the denial and lack of concern.

John Stone

I suppose when everybody is aware of it because everyone has an autistic child it will be the ultimate triumph of awareness!

I remember staring at the exponential progression 15 years ago and people thought I was crazy, and here we are today -it just marches on. It may not have yet reached the 1 in 38 ("no reason to be alarmed") of the Autism Speaks screening programme, but the ground is already being prepared. The pharmaceutical companies will rub their hands with glee, the politicians will shrug and health officials with mouth their usual smug platitudes and pretend not to know anything.


If 1 in 88 and 1 in 50 boys are going to be the new Autism rates, I hope we can get some "Autism parents" on the networks next week to at least say "We need to figure this disaster out."

We all know what the problem is, but a simple "public disaster declaration" at least equal to the recent "cantaloupe disaster" would be a first step...

Polio peaked at about 1 in 3000 in 1954.

Lynn Adams

only quibble is with reference to no dx befroe 1930. the dx did not EXIST until careful with that kind of rhetoric!!

Raymond Gallup

Dr. F. Edward Yazbak and I posted this article back in 2008.

1 in 88 Children With Autism/ASD In Military Families
By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP & Raymond W. Gallup
July 09, 2008


Nothing new.

What are the real rates now?

Raymond Gallup

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